FIftyShadesofYellow - Fluttershy's Fanfiction

Oct 9th, 2016
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  1. >You knock on the door.
  2. >Today was a weird day.
  3. >Fluttershy asked for help, but it wasn't the usual "help me clean up a few mutts" trope, but rather something else that she has been keeping away from you the entire time.
  4. >You knock on the door once more.
  5. >Even so, you still might as well help her, since she did help you out by watching over your pet cat for the weekend.
  6. >"Come on in, I'm almost done!"
  7. >You open the door and enter.
  8. >Aside from the house barely lit from the slits of the shutters, the light down the hallway to your right is on.
  9. "Where are you?"
  10. >"Head down the hallway!"
  11. >You follow to her instructions with some slight consideration.
  12. >Something just doesn't seem right.
  13. >You enter the door that continues on the light and almost jump when you see Fluttershy writing on her bed without a single piece of clothing on her.
  14. "Nyeah!"
  15. >You walk backwards, almost falling down when you kick your leg up in surprise.
  16. >She closes the book. "Oh, h-hi Anon! Wanna act out the scene I just wrote?" She waives the book around in her right hand.
  17. >The million dollar question is what is inside that book?
  18. >Whatever it is, it certainly can't be that bad.
  19. "Can I at least read it first?"
  20. >"Sure! I would like it if we can do the last one." She quietly utters out.
  21. >You open up the first page and so far it looks tolerable.
  22. >After that, it gets detailed when you carry her up and drive her against the wall.
  23. >You flip through the next page, and the next to notice that it is all in one run, with different positions and certain dialogue that even you wouldn't dare to say, such as "Yeah! Feel my balls, smack my ass!"
  24. "It's... interesting." You say when looking at her rosy cheeks.
  25. >On the side of the pages, there are images that seem to be ripped straight out of another book and stapled on.
  26. >You're going to ask Twilight about what book did she checked out, you would be doing her a favor.
  27. >You skip to the end and gag at what she is proclaiming for you to do.
  28. >"W-what's wrong?"
  29. "You sick fuck!"
  30. >You toss the book at the floor and start heading out.
  31. >"Wait! We don't need to do it!"
  32. >You open the front door.
  33. "Fuck this shit, I'm out!"
  34. >You go outside and start to walk away.
  35. >The last entry in her book was consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.
  36. >"You can just cum inside!"
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