White Victims of Black Crime - 0851 - Catherine Genovese

Sep 6th, 2019
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  1. 0851
  2. ----------------
  4. July 20,1963, February 29,1964, March 13,1964
  6. Location: New York City,NY
  8. Victim(s): Barbara Kralik 15,Annie Mae Johnson 24,Catherine Susan “Kitty” Genovese 28
  10. Attacker(s): Winston Moseley
  12. Description: Catherine was stopped at a red light while driving home from her job as a bartender, when she was spotted by Moseley, who was parked nearby. He closely followed her as she drove home and waited until she was walking towards her apartment, before exiting his vehicle nearby and approaching her with a hunting knife. Catherine ran, but Moseley soon caught up to her and stabbed her twice in the back, causing her to scream. Noticing that people could see him, and a neighbor shouting at him, scared him away for a few minutes, which he used to park in a different location and change hats to hide his face. Meanwhile, Catherine attempted to enter her apartment building, but collapsed right outside, where Moseley found her and attacked her again. He stabbed her multiple times, before raping her as she bled to death, then stealing $49 and fleeing the scene.
  14. Moseley broke into the Kralik’s home in the pre-dawn hours of July 20,1963. He walked past Joseph and Maria’s room and entered Barbara’s room. He stabbed her before raping her, then fled the scene.
  16. Annie Mae was shot 6 times on February 29,1964, then raped, before being set on fire.
  18. Link(s):
  19. News story on the trial with quotes from Moseley’s testimony where he admitted the his primary motivation was killing, with rape and robbery being incidental 6-11-64.
  20. News story on Moseley’s testimony in the trial of Alvin L. Mitchell, who was on trial for killing Barbara Kralik, which Moseley’s asserts, was his doing 6-24-64.
  21. Moseley dies in prison 3-28-16. It’s mentioned that he appealed his death penalty sentence in 1967, getting it changed to an “indeterminate life term”.
  22. Wikipedia entry on the case.
  23. A story on the 50th anniversary of the crime.
  24. Moseley’s murderpedia entry.
  26. Barbara’s find a grave memorial.
  27. Catherine’s find a grave memorial.
  28. ----------------
  30. My life of crime entry.
  31. Kralik surname info
  32. Kralik surname info house of names.
  34. Genovese surname info
  35. Genovese surname info house of names.
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