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Bootsector Codes

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  1. DCE3110 0AFAD34 6E0B00A BFB043E 8DD490F 4241746 4455E29 02A8CCA FCEAA25 71A78C7 DF23EF4 CD23F19 3F55890 FB994F3 6B55621 82A5F21 86F4A02 B8758E9 578B24C A1DFF9F CEF4341 96AF53C 260D77B 6A1F5F3 62A8393 CDA2CF4 4B0F194 17B3FEE 4ACA0D9 AF1F8FC DAFA20C 93358BA F57B013 71A0464 D6DB928 C18D681 A752E7B ED09C08 189DF4D 08D04C0 FEEE914 86B031A 7EC2567 FE1F70F AFB31C2 33165C2 4EB8E94 2517B36 D8770B2 7A2B232 9933D64 4F0EF9C 20E2820 8057EA3 F55B86C E6A34BA 6554C1A AEAE422 8296CEC AA96B2D E290A2F ACF7691 F4AD4E6 368A9DE 01B164C 2667DE4 F9D2D7E B6764A0 9576A8E E70BCC0 260790B 4FE3C8C B7E97E8 5F78CEB 8F71EFC 46529AD 871B753 5EB6C18 E6E2397 41C4574 8C4F094 F2BBC5A DCEE81C 1ED76B3 352BD29 604262C 7EB106D 4D07BF5 189C955 3527BFD A5BD884 234A52E 66D0923 90B9BFA 9F41EDB 1B904E5 3A63208 BE84603 CC21991 B7BBEAA B01759D 8BBC435 40E0972 E8D71EE 394AC1E 516E43F BB7766D 70D1D05 2CDC64A C7540C6 4FE6BB8 B20BD5E 849649E 0C7A052 8EF5183 481DEB7 0CA53D8 473D6CD D28409F C2CD937 4288788 9E73DC9 DCF85BD 91C3C54 92A5EB7 046ADCD 00FAC97 9E92C3D 3EB637D 4E9D0CE 17ACB1A 1BF4BAB 5577026 40092CA 5A4A07B 489A609 F76127F 30A9250 3FB3E4B C495B7D 1CD4F1A 5C16923 39F16FF 7B0F118 7B309A3 EEDEDF3 43E8DBD 2D29922 A77E1DE 8C45DF4 AA8C019 CF865AD 09B91BE 8AD7DEA CBA0273 D75BC76 2020AD9 0F360CF 7F6EF2A E6A9A11 583A095 E18B6E5 0423FF7 89CA1D7 FD00CEA F0BA395 96095E6 5344C83 038DADB 7A10048 D43BE32 425DCEF 9175632 907AD14 A7D886F DB6D869 FA6003C 22A4492 459AEF9 6A15D7A B5223C0 83B3BA5 062384B CB41C84 F031BE5 B27A2D5 B453146 610EF75 69B0775 431A9EC 1B10836 DE4599B D286815 95B8CA2 1445097 1DEB173 DFBD19B 1355E9B 32238BE 54C4B23 A63FDE2 A0067FA D16411E DA457A8 315E176 6850E61 8A994EF 0A78AB3 7621B5C 9E34DB9 D794B5C D3DF0E6 93233D8 AFDF5C5 0D8FA85 F803FA1 0FC8547 AEBE0C5 C036770 714F524 426C9A9 31B8774 6383CE6 2855A9E 9A8DD38 1DE0A38 077CA24 8DA8AAF 77B145F BFE992C AD30482 23A311A C38E688 CE1D735 013F1B6 3C7CC9E F34BAD2 97E2A73 023634F 0941CE0 65E607A A9126B5 6B1CFDD 92D45D4 608BC7C 0257BBE 7517FB0 4C4DD47 655CF1B E654A5B 1922186 742606E 442981E 273DCDB 327B3C2 C695EBE 363A664 7C6BBB7 7E152BF DEFA5B1 D25D633 4B0C0A9 B4A18DA C534A54 2C341D4 A8BA037 47E29D5 BFE55F7 1C2C700 6F0D3BD A150E6A 15E2D4B 804A0BB 2149853 F205449 592E08F 4E444F7 44E3733 964AB8B AA8152F EE4E0B0 778E548 8CB18B5 42319B3 2E249F5 91C4F8C 1854703 7567C2F 3971E8A 9236616 55F2BA0 F2A1C86 4192174 AE448E5 AEB9648 55D4994 A3911CB 54AF862 5FBBFCD 1427719 64F6F90 F90179E B7AE1DA 58FE18A B15F918 B736BBA C798C7E 874F162 EFE9EDD 616825F 3CB6135 0B69F7B C3EA879 E62773D 462CE20 5C7B412 5EBC497 13F72E5 A2E7B2A 7558571 595250A A263EFE 716819E CA520C1 C18904A ED7DB91 84BC08C C8C7846 3DBEF56 6B169BB 76DE5DD F0AD563 48B05F9 361F9A5 25E3A46 9B35351 79449F2 E1D0BD1 42CE8EA 0B8C8B6 0314C85 F222910 CFED447 B46270C 29DAFB8 67C471C 6645427 8163B6A 65EB930 C74ED7C 84083AE 89A5E42 8C4EEA0 01FC067 BF250C1 08884F4 9907F66 929E17A 612B7FC 79B0A01 6F87A1D AB40EEF 171D901 D84C748 1AA0292 E478635 BEA89E7 372D337 61B44DB C29BBE1 0CB5C5B 894F745 81674C7 152D884 6A040AD B692031 F1A411C AB32E62 5DBED19 8D12B3A FC24878 723DEB0 9717826 D9A4228 2B6067F D1557CC 762AD3E 69517EA B3FF2E7 4D57BE7 0BB4FF8 04DE34F 61245EC EDA4B88 DB912F4 1BF7070 B643AEA ED09B7A 49450B9 9609874 AEAF082 1B8F7DF 19A9841 248F3F4 CE91DDB C825AA2 CC07B0F 731D848 A925C54 FC27B29 F87107D 45A9648 705EAA1 6F215BB BF4265E 38BC35F C876DE0 7CED17E B69CF8D A3FBBDE 182894F 6C4731B 86C9554 28DA177 6D5285B 5F04A41 2DD6A33 50F39FD 577895D 7D1D657 D28240A 8BD970D F93C75A 801B385 BEA43E7 78A17E0 C752F84 7DF85A2 D257360 5A20034 6746661 8D759ED 04287F2 22E1D2F 2968C21 A28E108 A323120 4FADEEA DDDAFFA 835C603 AF8E094 F227CD4 4135BE8 FC78BFF F9C2D92 44DE885 8D1DAAB FD84998 F602A98 DCEC288 2996FE1 748E973 4623733 45A300E DF6F030 3B0343D 7D5660B 5BEBA99 6056824 90AE4E5 0A70C37 24FEF02 5E3F580 C9C8BF4 6190F7D 9ED4DEC 3E79D53 DD966B8 A3D3F5C 482B93B CDB0EF2 CB5D52D 8D72A60 9C8CDE2 58FF15D 38161F0 83B37BD 3E1B859 959D05F 5B42740 D30740A F71C685 FBEC3BC F43112C 52BE334 53FC29E 42F312A 1EDC8CC CFF8B94 9E10E01 51F7F7C 72536DF BA2D506 5C3584D 9E26892 D91283C 9C1FA1B 6D21968 4B58138 1E2FC05 FD72485 D7A6F78 1E2324A 236B998 92BC43A E374356 D0E331C B6BE314 E4BB780 2B26F5E 06DA104 5B1BBE3 ABB690E B6C76BB B2780C0 2765E9B 022D433 C3AEA27 7D052EB 52A34E3 D732B32 18A1F08 E837149 67C4F2F 0A73290 9804EF9 074F815 4DEF84B 44606CA 2C7D91E 32CFCEF 238189F 1EB9D1C D08FD1A C32A98A 1D520AD 31F4CC2 1E7E51F DE08EE9 1230B0C A1F01EB C3579A3 F2CC051 967B7C2 6180D09 7C2CD2D A05745F 6084A16 6BABE85 4C6CD33 13C4B63 D43296C 901987A 0502103 68A718C D309111 1F5D7BD 8B48031 D3CE711 2D645A6 CC1BCE0 CC4F818 2B84D21 82E1DFC FF6B920 19B4FE2 7283605 6857013 CFEB849 C193442 5E50327 06464F1 0F7A70B 6AD7EEC 7ACAE42 0A5748F F75FF86 5CF269D A0D6816 DA176F1 7EB12E3 38AAE15 60F2186 10E60DF 332F9AE 57EEB11 5538EFA DFDA68B 6A066D5 EFF8C81 D044566 F59B3CD 0FB4189 FD01E60 764C3B0 B6532B5 7AF6E9E 078449D 0BD165B 46ED12F 71C6F6F 37C089A 3FDD39C 88C7AF3 47EB9DA 4C371AE 4A5EA28 303F9E1 8687429 14B851D D92133E 8FB415D 27AA9EB 758F397 E5ABAD6 4BA4931 7E7F9DC E142C4A DC90319 4AC5765 C3C09FE 7F63E2D 3479B84 90DD350 D1378CA F0E2B84 DAF54A4 48F0023 9FE66BC 44868A4 92AE420 4C51F8B 65781FB 553499E 431F191 D64BB7A 4984AA7 03F48AE 563F5A9 906560D 68EE4DC D837B9B 0710DE4 B509055 1CB1C34 FAC0FF7 9022907 C8B6482 6B5D286 03A3507 81A51A6 AA9B72F E6D5702 7C9C911 20FE17E A0A4C65 BF56BB0 DE034D7 C15B07F 056118E 07F065F EA41CB3 60405B9 8FFC686 60B312F 80627EC 58AF72A 45F8171 B3E5571 85B4674 F80EB47 AC2D9DE 45C380F B5595DA AFFB387 A2543A7 41C170D A039B2E DAB925E 50EAB6B 44996F4 C3B6281 F993479 BD19A93 3104300 63769CE 7BB0ED8 9455C6D 2A9A503 68FC360 C3DA0DA F3C61E1 B2102BE A8D01C7 9113E61 F9CB4E1 FDAA8F5 17D351B E858D22 85AD88F FEB274D B6D0109 0F2C09A 4C7E9C8 FFB6DA2 DDB7ECB F13C616 5EA44A3 EEB84C0 A99A467 168DC23 C9D8B2F 0C931BE 0115CF1 8C17F52 59E481F 53E13A1 1E46326 8E013E5 83165FD AE46C28 4C39D45 007502E 9D07243 15149B4 81DAFC3 3ED4481 98004A6 6D1A617 B1EBD87 EF609D3 5EC195C F149351 1C21D63 F2FDDBE 29001F2 0E502EF F1887B7 82CD258 B9E63F6 61EFC0F D713C37 3273E4D 92201E7 E3199E6 3FDDF23 E5309C6 84B331C 2EB70E1 1DB4C63 2FF82E5 240C4DD 7B519B0 923022D B4A161E 8636FEF 5B71CFA A312FEB 38B9066 5375133 A3FC2AB 732E83E AD32BCC 2DB7836 0AFB625 54ADE7D 0129EBA 4760165 0DD188B 8C0B2C3 A0D88E7 137F0B0 5320A1B A6639DB F79B664 41D0A54 F300CEC D332A09 23D566A BE984E1 852470F 84AE296 501D286 CA146E1 FE5CE1C A1846B4 CF0FCF3 05E710A 926E412 CC13B07 B6175A8 6FBDE43 6769BFE 858532E D6F97D2 828220D B600AC8 9A425AE 2047F76 910AFB2 E019542 4108FED 57B92F7 39C73DB 58FAE8F 2511B35 41056BB 9D1CAE9 DA2F075 D3840FC 2A63792 1B28920 2A388B1 505C9CE C2676BF 00C0512 4291E0A 681DFD6 0267EB6 143D36A CD61116 A977D2F B2AACFC 701B522 916DF6D 33E98D8 3101630 86E53CA 5AB903B D5CE1CA D9F7A56 70D60DC 0141077 3BD2F23 68158C6 64CB01C 01132BD 13BB456 067C8EB EAAAA04 13ECDFB 552552D 11E9239 3F40116 E3F772C 3A19B86 74A091A DE2BF28 185B144 36753A4 E33A99B 82B696C 1137851 3C70250 FEB5D63 EC5719D 84E7A5B A0D7AF5 AFA544D 0420FA1 4C7D8BA 807B126 38FEF32 9953E7C 45ADE79 999E366 C5521BD 3E954D9 983756A F904AFF E27EC03 EA23B80 527A27C 8E7B773 149062D 482BF40 CBF36DB 7B38CF4 1B177AA 982E9EB C816632 E4F494F F03DED7 9D913D2 6BBA25C 84B54D3 536FEE0 E03C3AD 74C0B39 6523C36 85B9C76 0A57BCB DB1C4FC F6D44F1 9943C22 B87A3FB 48DD9AF 5CA990F E9A04CD 0378A39 9F09841 0415FED 551F466 550AC44 76B3D35 9D8BDF0 3590773 1C085E3 7B05928 C667383 05F10B5 0CFCB90 CC792A3 67E2FB5 A01F12E BBF3BAB 9CAD2ED FC73D03 D24B800 53385D4 10AF838 BE384BC CA0CD2F 3A5D520 FCA2D34 3A4FCCC B9EF1DB B7DAAAB 6BD7347 3787022 23F67AC 067365E A041126 310F6A8 4D77842 885E8B1 6AAE56E 06143F5 20112A6 76CF306 94D330F F353A92 7D1F7BE 5FD4B05 FE9FEAC B374AF9 FB92738 2487B4B 4C1FCBB B6D61BD 5A0DCB9 4918A3C 5C0B12C B9F56A8 6B81BCC 92CC709 E77B8AF 6D40BD1 E37C5C2 1B0CBC5 2BCBC19 B6FC0B3 AD9BC81 333EE87 0708C12 02154B3 F9A3E5E 0CC7364 2C1EBA9 9E3888E 3CE2079 39FC1F2 D979CA6 B255800 7D04C40 88CE8F1 D4EC381 5D509E1 156E7B5 AAAD788 5AFAD29 DB92C38 7DA1B1A 7B22281 CAF9619 A66AD26 1F66A3E 0D1A349 51A1D12 DE6DF87 E078DD9 CD7A605 EB9E65A 50A3D38 AB848A5 86039DB 9E264FF 4223428 741CF96 AD081F8 620C5EC 763D81F 8BF9051 64FBD77 6014E9D 90ABBD9 9D3DE0F D440E1F 2F84AAC 5843362 FCA2DB4 2E5D2C9 AE632F6 0560F95
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