BbSFM HD (Ventus): Any% (Beginner) (Grinding Route) Notes

Aug 3rd, 2018
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  1. Land of Departure
  2. - Partially use Flame Salvo Shotlock (11) for 1st and Last Phases
  3. - Normal strats for 2nd Phase
  5. Dwarf Woodlands
  6. - Head into stupid Find the Dwarfs Mini-Game
  7. - Climb straight up to get Mini
  8. - Use Aqua D-Link while falling, hit the Flood, use Blizzara to try to aim towards the box and kill the Flood, then use Flame Salvo
  9. - Go further up, use Thundara on Floods to fill up the command bar, then use "Finish" on the jumping box
  10. - Break open the box right of the chest to the right that's slightly moving with a full combo, Blizzara, and Thundara
  11. - Break open the next box up ahead to the left with Finish without getting too close
  12. - Fill up the command bar until finish is ready, get on the tracks next to the last box, then use Finish at the right spot
  13. - If you miss the cycle or didn't break both the mine cart and last box, then use Flame Salvo on the last box
  14. - Menu: Sliding Dash -> Quick Blitz
  15. Mini -> Aero
  16. - Go to the Cottage and get the Fire Chest in the backyard
  17. - Open the Shimmering Crystal chest next to Snow White, then talk to her
  18. - When the Escort starts, go to the left of the first tree, do 2 hits to a Flood when it spawns, use Mini, then walk over them
  19. - Use Strike Raid at the right spot when the Red Hot Chilis spawn, then finish them off with attacks
  20. - When the Scrapper spawns in front of Snow White, kill it immediately, then press [] + X when White Calm pops up
  21. - Use Mini when the 3 Floods spawn and walk over them to make Snow White move on
  22. - After the 2 Scrappers spawn, use Strike Raid in the right spot to hopefully stun them, then [] + X for White Calm
  23. - When the 2 Trees awaken, stand in front of Snow White for a second, let her move on, then [] + X for White Calm again
  24. - Use Mini on the 2 Red Hot Chilis, then use Strike Raid + Sliding Dash on the last 2 Floods to finish the Escort
  25. - Re-enter the forest to fight Mad Treant
  26. - Start with Flame Salvo, combo him to death until shotlock is ready again
  28. Castle of Dreams
  29. - Jump up to Cinderella's Room
  30. - Moogle Shop: Sell: Quick Blitz and Mini
  31. Buy: Fire x5 and Cure x1 (650 Munny needed)
  32. - Enter the Mousehole, kill the 2 Floods, then quickly jump, lock-on, and use an aerial attack
  33. - Get the Pink Thread to your left, then jump down to the right to get a Fleeting Crystal chest
  34. - Sliding Dash to the White Sash, then use the Terra D-Link and Sliding Dash to the White Button
  35. - Pick up Pink Fabric on the ground
  36. - Menu: Aero -> Sliding Dash
  37. Cure -> Empty
  38. Fire -> Strike Raid
  39. Fire -> Empty
  40. Equip Treasure Trove
  41. - Use the Aqua D-Link and kill all waves of Unversed
  42. - If you didn't get Aqua's D-Link to LV1 while finding the Dwarfs, then get on the Yarn and kill Unversed until you get it?
  43. - (Haven't tested this yet to see if it's faster than trying your luck with only using Blizzara, Thundara, and attacking.)
  44. - Re-enter Mousehole
  45. - Menu: Fire -> Aero
  46. Fire -> Cure
  47. Fire -> Fire (LV2)
  48. Fire -> Fire (LV2)
  49. - Kill all of the Unversed again
  50. - Re-enter the Mousehole
  51. - When you get to Level 6 and 110 EXP until Level 7, pick up the White Lace on the couch
  52. - Menu: Meld Cure + Aero + Fleeting Crystal = Cura (Attack Haste)
  53. Fire + Fire + Shimmering Crystal = Fira (Fire Boost)
  54. Fire + Fire + Shimmering Crystal (if you have it) = Fira (Fire Boost)
  55. Fire + Fire + Shimmering Crystal (if you have it) = Fira (Fire Boost)
  56. Sliding Dash -> Empty
  57. Strike Raid -> Empty
  58. Fira -> Empty or Fire
  59. Keep Fire or Fira -> Empty or Fire
  60. - Moogle Shop: Buy: Sleep x4 (400 Munny needed)
  61. Sell some items if you don't have 400 Munny
  62. - If your D-Link gauge is not full, then kill a Flood to restore the D-Link gauge
  63. - If Aqua's D-Link is Level 2, then go place a Mine Square to the left of Lucifer, Blizzara, Magnera, then finish off with Magic Volley
  64. - Finish him off with commands if he's not defeated after Magic Volley
  66. Enchanted Dominion
  67. - Go to the Forced Goon Fight (Aqua D-Link)
  68. - Right path to Blue Warp, then straight path into Orange Warp
  69. - After the 1st part of the Maze, go right and jump to the Fleeting Crystal chest
  70. - Use Fira on the Goons, open the Fleeting Crystal chest, then Sliding Dash to the Tornado Strike chest
  71. - Wait to take Yellow Warp, then the Red Warp on the left path
  72. - Examine Aurora's Heart, then fight Maleficent
  73. - Use the shotlock when she does her Lightning DM and her Sleep DM.
  74. - When you enter the Firestorm command style, then either Flame Salvo again or just attack her.
  76. World Map
  77. - Menu: Sleep -> Sliding Dash
  78. Sleep -> Strike Raid
  79. Sleep -> Fira
  80. Sleep -> Fire or Fira
  82. Vanitas I
  83. - Let Vanitas kill you in 1st Phase. After Mickey arrives, spam Sleep and hit him when he's at 1 HP.
  85. Radiant Garden (Part 1)
  86. - Go to the next area and try to get an Abounding Crystal from Mandrakes with the Snow White D-Link
  87. - Leave world through Front Doors
  89. Castle of Dreams (Grinding)
  90. - Moogle Shop: Sell: Tornado Strike, any Binds, and Sleep x4
  91. Buy: Binding Strike x3 and Magnet x4
  92. - Menu: Meld Sliding Dash + Strike Raid + Abounding Crystal = Payback Raid (EXP Walker)
  93. Binding Strike -> Empty
  94. Binding Strike -> Empty
  95. Binding Strike -> Empty
  96. Magnet -> Empty
  97. Magnet -> Empty
  98. Equip High Jump and Payback Raid
  99. - Enter Wardrobe Room, use Magnet on the 1st wave, enter Mickey D-Link, kill the 1st wave + whatever spawns next
  100. - Hope that you get a D-Link level drop, revert, then immediately enter Mickey D-Link again and kill stuff with Mine Shield
  101. - You want to revert after killing each group with Mine Shield so that you can collect D-Link orbs to re-enter the D-Link!
  102. - Once Mickey D-Link is LV2, kill each group with Mine Shield + Sign of Faith and immediately revert afterwards
  103. - Carefully level up Snow White's D-Link to LV2 and Terra's D-Link to LV1 while still managing to enter Mickey D-Link for the next group!
  104. - After 2 trips through Wardrobe Room, all commands should be leveled up
  105. - Depending on your luck with Shimmering Crystals, you can go through all groups in Wardroom 4-5 times before having to menu!
  106. - Menu: Meld Magnet + Magnet + Fleeting Crystal = Magnera (Magic Haste)
  107. If you have not meld the 2nd and 3rd Firas yet, then meld them if you have any Shimmering Crystals!
  108. Magnet -> Binding Strike
  109. Magnet -> Binding Strike
  110. Fira -> Binding Strike
  111. Fira -> Empty
  112. Fira -> Empty
  113. - Leave World once you get LV18 from the last group of Unversed in Wardrobe Room!
  115. Radiant Garden (Part 2)
  116. - Enter through Front Doors, go to the next cutscene, go back to Central Square, then go through Fountain Court with Terra D-Link
  117. - Kill the Floods in Aqueduct on the way to the 3 Mandrake groups, then kill the 3 groups with Mickey D-Link: Mine Square + Sign of Faith
  118. - Menu: Meld Fira + Binding Strike + Fleeting Crystal = Fire Surge (Attack Haste)
  119. Fira + Binding Strike + Fleeting Crystal = Fire Surge (Attack Haste)
  120. Fira + Binding Strike + Fleeting Crystal = Fire Surge (Attack Haste)
  121. Magnet + Magnet + Fleeting Crystal = Magnera (Magic Haste)
  122. Magnera -> Empty
  123. Magnera -> Empty
  124. Fire Surge -> Empty
  125. Fire Surge -> Empty
  126. Fire Surge -> Empty
  127. - Go fight Trinity Armor
  128. - Enter Firestorm by using Fire Surges, then start attacking it with 3 attacks + another Fire Surge
  129. - Use the Firestorm finisher after the 3rd charge or once it cancels the charge attack, then repeat until Trinity Armor is dead
  130. - Forced Fight
  131. - Magnera + Fire Surge for Floods and carefully fully use Flame Salvo for the next 2 groups
  132. - Once the Tank Topplers spawn, use Magnera once they go towards you, Fire Surge or Firestorm attacks, then Magnera + Fire Surge
  133. - Go see Terra, then go straight to leave the world with Terra D-Link's Sliding Dash after skipping the cutscene
  135. Disney Town
  136. - Ice Cream Mini-Game (Goal: 1,050+ Points)
  138. Olympus Coliseum
  139. - Forced Fight
  140. - Use Magnera + Fire Surge to enter Firestorm and keep using Magnera + Fire Surges until Jellyshades spawn
  141. - Finish with fully using Flame Salvo twice
  142. - Urn Minigames
  143. - Jellyshade Fight
  144. - Spam Magnera and use a Fire Surge in-between each Magnera if you want to
  146. Deep Space
  147. - Defeat Metamorphosis I with Triangle
  148. - Menu: Equip Mark of a Hero
  149. - Forced Fight
  150. - Spam Magnera and Fire Surge to enter Firestorm, then Magnera + attacks into Wingblade
  151. - You should be able to finish off the 3rd wave with Magnera + Wingblade attacks
  152. - Magnera + Wingblade attacks if finisher isn't ready for the next 2 groups, otherwise Fire Surges, then Wingblade finisher
  153. - Moogle Shop: Sell: Magnera x1 + extra commands
  154. Buy: Fire Surge x2 and Cura x1 (1,900 Munny needed) *OR Fire Surges x3 (1,950 Munny needed)
  155. *This is due to reaching LV24 before Final Battles, which is a Defense increase, so you can risk 7 Fire Surges/1 Cura
  156. - Get the Fire Surge chest to the right, then go fight Metamorphosis II
  157. - Spam Flame Salvo and Ethers on Metamorphosis II
  159. Neverland
  160. - Go to Indian Camp for Forced Fight
  161. - Magnera + Fire Surge for 1st wave, enter Snow White D-Link, then spam Bashful (Warp) until the fight ends or 1 Wild Bruiser remains
  162. - Make sure you run around picking up D-Link orbs while spamming Bashful, then revert once all Wild Bruisers are warped away!
  163. - If there's only 1 Wild Bruiser left, finish with Fire Surges
  164. - Menu: Fire Surge -> Empty
  165. Fire Surge -> Magnera
  166. Fire Surge -> Empty
  167. Cura (Attack Haste) -> Empty
  168. - Use Sliding Dash from Terra's D-Link to cross the gap in Mermaid Lagoon, then go fight Captain Hook and spam Fire Surges
  170. Mysterious Tower
  171. - Go to Yen Sid's Room
  173. World Map
  174. - Enter the Badlands, Land of Departure, then Keyblade Graveyard
  176. Keyblade Graveyard
  177. - Menu: Fire Surge or Cura -> Empty
  178. Equip Lost Memory
  179. - Dodge Roll your way past the Tornado Trench. Use Mickey D-Link if you want to for safety.
  180. - Enter the Final Battles against Vanitas
  181. - Vanitas II
  182. - Fully use Flame Salvo shotlock at the beginning, spam Fire Surges, and heal with Cura when needed
  183. - Final Vanitas
  184. - Fire Surge spam and maybe a Firestorm finisher
  185. - Use your Dark Link shotlock at about 10-15 and Vanitas should clash with you.
  186. - Last Word after 4 Dark Link shotlocks
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