Sharkpony story part4

May 13th, 2015
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  1. >That does it, no more playing nice
  2. >The next time Ocean Dew comes over you need to put your foot down and be more adamant with that one
  3. >Your nose still hurts from yesterday
  4. >Until you think back on the other things and grin idiotically
  5. >But a little sister, who would have guessed. It also reminds you how little you actually know of this pony
  6. >Maybe you can get her to sit down and have a nice chat? You’re starting to feel really curious about her
  7. >But first you need to tell her that she needs to stop this stupid revenge and wrestling thing
  8. >or maybe it’s a sharkpony thing, that pride? You honestly don’t know
  9. >And as if on cue, the sound of the sliding glass door
  10. >You put on a stern face and turn to look at Ocean Dew while frying the baco-
  11. >It’s her little sister
  12. >You just stare at her and she glances at you, and then just walks to your beloved couch and hops onto it, and then simply gets comfortable and lies there, looking around
  13. >You quickly put all the now-fried bacon onto a plate and turn the stove off
  14. “ you need something?”
  15. >The filly peeks from the couch and shakes her head
  16. >”Nah”
  17. >And then goes back to laying down
  18. >You take the plate and walk to the filly who finds the remote and puts the TV on
  19. >The filly pays no mind to you, instead focusing on the TV as a cartoon comes on
  20. >...
  21. “You’re Paz right?”
  22. >Now the filly turns her head to look at you and nods
  23. >”It’s a nickname, I’m Pacific Dew, and you’re Anon”
  24. >But then she just turns her head to stare at the TV again
  25. “Actually it’s Anonymous, Anon’s just what my friends call me. But just call me that, yeah”
  26. >Paz lets out a sound of acknowledgement but then keeps staring at the TV
  27. “So Paz what are you doing in my house?”
  28. >”Big sis is at work so I came over to see why she’s spending so much time in here, around something like you”
  29. >You sit down on the couch and sigh
  30. “I’d like to know that too...wait something like me?”
  31. >Pacific Dew, or Paz, takes a few sniffs and then starts to eye the plate of bacon you have with her eyes that now sport slit pupils
  32. “Do you want some?”
  33. >Paz simply stands up and walks to you, and then suddenly climbs onto your lap and gets comfortable on it, sitting down on top of your lap
  34. >She’s sitting a bit sideway so her fin rests against your side, you wonder if it feels painful if it gets bend
  35. >You then stare at her as she leans her back and side more against your stomach and opens her mouth wide while looking up and staring you right in the eyes
  36. >Slowly you take a piece of bacon and hold it in front of her
  37. “Don’t bite my fingers, please...”
  38. >You feed her the bacon which she gladly accepts and chomps down
  39. >You just stare at her as she swallows and then opens her mouth up wide and stares at you again
  40. > feed her another one and she gladly eats that too
  41. >She opens her mouth and you’re about to feed her a third one, when you remember that you’re supposed to be adamant, no matter how cute this little guppy is being
  42. >Instead you put it in your own mouth and chew on it, the salty and greasy goodness filling your mouth
  43. This doesn’t make Paz very happy as she nudges your chest with her head
  44. >”Aa!”
  45. >You feed her another one and then eat one yourself, and soon enough all the bacon is eaten
  46. >Paz cozies up herself against you without a word of thanks and continues to stare at the cartoon
  47. >And you set the plate away and look at the cartoon for a brief few seconds before you grow bored of it
  48. >Equestrian cartoons are not so great, you could probably impress this filly with some of the DVDs you brought with you
  49. >But instead you look at the little pony sitting in your lap, more importantly her neck
  50. >You did notice those things that looked like gills on Ocean Dew, but you were unsure if these sharkpony things had gills, or if they were just some sort of markings
  51. >Ponies, you can never know
  52. >But you do feel a bit curious, so you gently poke them with your finger
  53. >Feels like...gills? You don’t know what they’re even supposed to feel like, they’re just things on her neck, and they feel pretty smooth
  54. >”Mhhh”
  55. >You stop touching Paz’s gills as she lets out a sound and glances up at you
  56. >”Don’t touch my gills...”
  57. >She’s blushing and her usual, slightly bored and unamused face she seems to be constantly making looks annoyed
  58. >You quickly pull your finger away
  59. “Oh, sorry, I just-“
  60. >Paz simply returns to staring at the TV
  61. >Well, she doesn’t seem that offended, and she’s still sitting on your lap so no harm done, even if you were poking a filly
  62. >But, this skin that these sharkponies have, it feels really pleasant, soft, velvety smooth and warm, at least when they’re dry
  63. >You haven’t gotten to touching any wet sharkpo-
  64. >Suddenly you’re reminded of a sight you saw yesterday, and your mind starts going places about wet sharkponies, or a certain pony in particular
  65. >Normally you’d just let your mind wander, but now you really can not since there’s something sitting on your lap, and having something poke at her butt is bound to cause misunderstandings
  66. >”Anon, pet my head”
  67. >That came so out from the bushes it made you stop your earlier train of lewd thought about puffy, moist-let’s not, not with a filly in your lap
  68. “Ok, yeah I can do that”
  69. >you place your hand on Paz’s head, feeling her soft wavy mane under it, and then give her a pat on the head
  70. >and then another, and a few more
  71. >Her mane feels pretty nice, it’s soft and springy, and it’s pretty cute how she pushes her head against your hand as you keep petting her, pressing her butt more firmly against your crotch
  72. >Damn no, why is this now in return starting to give you a boner, it’s like a cat purring in your lap all over again
  73. >Shut up you had not fapped in a while and it was a warm vibrating purring lump right on your crotch
  74. >You stop petting her and you’re about to pull your hand away when Pacific Dew suddenly grabs a hold of your hand with her tiny hooves and pulls it back on her head once again
  75. >”Rub my ears next”
  76. >Not wanting to let her in on your current predicament, you decide to do as you’re told and start rubbing her ears gently with both of your hands
  77. >They feel really nice, as you earlier noticed the skin on these sharkponies feels really good, as good as the coats of normal ponies
  78. >yeah, you actually have touched a few ponies during the earlier weeks when you first came to Equestria. Professionally of course. Much to your disappointment...
  79. >The cute and happy sounds Paz is making as she leans against you and enjoys the ear rubs are making you hnnnnnngh and d’aaaaaaaaw internally
  80. >And the beginnings of your erection die down as well
  81. >You take a look at Paz’s face which is doing a very poor job at how much she’s enjoying getting her ears rubbed
  82. >Her eyes are closed gently and her mouth is slightly open
  83. >You stop touching her ears and her face stays like that for a little while, before hear ears do a few flicks and she opens her eyes
  84. >She stares at you for a few seconds, face returning to her normal expression, but a slight blush lingers
  85. >You smile and she quickly returns her focus to the TV
  86. >But then she starts looking around before hopping off of your lap
  87. >”This is a weird house”
  88. >Paz turns to stare at you and then keeps staring at you without changing her usual expression
  89. “You want a tour or something?”
  90. >Paz nods, so you get up and start showing her around
  91. “So, this is the living room, or the main area, you already know my couch, there’s the tv and some other stuff”
  92. >You then point at the kitchen area
  93. “There’s the kitchen island”
  94. >Paz interrupts you
  95. >”Why is it called an island?”
  96. >You shrug
  97. “I don’t really know, but let’s move on...”
  98. >You never were much of a decorator, and this house was already decorated for you, minus a few curious objects you have bought
  99. >You keep showing Paz around the house while telling her where everything is
  100. >It is a one story house, a big open area that works as the living room with the kitchen to the side, but with no wall separating it from the rest of the space
  101. >The bedroom and the bathroom are separated by walls thankfully, but other than that it’s just a very big space
  102. >You finish off the tour by opening the door to your bedroom
  103. “And this is where I sleep”
  104. >after looking around Paz turns back to you
  105. >”You said something about a pool?”
  106. “Yeah, it’s in the basement, here let me show you”
  107. >After a few stairs you flip on the lights and soon enough your enormous indoor pool is illuminated
  108. >Paz’s eyes go wide as she looks around with her mouth hanging open
  109. >You can’t help but to chuckle how impressed the otherwise monotone face of hers looks
  110. “That there is the Jacuzzi, and there’s also a really big steam room over here”
  111. >Pacific Dew walks to the pool and dips her hoof into the water
  112. >”it’s warm...”
  113. >Then she looks at you again
  114. >”Can I swim in it?”
  115. >You nod and gesture her to go ahead, and Paz jumps into the pool
  116. >And instantly shoots off holy shit what?
  117. >The little filly can swim!
  118. >You can only see her fin breach the surface but she’s swimming around at a speed you never did think was possible for a pony
  119. >Just how much power do these ponies have in those tails that look like a shark swam up their butt?
  120. >The fin disappears under the surface and after a short while Paz surfaces right next to where you’re standing
  121. >There’s obvious amazement on her face, you’re a bit taken back to seeing so much emotion on her usually emotionless face as she grins at you with a toothy smile
  122. >”It’s so warm! And big!”
  123. >Seems like she’s having so much fun her pupils have gone slit mode, and now’s a good time to take advantage of the situation
  124. “You can swim around as long as you like, if you answer a few more questions”
  125. >Paz nods her head, but then pauses as her grin fades
  126. >You already worry she’s going to say no when
  127. >”But only if you come swim too”
  128. >that’s not a bad deal at all
  129. “Sure, just let me go and fetch my swimming trunks”
  130. >Paz tilts her head
  131. >”What do you need swimming trunks for, I’m not wearing any either”
  132. >And then she proceeds to turn around and lift her tail and butt out of the water
  133. >”See?”
  134. “I’m trying not to”
  135. >”What?”
  136. “Nothing, I’ll be right back”
  137. >You hurry away from Paz as the filly lowers her exposed behind back into the water and shoots off to swim around some more
  138. >After a little digging you find your trusty banana hammock, and then look some more for your more proper swimsuit
  139. >It was a joke gift you received, honestly!
  140. >You undress and slip it on, and then walk back to the pool
  141. >Where you find Paz idly swimming forward while floating on the surface with her face under the water, blowing up bubbles as she slowly inches forward with just the help of her hooves
  142. >Her tail’s just resting limply while floating
  143. >You think about jumping in, but instead decide to get the filly’s attention by splashing the water with your hand
  144. >Paz stops floating around and swims to you
  145. >Her face has lost the excitement that was earlier on it, and her eyes have returned to normal
  146. “You feeling ok?”
  147. >Just then you remember that fishes can’t do well in pool water
  148. “It’s not the water is it?”
  149. >Paz shakes her head while floating in front of you
  150. >”No, we can swim in pool water if we don’t overdo it, or try to breathe it in trough our gills”
  151. “So, what’s wrong then?”
  152. >Paz sighs with her eyes lazily closed
  153. >”I swam too much and got tired”
  154. >You can’t help but to chuckle as she absentmindedly floats in the water, lazily moving her tail every now and then, spinning in small circles because of it
  155. “You know I have a hot tub, if you’re tired we could just sit there and relax”
  156. >Paz turns to you and nods before lifting her hooves up
  157. >You wonder what she wants for a few seconds before realizing she wants you to lift her up
  158. >You pick her up from the pool and then set her down
  159. >So that’s what the skin feels like when it’s wet, not as velvety but more slick, yet soft and pleasant to the touch
  160. >Paz follows you to the hot tub and soon enough the two of you are relaxing in it
  161. “So Paz, about those questions”
  162. >she doesn’t even turn to face you, instead she just enjoys the tub in full bliss
  163. >”Sure”
  164. “About sharkponies...”
  165. >Paz fills you in on a lot of sharkpony knowledge, occasionally asking you on what you are
  166. >You find out that there’s actually a sharkpony town not that far from the shore and your house, and that she and Ocean Dew live together with their mother, and that her big sister collects mollusks and clams for a living
  167. >Paz on the other hand simple nods when you tell her a thing or two about humans, mostly how you work as a species and how you got send here for work
  168. >You then tell Paz that it’s time to get off before she ends up too woozy from the heat, and after persuading her to let you dry her with a towel the two of you walk back to the kitchen
  169. “Here’s the thing that I was talking about”
  170. >You dig out two cans of soda from the fridge and pop them open
  171. >You insert a straw in Paz’s own before placing it in front of her on the table
  172. >Paz takes the can into her hooves and looks it over while you take a big hefty chug of yours
  173. >Carefully, ears a bit flat she takes a small sip of the stuff, and her ears shoot up instantly and her eyes go wide
  174. >And she then takes a much more longer sip trough the straw before letting go of it and burping
  175. >”It’s really good and bubbly!”
  176. >You too let out a burp
  177. “I know, Voltage’s my favorite”
  178. >Paz grabs the can in her hooves and turns to look at you while sipping on it
  179. >”There’s other kinds as well?”
  180. >You nod and Paz seems excited again
  181. “So about your sister, why did you say you think she wants to be friends with me?”
  182. >Pacific Dew shrugs
  183. >”She’s acting awkward and weird, if she would not like you she’d not want to be around you”
  184. >That actually makes perfect sense, you feel a bit silly for not thinking about that
  185. >”You know, I came over today to see if the thing my sister is spending so much time around is a weirdo”
  186. >Paz sips the last of her Mountain Dew before continuing while you listen
  187. >”But you’re not a bad...thing”
  188. >You let out a chuckle
  189. “Good to know. but no need to worry, I’m not some weirdo”
  190. >Paz blushes a little and her ears droop just a hint
  191. >”...but you do touch a pony’s gills a bit too freely...”
  192. >Paz sets the can down and then looks at the clock
  193. >”I should head home already”
  194. >Paz starts heading towards the door and you put the can down before hurrying after her
  195. “Do you need me to walk you to the uh...where’ ever you come onto the land from?”
  196. >Paz shakes her head
  197. >”Nah. Bye bye”
  198. “Bye...”
  199. >You stop walking and Paz walks out from your house
  200. >You close the door and walk back to your can of dew
  201. >Well, talking with the filly shed a little light, but as expected you have to talk with Ocean Dew the next time you see her to get to the bottom of it
  202. >And to become her friend trough better means if that’s what she wants
  203. >Your face turns into a stupid grin as you think back how cute her little sister was
  204. >but as your mind starts to think of her little sister’s butt when she showed it, or had it on your lap you decide to put on some vidya so you can think of something else
  205. >And you played until you fell asleep on the couch
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