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  1. Hello, Pulcinella-san. What are you here for?”
  3. “Well, I don’t know if you’re aware or not, but I’m currently working under Demiurge-sama’s orders. Today, I came as Demiurge-sama’s messenger. Please, take this.”The clown handed overthe folder he was holding.“If it’s from Demiurge-san, is this the memo folder?”
  5. “That’s correct. My, my, for Mare-sama to come out personally. I was really lucky. If it had been Aura-sama I would have needed to ask her to call you.”
  7. “Huh? Is that so?”
  9. The memo folder was a system devised by the ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz Ooal Gown, himself. It was a system that allowed floor guardians to write down non-urgent messages and communicate with each other. Nothing similar existed until now.When Mare accepted the folder, he got a strange feeling and muttered “T-this is...” while staring at it. “H-huh? But why couldn’t you give it to my sister?
  11. ”Since Aura was a floor guardian as well, there was no reason why the message couldn’t be delivered to her as well. She was also a hard worker, so she wouldn’t just throw the folder in a corner somewhere. “I don’t know the details myself. But Demiurge-sama gave me specific orders to not give it to Aura-sama and hand it directly to you.”
  13. “I see... W-what about Demiurge-san?”It was a short question, but Pulcinella understood what he meant.
  15. “...I can’t say I fully understand what he meant either. However, I believe the answer or the reason would lie in that folder.”
  17. “Ok... Uh, hmm, speaking of which, uh, what’s Demiurge-san doing right now?”
  19. “He’s conducting a breeding experiment. Humans can breed with each other, but can’t breed with demi-humans. Is this nota true tragedy? For lovers to be unable to bear the fruit of their union just because they’re from different species! To save such unfortunate souls, Demiurge-sama is working hard. To develop that possibility between humans and demi-humans!”
  21. The clown spoke as if he was reciting a speech with both arms wide spread and pointing at the sky. Mare blinked at Pulcinella, who changed so suddenly.
  23. “Ah, please excuse me. I’ve gotten too excited over Demiurge-sama’s generosity of trying to bring joy to humans. Please, forgive me.”
  25. “Ah, it’s, uh, fine.”
  27. “Demiurge-sama said that he would make himself —or rather the demons—the target of the human’s hatred, so they wouldn’t resent each other. Such immense selflessness! This Pulcinella cannot even see because he moved me to tears.
  29. ”Pulcinella motioned to wipe his tears on top of his mask. Of course, there were no actual tears and he spoke in his regular cheerful tone, which didn’t sound sad at all. “...Why would they hate him?”
  31. “I cannot understand why they would hate our kind and generous Demiurge-sama, but he said that himself. Ah, speaking of which, listen to this. Because Demiurge-sama was so generous, he took pity on the starving livestock. So he made them exchange children with each other, roasted them and put them on the table. If he was heartless, wouldn’t he have served them up without exchanging them?”
  33. “I-Is that so?”
  35. “Of course. He even allowed them to say farewell by bringing over both parents and letting them sit by the table... For there to be someone like Demiurge-sama, who would be considerate enough for the family to say farewell while smiling... There won’t be anyone besides the Supreme Beings. I’m sure of it.”
  37. “I guess...”
  39. Mare gave a flat response to Pulcinella’s enraptured speech. He didn’t care what happened to anyone who did not belong to Nazarick. After a couple of seconds, Mare erased all thoughts of Demiurge’s livestock.
  41. “Plus, when starving, their head might say yes, but their stomach might not. Demiurge-sama thought ahead and after warning them, made sure they ate it all, down to the last bit. He is a truly generous...”
  43. Feeling that the story would not end, Mare quickly interrupted.
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