(MLO) The Times of Anon Sparkle: Ch3

Mar 16th, 2013
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  4. >Be “The Times of Anon Sparkle Ch3: Lineage” in Equestria
  5. >Its… been a while since you and Hoity first did… stuff…
  6. >You pause and collect your thoughts
  7. >Its been a while since you started your job
  8. >You are Anon Sparkle, beloved son of Twilight Sparkle
  9. >And today, you were on your way to…
  10. >To…
  11. >You take another pause and breathe deeply
  12. >…To another client…
  13. >You-
  14. >You delay for another moment and then continue on
  15. >You think it’s that mare who’s visiting from Canterlot
  16. >That mare who likes to hit you in the flanks and-
  17. >Deep breath
  18. >She’s a ‘friend’. Like the others that mom says to go to
  19. >A friend that is going to give you bits
  20. >Bits that you and mom need
  21. >A quick look around reveals something is not right
  22. >The hostel should be around the corner
  23. >And it should be easy to get to, but…
  24. >It appears that the town is in some sort of enchantment
  25. >As the roads are made of soap, several buildings are floating in the sky, and a checkerboard pattern is present across the land
  26. >What the buck is going on?
  28. >As you turn around you spot ponies being chased by pepper shakers, buffalos doing ballet, and weird lanky rabbits
  29. >And you also spot a familiar unicorn up ahead
  30. >Mom…
  31. >Standing in front of a building, dancing around it, and showering it in magic
  32. >She’s also grey…
  33. >As in it looks like she was dusted and left to frolic
  34. >Frolic?
  35. >Mom was dancing, and smiling, and laughing
  36. >You’ve never seen her this happy, ever
  37. “M-Mom?”
  38. >She stops and looks, then runs towards you sporting a huge grin
  39. >”Hey! Anon!”
  40. >*WHAM*
  41. >Barreled right into you, and is giving you the biggest hug
  42. >”Come on! Let’s go to the park. I wana play tag”
  43. “Mom, are you feeling okay?”
  44. >She drags you along
  45. >”Of course, come on! Let’s go play”
  46. >The next few hours were spent in a recolored and chaotic park
  47. >Playing tag, climbing trees, dodging the rabbits, drinking the rain, and running around like idiots
  48. >Smiling, a realization hit you
  49. >For the first time in a long while, you two were having fun
  51. >Then a wave of magic swept over everything
  52. >It turned out that some sort of big-god-thing was messing with everyp0ny
  53. >But the Elements of Harmony managed to defeat him!
  54. >…but ruined the town in the process
  55. >Buildings were upturned, some smashed to pieces
  56. >Roads destroyed, bridges turned to mush, giant cracks in the ground
  57. >It was devastating
  58. >Eventually after you and mom came back home you saw it was now a pile of rubble
  59. >With some tears, yelling, and crying, mom calmed down
  60. >”I… I don’t have a choice.”
  61. >”Anon… we have to move back in with them”
  62. >In a few hours you two rummaged the ruins for anything worth salvaging and then headed to the train station
  64. >Luckily it wasn’t as badly damaged, and you only had to spend the night before a train came
  65. >A small crowd of p0nies were transitioning, some were relief workers to help repair the town, others were residents who were leaving to greener pastures
  66. >But you could also see Trixie and her friends amongst them, helping move things
  67. >And when Trixie saw you and Twilight leaving, she galloped over
  68. >”Trixie didn’t- I didn’t think you were leaving”
  69. >Twilight piped up
  70. >”Yea. Town destroyed, no home, no job.”
  71. >”That’s not entirely true; you can still work in the library. And you can live in the basement unti-“
  72. >”I. Don’t. Need. Your. Charity.”
  73. >Twilight grabbed and started to drag you away
  74. >The blue mare stuttered
  75. >”V-Very well. But…”
  76. >Trixie quickly teleported herself in front of you two
  77. >”I have a question”
  78. >She leaned in and whispered
  79. >”I’ve heard rumors… About Anon, and what he’s been doing”
  80. >Mom took an offensive stance
  81. >”And I just wanted to let you know; while we may not be the best of friends, I can help.”
  82. >Trixie smiled
  83. >”I can get a therapist or write to the Prin-“
  84. >Twilight head-butted her and continued on to the train
  85. >As you two scurried to your seats, you looked out the window
  86. >Trixie had a bloody nose and was being comforted by her pink friend
  87. >In her face was… Hurt? Anger? …Pity?
  88. >When the train started mom leaned her head out of the window and yelled
  89. >”BUCK OFF”
  92. >Canterlot
  93. >It’s where Grandma and Grandpa lived
  94. >Whose house you and mom were staying in until things got better
  95. >They weren’t real rich, but they had enough to be comfortable
  96. >And after a few months things settled down
  97. >A new house with its own aches and sounds
  98. >A new neighborhood, with a bakery down the street that made it smell like bread and cake everyday
  99. >A new school, with a bunch of rich unicorns and a few pegasui and earth p0nies thrown in
  100. >You didn’t make any friends or socialize much
  101. >From a young age it was imparted to you that the only time p0nies paid attention to you was when you did something bad
  102. >So attention was something to avoid
  103. >But that’s okay, because they usually left the runty quiet unicorn alone
  104. >Mom still gets sad or angry once in a while, but Grandma and Grandpa are around to make things better
  105. >Late at night mom sometimes wants you to comfort her, but she says you two have to be quiet, otherwise Grandpa and Grandma would get mad
  106. >But you still got a lot more food than otherwise, a bigger room (even if you have to share it with mom), a nicer house, and a bunch of books
  107. >And you still have mom
  108. >Life is good
  111. >One day you and mom were walking around the city
  112. >She wanted to get something from a store on the other side of town
  113. >Grandma said “Why don’t you take Anon with you? He’s been cooped up in the house too long”
  114. >Mom reluctantly agreed
  115. >But as you were walking she suddenly stopped
  116. >”Oh no”
  117. >Matching her stare you see what she’s looking at
  118. >Him
  119. >Hoity Toity was on the sidewalk in front of you
  120. >Walking right in your direction
  121. >”Horseapples. Anon follow me. Now”
  122. >She turned and started to walk away in a rush only to stop as she heard his voice
  123. >”Twilight? Anon? What a nice coincidence meeting you two!”
  124. >Hoity appeared next to you
  125. >”What are you doing in Canterlot? Oh, but P0nyville was destroyed wasn’t it? Hmm…”
  126. >”I have family here. We’re late for something. Let’s go Ano-“
  127. >”Wait wait! I am actually Very lucky that I found you. Well, little Anon actually. You’re still in need of some bits, mrh?”
  130. >Mom’s eyes narrowed as she spoke softly but harshly
  131. >”No. Thanks. Anon let’s go-“
  132. >”Oh? That’s an interesting response, considering what position you are in.”
  133. >He walked in front of you and patted your head
  134. >You instinctively flinch
  135. >”I see a young mother down on her luck”
  136. >Hoity leans in and starts talking quietly
  137. >”Giving her son away to random ponies for a few bits”
  138. >He looks at your body
  139. >”Bruises, light scarring. I wonder who those came from?”
  140. >Then he looks back up at Twilight
  141. >”Not to mention your… intimacy... What would the guards think about this? Hmmm?”
  142. >Mom was angry, but she lowered her head as she shook
  143. >”…fine…”
  144. >”Hm? What was that dear?”
  145. >”I said fine. What do you want?”
  146. >Hoity leaned back and took in street surrounding him
  147. >A wicked smile grew
  148. >”Oh, not much, I just want to pick him up later tonight and take him to a grand party. I promise it will be… an experience he will never forget”
  149. >What? No. Nononononono-
  150. >She took a deep breath
  151. >”Alright… but one condition. I want half the bits now.”
  152. >Your heart froze at those words
  154. >For the rest of the day your stomach was twisting
  155. >Hoity said to make sure you were presentable
  156. >So mom spent a lot of time cleaning you
  157. >”Dear, that might be a bit rough with little Anon”
  158. >Twilight continued to try and brush your mane
  159. >”He’s a big colt mom, he can handle it…”
  160. >Grandma gives a slight frown
  161. >”Okay… Dinner is ready…”
  162. >As you ate you thought about later
  163. >You’ve never really been to a party before
  164. >So this was your first one
  165. >You remember the parties that you saw other little foals have back in P0nyville
  166. >There was cake, party hats, dancing, soda, cookies, and presents
  167. >Presents? Maybe one would be for you!
  168. >The idea of Hoity was somewhat forced out of your head as you thought of the party
  169. >You started to think you would have fun at this party
  171. >This was not a party that you would be having fun at
  172. >When Hoity walked into the room everything hit you at once
  173. >The décor of some rich noblep0ny’s house
  174. >Loud music was booming from a glowing arcane instrument
  175. >A lot of mares and colts were laughing and dancing
  176. >And some of them were dancing on each oth-
  177. >You blushed as you realized what they were actually doing
  178. >Food and drinks were everywhere
  179. >But you couldn’t see anything to drink that didn’t smell like alcohol
  180. >Off in the corner there was another table with weird looking plants and pills
  181. >Occasionally a pony would wander over and eat one
  182. >Before they started to act all weird and dazed
  183. >Hoity nudged you next to a sofa
  184. >”Stay here, I need to find the colt of the hour!”
  185. >But before he could go far a voice yelled out
  187. >A white coated, blonde maned stallion yelled at the top of his lungs at some mare that was drunkenly lying on a chair
  188. >As he was mounting another stallion, who was kissing the mare in question
  189. >”Do you… know… who I… am?” He says with each pause emphasized with another thrust of his hips
  190. >”I am… of SOVERIGN… BLOOD! I can ONLY… have the BEST… in EVERYTHING!”
  191. >He dismounts the stallion underneath him walks over to the mare
  192. >With a squeak from the mare the overbearing stallion slipped inside of her and started to pound away
  193. >”Uhhh… Yes your highness” the mare said with a moan before she grabbed a bystander and began to lick-
  194. >You reverted your gaze back to the white coated one’s face
  195. >”Highness? That’s PRINCE BLUEBLOOD you… you…”
  196. >He levitated over a glass of something and downed it in one gulp
  197. >Around his little group other ponies were in the various processes of mounting, licking, sucking, and moaning
  199. >”PRINCE!” As he spoke spittle flew out his mouth
  200. >”Directly related to the Celestial Diarchy! Their blood runs through my veins!”
  201. >He kept on pounding away at the mare underneath him
  202. >”And that makes me, POWERFUL! The only stallion in the crown! The only male to counter! The only…”
  203. >His rambling and screwing only paused when he occasionally reached for another drink
  204. >You caught yourself staring at the group of ponies in mid-coitus and averted your gaze elsewhere
  205. >On a nearby bedding of pillows were two very drunken mares with a pretty filly between them
  206. >She looked to be about your age, but she had on a LOT of makeup
  207. >And wore very lacy socks that went right up to her cutie mark
  208. >One of the mares leaned over the lifted her up, before placing her face right between her legs
  209. >Then the other one rolled over and spread the filly’s legs to-
  210. >You blinked
  211. >Okay, that wasn’t a filly, it’s a colt
  212. >With a blush you looked away and stared at the floor
  213. >For several minutes you occupied yourself with the tile patterns until you realized Blueblood stopped rambling
  214. >Hoity was now talking to him
  215. >As he gestured in your direction
  216. “…oh horseapples…”
  217. >You stared at the ground again until they were both next to you
  218. >”Hoity! What is this?”
  219. >”Remember my last birthday party, and you got me that brick of Lotus Shesha? Well, this is your birthday present in return”
  220. >Blueblood turned and gave him a huge hug
  221. >”What better friend could I ask for?”
  222. >Then he turned his eyes to you
  224. >With a grab and pull your flanks were lined up with him
  225. >”Don’t worry about being gentle, this one isn’t… too inexperienced”
  226. >A single thrust and you felt Blueblood enter you
  227. >His length filled you up with a stretching pain
  228. >Involuntarily you bucked your hips and gave a quiet yelp
  229. >”Inexperienced? And here I thought that this was a present, not a hand-me-down!”
  230. >He laughed as he continued to mount you, his pulsing motion slamming you down
  231. >”Oh? But I had to test to make sure you would like it! Can’t blame me for thinking about your pleasure first!”
  232. >A warm throbbing sensation filled your gut
  233. >Only for it to back out and push back in in a rhythmic motion
  234. >Through your watery eyes you see that a dozen ponies are looking at you
  235. >Most are laughing or in the middle of their own sexual release
  236. >One in the back is rubbing herself as she looks you in the eyes
  237. >Blueblood grunts
  238. >”Hoity! How can you just stand there while I accept your gift?”
  239. >As he’s inside of you, he lifts you off the ground and pushes your face forward
  240. >Then with a golden radiance you feel your mouth being forced open
  241. >”Come on. Remember that zebra mare we met in Manehatten?”
  242. >Hoity grinned before stepping forward
  243. >”Why, sharing your own personal birthday present with muwa? How generous!”
  244. >You never had time to react before Hoity forced his length into your mouth
  245. >The smell of expensive fragrance and slight musk fills your nose
  246. >Hoity soon gets up to speed with his thrusting to match that of Bluebloods
  247. >You entire body is compressed and then pulled as their members pound you in unison
  248. >Air was a precious commodity right now
  249. >Each breath you took was a coughing suck that only lasted as long as it took Hoity to thrust
  251. >”Hey Hoity! Hooves up!”
  252. >Hoity and Blueblood hoof-bumped over you
  253. >The pounding, coughing, sucking, and moaning went on for a while
  254. >But was luckily over soon after
  255. >Blueblood gave a loud moan before he pushed himself deep and unloaded
  256. >A warm gooey sensation filled you up
  257. >He dismounted and walked to Hoity’s side, grabbing a plate of food and eating it
  258. >Hoity still had his cock up to the hilt in your mouth
  259. >Bouncing away
  260. >”So… *MUNCH MUNCH* Where did you get this colt from?”
  261. >”Ugh… Just some mare’s kid from that P0nyville backwater town”
  262. >”Hmmm… I’m feeling like a kind soul, let’s deliver her child back to her. When you’re done of course”
  263. >”A-Almost… Just give me…”
  264. >He grabbed your head and pushed, releasing in the back of your throat
  265. >With no choice you began coughing and swallowing
  266. >A small white glob came out of your nose
  267. >Hoity finally let go, leaving you to fall to the ground
  268. >Breathing heavily and feeling nauseous
  269. >”Now, how about we try those pegasus over there?”
  271. >The next several hours consisted of a blur, but some parts came back to you
  272. >An older looking mare gave you something to eat that made you feel funny
  273. >The young colt in socks was in your lap, kissing you
  274. >A group of mares and a few colts were passing you around like a plate of food
  275. >Some pony with a deep teal coat put food on your stomach, only to eat if off
  276. >Glasses of red alcohol were forced down your throat
  277. >…
  278. >Eventually you came to on the back of Hoity, walking down the midnight streets of Canterlot
  279. >Blueblood was snickering
  280. >”-and then she said ‘Wait! Not yet!’ But you know what I did?”
  281. >”No, but I can guess.”
  282. >”Oh come on, you’re no fun…”
  283. >Hoity pointed “Speaking of no fun, there’s mommy”
  284. >Up ahead under a streetlight was a waiting Twilight
  285. >When she notices you three she stands up
  286. >But as she focuses Blueblood her eyes widened
  287. >”Aww, look. It’s her first time seeing such divine nobility! Come on, I want to see her reaction”
  288. >You were placed rather harshly in front of Twilight
  289. >Dripping with fluids and in a state of semi-lucidness
  290. >But she still kept on staring at Blueblood, not even noticing you
  291. >”…You…”
  292. >Blueblood suck his chest out as Hoity stepped off to the side
  293. >”Yes! It is me, Prince Blueblood. I have had a most wondrous time with your little brood. You should feel thankful that your lineage was able to please me in such a way. In fact, I demand you to tell me how thankful you are!”
  294. >Twilight’s jaw dropped
  295. >”You… you don’t remember me?”
  296. >Blueblood leaned in for a closer look before a look of recognition crossed his face
  297. >”Yea… Yea, Sparkle was it? I remember. A bookish mare too stupid to know how to please royal blood. Haha, that was a night. But I thought you ran away all those… years… ago…”
  298. >His eyes widened as he looked to you, and then back to Twilight
  300. >”Sparkle… why are you out here?”
  301. >She blankly stared at him
  302. >”To get my son and bits”
  303. >”I see… Sparkle, how old is your child?”
  304. >This time she looks slightly angry
  305. >”Why are you asking me?”
  306. >She gets into his face
  307. >”YOU should know”
  308. >Blueblood’s face pales as he makes a connection
  309. >Then he pukes on the ground
  311. >”B-Blueblood! What-“
  312. >”Out of ALL OF THE BUCKING FOALS, you chose THIS ONE!”
  313. >Twilight steps up in rage
  315. >Soon the three of them are yelling at each other
  316. >Yelling turns to shoves
  317. >Shoves turn violent
  318. >The last thing you remember of that night is trying to run away, only to get a hoof to the back of your head
  320. >Its sometime in very early morning, the sun hasn’t been risen yet
  321. >You are lying in your shared bed in Grandma’s house
  322. >The sting of something medicinal can be felt around your flanks and mouth, and bandages cover a portion of your head
  323. >Twilight is sitting on the foot of the bed, staring at you
  324. “M-mom… what happened?”
  325. >She doesn’t move, just speaks
  326. >”A party… you went to a big fancy party…”
  327. >”You drank and ate stuff that we couldn’t ever afford”
  328. >”And they PAID for you to do that”
  329. “But-“
  330. >”And what about me? While you got to party with a bunch of nobles I had to stay here and make sure my parents didn’t find out”
  331. >”You spoiled little foal…”
  332. >She gets up and pressed a hoof to your stomach
  333. >Nausea starts to appear
  334. >”And who did you happen to meet? Your bucking father!”
  335. “He didn’t, I was- OUFHH“
  336. >She lets up only to give a light hit in the stomach
  337. >”And to top it off? I only got half of the bits. HALF”
  338. >She lets up and walks out of the room
  339. >When she gets to the door she glares at you
  340. >”…worthless…”
  341. >Just a mutter, but still loud enough for you to hear
  342. >Holding back the crying you speak
  343. “I-I love you mom, I’m sorry”
  344. >She says nothing as she leaves, turning off the light and closing the door behind her
  345. >Leaving you in the dark
  346. >Cold, tired, and feeling broken, you start to cry
  347. >Not loud, that might just make mom angrier, just a whimpering of tears and sobs
  348. >You had a single dream that night
  349. >It was a picnic in the chaotic park of P0nyville
  350. >You sat there, not eating or playing, just waiting for mom to show up
  351. >But she never does
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