Proposed Mtn Constitution, 3/19/19

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  1. Preamble
  2. ==================
  3. The Citizenry of Mountain Town finds that, in order to create and implement the successful rule of law within the constraints of the Vanilla game-world, firm institutions must be established to enforce and
  5. articulate the code and common laws adopted by the public. Furthermore, it is found that, to prevent the misuse of power vested in such authorities, a Constitution of such Municipal Government must be drafted and the accepted codes included as a
  7. permanent record of its accountabilities.
  10. Article I: The Composition and Authority of the Government
  11. ==================
  12. Section I. The Government
  13. Composed in the structure of a Unitary State, the Government of the Municipality of
  15. Mountain Town, henceforth referenced as “Mountain Town,” will consist of one elected official; a Consul, and one appointed; an Attorney General. Both offices have the prerequisite of four weeks residency in the Municipality and
  17. the independent ownership of property in the area.
  20. Section II. The Consul
  21. The Consul of Mountain Town will be serve in the roles of chief legislator and chief justice, and be elected once per month by public vote over Discord. Those eligible to vote are all residents of Mountain Town who have been active on
  23. the server in the month of the election. Elections will be conducted by the sitting Attorney General.
  24. The duties of the Consul are to consist of accepting or denying bills into law with the advice and consent of the public, representing
  26. Mountain Town to foreign municipalities and prospective residents, and hearing civil and criminal disputes between two private parties or between a private party and the Municipality. Finally, the Consul is assigned the duty of appointing an
  28. Attorney General according to the guidelines of the Constitution as well as the advice and consent of the public.
  32. Section III. The Attorney General
  33. The Attorney General of Mountain Town will serve in the role of chief bureaucrat, and be appointed by the sitting Consul with the advice and consent of the public.
  34. The duties of the Attorney General are to consist of
  36. codifying and archiving all laws accepted by the Consul, maintaining the Constitution in accordance with legislative supremacy, and keeping a registry of the Mountain Town citizenry. The Attorney General will also represent the
  38. Municipality in legal proceedings, both in litigation as well as in the conduct of Consulate elections, which are to occur in accordance with Article I, Section I.
  41. Article II: The Code Law of Mountain Town
  42. ==================
  43. Section I. The Structure of Code Laws
  44. The Code Law of Mountain Town consists of three categories: Incorporated Statutes, Land and Property Ordinances,
  46. and Citizen Conduct Standards. All laws enforced by Mountain Town are subject to approval by the Citizenry of Mountain Town, with the exception of Incorporated Statutes which accord directly to the Rules of the Server.
  49. Section II. Incorporated Statutes
  50. Clause I. All chests are private unless said so; one may not interact with another’s chest without explicit permission.
  51. Clause II. Trespassing on private property is prohibited, as is intentional interference with another’s build.
  52. Clause III. Communicated disrespect toward other players is not tolerated, though profanity is allowed.
  53. Clause IV. Intentional or malicious destruction or stealing of others’ property is prohibited, and is subject to immediate punitive action.
  54. Clause V. The use of third-party software to cheat or otherwise circumvent rules is prohibited and subject to immediate punitive action.
  55. Clause VI. Unprovoked, malicious action taken against another person is prohibited, though consensual fighting is allowed.
  57. Section III. Land and Property Ordinances
  58. Clause I. Buildings must look appealing and fit well with their immediate surroundings. This extends to the proper zoning of buildings within their respective districts.
  59. Clause II. Buildings within the Shopping District built after 15 February 2019 must be two or more stories tall.
  60. Clause III. Buildings must have a light level of 8 or higher in all indoor area, and be well lit on the outside if facing any roadways.
  61. Clause IV. Buildings built within the Shopping District must be adorned with a clearly recognizable roof.
  62. Clause V. Land may not be trespassed on, nor built on by others, once claimed by an active citizen.
  63. Clause VI. Public consent must be given before any individual may modify town-owned land or property.
  64. Clause VII. Land, once claimed by an individual, must be built on within one week of claiming, or the claim is rendered void.
  65. Clause VIII. Land classified as “Protected” or similar may not be built on or otherwise modified by any person without explicit permission from the Government.
  67. Section IV. Player Conduct Standards
  68. Clause I. All private stores, chest or otherwise, must be respected. Failure to pay for goods is classified as theft per Article II, Section II, Clause IV.
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