TWW - Beat Ganon w/ Hero's Shield idea assuming Barrier Skip

azer67 Mar 24th, 2019 (edited) 58 Never
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  1. Not optimized AT ALL, proof of concept
  3. MSS to DRI
  4.     wind waker
  5.     grappling hook
  6.     beat gohma
  7.     din's pearl
  8. Superswim Windfall
  9.     tuner, buy sail
  10. Superswim NFI submarine
  11.     get caught to FF1
  12.     get gossip stone
  13.     savewarp (outset)
  14. Superswim Greatfish
  15.     endless night
  16. Superswim Windfall
  17.     bombs
  18.     savewarp (outset)
  19. Superswim Thorned Fairy
  20.     get quiver early
  21. Superswim FH
  22.     get deku leaf
  23.     enter FW
  24.     beat Kalle Demos
  25. Outset
  26.     get nayru's pearl without KoRL
  27. Place 2 pearls
  28. Superswim to NFI submarine
  29.     get caught to FF1
  30.     beat FF1
  31. Spawn at Windfall
  32. TotG Skip (yes, you read that right, this allows entering Hyrule 1 post-beating FF1 but before fixing saveflags)
  33. Hyrule 1
  34.     get Master Sword (required to be able to sail in FF)
  35.     Magical Barrier Skip
  36.     Trials Skip
  37.     Light Arrows
  38.     Open dark portal with bow (this must be done after beating FF1 or it softlocks)
  39.     savewarp (windfall)
  40. Superswim to FF2
  41.     enter Helmaroc (animation set 2)
  42.     savewarp (windfall) (still abusing savewarping flags!)
  43. Windfall
  44.     Void-out to spawn in KoRL (fixes savewarping flags)
  45. Superswim to FCP
  46.     FCP Escape (for FF3 layer)
  47. Superswim to FF
  48.     Enter the dark portal (which is there only because of FCP Escape)
  49. Ganon's Tower
  50.     Defeat or Skip Puppet Ganon
  51.     Enter Ganondorf (Morth Hover for exemple) (this clears the last cutscene that equips you with the mirror shield)
  52.     savewarp
  53.     leave ganon's tower via the dark portal
  54. FF2
  55.     Re-enter the Helmaroc fight w/ dragonbane's cutscene cancel
  56.     Helmaroc skip
  57.     Watch EMS cutscene (this is where your mirror shield gets finally replaced by a hero's shield)
  58.     Beat the game
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