NCC Credits (Updated)

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  1. Class programming: Fr3ak
  2. Assistance: Fyone, JaxOf7, Tatoonie
  3. Custom sounds: Brash Buster, BBLIR, Binary
  5. Official NCC Discord Link:
  7. -=DOS Skins=-
  8. Sonic Man: Binary
  9. Volt Man: Started by Binary, finished up and touched up by Flame-ful Justice
  10. Dyna Man: Rotlich, extra sprites by Binary
  11. Bit Man: Brash Buster
  12. Wave Man: Zoroark, BBLIR
  13. Shark Man: Rotlich, BBLIR
  14. Oil Man: Rotlich
  15. Blade Man: Brash Buster/Bongwater-Bandit
  16. Torch Man: Rotlich
  17. Tox Man: Boberatu, Jobar, Gauntlet101010
  18. Tox Man Forklift: JaxOf7, Fr3ak
  20. -=Mega Man Forever Skins=-
  21. Haze Man: BiscuitSlash, extra sprites by Fr3ak
  22. Photon Man: BiscuitSlash
  23. Boil Man: FTX6004
  24. Chemic Man: FTX6004
  25. Guard Man: FTX6004, extra sprites by Fr3ak
  26. Chrono Man: FTX6004
  27. Propel Man: FTX6004, extra sprites by DarkAura
  28. Wing Man: FTX6004, extra sprites by Brash Buster
  30. -=Mega Man Unlimited Skins=-
  31. Tank Man: Rotlich
  32. Trinitro Man: Zoroark
  33. Nail Man: Brash Buster
  34. Comet Woman: Ze Robotico, Interessant, A-Chan
  35. Jet Man: Linnie, touched up by Flame-ful Justice
  36. Glue Man: Brash Buster
  37. Rainbow Man: Laggy Blazko
  38. Yo-yo Man: Ze Robotico
  39. Yoku Man: Copy Robot, extra sprites by DarkAura
  41. -=Mega Man Rocks Skins=-
  42. Hit Man: Bass44, extra sprites by Rotlich
  43. Police Man: Rokim21, Flame-ful Justice, extra sprites by Binary
  44. Repair Man: Zoroark
  45. Door Man: MetalMasher and Korby
  46. Snow Man: CHAOS_FANTAZY
  48. -=Mega Man CX Skins=-
  49. Cheat Man: OrangeMario
  50. Mario: TheBladeRoden, extra sprites by Rotlich
  51. Air Man CX: OrangeMario
  52. Yoshino Man: Oliver as Latias
  53. Kamen Rider: OrangeMario, BBLIR, and Chimi, bike sprites by Potts
  54. Whispy Woods: Brash Buster and Oliver as Latias
  55. Bomberman: BBLIR
  57. -=Rockman 4 Minus Infinity=-
  58. Special thanks to MegaVile and Binary who helped a lot with ripping sprites
  59. Recolored rage mode HUDs: Dio-ZX
  60. Skull Man wheel riding frames: Binary
  61. Pharaoh Man buster shooting frames: Binary, Fr3ak, Oliver as Latias
  63. -=Mega Man Odyssey Skins=-
  64. Necro Man: BBLIR
  65. Duplex Man: BBLIR, compiled into two PK3s by Binary
  66. Bolt Man: Brash Buster, BBLIR, Ultimate Chimichanga
  67. Disc Man: Dio-ZX
  68. Rapid Man: Zoroark, BBLIR
  69. Spike Man: Z-dagger, Ultimate Chimichanga
  70. Glacier Woman: Dio-ZX
  72. -=Rockman and Forte 2 Skins=-
  73. Aircon Man: Binary, Flame-ful Justice
  74. Komuso Man: Flame-ful Justice
  75. Dangan Man: A-Chan
  77. -=Rockman Strategy Skins=-
  78. Cancer: fragglerockfunny
  79. Libra: BBLIR
  80. Sagittarius: BBLIR
  81. Gemini: BBLIR
  83. -=Rockman no Constancy Skins=-
  84. Heat Man: Shade Guy
  85. Metal Man (improved normal): Z-dagger
  86. Air Man: Z-dagger, boberatu
  87. Clash Man: DarkAura
  88. Bubble Man: DarkAura
  89. Flash Man: A-Chan
  91. -=Mega Man SFR Skins=-
  92. Zap Man: Z-dagger
  93. Soak Man: Binary, Z-dagger
  94. Trash Man: Dimpsy, slide frames by BBLIR, hand raise frames by Binary
  95. Leaf Man: Z-dagger
  96. Coal Man: fragglerockfunny
  97. Axe Man: Z-dagger
  98. Wizard Man: Z-dagger
  99. Dagger Man: Dimpsy
  101. -=Rokko-Chan Skins=-
  102. Jet Man: Megaman
  103. Volcano Man: Blu-chan, Interessant
  104. Rolling Man: Blu-chan, extra frames by HeelNavi
  106. -=Mega Man Rock Force Skins=-
  107. Pulse Man: Dio-ZX
  108. Port Man: JaxOf7
  109. Power Man: Super Flashman X
  110. Shock Man: CleanseWoman, A-Chan
  111. Fuse/Boom Man: CleanseWoman, extra frames by A-Chan, Fr3ak
  112. Photon Man: CleanseWoman, A-Chan
  113. Circuit Man: CleanseWoman
  115. -=Mega Man: Infamous Intent Skins=-
  116. Cleanse Woman: CleanseWoman
  117. Tome Woman: CleanseWoman
  118. Gryphon Man: CleanseWoman
  120. -=Mega Man: Infamous Intent Skins=-
  121. Forecast Man: Binary, A-Chan
  123. Thanks to Jax for making the MMU weapons.
  124. Thanks to Noivs for the Snow Blower icon.
  125. Thanks to everyone in my Discord for helping me test! You all rock!
  127. Have fun!!
  128. ~Fr3ak
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