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  1. 15:46 <gooch1niner>  so you are very high up is that what that means
  2. 15:47 <lie4karma>  i didnt censor it for you i saved it for someone else
  3. 15:47 <lie4karma>  yea
  4. 15:47 <lie4karma>  which is only an honorary degree anyway
  5. 15:47 <lie4karma>  and open to the public
  6. 15:47 <lie4karma>  LOL
  7. 15:48 <lie4karma>  im also the CnC for the 32nd degree masons for all of edmonton
  8. 15:48 <lie4karma>  commander and chief
  9. 15:48 <gooch1niner>  i was hoping it was more illuminati than that
  10. 15:51 <gooch1niner>  that sounds like a lot of responsibility if you dont get to do any mkultra shit
  11. 15:53 <gooch1niner>  what r the perks
  12. 15:56 <lie4karma>  it provides a method to take good men and make them better
  13. 15:58 <gooch1niner>
  14. 16:00 <lie4karma>  which is why we have such a turnover rate
  15. 16:00 <lie4karma>  peopl ethink its something its not
  16. 16:00 <lie4karma>  so they join and then quit
  17. 16:02 <gooch1niner>  there is probably an echelon you dont know about that is doing psyop shit still though
  18. 16:05 <lie4karma>  it doesnt work like that lol
  19. 16:05 <lie4karma>  so here is how it works.
  20. 16:05 <lie4karma>  freemasonry is made up of exactly 3 degrees
  21. 16:05 <lie4karma>  however
  22. 16:05 <lie4karma>  once you are a third degree
  23. 16:05 <lie4karma>  you gain the ability to join other groups that are made up of only masons
  24. 16:06 <lie4karma>  im sure you have heard of the shriners
  25. 16:06 <lie4karma>  they are all masons
  26. 16:06 <lie4karma>  but not all masons are shriners
  27. 16:06 <gooch1niner>  right
  28. 16:07 <lie4karma>  so the two most popular things to join after your first three degrees are:
  29. 16:07 <lie4karma>  the scottish rite 4-32
  30. 16:07 <lie4karma>  or the york rite
  31. 16:07 <gooch1niner>  and then there is the echelon you dont know about that does mind control and you would never know about it because you dont go through normal channels
  32. 16:07 <lie4karma>  lol i would know about it
  33. 16:08 <lie4karma>  because i know all the masons in the city
  34. 16:08 <lie4karma>  and I know all the "important ones"
  35. 16:08 <lie4karma>  and lets just say... 80 year olds are more worried abotu making it to the next meeting than trying to control shit
  36. 16:08 <lie4karma>  the average age is over 60 man LOL
  37. 16:08 <lie4karma>  the average age of a 33rd has to be over 654
  38. 16:08 <lie4karma>  65
  39. 16:08 <gooch1niner>  hahaha
  40. 16:08 <lie4karma>  i would know
  41. 16:09 <gooch1niner>  no im saying that your entire organization which you know as the masons is a smokescreen for their actual operations
  42. 16:09 <gooch1niner>  hiding in plain sight
  43. 16:09 <lie4karma>  lol yes but what im saying is if that was true.... id see the people being funneled through masonry to the secret group
  44. 16:09 <lie4karma>  and i dont see that
  45. 16:09 <lie4karma>  because it doesnt exsit
  46. 16:09 <lie4karma>  i mean we are open about the shitty things we have done
  47. 16:10 <lie4karma>  we did have a lodge called p2 which is where the illuminate thing comes from.
  48. 16:10 <lie4karma>  we shut them down as soon as we found out about it
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