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  2. Recap
  3. Here is a recap of the terms defined within this article:
  5. * An Environment is the sum of all resources, capabilities and settings that exist in a PHP process. This generally includes what extensions and ini settings are preset for the PHP process.
  6. * A Library is collection of code that solves a less specific problem which is further defined by the libraries target audience and problem area.
  7. * A Component is a collection of code that solves a more specific problem within a library.
  8. * An Application is collection of code that solves a specific business problem. Ideally, applications consume libraries and components to facilitate quicker and more standardized development.
  9. * A Module is a collection of code that solves a more specific atomic problem of the larger business problem. The sum of all modules within an application attempt the solve the larger business problem.
  10. * MVC is a way to group code within both a module and application into a code base that facilitate a better separation of concerns.
  13. Modules can contain components
  14. Modules can be routable
  15. Components do not contain resources (js, view scripts, non-php code, css)
  16. Components are not routable
  17. Modules can be MVC enabled
  18. Components cannot be MVC enabled
  19. Components are only code
  20. Components solve more general code only problems
  21. Modules solve more specific application problems
  22. Components are elements of a library
  23. Modules are elements of an application
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