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Zombie Apocalypse Arachnee

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  1. You’ve been running for ten minutes now. They are everywhere. In shops, the streets, there pouring out for you now. You’ve fucked up royally. You had seen what looked like a gun in an abandoned car, and overcome with greed you had deciced to smash the window to retrieve the valuable prize. To your dismay, two things happened; the supposed gun was nothing more than an airsoft pistol, and car alarms are exceptionally loud. You’ve been running now, down the main street looking for some way to escape. Your bike, and only source of transport, was immediately overrun by them.
  3. Day 145 of zombie apocalypse
  5. There must have been at least eighty behind you now, shuffling ever so slowly. The danger wasn’t in being overrun by them, it was being surrounded when you least expect it. You sprint down the street, striding through gaps in the undead horde as you look for any chance of escape. Finally you spot it, an allyway with no apparent sign of undead. You dash towards it, hopping over burnt out cars as you dive into the alley, only to find to your horror that it was blocked by a vertical steel fence, with no handholds in sights. You turn around only to find the undead already shuffling into the alley as well.
  7. “Hey” a feminine voice above, called out to you
  9. You almost shit you pants as you noticed the arachnee monster girl currently standing between two buildings above you. Clad in a survival vest and boonie hat wave to you, she twirled a piece of thick silk in her hand.
  11. “If you want to live, put your weapons on the ground and hands in the air.” She said impassively
  14. You hastily drop you weapons and leave it in a decent pile at your feet. A hand hatchet, an army knife, an m9 pistol, and the recently acquired airsoft pistol. You raise your arms in the air, complying with her demands while looking behind you as the undead slowly shuffled towards you.
  16. Finally a silk ropey strand shot downwards, but not to you like you expected, but to your stash of weapons you just dropped. They ascend into the air and into the arms of the arachnee monster girl. You yell several profanities as your left to your fate, booting one undead in the chest as you slowly become encircled. Suddenly, you feel something sticky attach to your backpack and you feel yourself be hoisted into the air, your feet just out of reach of the undead. The monster girl cradles in your arms as the two of you watch the horde beneath you. She takes you and carries you off on a nearby rooftop
  18. “You’re the first live human I’ve seen in weeks.” She said as she started to ply though your weapons, checking the condition of your M9 pistol.
  20. Funny, she was the first monster girl you’ve seen in months.
  22. “So what brought you to this city? It’s an undead orgy here. Only the mad would venture in here.” She said as she put your pistol into her vest.
  26. You explain that you’ve been searching from place to place, looking for supplies and anything that could help you survive this madhouse. You actually had just graduated from school and were hoping, ironically, to get a job in this city. Your plans were put on hold as the outbreak suddenly happened.
  28. She tilts the airsoft pistol in her hand awkwardly, squeezing the trigger several times into the air, shooting off plastic bbs. She sighs as she places the pseudo weapon in a slung backpack. She’s big, typical for any arachnee, big breasted too you noticed, short bobbed haircut, and surprisingly tone arms.
  29. You ask her what she was doing here.
  31. “I was actually passing through. Which would have been great if someone hadn’t alerted every zombie in this city with that car alarm though.” She sternly to you.
  33. “I’m about to head back to my encampment now. We have food. Shelter. And safety. Or, you could leave you back down therein that alley.” She said with a smirk that was just a little too off putting.
  35. “So, you interested?” she said outstretching a hand for you.
  40. You wouldn’t mind going back with her, as long as you had your weapons back to defend yourself with.
  42. She gives you a surprising look, as if stunned by your sudden imitativeness. She rummages through your pack and pulls out your airsoft pistol, handing it to you.
  44. “There, be careful not to poke your eye out kid.” She says, holding in her laughter.
  46. You begrudgingly accept it, only to feel yourself suddenly be lifted and placed on her back. Alarmed, you ask what she was doing, as you instinctively wrap your arms around her waist.
  48. “You’d probably trip on your own two legs. Besides, my eight can allow us to cover a much greater distance.” She said boastfully as she began to crawl over buildings with ease. “And if you touch my boobs, I’ll leave tied up for the dead.” She said warningly when she felt your hands accidentally shift up.
  50. For the next few days, the two of you left the confines of the city and traveled into the wilderness. You notice her sometimes place strands of her silk between trees as she walked, probably to mark where she went. Eventually the two of you reached a series of hills, where a sight catches your eyes; A circle of crows and vultures in the air, hovering idly over something.
  52. Arachnee suddenly looks excited as she observes.
  54. “Could be non-infected meat. Vultures don’t eat the undead. Maybe still fresh too. You wouldn’t mind if we made a detour would you?” she said without taking your advice as she strode over to the sight.
  57. You mutter something about not minding under your breath, but you doubt she would have noticed you anyway.
  58. The two of you make your way to the center of the vulture/crow storm, when she suddenly stops harshly. Your face smashes into her backpack, and your hands wildly grab onto something for stability. What you grabbed though, was something soft and malleable. After a few quick squeezes to confirm your suspicions, you jerk your hands away and apologize. But she seems to be staring off into the distance.
  60. “Get off” she says to you in a commanding voice. You mention that it was an accident and you didn’t mean it, there was no reason to kick you off now.
  62. “No, just…wait here.” She said pulling you off and leaving you alone to investigate the area by herself.
  64. A few moments later, she arrives back, carrying two slabs of red meat on a string. The sight amazes you, as its been quite awhile since you last saw fresh meat. She wordless tied it to her backpack. You ask what she got it from.
  66. “You don’t want to know.” She says ominously as she picks you up again and leads you down the hill. Persistent, you
  67. keep asking her what kind of meat it was, but she kept dodging you questions.
  69. “It dosnt matter. At any rate, we have to cook this meat before it spoils, so we might as well set up camp tonight.”  She said as she continued soon walking towards the top of another small hill.
  71. After the two of you pick out a suitable location, she assigns tasks to you.
  73. “So do you wanna make the camp? Or collect fire wood?” She said throwing down her pack and stretching out her legs.
  78. You mutter that firewood would be a more suitable choice for you, although you were still curious about the meat.
  80. You begin to wander the surrounding area, looking for small dried pieces of wood that would go well into a fire. The forest has little else to offer, so you spend your time goofing around and playing sword with your collected branches. You pick up one particular stick, to find it oddly shaped; it was perfectly shaped, and made out of steel.
  82. It was a hunting arrow, the metal camouflaged shaft blended in perfectly into the ground. The head was three large angular blades that was surprisingly devoid of any rust. You stash in with your wood pile and bring it back to camp.
  83. By the time you return, a small fire pit had already been erected. You begin to stack the wood in it, but leave the arrow shaft behind a tree just at the edge of the camp. The fire had started and the meant begain to release its tantalizing aroma.  Still curious, you ask her what kind of meat it was.
  85. Exasperated, she relents. “If you eat it, I’ll tell you what it is afterwards, otherwise I’m going to eat it all.” She says as she bit off a chunk.
  87. You give in and take small bites out of the meat. It was good, a thick meaty flavor. Would have been better with a bit of salt though.
  89. “It’s horse if you really wanted to know.” She said as she began to chew on the flank.
  91. The two of you eat in silence around the fire, the smoke wafting lightly into the evening sky. You sometimes catch her taking quick glances at you.  
  97. You slide closer to her, inching ever so slowly as the two  of you devoured the meat. Eventually you pluck up the courage to ask her more personal questions; what she did before the outbreak, how she felt about all of this etc.
  99. Instead, she stops eating her food and looks at you strangely.
  101. “We’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I don’t know if you realize this yet, but you humans are a dying breed now. The virus doesn’t affect monster girls. It’s been weeks since I’ve seen a live human. I can’t remember since I’ve last seen a child. Do you even know what happening out there?” she shakes her head as she throws the rest of her meat into the fire.
  103. “You have bigger things to worry about than by trying to make friends with me” she said ominously as she began to climb a tree. Curious, you ask her what she was doing.
  105. “Making hammocks, were sleeping up here tonight. She said as she began to weave two slings between the trees. Once completed she pulls you up and places you into one of them. Its sticky, but actually quite cozy as you begin to drift asleep.”
  107. But suddenly, the sound of gunfire jolts you awake. You lean up and spot arachnee with a pistol in her hand, pointing downwards at the fire. You follow her gaze and notice two humans on the ground in camouflage clothing. One is clearly dead the other is wounded grasping his shoulder. Arachnee leaps down, one of her legs pinning the human’s leg to the ground.
  109. “Wait wait wait!” the hunter said pleading with his life,  hunting bow was just out of reach.
  111. “If you let me go, I’ll drop my supplies and leave you alone! I’m just trying to survive this!” he said back away from the two of you
  113. You notice Arachnee raise her pistol
  118. Thinking rationally, you glance towards the man’s hand to see if he was telling the truth; and he was, a black band on his white knuckled finger.
  120. You tell Arachnee to put the gun down, and at least take his weapons and supplies and let him go, you had already killed his companion.
  122. Arachnee seems to ponder your words, her gun wavering as she hesitates about what to do. Finally, her mind set, she speaks to the hunter.
  124. “That poor girl you butchered? This is for her.” the loud retort of her pistol resounds in your ear as the hunters lifeless body flops to the ground.
  126. You let out a cry of shock as Arachnee strides over to their body and begins to loot them. Basic supplies, some food, rope, and a rifle which Arachnee slings over her shoulder. She tosses you the hunter’s bow, an exquisite piece of modern archery, but she only hands you three arrows.
  128. “That’s as many as you get. Don’t waste them” she says as she begins to pack up the camp.
  129. You demand to know why she had killed the man when he had done nothing wrong but she doesn’t say anything as she finishes and hoists you up behind her. The two of you continue your journey in relative silence as Arachnee moves through the woodlands. Suddenly, after what seems like forever, she points to the top of the hill.
  131. “That’s our basecamp. It used to be an old weather station but we converted it after we found it.” She said, glancing back towards you.
  133. “I have to warn you though; we don’t get a lot of humans. And the camp may…surprise you.” She said worryingly.
  138. You nod, letting her guide you up the hill and to the basecamp.
  140. It was a rather large facility situated at the top of the mountain, high concrete walls topped with barbed wire, was most likely used to keep out vandals. The front gate was nothing more than a converted van with large steel plates that was driven into place, blocking the entrance. When the two of you approached, the van moved aside and the two of you entered. Immediately, your eyes were  blinded by an awesome sight.
  142. Monster girls everywhere. Dog girls, wolf, kitsune, golem, harpies, lamias, dragon and imp. There were too many to count. Immediately, you were swarmed. And carried of Arachnee’s back and brought inside the main compound were you were lavished with fruit and water. A slime monster girl seems to be the leader.
  144. “It’s good to see you.” She begins slowly, her body wavering as she speaks to you. “For a moment we thought that we’d never find another non-infected human male.” You ask her what is this place
  146. “It’s a safe haven for us monster girls. Most human camps don’t last too long, and the undead only seem target them. So we’ve decided to set up a settlement up here to protect ourselves from any threats.” She said as two dog monster girls sidled up against you, rubbing their hands across your body and under your shirt, their tongs caressing your throat.
  148. “Of course, we have a proposition for you as well.” The slime continued.
  150. “Everybody at this camp fulfills a purpose, whether it be protection, labor, or gardening; whatever needs to be fulfilled.”
  152. The dog monster girl was now busy undoing your pants, her tongue traveling down to your navel.
  154. “And you, as a human male, have a very unique role that only you can provide. If your up for it.” The slime girl continued as the dog monster girl begin to work off your pants. You could even feel the slime girls gaze shift to your body as the dog monster girls pushed you down.
  160. Your mind begins to ponder over her offer, trying to work out how beneficial it would be for you while also halfheartedly fighting off the dog monster girls that were currently rubbing themselves all over your dick.
  161. Suddenly a brilliant thought pops into you mind.
  163. You’d agree to her conditions, if you were allowed to give first pick to Arachnee.
  165. The slime girl seems to ponder your answer, all the while the dog monster girls gyrated their hips on your legs. But slime monster girl acquiesces your decision and soon Arachnee is brought in, her hair is hair, and steam is coming off from it. Perhaps she had just taken a shower. She stares at you bewildered with your clothes half off and with your dick at full attention. The slime girl leader takes the time to explain the situation and Arachnee suddenly blushes as she realizes what you’ve brought upon her.
  167. “You pervert.” She mutters as her legs shift uncomfortably, for once she seems humbled, twirling her hair in her fingers.
  169. “Well…as long as he was okay with it, I wouldn’t mind.” She said regaining the confidence in her voice.
  170. She strides over to you, crossing her arms as she looks down at you.
  172. “Okay, so how are we going to do this? Of course you could always choose your concubines instead of me.” She said glancing over to the dog monster girls who had begun to pleasure themselves in the corner, watching you.
  176. You decide to choose Arachnee, and take the lead for once in your life.
  178. Your grab her wrists and claim her lips for yourself, much to her own surprise. You could feel her resist, but only for a moment as your tongue began to explore her mouth. She soon relaxes in your arms, letting you take the lead as you slowly pull her down atop you. You’d never thought that you’d be attracted to a spider but now the submissive girl beneath is too resistible to try and ignore. You soon claim her for yourself, thrusting your dick into her opening and earning yourself a long loud moan as her fingers dug into your back, her legs splaying wide around you.
  179. You don’t know how many times you came in her, but you finally come too next morning, with Arachnee in your arms.
  181. The two monster dog girls were also there, along with the slime girl who had now congealed into a large ball of slime.  You feel a poke on your chest as Arachnee looks at you with one of her many eyes.
  183. “You know, If you wanted to, you could join me outside the walls. We could help rescue other people and look for supplies. Its dangerous, but at least you won’t grow fat out there. “ she said chuckling.
  185. “I don’t have the right to ask you of this but…sometimes it gets lonely out there.” She whispered, her voice barely audible, as if she was ashamed to admit that to you.
  187. >Response?
  190. You’ve chosen to be with Arachnee
  192. After telling the slime girl leader the situation, she allows you to leave along with Arachnee, on the stipulation that you try and bring something back to improve the community. You spend your time travelling the wilderness together, foraging for supplies in zombie infested cities, and rescuing the occasional human or monster girl. The two of you grow closer and closer together, to the point that upon returning to the basecamp after rescuing a sheep monster girl that was also happened to be a priest, you married.The two of you live long and happy lives, after having many close calls.
  194. Some hundreds of years later, with the revitalization of humanity, humankind has learned to be wary of the woods, as it is not uncommon for spider monster girls to vie for suitable husbands by dangling a strand of silken rope from trees, as did their ancestors had done so many years ago.
  196. End
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