Dadonequus Discord Part 159

Mar 4th, 2016
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  1. >"" You were clearly fine.
  2. >Discord then drops you on your butt as you let out a little gasp of pain. "See! Nopony would get hurt. It'd be oodles of fun! It'd probably be therapeutic. Perfect for the soul. Everypony should have a dose of good natured chaos in their lives at least once."
  3. >Fluttershy tapped her hooves together. She felt herself nearly budging to the idea. But as she thought about it. She saw the look of many unhappy residents instead of the fun loving ones Discord described. And thus, she come sup with a new, even better idea. ".....actually Discord, you know what would be better than everypony taking in erm...some chaos in their lives?"
  4. >Discord raised an eyebrow at her ".......water balloons?"
  5. >Fluttershy shook her head "No" Then she smiled "You taking a dose of Harmony instead, how does that sound?"
  6. >"......" Discord looked at her, unamused "Harmony? Fluttershy, do you realize how bad that is for my skin?" He raises his talon as it turns to stone "It makes it rough,tough, dead, and stiff....why would I ever want that?"
  7. >Fluttershy shook her head, then looked to Discord with a calming yet slightly serious look "No Discord, what I mean is a day where you'd not only spend time with me. But all our friends. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and even Twilight. And, to make it even better." Fluttershy turned to you with a smile "We could wait for Anon to come out of school so he can join us, doesn't that sound like fun Anon?"
  8. >You weren't really paying attention anymore. You were nibbling on your pancakes, trying to keep your mind off things.
  9. >"Anon? would you like to spend time with all of us?"
  11. >...oh shit, she was talking to you.
  12. >You look to her with a false smile.
  13. "Yeah, sure, why not? I'd love that"
  14. >You didn't sound too enthused, but you made sure not to sound too disinterested either.
  15. >"Yay!" Fluttershy sheered softly. "I'll just have to talk with all the girls and make sure none of them have plans for a particular day and we'll all be set....unless you have any objections do..don't you?" She began to sound disappointed. and Gave Discord a sad pout.
  16. >"As a matter of fact, I do. Besides that sounding like a suspect idea. I doubt there could be any fun when none of them can take a good joke." Discord crossed his arms in refusal.
  17. >Fluttershy sighed, and looked down in disappointment.her voice quivering. "O-ok....I just thought it'd be nice."
  18. >Fluttershy then gently pushed her stack of pancakes away so she could rest her head on the table. ".....I guess a day where I could spend time with all my favorite friends was asking for too much..."
  19. >You start to feel a little uncomfortable and try cheering Fluttershy up "it's ok Aunt Fluttershy, I'd still be willing to hang out."
  20. >Fluttershy smiled a little, then sighed again. "That's nice...but without your father, it just wouldn't be right."
  21. >Discord looked to Fluttershy, losing his stubborn position when he thought she was implying something. "Are you saying that your get together, one you'd normally have with your friends anyway, wouldn't be complete without me? that what I'm hearing?"
  22. >Fluttershy wasn't sobbing, there wasn't a tear in her eye, she just...looked sad. "mhmmm" she slowly nodded her head.
  23. >"...Am...I really that important?" Discord began to soften up as he asked that question, as narcissitic as it was.
  24. >Fluttershy nodded again "mhmmm" She looked directly at him with those big soft eyes.
  26. >Discord chuckled, feeling absolutely wanted. "Well then, then who am I, the Spirit of Chaos, to say no? I always did say a get together isn't a get together without me. Of course I'll go. It'd be criminal not to"
  27. >Fluttershy lifted her head and smiled at Discord. A big cheerful one. "Thank you Discord, And I'm sure everypony will be glad to have you"
  28. >Discord smirks "Well, that goes without saying"
  29. > you got it. That's a pretty classic ploy. You didn't think Fluttershy was capable of it. Or you couldn't remember. You knew she could be crafty or even give a sick quip sometimes. Though rarely.
  30. >Still, you couldn't find the enthusiasm for it. Diamond Tiara was still on your mind. No matter how many times you told yourself that "that's how it is".
  31. >"So Anon....your Cutie Mark. Can I talk to you about it?" Fluttershy looks back to you.
  32. "Huh?...ummm..what?" Again, it didn't take long for your mind to become preoccupied until your attention was called to again.
  33. >"Your Cutie Mark, are you ok with it? Do you like it?" Fluttershy seemed to be curious about it.
  34. >Of course, Discord had to butt in. As usual. "Why wouldn't he like it? It's the symbol of chaos. Just like his old man." Discord said with Genuine pride. He really was happy that your Cutie Mark turned out to match his whimsy.
  35. >"Discord. I know your proud. But a Cutie Mark is a very very big thing for a pony. And I want to make sure he's absolutely comfortable with it. I-I don't want to sound like intrusive.....but...I think it'd be better if a pony with experience with cutie marks talks to him about it"
  36. >".....and what makes me unexperienced?"
  37. >Fluttershy shifted her eyes, looking sheepish as she pointed to his side. "'re lack of a cutie mark kind of proves my point..."
  39. >"Hmmm?" Discord stretches and bends to look at his flank. "Well, what do you know. And here I thought I always did. Well then. If that's the case..." Discord magically produces a clipboard and pencil and starts writing things down. "I might as well make some preperations for when we all have our get together. So...carry on"
  40. >Maybe this could get your mind off Diamond Tiara, you never got to really talk about your new mark with all the shenanigans of Nightmare Night going on. You didn't even get a real chance to contemplate on it. So this was perfect.
  41. >Fluttershy looks back onto you and smiles " don't mind if we talk about your Cutie Mark, right?"
  42. >You shook your head "No, not at all. I'm actually sort of interested on talking about a Cutie Mark usually goes."
  43. >Fluttershy smiles "Well, it's not too unlike any other conversation. But if you feel uncomfortable at anytime. Let me know, ok?"
  44. >you nod "ok"
  45. >You were already feeling at ease. Fluttershy's soft tone and overall friendliness was helping wash that guilt away.
  46. >"So....I noticed it's a mark of chaos. Are you comfortable with that? I ask because...well....I wouldn't want anypony giving you any trouble over it"
  47. "huh? I guess I didn't think about it too much. My friends seem ok with it. sorta, they didn't make that much of a big deal over it. But, none of my class has seen it yet. But,'s fine. I can't see it being a problem"
  48. >Fluttershy sighed in relief and smiled, that was a load off her mind. "That's great Anon! And you understand what it means to have a Cutie Mark, right?"
  49. >You nod
  50. "It's supposed to be my Special Talent, right?"
  52. >Fluttershy nods "mhmmm, I guess you'd already know that. All ponies do. I guess the reason I'm asking is because...well...You don't see a lot of ponies with that kind of Cutie Mark. A-and before you ask, no..I'm not ashamed or think it's bad....but...I just don't want other ponies to make you think it's bad either. I-I'm just really worried about that, I don't want anypony to make you feel like you've earned the wrong Cutie Mark"
  53. >Well, you were sure you didn't have to worry about that. Things didn't seem to change so far.
  54. >You you smile a big smile at her and rest your right foreleg on the table as you give her a chillaxed and cool look.
  55. "pfft, hey, you don't need to worry about that. I think this is a pretty great Cutie Mark for me. Means I could show everypony that chaos isn't all bad. Besides, if my friends aren't giving me any trouble about it. Then I don't have to worry about anypony else. Their opinions don't bother me."
  56. >Fluttershy seemed to like that answer. It filled her mind with relief. "That's good. And I'm glad you're comfortable with your Cutie Mark. But what do you mean showing the "Good" side of chaos?"
  57. "Oh, you know. Nothing big really. I mean, something like..with my horn...."
  58. >......hmmnnn
  59. "...turning a pony into an Alicorn...for erm...fixing their problems because a certain other pony wouldn't listen to them otherwise...that doesn't sound bad right?"
  60. >Fluttershy wasn't smiling anymore. She seemed worried now " can't just turn other ponies into Alicorns or even other kinds of ponies. What if something goes wrong? or'd never actually do that...would you?"
  61. >you shake your head, and point at her with a quick chuckle "haha, no was just a joke...juuuust a joke. What I actually meant was like...shaking a tree to get a pony's ball off of it. or fixing a barn by making it explode and then reform as a......barn....that's not broken down.."
  63. >Fluttershy sighed rather than giggle, that wasn't a particularly good joke. She was just relieved that you weren't going to morph any ponies. Or so she thought. "ohhh...ok. Well, I...don't see anything wrong in things like that. I bet Applejack would appreciate that kind of chaos magic."
  64. >"Ahrm...." Discord cleared his throat loudly. "Is there a problem with the way I do things?"
  65. >" to put this nicely...umm" Fluttershy looked up to him "...was turning Applejack's barn into a bouncy castle a good thing?"
  66. >"Yes! I made her into royalty!"
  67. >"....of...what?"
  68. >".......hmm" Discord rubbed his chin as he couldn't actually think of anything. "....Fluttershy, I must ask you to not bother me" He taps at his clipboard "Can't you see I'm planning?"
  69. >Fluttershy giggled "I'm sorry, it won't happen again"
  70. >...shit. ok. So Alicorn idea would upset her. Which means it probably would upset everyone else....why did you even ASK THAT?!
  72. "Aunt Fluttershy......ummm."
  73. >"hmm?" Fluttershy turns back towards you "Is something wrong Anon?...I didn't make you feel uncomfortable..did I?"
  74. >You shake your head
  75. "Oh no no...I.just was wondering, if you don't mind, if I can go out and play with my friends"
  76. >"..oh. ummm. Well, it's up to your father really. But why so sudden? I didn't bore you..did I?"
  77. >You shake your head profusely
  78. "nonononono. I was.....actually wondering If.....I could spend the night here too. So we can talk about stuff. I want to get to know you more as my Aunt at a time where it'd be nice and quiet. That's fine right?"
  79. >Fluttershy felt touched that you wanted that. "Of course!...erh........umm..actually. Discord.." She turns to him "You don't mind any of this..right?"
  80. >"hmmm? Ohhhh. No I don't mind. If I kept Anon all to myself then you wouldn't be his aunt. Of course he can stay the night"
  81. >Fluttershy smiled "That's great, thank you so much Discord!"
  82. >.....good...good.
  84. >You take a few more bites of your pancakes. To help take the edge off. Then take your saddlebag and candy bag. You put the candy inside. Hug Fluttershy. And bid them both a farewell.
  85. >You were of course. Was not going to meet your friends. But instead just wanted to be alone. You wanted to think things through. You were just lucky Fluttershy was so understanding.
  86. >You started to step away from the cottage. Your mind muddled with the possibility that you could have handled Diamond Tiara better.
  87. "Dammit, why does this shit have to ruin my day? I could have spent the day with Fluttershy maybe. Actually have one whole day where nothing happens.Just relaxing with the nicest horse. But noooooooooooooooooo, Diamond Tiara just had to waltz in and get in on my business then complain over something she should know that wouldn't work..."
  88. >You put your hoof on your face then gently brush it through your mane. Frustrated.
  89. "Why should I even have to be the one to fix it anyway? I wasn't there. She should of asked Applebloom and the others. Then they could have gone on some wacky adventure and leave me out of it...."
  90. >But you remembered. It then hit you. You remembered how vicious DT's mother actually was. She actually made you feel like utter trash. She was the nastiest pony you ever saw.
  91. ".....fuck..."
  92. >You looked up to the sky to yell
  94. >............
  95. > were breathing hard. It hit you. You couldn't think of many humans you personally knew who would call children such vicious names and treat them like utter shit in public. It was like some sort of cutie mark racism with her. And even the children weren't spared. Yeah....that's pretty bad.
  96. ".........I gotta find a way to fix this for her. But where do I even start?"
  97. >you then hear a voice in your ear.
  98. >"....I knew there was something up with you. You wanting to leave Fluttershy's company to go "play with your friends"? Who do you think you are? A pony?well,you are a pony. But,you know what I mean."
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