Nobody (Beat) Nobody (Beat) - T00n | | HW7up3cxCLYr

Jan 20th, 2022
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  1. Lời bài hát Nobody (Beat)  Nobody (Beat) - T00n  | | HW7up3cxCLYr Lyrics up by Why, there is no one hanging around
  2. You needed them, they disappeared
  3. When you’ve got something, they manifest
  4. I told myself I’m Everest
  5. Still, I don’t ever rest (I can’t...cause)
  6. Working never bet
  7. Just like I’m learning alphabet (for sure)
  8. Won’t stop until see dawn
  9. Be gone, came back
  11. Ain’t nobody gonna reach to empty bottles (well you could)
  12. But it could be glance and then stepping away like you should
  13. Then we couldn’t leave them, as if they were the anthem
  14. When they’re full everyone wanna take
  15. Nobody wanna give then they left in a minute
  16. It’s been a minute, make it harmonimic
  17. Don’t be like a mimic
  18. I’m not a fan of critics
  19. When there is nobody left
  20. So many thefts, too many clefts
  21. Nobody def (defend)
  22. Only one chef’s cooking the meal
  23. I saw a man looking to steal
  24. Got a ticket, booking is real
  25. Fly to the sky, hop in and chill
  26. Go far to learn, I bet you will
  27. That is a deal, climb to the hill
  28. Practice the move, that is the drill
  29. Good for you, not for who
  30. Just for you, not for a fool
  31. Not about school, jump in the pool
  32. Learn by yourself, not in a shelf
  33. And if you fail, just ring the bell
  34. Not to get help but to sum up
  35. What we came up with, what we’re ashamed of it
  36. Just another illusion
  37. Just another motion maybe delusion
  38. That we have vision to our mission
  40. What I want, the poor have - the rich need
  41. And if you eat it - you’ll die
  42. What am I ?
  43. (Nothing)
  45. Even the good guys still have a bad night (no doubt)
  46. Even the mood right prevent the mad fight (of course)
  47. I’m not the Batman not yet a “Bruce Wayne” (will be)
  48. I’m insane, sane or not?
  49. In my brain my veins are fraught
  50. Lost weight, on the day
  51. That’s the fate, wouldn’t pray
  52. Thought and spray, won’t betray
  53. Just create, on a May
  54. Found a way, nowadays
  55. Cyber world, emergency
  56. Don’t worry, contingency
  57. Stay at home, making beat
  58. I don’t need no *** hit cause I know one day
  59. I’ll be big, I deserve it like anybody else who’s been trying hard
  60. To get to where they wanna be
  61. Oh you wanna see? Try me
  62. Or you wanna be me? Bite me
  63. Checking your melodies
  64. Gotta pay your royalties
  65. Testing your loyalty
  66. Missing your moral, geez
  67. I’m not begging you, please
  68. Don’t just stand there and freeze
  69. I hope after all we
  70. Be cool for unity
  71. Cause I don’t wanna use the word “Nobody” anymore
  73. Nobody x 3
  74. I said nobody
  75. I don’t wanna say (nobody)
  76. Cannot be again (nobody)
  77. Cannot leave the pain (nobody)
  78. Keep this promise (nobody)
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