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Oct 14th, 2016
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  1. So you haven’t heard of Super Famicon (, eh? Well, long story short, this is a Nintendo-focused mini-convention with one of the headlining events being a 10$ entry Melee tournament located in Greensboro, North Carolina. So now you’ve heard of it. What benefit does it serve you to come? That’s what I’m here to tell you — without further ado, “Why I Should Come to Super Famicon”:
  3. 1. One or more players of your choice + <West Coast player TBD> are coming.
  5. The more competitive a tournament is, the more exciting it is for attendees and viewers alike. That’s why I’m proud to remind you that we are flying in one West Coast player (soon to be announced) and at least one of the people on this poll (which closes on October 28th): . We’ve also got Druggedfox slated to come in, and word on the street is that Redd and Milkman are coming along too…MIOM 100 galore!?
  6. If you’re an out-of-state registrant or a member of NC Melee who has been to a tournament in the past year, your vote will be counted. If we hit 200 pre-registrants for Melee, we’ll be able to fly out the 2nd place vote on that list. Current standings are:
  8. n0ne - 23
  9. Colbol - 20
  10. Kaeon - 10
  11. Zoso - 10
  12. Mafia - 10
  13. Crush - 9
  14. Gahtzu - 9
  15. Smuckers - 7
  16. Webs - 7
  18. 2. Side events with prizes
  19. Do you ever get bored during pools? Well I'm here to tell you that thanks to our partners at Lost Ark Games, we'll feature non-cash entry side events for a variety of retro games at the convention. If you want something with a little more competitive flavor, we'll also be hosting Mario Kart Double Dash as a side event during pools! For 5$ you can enter as many single elimination brackets for these as you like, provided they’re not taking place during your pool. There will be 4 single elimination brackets that happen 2 at a time during each wave of pools; 4 waves means there’s 16 brackets total. Each bracket plays 4 man races, advancing 1 person from each race and placing them into another 4 man battle until an overall winners is determined. This overall winner advances into a final 16 man single elimination bracket; if you make it into the top 4, you get a cut of the cash prize.
  21. NOTE: If you happen to place in the top 16 of a side event but you’re also part of the top 16 in PM, we’ll refund your entry and advance the next available person from your round.
  23. 3. Amateur Bracket + Top 3/5 Top 48
  24. If we hit 196 entrants or more for Melee singles, we’ll guarantee top 3/5 for top 48 in Melee (which is currently set as the final bracket size).
  26. Irrespective of prospective entrants, we will be running an amateur bracket of some kind the next day. Winner takes whatever cash prize we set, and it's free of charge to enter.
  28. 4. Friendlies time
  29. Per grassroots event tradition, Super Famicon has a large amount of time and resources allotted for friendlies play. Pools are slated to end 5 hours before the venue closes on Day 1, and the time the venue opens until the bracket starts on Sunday spans 5 hours also. Based on the way the resources are mapped out so far, we can guarantee at least 16 setups for friendlies on Day 1, and an equal if not greater number for day 2. Of course, in the (likely) event that we need community contributions for this to happen, the contributers will be compensated.
  31. 5. Crew battle
  32. You think your state’s the best, eh? Well, if you line up 6-8 of your best players to face off against NC’s top talent before November 1st, we will do our best to arrange a crew battle. The sooner you tell us, the more chance of a (small) cash prize! Warning: shit talk is *bound* to happen…can y’all handle the pressure?
  34. 6. Sick food + cheap lodging
  35. We have three award-winning restaurants near the venue:
  36. Natty Greene’s - delicious bar food style entrees with award-winning beer options (did I mention it’s a brewery?)
  37. Dame’s Chicken and Waffles - name says it all, but their shrimp and grits are also *amazing*. Their side options are really really good too — try their collard greens, or their mac ’n’ cheese!
  38. Cheesecake’s by Alex - Cheesecakes that are to die for. Try their Pumpkin Cheesecake!
  40. Also nearby: Quizno’s, Subway, Jimmy John’s, food trucks, Mellow Mushroom,
  41. several coffee places.
  43. As for lodging, you need not look any further than the Battleground Inn: for 74$ a night, you can book a double room at the Battleground Inn! Just call (336) 272-4743 or the number on their website and let them know you are booking the Super FamiCon rate. Incidentally, there’s lots of great food options near the Inn also, including award-winning Hops Burger Bar and the principal sponsor for SFamcon, Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema.
  45. “Oh man, all this is cool! Where do I sign up???” you might ask. Fret not — I’ve got a link for you right here.
  47. And, if you sign up before October 25th, don’t forget to vote for your favorite player amongst these options here:
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