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  1. Name: Poison Arrow
  2. Age: 23
  3. Hight(short or tall): 5'7 Human, 3 ft Feral (Dire Wolf), 8 ft Lupine
  5. Overall appearance (description as if from a novel): Feral
  7. How often did you see Ferals here in the Tether? Ah but he certainly wasn't treated as such and when gold-flake eyes glittered up to meet the next slaver to catch his attention, he snarled his disapproval. Coming in at about 3ft tall at the shoulder, he was taller than the average feral wolf. Certainly longer, at 6ft, and heavier. Rippling with musculature and a bad attitude. Ebony fur covered his frame completely, hiding scarred flesh and tracks. A feel to his front legs, should one manage to touch him without earning his teeth, would have a strange consistency. As if the area had been shaved a few times before. To speak in front of him is dangerous, should you mistake him to be just some wild animal. His ears are big, for the better to hear you with
  9. Abilities: Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Sight, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Agility, Powerful Bite
  10. Human
  12. A pale-fleshed male sat in a singled out cage, relaxed in his position but a clever creature could spot his body making the faintest of twitches and responses to everything around him. Lids stayed closed over their captive orbs, even as patrons passed within arms reach of him. The human lad looked a bit scruffy, a bit rough around the edges, wearing all black clothing beyond the embracing, suffocating mark of The Golden Tether. The collar kept his form human, lest he convince a slaver to rent and release him. The human shape wasn't without it's perks though. Lids lifted, molten gold staring down one whom he deemed interesting enough. Purring to them in the sweetest of tones. His eyes are big, for the better to see you with
  14. Abilities: Enhanced Smell, Passes For Human
  15. Lupine
  17. The war form, for among all of the forms the Lupine is the strongest, biggest, most armored. That is not to say this form is always used for the fight! He stood a hefty 8ft tall as a Lupine, muscle rippling beneath his black, near light-absorbing fur. Black as the night sky on a new moon with glowering eyes. Clothing appeared to shift with him by magical influence, growing large to cover his form. While each digit gained half-inch claws ripe to rend flesh from bone, one might hear the rip of claws through shoes. His clothing was not safe, after all. An angry snarl may draw your attention towards large, powerful jaws containing several knife-like teeth. His teeth are big, for the better to eat you with
  19. Abilities: Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Sight, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Strength, Powerful Bite, Powerful Claws
  21. Hair style and color: Shaggy, short, black
  22. Skin tone: Pale Caucasian as human, Pink underneath black fur as anything else
  23. Eye color: Liquid Gold
  24. Body shape: Lithe, athletic human, more muscle to the feral without being overly so, muscled Lupine
  26. Additional physical features  
  27. Tattoos:
  28. Scars: Faded track marks to his arms, heavy whip or slash scars to his back
  29. Piercings: Gold hoops in his ears, Nipples, NSFW (Prince Albert). These 'vanish' in feral, remain in Lupine.
  30. Clothing style: Anything comfortable. A black wife beater and baggy pants.
  31. Any items worn at all time: Just the piercings
  33. Personality: Stoic, cold, sarcastic. Warm/Loving with Kara Njall
  34. Story/background: Escaped lab experiment, hence the track marks. Now turned into a slave and just hating life all except his love for Kara Njall
  35. Current world/environment: The Golden Tether, a hub of slave trade. Set in medieval times but allowing more futuristic ideas.
  37. Face claim (if any):
  39. General Idea/reference: Most of his human looks were based off of this image but I could not find the original
  40. Feral:
  41. Lupine:
  42. Should you need any more info, most of it is here
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