Dirty AF — @crybabyjoon

Feb 26th, 2017
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  1. .SEULGI
  2. username ↝ crybabyjoon
  4. full name ↝ lee yuna
  5. nicknames ↝ tuna, lee
  7. pob ↝ daegu, south korea
  8. hometown ↝ seoul, south korea
  10. nationality ↝ korean
  11. ethnicity ↝ korean
  13. slot ↝ amazingly an asshole
  14. backup ↝ too many problems, too many jokes
  16. face claim ↝ solji (exid)
  17. backup ↝ moonbyul (mamamoo)
  19. .WENDY
  20. personality ↝ yuna has difficulties with holding in her anger, once she's mad, there's no calming her down. she's snappy, has a huge attitude and fights back with smart remarks that tend to make people speechless and somewhat scared. though she can be scary when in a horrible attitude, she's still a very thoughtful and nice person. yuna usually puts people before her, she's not someone that'll see another in danger or in need of help and just leave them there. yes, she has problems with expressing too much emotions, but she shows them with the jokes she cracks every now and then. yuna takes everything seriously, it being the fact that she's gone through too much for only one person to handle, but she takes everything with a strong heart and attitude.
  22. background ↝ yuna was born in daegu, south korea. growing up, she had a lot of friends, which surprised people because her personality wasn't the best while growing up. she was born into your average korean family, not too poor but not a single dollar more than their neighbors. she had both her parents with her, as well as a brother, and their family was the most normal thing you can think of. she studied harder than other students, even if she gave off the lazy aura, always taking hold of the highest scores and being the star student. yuna was in a lot of activities and invited to a lot of places, she was fairly popular. of course she'd go to parties and hang out with her friends at the park, but she would rather be at home helping her mother out with the chores because she's a family type of person. though she had everything she could want, yuna was diagnosed with depression. she wasn't as sad as to the point of wishing for her existence to be washed away, but she was sad enough for her to see everything with such negativity that it even hurt her family. she disagreed to take any type of help, the only thing she wanted was to be locked into her room and not be bothered. after she had came out of her depression in her own way, all the relationships and friendships she had made were now broken or forgotten, leaving her with only her parents till she found a certain group of friends that always made her do thing she didn't want but she adores anyways.
  24. trivia ↝
  25. —owns a lot of small plants, takes care of them as if it were her children
  26. —can get angry really quickly and always somehow puts someone on the spot
  27. —seems like a calm person that fights for world peace but has punched more people than her years of living
  28. —exercises every morning
  29. —searches up jokes online
  30. —has a notebook where she keeps everything in
  31. —a sucker for warm blankets
  32. —really likes wearing neutral colors but bright colors make her calm
  33. —likes listening to rap
  34. —drinks coffee a lot
  35. —someone who is a huge family person, they mean a lot to her
  36. —though she doesn't usually show her emotions, she's really thankful to a lot of people
  38. habits ↝
  39. —cursing is like a language for her
  40. —jokes somehow flow their way out of her mouth whenever
  41. —loses strength on her left ankle and stumbles
  42. —unintentionally takes care of people
  45. —really sweet coffee
  46. —grilled cheese sandwiches
  47. —babies
  48. —art museums
  49. —being out late at night
  50. —the number 5
  51. —rap and r&b
  52. —celebrations
  53. —receiving recognition for what she does
  54. —pineapples
  56. dislikes ↝
  57. —dark coffee
  58. —eating too much meat to the point where she feels too full
  59. —teenagers that are too rude and have smart remarks
  60. —people with high egos
  61. —being invited to a place with too many people
  62. —when she's stared at
  63. —others giving their opinion when not asked
  64. —being given too much attention
  65. —coca cola
  66. —grape flavored anything
  68. fun facts ↝
  69. —she can easily giggle with any type of funny joke
  70. —she usually searches everything she isn't sure what to do on the internet
  71. —can cook but acts like she doesn't
  72. —will act soft and innocent but can become defensive in a second
  73. —genuinely believes that the number 5 is her lucky number
  75. talents ↝
  76. —can memorize something with just one look
  77. —can type 100 words per minuet
  78. —is really flexible but she's too lazy to do anything
  80. hobbies ↝
  81. —likes reading romance and mystery novels
  82. —watched horror movies
  83. —plays volleyball with ransoms at the park
  84. —helps her mother with chores around the house every now and then
  86. .IRENE
  87. stripper ↝ namjoon
  88. backup ↝ seokjin
  90. first impressions ↝
  91. his — he wondered why someone so beautiful would be in the strip club, especially with the sour face she was holding. he was somewhat afraid to talk to her because she seemed like she could ruin him.
  92. hers — she wondered how the club got such attractive strippers. when she laid her eyes on his face she couldn't help but hold a sour expression, for someone as amazingly handsome as him and just everything great, he could be a CEO or anything better.
  94. relationship ↝
  95. beginning — it was a difficult relationship between the two, one being a stripper and the other one being a costumer. he was always much more calmer and quieter when she would suddenly stop by, and she'd just hang around. many people thought the friendship was weird, though they weren't really close, yuna only hung around him because he was attractive and he had to treat the customers correctly.
  96. middle — instead of seeing each other in the strip club, they've finally started to see each other at actual places like coffee shops or the mall. they're friends at this point, acting like friends do, making jokes together and being touchy. she still goes to his strip club, but he acts more freely and like himself. they act awkward once in a while due to the fact of her seeing him shirtless most of the time, feelings barely start to stir.
  97. end — since they're so close, others have already made up their mind that they're a thing. being told this continuously or asked on a daily if yuna is dating 'the attractive male stripper', they have both been having feelings stir up in their hearts. though, they don't dare speak a word because they both don't want to break the friendship they tried so hard to make.
  99. his offstage personality ↝ he's really cute and awkward, sometimes being shy because he's not use to being around people other than his friends. he has a really cheeky personality, and cracks them adorable jokes that make people stare.
  101. suggested scenes ↝
  102. —he accidentally slips up or messes his routine when onstage because he notices yuna watching in curiosity.
  103. —it's time for the strip club to close, for everyone to go home and yuna wants to try a trick on the pole, so she does. though she does something perfectly, surprising him completely because he awaited for her to fall and fail.
  104. —he gets defensive in the club when another stripper tries to get it with yuna (she doesn't do anything but sit and drink)
  105. —yuna takes him out for some coffee and to hang, people recognize him and start to take pictures which stresses him on her sake.
  107. requested scenes ↝
  108. —the seven girls somehow get special treatment because the guys know them
  109. —they all go hang as a group and people start to notice the guys are strippers, so the girls try hiding the guys (?? I'm horrible)
  110. —someone gets drunk and ruined
  111. —someone gets jealous because a stripper being extra friendly with another constumer!!1!
  113. .JOY & YERI
  114. questions? ↝
  115. —is we friends? (u don't have to answer omg)
  117. extra ↝ nope : )
  119. message to author ↝ hello, I'm pretty sure this form isn't all that great since I worked on it while I was half asleep in the night and in the morning. but either way, i hope you do really good in this, get lots of forms and I wish you the best of luck. I know you'll do a great job, I'll try to check it out even if I'm not accepted (bc I'm legit always playing anime games so why do I have a wattpad??)
  121. password ↝ "reality finally hits you when you've lost those close to you."
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