Jan 7th, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >and you are currently the happiest man alive
  3. >you have just gotten yourself a mothpony gf
  4. >and now he two of you are spooning in your bed
  5. >you are the big spoon and Cinnamon is the little spoon
  6. “huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue”
  7. >if only it was not for that weird sound coming from outside
  8. >you squeeze Cinnamon closer to your own body, making her coo in enjoyment
  9. “I wish this moment would last forever...”
  10. >”I wish that t-“
  11. “huehuehuehuehuehuehue”
  12. >”I wi-“
  13. “huehuehuehuehuehuehue”
  14. >”Wait a moment Cinnamon I have to go and check what is making that sound
  15. >you leave Cinnamons warmth and make your way to the bedroom window and pull the blinds up
  16. >and immediately let them fall back down and turn around
  17. >the sound seems to wake Cinnamon up as she lifts her body and looks at you
  18. “Anon, is there something wrong?”
  19. >you start to sweat a bit
  20. >”No, nothing’s wrong, everything’s fine”
  21. >but in fact, everything is not fine
  22. >there’s a fuckload of laughing ducks behind your window
  23. “huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue”
  24. >oh god you still hear them
  25. “So, what was making the sound?”
  26. >oh damn, what to say, you do not want to ruin this special moment
  27. >”...Oh nothing it was just the wind, I need to go get umm... some water...yes, be right back!”
  28. >before Cinnamon can ask anything else you quickly bail from the bedroom
  29. >suddenly you hear a crash coming from the bathroom
  30. “Anon what was that?”
  31. >”It’s nothing, I accidently dropped a thing”
  32. >you tiptoe your way to the door that leads to your bathroom and press your ear against it
  33. “huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue”
  34. >son of a bitch
  35. >you pull the bathroom door open and suddenly you are blinded by a rush of feathers and laughing
  37. >ducks, a lot of ducks shoot out from your bathroom like a torrent of evil and flood the corridors of your house
  38. >suddenly you hear the door to your bedroom open
  39. “Anon what’s all the rac- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”
  40. >”Cinnamon close the door!”
  41. >you can’t see anything thanks to the ducks hitting against your face and feathers floating about and getting into your eyes
  42. “I-I can’t Anon, they are getting in!”
  43. >”I’m coming for you Cinnamon!”
  44. >you start to make your way towards Cinnamons voice
  45. >it grows muffled and distant, getting drowned by the never-ending torrent of ducks laughing
  46. >you can’t see properly due to all the ducks and their wings flapping against your face, not to mention when some of them just straight up fly against you
  47. >the air is heavy with feathers, and they are starting to tickle your nose and throat now
  48. >you sneeze uncontrollably as you feel lightheaded at the lack of air
  49. >you try to suck in as much as you can, but the feathers tickle your throat and send you into a coughing fit
  50. >you stumble and fall to the door as ducks hit you in your legs and you accidently step on some
  51. >as you fall you can still hear the never-ending taunt of the ducks
  53. >suddenly there is a scream
  54. >Cinnamons scream!
  55. >”*cough cough* Cinn- *cough* Cinnamon, are you *cough* ok!”
  56. “Help me Anon these ducks have something that looks like a freaky corkscrew coming out of them and they are cornering me!”
  57. >it... it can’t be
  58. >Awww hell naw!
  59. >you use all of the strength you have left to force yourself up and brace yourself against the wall
  60. >but then you feel something hard hit you in the eye
  61. >you close both of your eyes on reflex
  62. >”Goddamit”
  63. >and then you feel another painful pinch
  64. >and then some more
  65. >suddenly you fall to the ground as your body jerks on reflex at every nip
  66. >the ducks are biting you
  67. >you flail your hands around but you do not hit anything
  69. >you keep twitching on the floor as the ducks bite you everywhere they can while laughing
  71. >suddenly there is a thump of something colliding with something and then the thump of someone falling to the floor
  72. >”C-CINNAMON!”
  73. >there is no answer
  74. >only the laughter of ducks
  76. >you try to get up again but the ducks keep you on the floor with their flurry of attacks
  77. >then you hear another sound
  78. >peculiar, wet sounds and crazed quacks
  79. >the ducks in the hallway seem to get even more fired up by this and become much more ruthless in their laughter and attacks
  81. >then it finally dawns to you
  82. >corkscrews, wet sounds, an unconscious Cinnamon
  83. >these ducks are raping her
  84. >you hear another sound of a window breaking and more ducks rushing in as you scream in fury and try to get up
  85. >but your lack of oxygen has made you weak as you fall back onto the floor and hit your head against it
  86. >you start to loose consciousness rapidly
  87. >the last thing you are aware of is the sounds of the ducks laughing as your consciousness fades to black
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