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Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. basically everythings the same but living among humans you have these ghouls who look like humans but the only thing they can eat is humans
  3. and humans dont turn into ghouls
  4. a ghoul is like its own species
  6. and a ghouls eyes get red when theyre hungry or emotional or whatever
  7. and ghouls have these powers cause they have these "kagune" organs that sort of sprout from their lower back or wherever and they can be like tentacles or swords or wings
  8. but when theyre not doing that they blend in
  9. and theres a special police force to hunt down ghouls and protect people and they use weapons made out of kagunes from defeated ghouls
  11. and other than the eating people thing
  12. ghouls are like fully people
  13. theyre real characters they have real vulnerability
  16. anyway
  17. theres this nothing kid named ken kaneki
  18. who has one friend and no parents left
  19. likes to read books
  20. its hinted hes suicidal
  22. really normal kid kind of shy
  24. he gets a crush on this girl named rize who frequents this same cafe and likes the same author as him
  26. he doesnt know shes like this super powerful ghoul whos main hobby is mass killing hot young men and binge eating them
  27. one of the worst ones really
  29. so she does her thing and entrances him and lets him take her out and gets him to walk her home
  30. gets him somewhere secluded and this should be the end of kaneki
  31. she goes all manic and takes a bite out of his shoulder
  32. chases him around a little
  35. shipping container falls and crushes them both.
  36. kaneki wakes up in the hospital. rize is dead. to save his life, her organs have been implanted into him, and theyre changing his body. hes half ghoul with one red eye. his moral compass and humanity is fully intact but he cant eat human food anymore, its suddenly disgusting. this creates a lot of really existential terror but it turns out the coffee shop he likes is staffed by friendly ghouls who look out for him and have pre prepared food that can sate his hunger without him having to hunt
  39. skip ahead to the end of the first season
  40. kaneki is chained up
  41. big shark looking dude with a ugly tie and a jason mask is a powerful ghoul and high ranking member of this ghoul terrorist organization that aims to eliminate all resistance from humans, including kanekis childhood friend hide and the "friendly" ghouls hes grown close to
  43. yamori or "jason" has a special torture weapon that he uses to continually cut off kanekis fingers, toes, hands, feet, and watch them grow back again, due to kanekis impressive regeneration factor. he fills buckets with kaneki. kaneki begs to die. he puts a neurotoxic centipede in kanekis ear. a man and a woman, a couple, infiltrate and try to rescue kaneki. yamori lets kaneki believe theres hope for a while, then makes kaneki choose whether the man or woman has to die. kaneki cant choose, so yamori kills them both.
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