Idea Session 7/04/14

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  1. [19:33] <@ActingModReisrat> Augh.
  2. [19:56] == AdrianMarceau [63e2ee3d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  3. [19:57] <@ActingModReisrat> Hey
  4. [19:57] <@ActingModReisrat> The idea throwaround was canceled because nobody showed up
  5. [19:58] <@ActingModReisrat> Well, not enough people
  6. [20:00] == coolbie16 [ad50f5cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  7. [20:00] <coolbie16> hi
  8. [20:01] <@ActingModReisrat> I bet you've already left
  9. [20:02] <@ActingModReisrat> Anyways, the wossname was cancelled for now
  10. [20:02] <coolbie16> i did not leave
  11. [20:03] <coolbie16> well before i did
  12. [20:03] <@ActingModReisrat> I was going to say all sorts of things just now
  13. [20:03] <AdrianMarceau> I'm still here-ish, I'm making dinner and about to eat, but I wanted to get the window up so I could read the log when done
  14. [20:03] <@ActingModReisrat> But all of them felt too passive-aggressiveish
  15. [20:03] <AdrianMarceau> Sorry I missed it, I'm really super not good at showing up to these kind of things
  16. [20:03] <@ActingModReisrat> And had been refering to Coolbie
  17. [20:03] <@ActingModReisrat> Eh, nothing to miss
  18. [20:03] <AdrianMarceau> And dinner is served.  Sorry, but I'll come back when I'm done.
  19. [20:04] <coolbie16> what  do you mean resirat?
  20. [20:04] <AdrianMarceau> (and catch up on anything that happens)  :P
  21. [20:04] <@ActingModReisrat> Feeling irritated about people dropping in for less than a minute and then leaving
  22. [20:04] <coolbie16> k
  23. [20:04] <coolbie16> oh..
  24. [20:04] <@ActingModReisrat> Thinking about drafting up a rant about it even
  25. [20:05] <coolbie16> well sorry i get out in under a minute
  26. [20:05] <coolbie16> bye for now
  27. [20:07] <@ActingModReisrat> I feel like I should be bursting out into song or something
  28. [20:09] <Shadownnico> Then burst into song, I might even be able to sing too
  29. [20:10] == coolbie16 [ad50f5cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  30. [20:11] <@ActingModReisrat> Eh, can't think of anything
  31. [20:12] <Shadownnico> Me neither
  32. [20:21] <@ActingModReisrat> Yep, nothing to miss
  33. [20:22] == Spinstrike [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  34. [20:22] <Spinstrike> Honey, I'm home!
  35. [20:23] == coolbie16 [ad50f5cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  36. [20:24] == Spinstrike_ [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  37. [20:24] <coolbie16> hey
  38. [20:24] <Spinstrike_> Sorry about that, acidently clicked to a diffrent page.
  39. [20:25] <Spinstrike_> Wait...why are there two of me?
  40. [20:28] <Spinstrike_> Disregarding that, how is everyone?
  41. [20:28] <Spinstrike_> Oh, this is open in two windows.
  42. [20:28] == coolbie16 [ad50f5cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  43. [20:28] <Spinstrike_> Whoops.
  44. [20:28] == Spinstrike_ [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
  45. [20:28] <Spinstrike> That solves that.
  46. [20:31] <@ActingModReisrat> Bored
  47. [20:32] <@ActingModReisrat> Man, bubble gum suckers aren't as good as I remember
  48. [20:32] <@ActingModReisrat> Maybe it's the brand
  49. [20:32] <Spinstrike> So...any hints on the next update, Adrian?
  50. [20:32] <Spinstrike> Just wishfull thinking...
  51. [20:35] <@ActingModReisrat> I don't think I'm even going to bother rewriting my canned speech for next try at this whole meeting thing
  52. [20:35] <@ActingModReisrat> Just leave the whole "It's the fourth of july, let's talk about the Explosive Core weapons!" thing as-is
  53. [20:39] <Spinstrike> Speaking of explosive weapons, when is Crash Man getting his two level up abilities?
  54. [20:39] <Spinstrike> You know, Crash Driller and Crash Avenger. They're in the database, but they don't have any graphics or data.
  55. [20:41] <@ActingModReisrat> Think they're not even in planning
  56. [20:42] <Shadownnico> Funny thing is, they used to be unlockable
  57. [20:43] <Shadownnico> I don't remember when or how, but Crash Man COULD learn them
  58. [20:44] <Shadownnico> I actually remember Crash Man having them both for a LONG while
  59. [20:46] <@ActingModReisrat> And they crashed things from what I heard
  60. [20:47] <Spinstrike> *crashed things*
  61. [20:47] <Spinstrike> *crashed*
  62. [20:47] <@ActingModReisrat> YEAAAAAAAAAAH
  63. [20:47] <Spinstrike> Well, that's what Crash Man does.
  64. [20:47] <Shadownnico> I dunno, I remember them being placeholder abilities, just doing 10 damage and 90% accuracy, but if they crashed things that would be SO HILARIOUS
  65. [20:47] <@ActingModReisrat> I didn't even plan that one how do I puns
  66. [20:48] <Spinstrike> "Hey, Reistrat! LET'S DO IT."
  67. [20:48] <Shadownnico> Also, I just realized my Crash Man no longer has Driller and Avenger, instead he has Attack Break where those things used to be
  68. [20:49] <Shadownnico> So now my Crash Man has 2 of a single ability and an impossible ability
  69. [20:49] <Shadownnico> He's weird... Really weird...
  70. [20:50] <Spinstrike> Not as wierd as (Public) Flash(er) Man.
  71. [20:51] <Shadownnico> Ok, I just tried to use him in battle and it turns out the Attack Breaks aren't really Attack Breaks, but rather MORE BUGGED ABILITIES
  72. [20:53] <Shadownnico> They have no name, no icon, no description. They just say Neutral Special  P:0 A:%  WE
  73. [20:53] <AdrianMarceau> Alright, I'm back.
  74. [20:54] <Spinstrike> They are an enigma, wrapped in a conundrum, concealed within a mystery, hidden by a riddle, stowed away in a Chinese box.
  75. [20:54] <@ActingModReisrat> Glorious glitches
  76. [20:54] <@ActingModReisrat> And hey
  77. [20:54] <AdrianMarceau> Crash Driller I'm not sure about, but Avenger may end up being his second tier ability
  78. [20:54] <@ActingModReisrat> You missed somewhere between jack and [removed]
  79. [20:55] <AdrianMarceau> Driller was me misunderstanding his design (they really look like drills to me)
  80. [20:55] <Shadownnico> Wait, you're telling me they're not drill-hands?
  81. [20:55] <@ActingModReisrat> He has hands?
  82. [20:56] <Spinstrike> Well, we could allways give it to Drill Man. Call it "Drill Driller".
  83. [20:56] <AdrianMarceau> I got slack from a bunch of DeviantArt people back in the day for drawing them as drills, so I've never been sure... >_>
  84. [20:57] <AdrianMarceau> I'm going to make Avenger a kind of special move that has a decent amount of totally-normal-and-stat-considering Explode type damage, BUT the base power of the ability increases for every fallen robot on your side of the field.
  85. [20:57] <Spinstrike> Oh, Deviantart...
  86. [20:57] <@ActingModReisrat> Oh boy a use for all my Level 6 Robot Masters!
  87. [20:57] <AdrianMarceau> Haha
  88. [20:57] <Spinstrike> Cannon Fodder?
  89. [20:57] <AdrianMarceau> And/or mecha support robots
  90. [20:58] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, have then take a Buster Shot potshot, then die horribly to fuel Crash Avenger's wrath
  91. [20:58] <AdrianMarceau> yup
  92. [20:58] <@ActingModReisrat> Maybe have Crash Avenger gain power as the user loses health?
  93. [20:58] <@ActingModReisrat> That'd be harder to abuse
  94. [20:59] <AdrianMarceau> Well, I think if you're willing to go through (at least) 7 turns of purposefully fainting your other team members you kind of deserve a powerful ability
  95. [20:59] <AdrianMarceau> Though the health idea is a mechanic I've love to use in something else
  96. [21:00] <AdrianMarceau> Let's look at the database for a minute at the MM2 robots... I want to refresh my memory and train of thought for them...
  97. [21:00] <Spinstrike> Speaking of the database, could we make the MM3 robots DLWN numbers? Dr. Light did help Dr. Wily Build them, after all.
  98. [21:01] <Spinstrike> Except Shadow Man. He can stay a DWN.
  99. [21:02] == MegaBoss4thofMan [4cbcfca4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  100. [21:02] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Hey!
  101. [21:02] <AdrianMarceau> I don't hate the idea, BUT it would mess up several of the sorting functions and would likely break a lot of my pattern-matching too.  :|
  102. [21:03] <AdrianMarceau> That sounds lazy (and it is) but maybe it's something I'll consider in the future.
  103. [21:03] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Oops, joined at wrong point. What was the idea?
  104. [21:03] <Shadownnico> According to the Mega Man Knowledge Base, they're all DWM, so there's that
  105. [21:04] <Spinstrike> Yeah, but I kind of like what Agria did with them. It makes sense.
  106. [21:04] <Shadownnico> OR you could make them LWN
  107. [21:04] <AdrianMarceau> I'm actually kind of torn on it, to be honest, so I'll need to mull it over.  Didn't light and wily both work on the MM1 robots as well?  At the very least they both worked on Proto Man and he's a DLN so far as I know.
  108. [21:04] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Waiy, where was you guys?
  109. [21:04] <@ActingModReisrat> Had been getting food for the 10 minutes or so you had been here
  110. [21:05] <AdrianMarceau> Ah
  111. [21:05] <Spinstrike> Sorry, MegaBoss. We were talking about making the MM3 robots DLWN numbers. Adrian says it'll mess up the sorting system, though.
  112. [21:05] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I like LWN.
  113. [21:05] <AdrianMarceau> We were just discussing the tier 2 abilities for MM2 robots
  114. [21:05] <AdrianMarceau> Oh yes, and that.
  115. [21:05] <AdrianMarceau> :P
  116. [21:06] <AdrianMarceau> So yeah, Metal Man.
  117. [21:06] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Metal Man's "Room Change" is perfectly fine. This doesn't benefit Metal Man, but could help teammates like Wood or Hard Man. Types: Electric/ Cutter
  118. [21:06] <AdrianMarceau> What is that?
  119. [21:06] <AdrianMarceau> I've never heard of it.
  120. [21:06] <MegaBoss4thofMan> From an idea I had that I posted in Suggestions.
  121. [21:06] <AdrianMarceau> Oh
  122. [21:06] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Basically Trick Room.
  123. [21:06] <AdrianMarceau> Let's go see.....
  124. [21:07] <@ActingModReisrat> Reverse boosts?
  125. [21:07] <@ActingModReisrat> No wiat
  126. [21:07] <Spinstrike> Messing yourself up to help out your teammates. I like it, very risk-reward.
  127. [21:07] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea that
  128. [21:07] <MegaBoss4thofMan>
  129. [21:07] <MegaBoss4thofMan> page 18
  130. [21:08] <MegaBoss4thofMan> And page 15 for the earlier version.
  131. [21:08] <@ActingModReisrat> I'm going to go find my old Diablo 2 Prima guide to try to find attacks to cannibalize bits of real quick
  132. [21:08] <AdrianMarceau> Huh, that sounds pretty fun.
  133. [21:08] <@ActingModReisrat> And I found it
  134. [21:09] <MegaBoss4thofMan> What sounds fun?
  135. [21:09] <AdrianMarceau> The trick room idea.
  136. [21:09] <@ActingModReisrat> Maybe a defensive ability where the enemy takes the damage it deals to the user?
  137. [21:09] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Ah, cool. Got plenty of other ideas too,
  138. [21:09] <AdrianMarceau> Then he'd be like Time Man, I guess, with a damaging T1 move and then a status-only T2 move
  139. [21:10] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Which robots haven't we done?
  140. [21:10] <AdrianMarceau> We're just starting
  141. [21:10] <AdrianMarceau> I do wonder though....
  142. [21:10] <@ActingModReisrat> Life drain stuff would be Plant Man's deal I think
  143. [21:10] <AdrianMarceau> Isn't Metal Man perceived as a really offensive guy?
  144. [21:11] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, glass cannon
  145. [21:11] <MegaBoss4thofMan> One for Wood Man real quick.....
  146. [21:11] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Wood Roll-Wood Man moves at a rapid pace at his opponent. Now, the damage taken is on the User's defense, not offense. Since Leaf Shield increases defense, it would be a powerful pair.
  147. [21:11] <@ActingModReisrat> That's how the Classes mod for 8BDM makes him
  148. [21:11] <AdrianMarceau> While I like the trick room idea, and absolutely will use it in some way, but maybe not for Metal Man?
  149. [21:11] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, maybe Clown Man or something
  150. [21:12] <Spinstrike> Are we only doing MM2 robots? Because I had an idea for Magnet Man.
  151. [21:12] <AdrianMarceau> I feel like if we're only giving then two unique abilities each, he should be represented as a purely offensive cutter type
  152. [21:12] <AdrianMarceau> I could be wrong, please correct me, just feels like a waste of his stats otherwise
  153. [21:12] <MegaBoss4thofMan> If we want to stay canon to Mega Man 2, he only has his Metal Blade throwing and his switching of the conveyor belts.
  154. [21:12] <@ActingModReisrat> Maybe Flash Man or somebody gets a set-up sort of move that lowers the target's Defense, or negates resistances or something like that?
  155. [21:12] <AdrianMarceau> Also, he doesn't strike me as a robot that's on the edge of dual-typeness like some others
  156. [21:12] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I don't what else he could do.
  157. [21:13] <AdrianMarceau> so his abilities should (maybe?) be pure cutter OR some type that's not overtly elemental
  158. [21:13] <@ActingModReisrat> Stealing from MetalMan.EXE could work
  159. [21:13] <@ActingModReisrat> Those ground gear things?
  160. [21:13] <AdrianMarceau> Only MM2 for now, btw
  161. [21:13] <AdrianMarceau> too much to take in
  162. [21:13] <Spinstrike> Maybe Metal Man could utilize those spikey presses from his stage for one of his attacks. Could be Cutter/Impact.
  163. [21:14] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Crash Man real quick....
  164. [21:14] <@ActingModReisrat> That could work, not sure how it would be sprited though
  165. [21:14] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Crash Avenger-Crash Man could use some Crash Bomb that explodes in one turn, depends on offense,.and grows in strength when a team member was defeated in the last turn.
  166. [21:14] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Or something like that.
  167. [21:14] <AdrianMarceau> I do like the Metal Spike thing!
  168. [21:14] <AdrianMarceau> It could come down from the top of the screen on your opponent
  169. [21:14] <Spinstrike> That's a perfect name!
  170. [21:14] <Spinstrike> "Metal Spike"! I love it!
  171. [21:15] <Spinstrike> Exactly!
  172. [21:15] <AdrianMarceau> @MegaBoss your idea is pretty much exactly what I described to the room like 10 mins before you logged in :P
  173. [21:15] <@ActingModReisrat> What about an attack that makes the enemy take some damage over time for Heat Man's T2?
  174. [21:15] <AdrianMarceau> We're on the same track ;)
  175. [21:15] <AdrianMarceau> But wait, let's flesh only one at a time
  176. [21:16] <AdrianMarceau> So I can properly answer and ask questions
  177. [21:16] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea okay
  178. [21:16] <AdrianMarceau> The Metal Spike, comes out of the ceiling to do Cutter/Impact damage to a target
  179. [21:16] <AdrianMarceau> Cool
  180. [21:16] <AdrianMarceau> Is this going to be a purely high-damage attack or have some other mechanics attached?
  181. [21:16] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Perhaps when you switch, damage is done?
  182. [21:17] <AdrianMarceau> Can it be aimed?  Does it hit multiple targets?  Does the damage fluctuate based on field conditions?  Just things to think about going forward.
  183. [21:17] <Spinstrike> Maybe it lingers over the oponent's front row for a few turns, and crashes down when a new robot is switched in.
  184. [21:18] <AdrianMarceau> Oh, that might be super fun.
  185. [21:18] <AdrianMarceau> Something I REALLY wanted to do last update but didn't have time we reprogram how field objects behave.
  186. [21:18] <AdrianMarceau> I'd start with the Super Arm.
  187. [21:18] <AdrianMarceau> I don't like how the object follows you to the bench, and wish it would stay with Dr. Light.
  188. [21:19] <AdrianMarceau> But I could only add attachments to robots, not players or positions in the field, and the programming for that will take some time.
  189. [21:19] <AdrianMarceau> But yeah, ideally....
  190. [21:19] <@ActingModReisrat> So the Super Arm block would keep the defense bonus for the active Robot Master?
  191. [21:19] <AdrianMarceau> Yeah
  192. [21:20] <AdrianMarceau> Instead of attaching to the player though, I'm thinking maybe I could attach objects to POSITIONS on the field
  193. [21:20] <AdrianMarceau> active, and then slots 0 through 7 (1-8)
  194. [21:20] <AdrianMarceau> So yes, you could summer Super Arm and then baton pass it's effects onto the next team member
  195. [21:20] == coolbie16 [ad50f5cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  196. [21:20] <AdrianMarceau> *summon
  197. [21:20] <coolbie16> hey
  198. [21:20] <AdrianMarceau> hey
  199. [21:21] <coolbie16> anywho.
  200. [21:21] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Hey.
  201. [21:21] <coolbie16> :D
  202. [21:21] <AdrianMarceau> But even more than that...
  203. [21:21] <@ActingModReisrat> Rip my being the only one to say Hey
  204. [21:21] <AdrianMarceau> Haha
  205. [21:21] <coolbie16> :P
  206. [21:21] <MegaBoss4thofMan> We should start a "Hey" circle.
  207. [21:21] <AdrianMarceau> I could have Super Arm blocks (and potentially other objects) randomly populate on the field when the battle starts.
  208. [21:21] <@ActingModReisrat> Rip it even more
  209. [21:21] <coolbie16> i guess i started this
  210. [21:21] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea it's all your fault you traitor
  211. [21:22] <coolbie16> oh, i see your doing the idea fest
  212. [21:22] <@ActingModReisrat> BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN
  213. [21:22] <@ActingModReisrat> Nah, this is an unofficial one
  214. [21:22] == mode/#mmrpg [+o AdrianMarceau] by ActingModReisrat
  215. [21:22] <@AdrianMarceau> So even if Guts Man isn't present, there's a possibility one of your robots (or your opponents') would get a little defense boost for the battle
  216. [21:22] <@ActingModReisrat> Also this makes more sense than me being Op
  217. [21:22] <@AdrianMarceau> Or until it's destroyed (making explode core more useful)
  218. [21:22] <coolbie16> you know i beat you in a player battle, right?
  219. [21:23] <@ActingModReisrat> Everyone has
  220. [21:23] <@AdrianMarceau> Haha
  221. [21:23] <@ActingModReisrat> I have even
  222. [21:23] <Spinstrike> Alright, let's get back to MM2.
  223. [21:23] <coolbie16> i mean against adrian
  224. [21:23] <coolbie16> ok
  225. [21:23] <@AdrianMarceau> So what do you think about the block idea though?
  226. [21:23] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Cools.
  227. [21:23] <@ActingModReisrat> Sounds good
  228. [21:23] <Spinstrike> It's cool.
  229. [21:23] <@AdrianMarceau> Would that be annoying or potentially fun?
  230. [21:23] <@ActingModReisrat> Would be fun to plan for things that could go wrong
  231. [21:24] <@AdrianMarceau> Because if that works, maybe we could factor that into our ideas.  I just have to do some tests.
  232. [21:24] <@AdrianMarceau> I mean, heck, maybe negative items could appear in slots too
  233. [21:24] <Spinstrike> Well, it would make Guts Man seem like less of a selfish jerk for hogging the block all to himself.
  234. [21:24] <coolbie16> seems cool. i guess. because i dont know about this stuff. because i joined the idea fest a few minutes ago.
  235. [21:24] <@AdrianMarceau> Like a mine that goes off if an electric attack hits it
  236. [21:24] <@ActingModReisrat> As-is, it's just charge in with some high-end RMs and smash things
  237. [21:24] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea that sounds fun
  238. [21:25] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Hey, sorry to change topic, but what about a self-destruct move?
  239. [21:25] <@AdrianMarceau> And speaking of hogging stuff, what do you think about giving Wood Man the ability to pass the Leaf Shield to a teammate?
  240. [21:25] <@AdrianMarceau> Like the Proto Shield?
  241. [21:25] <@ActingModReisrat> Eh, something like Shields seems more like it'd be theirs
  242. [21:26] <@ActingModReisrat> Although, it would give some nice setup
  243. [21:26] <Spinstrike> I agree with Reisrat.
  244. [21:26] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I think it should stay on Wood Man.
  245. [21:26] <coolbie16> that seems like the idea like charging mega buster,then bass buster, then proto buster,roll buster,disco buster,then rhythm buster, then getting a self destruct move
  246. [21:26] <@AdrianMarceau> Danger Bomb _was_ a self-destruct move, but unfortunately it self-destructed the game instead.  The idea of a robot killing itself messed with oh-so-much experience point, stat, and reward logic it made my head spin.  So.... I put it off.
  247. [21:27] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Then how about HP just goes to 1 then?
  248. [21:27] <@AdrianMarceau> Okay, I'll leave the shield as-is.
  249. [21:27] <@AdrianMarceau> I do want to make a change to Leaf Shield and Super Arm though (other than discussed).  
  250. [21:27] <coolbie16> you could do that if you add the charging all 6 busters then letting it go as a self destruct move.
  251. [21:27] <@AdrianMarceau> I don't like how the actually raise a user's stats.  I want them to be stat-independent and just block a certain percent of damage
  252. [21:27] <@ActingModReisrat> Eh, seems too elaborate
  253. [21:28] <coolbie16> you could get 1 health
  254. [21:28] <@AdrianMarceau> (which will make it easier to pass them off to other robots)
  255. [21:28] <@ActingModReisrat> And I think I'd rather they all get their own little boost
  256. [21:28] <@AdrianMarceau> I may do something with the whole charging busters thing someday, just not right now.
  257. [21:28] <coolbie16> i can see that
  258. [21:28] <@ActingModReisrat> Make them all their own thing and stuff
  259. [21:28] <coolbie16> it would be game shattering if you make a kill-kill move...
  260. [21:29] <@AdrianMarceau> Wait, what are we talking about now?  This is what I mean.  >_>
  261. [21:29] <Spinstrike> What about a Kill La Kill move?
  262. [21:29] <coolbie16> *facepalm*
  263. [21:29] <@AdrianMarceau> Sorry
  264. [21:29] <@AdrianMarceau> I'm new to this
  265. [21:29] <coolbie16> that was what i did. i got all of topic
  266. [21:29] <coolbie16> off
  267. [21:30] <Spinstrike> Yeah, I'm not really an animie buff. My girlfriend is, though.
  268. [21:30] <@ActingModReisrat> Neither am I
  269. [21:30] <@ActingModReisrat> Except I watch Railgun and Index and stuff
  270. [21:30] <coolbie16> im not either
  271. [21:30] <@ActingModReisrat> So meh
  272. [21:30] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I watch Dragon Ball Z in my spare time.
  273. [21:30] == MegaBoss4thofMan [4cbcfca4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.]
  274. [21:30] ==  realname :
  275. [21:30] ==  channels : #mmrpg
  276. [21:30] ==  server   : [DE]
  277. [21:30] ==  idle     : 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 5 seconds [connected: Fri Jul 04 21:03:03 2014]
  278. [21:30] == End of WHOIS
  279. [21:30] <@AdrianMarceau> We kind of figured out the Metal Spike - summons a large metal crusher thing above the target that either falls after X turns or when the next robot switches in, and will be Cutter/Impact type.  I think it should be a non-aimable move just so that the switch thing makes sense.
  280. [21:30] <@ActingModReisrat> The most fun thing about animes to me is making fun of them
  281. [21:31] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, that seems good
  282. [21:31] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Heck, I'm playing Buu's Fury right now.
  283. [21:31] <coolbie16> i used to play dragon ball z budokai... (whatever its called.)
  284. [21:31] <@ActingModReisrat> Tekken or something I think
  285. [21:31] <@ActingModReisrat> Sounds almost right
  286. [21:31] <@AdrianMarceau> Next up we discussed Crash Avenger, which will do decent explode-type damage but get stronger for each fallen robot on your side of the field.
  287. [21:31] <coolbie16> see you in a bit.
  288. [21:31] <coolbie16> seeing fire works
  289. [21:32] <@AdrianMarceau> Okay bye
  290. [21:32] <Spinstrike> Good enough for me.
  291. [21:32] <@ActingModReisrat> I'm lost
  292. [21:32] <coolbie16> ;D
  293. [21:32] <Spinstrike> Also, bye.
  294. [21:32] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Ciao.
  295. [21:32] <@ActingModReisrat> Where did fire come in?
  296. [21:32] <@AdrianMarceau> Alright, Bubble Man is good to go with 2 already
  297. [21:32] <@ActingModReisrat> \Anyways yea bye
  298. [21:32] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Yeah.
  299. [21:32] <@ActingModReisrat> He is?
  300. [21:32] <Spinstrike> What about Air Man?
  301. [21:32] <@ActingModReisrat> He is
  302. [21:32] <@AdrianMarceau> Bubble Spray and Bubble Lead
  303. [21:33] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, you may have noticed I like making dual-type abilities second-tier only when I can help it.  Keep that in ind.
  304. [21:33] <@AdrianMarceau> *mind
  305. [21:33] <@ActingModReisrat> Maybe for Air Man, something to reset stat changes?
  306. [21:33] <@AdrianMarceau> But yes, Air Man next.
  307. [21:33] <@ActingModReisrat> Like NorthWind in the Battle Network games?
  308. [21:33] <@AdrianMarceau> Something about refreshing?
  309. [21:33] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Air Man-Charges for a turn to make a junk tornado, which is wind and [bleh].
  310. [21:33] <@AdrianMarceau> Hmmm
  311. [21:33] <MegaBoss4thofMan> It combines with the field, yadadada.
  312. [21:33] <@AdrianMarceau> We have two different ways to go here
  313. [21:33] <@AdrianMarceau> Offensive or defensive
  314. [21:34] <@AdrianMarceau> I like the North Wind (or something with the word "Air" in it) a lot
  315. [21:34] <@AdrianMarceau> And he's the perfect robot for it
  316. [21:34] <@ActingModReisrat> Air Cycle?
  317. [21:34] <@AdrianMarceau> Maybe, makes it sound like something is being rotated
  318. [21:34] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, true
  319. [21:34] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Meh, I just took from Power Fighters. You know, his little tornado of junk?
  320. [21:35] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh, that's a thing?
  321. [21:35] <@ActingModReisrat> Never played it, ought to play it
  322. [21:35] <@AdrianMarceau> Let me check it out
  323. [21:35] <MegaBoss4thofMan> You've never played Power Fighters?
  324. [21:36] <@ActingModReisrat> Nope
  325. [21:36] <@ActingModReisrat> Seen the sprites though
  326. [21:36] <coolbie16> we didnt get to see them on our front yard. :'(
  327. [21:36] <@AdrianMarceau> I think being a Mega Man fan means seeing the sprites for every single game but not necessary playing any of them
  328. [21:36] <@AdrianMarceau> :P
  329. [21:36] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Ought to.
  330. [21:36] <@AdrianMarceau> Awww, sorry coolbie
  331. [21:37] <coolbie16> i know...
  332. [21:37] <@ActingModReisrat> I have this sudden urge to /op *
  333. [21:37] <@ActingModReisrat> But I know that it's an absolutely stupid idea
  334. [21:37] <@AdrianMarceau> I've played one of the two arcade games before in an actual arcade
  335. [21:37] <coolbie16> have i helped the community of this game at all?
  336. [21:37] <@AdrianMarceau> Pretty fun, but don't remember it in detail
  337. [21:37] <MegaBoss4thofMan> If you post, you did.
  338. [21:37] <@AdrianMarceau> Don't do it!
  339. [21:38] <@ActingModReisrat> You're an active poster, that's helpful enough to me
  340. [21:38] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, everyone who posts is contributing in some way.
  341. [21:38] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Unless troll or spam.
  342. [21:38] <coolbie16> or am i worthless like i am in real life. and how did i contribute by posting? i remember you helping me with support getting all 38 robots to lvl 100.
  343. [21:38] <@ActingModReisrat> We should probably go back to discussing the Air Man T2
  344. [21:38] <MegaBoss4thofMan> By the way, I ruined my name
  345. [21:39] <coolbie16> yes...
  346. [21:39] <@AdrianMarceau> Keeping the community alive and interesting.  Comments gives us ideas, criticisms help us get better, and compliments give us the power to push forward.  So it's all totally appreciated and we are thankful.  :)
  347. [21:39] <@ActingModReisrat> Pf, how could somebody be worthless?
  348. [21:39] <@ActingModReisrat> Always a value in a life
  349. [21:39] <coolbie16> well. thx
  350. [21:39] <coolbie16> about those words
  351. [21:40] <MegaBoss4thofMan> To be honest, I don't contribute AT ALL.
  352. [21:40] <coolbie16> anyway. i have played power battle and power fighters...
  353. [21:40] <@ActingModReisrat> Anyways, the Junk Tornado thing would need a more Air Man name
  354. [21:40] <@ActingModReisrat> What about uh
  355. [21:40] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Air Hurricane?
  356. [21:40] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea that works
  357. [21:40] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Air Cycle?
  358. [21:41] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Air Tornado?
  359. [21:41] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Air Typhoon?
  360. [21:41] <@ActingModReisrat> Well we should stay away from Wind and Tornado
  361. [21:41] <MegaBoss4thofMan> AIRZ MAN!
  362. [21:41] <@ActingModReisrat> Air Twister?
  363. [21:41] <coolbie16> i was thinking adrian. how long does it feel to make the updates?
  364. [21:41] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Air Twister? Wait....
  365. [21:42] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Dang it! First!
  366. [21:42] <@ActingModReisrat> A tenner says Too Long
  367. [21:42] <@ActingModReisrat> Me Mentok powers be growin'
  368. [21:42] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Air Whirlwind?
  369. [21:42] <coolbie16> also, how did i contribute by posting?
  370. [21:42] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Because it keeps it alive.
  371. [21:42] <@ActingModReisrat> Keeping the forums active
  372. [21:42] == coolbie16 [ad50f5cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  373. [21:42] <@ActingModReisrat> Mentok'd
  374. [21:43] <MegaBoss4thofMan> He's dead.... RIP.
  375. [21:43] <@AdrianMarceau> Ha
  376. [21:43] <@AdrianMarceau> So we're gonna do the tornado thing then?
  377. [21:43] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh boy, I foresee another Super-Arm-sized sprite sheet
  378. [21:43] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, Air Twister seems good for a name for it
  379. [21:44] <@ActingModReisrat> That's a very good point
  380. [21:44] <@ActingModReisrat> Maybe just recolor it to it's subtype?
  381. [21:44] <MegaBoss4thofMan> So what is the name we're going for?
  382. [21:44] <Spinstrike> Air Twister.
  383. [21:44] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Just recolor Air Shooter and put some Dist Crusher in it. :P
  384. [21:44] <@AdrianMarceau> I guess Air Twister sounds the best.  What does it do?  Just a summon-then-throw move?
  385. [21:45] <@AdrianMarceau> Wind / Impact again?
  386. [21:45] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, think it needs a different subtype
  387. [21:45] <MegaBoss4thofMan> No. Too much Impact....
  388. [21:45] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah
  389. [21:45] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh
  390. [21:45] <@AdrianMarceau> Derp
  391. [21:45] <@ActingModReisrat> Righto, how's about uh
  392. [21:45] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Field?
  393. [21:45] <@AdrianMarceau> It should be the Super Arm mechanic
  394. [21:45] <Spinstrike> I thought we were going with Wind/Field type.
  395. [21:45] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah
  396. [21:45] <@AdrianMarceau> You're right
  397. [21:46] <@AdrianMarceau> Sounds good, and potentially useful
  398. [21:46] <Spinstrike> It would require a ton of spritework, though.
  399. [21:46] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Wait, we're actually going with this? CONTRIBUTING!
  400. [21:46] <@AdrianMarceau> Though, as cool as the ability is, I've never found Super Arm that useful
  401. [21:46] <@ActingModReisrat> So just Wind for the purposes of equipping?
  402. [21:46] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Hahahahaha!
  403. [21:46] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Starforce, Adrian.
  404. [21:46] <@AdrianMarceau> Simply because the robot masters that appear on a field are generally immune or resistant to the field type itself
  405. [21:46] <@ActingModReisrat> I see it mostly as a Defense buff, honestly
  406. [21:46] <@AdrianMarceau> making the added type not-that-good
  407. [21:47] <@ActingModReisrat> That's a good point
  408. [21:47] <@AdrianMarceau> however, it does allow you to benefit from field and starforce modifiers so.... maybe I'm wrong...
  409. [21:47] <@ActingModReisrat> More of a PvP ability?
  410. [21:47] <MegaBoss4thofMan> What about Random?
  411. [21:47] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, maybe.  If you happen to fight a player battle on a field they're weak to, Super Arm would be helpful.
  412. [21:48] <@AdrianMarceau> But yeah, I think we'll go with wind/field anyway.
  413. [21:48] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I think it might be too Super Arm though....
  414. [21:48] <@AdrianMarceau> It has its uses, and regardless of how much work it'll be, I think it'll be worth it visually in the end.
  415. [21:48] <@ActingModReisrat> So the NorthWind concept for Wind Man's T2?
  416. [21:49] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, I guess so
  417. [21:49] <@ActingModReisrat> Kay then
  418. [21:49] <@AdrianMarceau> I do like it, and I think it fits Air Man as well, but we're on a budget so we'll have to pass it on
  419. [21:49] <@ActingModReisrat> In reverse weakness order is Wood Man
  420. [21:49] <@AdrianMarceau> :P
  421. [21:49] <@AdrianMarceau> Yes, Wood Man
  422. [21:49] <@AdrianMarceau> I want to upgrade the Leaf Shield to a Tier 2
  423. [21:50] <@AdrianMarceau> and then give him a pure nature type tier 1
  424. [21:50] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Wood Roll-Wood Man moves at a rapid pace at his opponent. Now, the damage taken is on the User's defense, not offense. Since Leaf Shield increases defense, it would be a powerful pair.
  425. [21:50] <@AdrianMarceau> Hmmm
  426. [21:50] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Wait, this is T1? Doesn't work well now....
  427. [21:50] <@ActingModReisrat> Was thinking maybe his Leaf Drop thing actually
  428. [21:50] <@AdrianMarceau> Yes, me too
  429. [21:50] <@AdrianMarceau> I just wasn't sure if that was a good name
  430. [21:50] <@AdrianMarceau> >_>
  431. [21:50] <@ActingModReisrat> How would it work though?
  432. [21:51] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Wood Man- Has leaves fall from the ceiling while Wood Man falls near the opponent to stun them for a turn. The leaves strike multiple times for damage.
  433. [21:51] <MegaBoss4thofMan> From earlier move suggestions.
  434. [21:51] <@AdrianMarceau> It could be a shake leaves down randomly on the opponent's side of the field
  435. [21:51] <@ActingModReisrat> Hit random opponents up to 6 times?
  436. [21:51] <@AdrianMarceau> yes
  437. [21:52] <@AdrianMarceau> I think I like just having the leaves fall, without Wood Man following
  438. [21:52] <@AdrianMarceau> Tier 1 and all
  439. [21:52] <@AdrianMarceau> and pure nature type damage
  440. [21:52] <Spinstrike> Gotta go. See you guys later.
  441. [21:52] <@ActingModReisrat> A bit weaker and less accurate than, say, Rolling Cutter, but the damage can hit benched targets harder than, say, Flash Stopper
  442. [21:52] <@AdrianMarceau> So instead of "Leaf Drop", let's think of another word encompassing the whole team/field
  443. [21:52] <@ActingModReisrat> G'bye
  444. [21:52] == Spinstrike [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  445. [21:53] <@ActingModReisrat> Leaf Barrage?
  446. [21:53] <@ActingModReisrat> Nah actually
  447. [21:53] <@ActingModReisrat> Seems off
  448. [21:53] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah
  449. [21:53] <@AdrianMarceau> Hmmm
  450. [21:53] <@ActingModReisrat> Razor Leaf is taken?
  451. [21:53] <@ActingModReisrat> What why are you there question mark
  452. [21:54] <@AdrianMarceau> It's not, but it's in reverse
  453. [21:54] <@ActingModReisrat> Anyways that wasn't a question
  454. [21:54] <@ActingModReisrat> Had been trying to make a Pokemon joke
  455. [21:54] <@AdrianMarceau> Heh
  456. [21:54] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Leaf Descend, maybe?
  457. [21:54] <@AdrianMarceau> Leaf _____, Leaf Shield
  458. [21:54] <@AdrianMarceau> Hmmm
  459. [21:54] <MegaBoss4thofMan> It sounds kinda....weak though. I mean, leaves falling on people never seemed to hurt them.
  460. [21:55] <@ActingModReisrat> Bubble Lead.
  461. [21:55] <@AdrianMarceau> We'll put a pin in it.  It needs to sound like a threat but not a t2 threat
  462. [21:55] <Shadownnico> Neither have bubbles
  463. [21:55] <@AdrianMarceau> Hahaha
  464. [21:55] <@AdrianMarceau> True dat
  465. [21:55] <@ActingModReisrat> Also Aqua Balloon
  466. [21:55] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Bubbles are scary....
  467. [21:56] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh, and we have to be careful that we don't imply other type-ness
  468. [21:56] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, that too
  469. [21:56] <MegaBoss4thofMan> "I'm Aqua Man, but you can call me Handsome guys!"
  470. [21:56] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Cause Aqua Man is more than one guy....
  471. [21:56] <@AdrianMarceau> Like if Razor Leaf worked, it would imply a part cutter type (which would be cool, but it's not what we're looking for)
  472. [21:56] <@ActingModReisrat> Is this Brave and the Bold Aqua Man?
  473. [21:56] <@AdrianMarceau> Haha
  474. [21:57] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I hate Aqua Man....
  475. [21:57] <@ActingModReisrat> MM8 had some traumatizing designs
  476. [21:57] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Never stuck out to me.
  477. [21:57] <@ActingModReisrat> Glad I never got past the intro stage as a kid
  478. [21:57] <@ActingModReisrat> CLOWN MAN
  479. [21:57] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Mega Man 8 itself just....Bleh!
  480. [21:57] <MegaBoss4thofMan> "Yo Geeky!"
  481. [21:58] <@ActingModReisrat> Righto, names, uh
  482. [21:58] <MegaBoss4thofMan> "See you in my dreams...."
  483. [21:58] <@ActingModReisrat> Maybe Nekotan can spark something, off to listen to that
  484. [21:58] <MegaBoss4thofMan> "Dat hurt!"
  485. [21:59] <@AdrianMarceau> Awww, I really liked MM8.  It was the first classic game to really have the visual parts fleshed out in the anime style I oh-so-loved.  And voice acting!  As horrid as it was, it was NOT subtitles and as much as I liked X4 classic warms my heart more.
  486. [21:59] <@ActingModReisrat> X4 is actually my favorite X game, followed by X5 and X8
  487. [21:59] <@ActingModReisrat> I'm sure X1-3 belong high up, but I never played then
  488. [21:59] <@ActingModReisrat> Never had a Super Nintendo
  489. [21:59] <@AdrianMarceau> Anyway. Leaf Drop, Leaf Fall, Leaf Dropper, Leaf Faller, Leaf Shooter, Leaf Somethingohmygod
  490. [22:00] <Shadownnico> As much as I dislike 8, it was actually pretty good, and at least for me isn't the worst classic Mega Man
  491. [22:00] <@AdrianMarceau> We may need more pins...
  492. [22:00] <@AdrianMarceau> Is there some kind of collaborative clipboard we could be using in another tab?
  493. [22:00] <@ActingModReisrat> Maybe something from Google
  494. [22:00] <Shadownnico> I vote for Leaf Somethingohmygod, it has a special catch to it...
  495. [22:00] <@AdrianMarceau> So we can write these things down to be later emailed and/or posted?
  496. [22:00] <@AdrianMarceau> In the chat logs MegaBoss suggested?
  497. [22:00] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, it has that Thing going for it
  498. [22:01] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Someone read my posts?
  499. [22:01] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I am lonely no longer.....
  500. [22:01] <@AdrianMarceau> I try to reach EVERY post, it's rare that I miss one, I just forget some of the MANY ideas I read though.
  501. [22:01] <@AdrianMarceau> :P
  502. [22:01] <@AdrianMarceau> *read
  503. [22:01] <@ActingModReisrat> I think Leaf Fall would be best as an indev name
  504. [22:01] <@AdrianMarceau> but apparently not spell or type
  505. [22:01] <@ActingModReisrat> Has that twoferone thing going for it
  506. [22:01] <@AdrianMarceau> Alright
  507. [22:02] <@AdrianMarceau> I'm hesitant to have such a short and simple name - would just look weird design-wise, but it sounds the least offensive so let's do that
  508. [22:02] <@ActingModReisrat> Move on to Heat Man, try to think of something better as it's planned out?
  509. [22:02] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I actually like Leaf Fall, due to "Fall", as in the season.
  510. [22:02] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah
  511. [22:02] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Atomic Tackle!
  512. [22:03] <@AdrianMarceau> Let's maybe go with that for sure.
  513. [22:03] <@AdrianMarceau> :P
  514. [22:03] <@AdrianMarceau> Okay, you wanna do Heat Man next
  515. [22:03] <@AdrianMarceau> ?
  516. [22:03] <@AdrianMarceau> I like the Atomic Tackle
  517. [22:03] <@ActingModReisrat> Daw, I'll have to save Immolation Arrow Ripoff for Napalm Man if we do that
  518. [22:03] <@AdrianMarceau> It would be like Fire Chaser, right?  But Flame/Impact and be based on.... defense instead of speed?
  519. [22:03] <MegaBoss4thofMan> We need a new Slide Sprite though for Heat Man.
  520. [22:04] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, his slide sprite should be replace with a dash sprite for the tackle
  521. [22:04] <MegaBoss4thofMan> defense cause Heat Man is a box.
  522. [22:04] <@AdrianMarceau> The name though
  523. [22:04] <@ActingModReisrat> I'd rather it be more of it's own thing, since it'd feel a bit cheap to have pretty much copy-pasted code to me
  524. [22:05] <MegaBoss4thofMan> The harder you are, the harder they fall!
  525. [22:05] <@AdrianMarceau> I've used "tackle" a lot in generic mecha ability names and plan to continue doing so, so let's avoid if we can
  526. [22:05] <@ActingModReisrat> Atomic Slam?
  527. [22:05] <@AdrianMarceau> :S
  528. [22:05] <@AdrianMarceau> Okay, let's make it unique then
  529. [22:05] <MegaBoss4thofMan> But I like it....
  530. [22:05] <@AdrianMarceau> Ideas, give them to me
  531. [22:05] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Plus, canon is good.
  532. [22:05] <MegaBoss4thofMan> He throws little fireballs?
  533. [22:06] <@AdrianMarceau> Well I think the ability name and type will be the same
  534. [22:06] <@ActingModReisrat> Lowers target's attack?
  535. [22:06] <@AdrianMarceau> Atomic Tackle/Slam/Impact/whatever, and it will absolutely look like you suggested MegaBoss
  536. [22:06] <@AdrianMarceau> We just need to maybe tweak the effect a bit
  537. [22:06] <@AdrianMarceau> So Heat Man isn't a carbon copy inverse of Fire Man
  538. [22:07] <@ActingModReisrat> Maybe cannibalize the Wood Roll's effect, make it Defense-powered?
  539. [22:08] <@AdrianMarceau> So... calculations using attack/defense are reverse... or am I understanding that wrong?
  540. [22:08] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh
  541. [22:08] <@AdrianMarceau> Just for the user
  542. [22:08] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I thought we were using Wood Drop>
  543. [22:08] <@AdrianMarceau> defense power is uses in place of attack power
  544. [22:08] <@AdrianMarceau> @megaboss we are using Leaf Fall, but we're maybe going to use the idea for the EFFECT in another ability
  545. [22:08] <@ActingModReisrat> Just stealing the effect from Wood Roll was my thought
  546. [22:08] <@AdrianMarceau> maybe
  547. [22:09] <@AdrianMarceau> Maybe we could introduce a flinch mechanic?
  548. [22:09] <@AdrianMarceau> Nah
  549. [22:09] <@AdrianMarceau> For someone else
  550. [22:09] <@AdrianMarceau> Burn mechanic?
  551. [22:09] <@AdrianMarceau> Still someone else
  552. [22:09] <@AdrianMarceau> needs to be impact-y
  553. [22:09] <@AdrianMarceau> (we're doing Flame / Impact, right?)
  554. [22:09] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea
  555. [22:10] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Sure.
  556. [22:10] <@AdrianMarceau> Okay, I like the idea of using defense-stat-as-attack for the user.
  557. [22:10] <@AdrianMarceau> I also like lowering stats, regardless of how many times it's been used.
  558. [22:11] <MegaBoss4thofMan> At least Wood Roll is in there somewhere....
  559. [22:11] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, no Flame/Impact attacks yet
  560. [22:11] <@AdrianMarceau> I thought we WERE doing Flame/Impact as it makes the most sense for the move? And using the defense-as-attack mechanic?
  561. [22:12] <@ActingModReisrat> That's what I meant
  562. [22:12] <@AdrianMarceau> Ah okay
  563. [22:12] <@AdrianMarceau> Would make his high defense stat much more useful for sure.
  564. [22:12] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh
  565. [22:12] <@AdrianMarceau> Guts Man is going to be able to use the ability.  :o
  566. [22:13] <@AdrianMarceau> If I sprite it correctly, that's going to look pretty badass.  I already get a thrill seeing him Oil Slide.  :P
  567. [22:13] <@ActingModReisrat> That sounds hilarious
  568. [22:13] <@AdrianMarceau> However derpy it is.
  569. [22:13] <@AdrianMarceau> Haha, and Hard Man. Oh boy.
  570. [22:13] <@AdrianMarceau> This game.  The possibilities.
  571. [22:14] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Hard Man's slide sprite with Oil Slider is hilarious.
  572. [22:14] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh yes.
  573. [22:14] <MegaBoss4thofMan> It's not bad, but it looks hilarious.
  574. [22:14] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Hard Man on fire.
  575. [22:14] <@ActingModReisrat> Boogie boarding
  576. [22:14] <@AdrianMarceau> It would be great.
  577. [22:14] <@AdrianMarceau> See, none of this would make sense if I didn't frame the entire game as a digital-world-based-experience.
  578. [22:15] <@ActingModReisrat> I doubt many people would care even if it wasn't
  579. [22:15] <@AdrianMarceau> Once again, gameplay mechanics before narrative considerations,  :P
  580. [22:15] <@AdrianMarceau> But yeah, I like this.  And makes the Impact Type even more useful.  Pretty great seeing him throw Dust Crushers too.
  581. [22:15] <MegaBoss4thofMan> By the way, did you get the idea for "Battle Tower"?
  582. [22:16] <@AdrianMarceau> Yes I did.
  583. [22:16] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Ah, cool.
  584. [22:16] <@AdrianMarceau> I will eventually implement it or some form of it into the game.
  585. [22:16] <@ActingModReisrat> So skip Bubble Man, we went over Metal Man, so Quick Man?
  586. [22:16] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Quick Attack!
  587. [22:16] <@AdrianMarceau> I love the idea actually, and it's the perfect way to add infinite replayability to the game once you've 9999ed everything.
  588. [22:16] <@AdrianMarceau> Wait... Atomic _____
  589. [22:17] <@AdrianMarceau> Did we settle on a better name?
  590. [22:17] <@ActingModReisrat> I vote Atomic Slam
  591. [22:17] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Slam, I guess. Maybe Dash? But doesn't sound powerful to me....
  592. [22:17] <@AdrianMarceau> Charge?
  593. [22:18] <@AdrianMarceau> Is the official name actually Tackle?
  594. [22:18] <@ActingModReisrat> Suggests it's a boosty ability to me
  595. [22:18] <@ActingModReisrat> I think so
  596. [22:18] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh you're right
  597. [22:18] <@AdrianMarceau> About the boost implication
  598. [22:18] <@AdrianMarceau> Atomic Blitz?  Strike?
  599. [22:18] <@AdrianMarceau> Wait... who else already has blitz...
  600. [22:19] <@ActingModReisrat> No official name?
  601. [22:19] <@ActingModReisrat> And Blitz feels more like a Lightning attack
  602. [22:19] <@ActingModReisrat>       "Heat Man will try to do the Bodily Crash if you go near him. Watch out! There can be one weapon that extinguishes fire. Find it, and you'll win!"      —Dr. Light
  603. [22:19] <@ActingModReisrat>
  604. [22:19] <@ActingModReisrat> Well that's a dumb name
  605. [22:20] <@ActingModReisrat> So I say Atomic Slam
  606. [22:20] <@AdrianMarceau> haha, yeah :P
  607. [22:20] <@ActingModReisrat> Or maybe Atomic Crush
  608. [22:20] <@ActingModReisrat> Eh, Atomic Slam
  609. [22:22] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Yep.
  610. [22:24] <@ActingModReisrat> Move along to Quick Man now then?
  611. [22:24] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Quick Attack...
  612. [22:25] <@ActingModReisrat> Feels too simple
  613. [22:25] <@ActingModReisrat> Quick Barrage?
  614. [22:25] <@AdrianMarceau> Can you guys see and edit this?
  615. [22:25] <@AdrianMarceau>
  616. [22:25] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Naw... Quick Man never seemed barraging...
  617. [22:26] <@AdrianMarceau> Awesome, I can see you all.
  618. [22:26] <@AdrianMarceau> Let's get this all sorted out.  And thank you.
  619. [22:26] <@AdrianMarceau> You guys can edit too if you want, fill in stuff
  620. [22:26] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Could you send to my Gmail?
  621. [22:27] <@AdrianMarceau> Well right now I have public editing on so you shouldn't need it
  622. [22:27] <@AdrianMarceau> I'll lock it up and set proper permissions when we're done
  623. [22:27] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Yeah, but I want it saved in case of changes.
  624. [22:27] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Meh, whatever.
  625. [22:28] <@AdrianMarceau> I will send you a link later, promise.
  626. [22:28] <@AdrianMarceau> It'll auto-notify you when I add you as an editor.
  627. [22:28] <MegaBoss4thofMan> K.
  628. [22:28] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Who's the bat?
  629. [22:29] <@ActingModReisrat> Iunno
  630. [22:29] <@ActingModReisrat> I think me
  631. [22:29] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Maybe Shadownnico?
  632. [22:31] <@ActingModReisrat> Prolly
  633. [22:32] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Wait, Quick Afterimage!
  634. [22:33] <@ActingModReisrat> Quick Blink?
  635. [22:33] <@ActingModReisrat> Swift-Time?
  636. [22:34] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Meh, Quick Afterimage sounds better to me.
  637. [22:34] <@AdrianMarceau> Doesn't roll off the tongue for me though... :S
  638. [22:35] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh, this is another ability getting upgraded
  639. [22:35] <@ActingModReisrat> Quick Mirage?
  640. [22:35] <MegaBoss4thofMan> No, that suggests illusions.
  641. [22:37] <@ActingModReisrat> I'd suggest a boosting ability, but it's a T1
  642. [22:37] <@AdrianMarceau> Needs to be T1 pure swift type
  643. [22:37] <@AdrianMarceau> yeah
  644. [22:37] <@AdrianMarceau> Hmmm
  645. [22:37] <@AdrianMarceau> It'll be Quick's first and only ability when you first encounter him in battle, so we need to make it so at least some damage
  646. [22:38] <@ActingModReisrat> Quick Teft?
  647. [22:38] == Rhythm_BCA [32a33752@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  648. [22:38] <@ActingModReisrat> *theft
  649. [22:38] <@ActingModReisrat> Steal some WE from the target?
  650. [22:38] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Who's to say he can't afterimage than attack from behind?
  651. [22:38] <@ActingModReisrat> Also hey
  652. [22:38] <Rhythm_BCA> hallo
  653. [22:39] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Yeah, that sounds great. Perhaps criticals result in item steals?
  654. [22:39] <@ActingModReisrat> Could work
  655. [22:39] <@AdrianMarceau> Hmmm
  656. [22:40] <@AdrianMarceau> I don't wanna be that guy
  657. [22:40] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Hmmmm usually isn't that good.
  658. [22:40] <@AdrianMarceau> But for some reason I like Quick Attack
  659. [22:40] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Heck yeah!
  660. [22:40] <@AdrianMarceau> It just feels so... natural.
  661. [22:40] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh
  662. [22:40] <MegaBoss4thofMan> It'z from Pokemon though.
  663. [22:41] <MegaBoss4thofMan> So Quick ________
  664. [22:41] <@ActingModReisrat> 20% grabs a basic item, 10% grabs a T2 item, 5% grabs a Tank, 1% for an Extra Life, 0.1% chance for a Yashichi?
  665. [22:41] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Nah, 0.01.
  666. [22:41] <@AdrianMarceau> Are you saying we should NOT use it because it's from Pokemon?  Common.
  667. [22:41] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh, for the theft
  668. [22:42] <@AdrianMarceau> How would it work when used against the player?
  669. [22:42] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Perhaps not the name...
  670. [22:42] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, but Quick Man is already fast
  671. [22:42] <@ActingModReisrat> No item theft then?
  672. [22:42] <@AdrianMarceau> Robots don't have held items.. so would it steal from the inventory? :S
  673. [22:42] <@ActingModReisrat> That would be terrible
  674. [22:42] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Meh, let the game be a jerk.
  675. [22:42] <@ActingModReisrat> Nobody wants to lose their stuff they'll never use
  676. [22:42] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, not sure if it would be as useful to a CPU as a human player
  677. [22:42] <@AdrianMarceau> Hahaha
  678. [22:43] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Perhaps no Yashichi, but everything else fine.
  679. [22:43] <@ActingModReisrat> So just he steals WE is my vote
  680. [22:43] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, no.  And besides, wouldn't we want to save the thief mechanic for a certain other shadowy robot?
  681. [22:43] <@ActingModReisrat> A "You Attack First" attack wouldn't be too useful for him
  682. [22:44] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Steals WE sounds fine.
  683. [22:44] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, he's already quite fast
  684. [22:44] <@ActingModReisrat> And Shadow Man should have the Muramasa from Battle Network I vote
  685. [22:44] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh, someone on the forum suggested giving types more uniqueness
  686. [22:44] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Retro?
  687. [22:44] <@AdrianMarceau> like flame ones having a chance to inflict a burn etc.
  688. [22:44] <@AdrianMarceau> And I thought having swift type be the always-priority type would be fun
  689. [22:45] <@AdrianMarceau> but it doesn't work as well with ones like Fire Chaser I don't think
  690. [22:45] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Selling all my cores will give me 455,400z. Wow.
  691. [22:45] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I mean, my fire cores.
  692. [22:45] <@AdrianMarceau> Wow, that's a lot of zenny
  693. [22:45] <@ActingModReisrat> LODS OF EMONE
  694. [22:45] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Just fire.
  695. [22:45] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, maybe just count the primary type
  696. [22:46] <Rhythm_BCA> well thanks MegaBoss, now i gotta go check
  697. [22:46] <@AdrianMarceau> what are we checking?
  698. [22:46] <@ActingModReisrat> For the side effects thing I think
  699. [22:47] <@AdrianMarceau> oh
  700. [22:47] <Rhythm_BCA> no i was checking the price of the cores to see what i had.  i don't have nearly that much for fire
  701. [22:47] <@ActingModReisrat> Oh okay
  702. [22:47] <Rhythm_BCA> i can only get 93,000z for my electric cores
  703. [22:47] <@AdrianMarceau> Still pretty decent
  704. [22:48] <@AdrianMarceau> I love the little economy going on now.
  705. [22:48] <Rhythm_BCA> it's fun
  706. [22:48] <@ActingModReisrat> More than I'd get from selling my entire inventory
  707. [22:48] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I'm rich! Hahahaha!
  708. [22:48] <Rhythm_BCA> i just need to figure out how to grind up my robots more than 3-5 points per turn :I
  709. [22:48] <@AdrianMarceau> You'd think the strategy would be obvious - don't sell your stars and instead let them appreciate and increase the value of your cores - but SOME PEOPLE are impatient and sell the stars anyway.
  710. [22:49] <@AdrianMarceau> (I'm some people)
  711. [22:49] <@ActingModReisrat> Me too
  712. [22:49] <Rhythm_BCA> i....haven't sold anything since i got the fields
  713. [22:49] <@AdrianMarceau> I thought it was important for the creator of the game to have all the robots unlocked, but OH BOY is it hard to get that much zenny.
  715. [22:50] <@AdrianMarceau> I mean, I don't think it's an unfair amount, just a high one.
  716. [22:50] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, there's a point where the shop is no longer useful
  717. [22:50] <@AdrianMarceau> When I add a few more items to Auto's shop it'll help
  718. [22:50] <@ActingModReisrat> Anyways, back to Quick Man?
  719. [22:50] <@AdrianMarceau> I want to add some temporary effect items, suggested by a few others at different times
  720. [22:50] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Quick Attack, we said?
  721. [22:51] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, sorry
  722. [22:51] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Also, parts from Power Fighters can work.
  723. [22:51] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, but it wouldn't be too useful for Quick Man himself to use
  724. [22:51] <Shadownnico> I'm already at the point where I can't buy anything, I'm fully maxed out right now
  725. [22:51] <@AdrianMarceau> Well of course you are - you're one of the power-users
  726. [22:51] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Darn rich Starhunters....
  727. [22:51] <@AdrianMarceau> I know, right?
  728. [22:51] <MegaBoss4thofMan> By the way, Operation SuperStar.
  729. [22:52] <@AdrianMarceau> Haha
  730. [22:52] <Rhythm_BCA> i think i hit 400 Starforce the other day
  731. [22:52] <Rhythm_BCA> 33% done lol
  732. [22:52] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I've increased 100 stars since yesterday and I won't stop until I'm done.
  733. [22:52] <Shadownnico> I can get 826,200z for my Electric Cores, and I have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THIS ZENNY?
  734. [22:53] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Sell them.
  735. [22:53] <MegaBoss4thofMan> And then get the good life.
  736. [22:54] <@ActingModReisrat> My usual route for dealing with hideous sums of money I can't do anything with is to use them to create and endless tide of profit
  737. [22:54] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Zenny will help you in real life.
  738. [22:54] <Shadownnico> Nah, I'd rather hoard 99 of all cores
  739. [22:54] <Shadownnico> I might need them later...
  740. [22:56] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Nah, 9999 stats.
  741. [22:57] <@AdrianMarceau> Well eventually the other fields will be released
  742. [22:57] <@AdrianMarceau> as well as more actually-useful items in auto's shop
  743. [22:57] <MegaBoss4thofMan> And you sell the cores and get the money for shop.
  744. [22:58] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Anyway, T2 moves?
  745. [23:00] <Shadownnico> AND WHEN THOSE THINGS COME OUT I'LL BE RICH AND I'LL BUY THE SHOPS AND I'LL MAKE EVERYTHING LIKE 1,000,000z AND I'LL BE THE EVIL RULER OF THE PRO-I mean, Quick Man used to attack you by tackling you, so he could do some kind of tackle?
  746. [23:00] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Quick Attack, compardre.
  747. [23:01] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Originally, I named it Quick Truck cause he used to truck Mega Man. Dat's stupid.
  748. [23:01] <Rhythm_BCA> so Adrian, i meant to ask you; did you tweak gaining experience from player battles?
  749. [23:01] <@AdrianMarceau> Sorry, making tea.
  750. [23:01] <Rhythm_BCA> i feel like i missed something regarding that
  751. [23:01] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Yep.
  752. [23:01] <@ActingModReisrat> Ooh what kind?
  753. [23:02] <Rhythm_BCA> damn, i knew i should've ground the stats up when i had the opportunity lol
  754. [23:03] <MegaBoss4thofMan> That's it, Rain Flushing for stars.
  755. [23:03] <Shadownnico> I managed to OverPower a full line of Robot Masters before the change, so it was a good life
  756. [23:03] <@ActingModReisrat> Think we're at an impasse on Quick Man's T1
  757. [23:03] <@ActingModReisrat> Flash Man, what should he get for a T2?
  758. [23:04] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Freezing time then bustering to death.
  759. [23:04] <Shadownnico> Just Quick Attack for the Quick Man, does some damage and it's a high priority move. Plain and simple
  760. [23:04] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, but he's already fast
  761. [23:04] <@AdrianMarceau> I made it so you no longer get experience or stat boosts from player battles.  It's just WAY to easy to get 9999 by challenging the same player over and over again and that's not what those battles are for.  They're like Pokemon battles with real people - for ranking only.
  762. [23:04] <@ActingModReisrat> He's got 160 base speed
  763. [23:04] <@ActingModReisrat> What's he got to gain from a higher priority?
  764. [23:05] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, plain and simple Quick Attack
  765. [23:05] <MegaBoss4thofMan> My nightmare is getting 1063 stars and not knowing which one I missed.
  766. [23:05] <Shadownnico> That's why I have all my stars counted
  767. [23:06] <Shadownnico> If I'm missing one, I just compare the totals of each type from the game with the count of each time from the spreadsheet
  768. [23:07] <@AdrianMarceau> @Reisrat the same could be said about Time Man
  769. [23:07] <@AdrianMarceau> what does he gain from lowering the target's speed with both his abilities?
  770. [23:07] <Shadownnico> That will reduce it to only a 2-type combination, which would be at worse 9 possible stars
  771. [23:08] <@ActingModReisrat> His base speed is only a bit above average, so someone a couple levels higher can get pushed down to slower
  772. [23:08] <@AdrianMarceau> I guess you're right
  773. [23:08] <@ActingModReisrat> Quick Man is already the fastest in-game Robot Master, and probably will stay like that, so he wouldn't need to go first
  774. [23:08] <@AdrianMarceau> Well, I think I'm going to have Quick Attack be priority just-because, whether it's necessary most of the time or not.
  775. [23:09] <@AdrianMarceau> It would be more useful when being used by another character, at the very least.
  776. [23:09] <@AdrianMarceau> A direct inversion to the usefulness of the Danger Bomb, I guess.
  777. [23:09] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Ah, true!
  778. [23:09] <MegaBoss4thofMan> If we make it Impact/Quick....Hilarious Hard Man.
  779. [23:10] <MegaBoss4thofMan> But pure T1!
  780. [23:10] <@AdrianMarceau> Yes, pure T1
  781. [23:10] == Rhythm_BCA [32a33752@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  782. [23:10] <@AdrianMarceau> Would be funny though.  :P
  783. [23:10] <@ActingModReisrat> Rip
  784. [23:10] <@AdrianMarceau> Night
  785. [23:10] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, it would
  786. [23:10] <@AdrianMarceau> But okay
  787. [23:10] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Ciao. Gonna go grind for stars.
  788. [23:10] <@AdrianMarceau> I know there's a bit of disagreement but I think Quick Attack will be good
  789. [23:10] <Shadownnico> Like Fire Man's Fire Chaser. It's double the attack if you have high speed, but Fire Man has below average
  790. [23:10] <@AdrianMarceau> at the very least it'll be useful for Copy Core robots to absorb
  791. [23:11] <Shadownnico> Also, I'm actually grinding stars as we talk
  792. [23:11] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh, bye MegaBoss
  793. [23:11] <@ActingModReisrat> Night, MBM
  794. [23:11] <@AdrianMarceau> I'm totally forgetting to put a timer on for my tea ohnoitmightsteeptoolong!
  795. [23:11] <Shadownnico> Bye MegaBoss
  796. [23:11] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Wait, I thought you guys were leaving. Wait, you were talking to BCA!
  797. [23:12] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Still here.
  798. [23:12] <@ActingModReisrat> Rioght, Flash Man gets what?
  799. [23:12] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Adrian, did you change Electrical Tower?
  800. [23:13] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Freezing time then bustering to death.
  801. [23:13] <@ActingModReisrat> Feels like that's what Flash Stopper is
  802. [23:13] <Shadownnico> Flash Man could get a Turbo Buster, where he stops time and rapid-fires low-accuracy buster shots
  803. [23:14] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Said that.
  804. [23:14] <MegaBoss4thofMan> But more exact, so better.
  805. [23:14] <@ActingModReisrat> Flash Blinder?
  806. [23:15] <Shadownnico> Flash Buster?
  807. [23:15] <@ActingModReisrat> Cripple accuracy for a turn?
  808. [23:15] <@ActingModReisrat> Then it'd feel like the other Buster abilities
  809. [23:15] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I'm leaving in 15, make a recount thread, will ya?
  810. [23:15] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Adrian, think you could make the Chat section?
  811. [23:15] <@ActingModReisrat> Well seem to feel like whatever
  812. [23:16] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Honestly, Flash only has like one real move in 2.
  813. [23:17] <@AdrianMarceau> @MBM Yeah, I recoloured it a bit to match Elec Man's recolour.  Didn't feel right having his stage appear in pretty much nothing but orange.
  814. [23:17] <MegaBoss4thofMan> I think Flash Buster is a good placeholder for now.
  815. [23:17] <MegaBoss4thofMan> And knew it, so much better!
  816. [23:17] <@ActingModReisrat> Flash Burst?
  817. [23:17] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Yeah, same thing!
  818. [23:17] <@ActingModReisrat> No, would sound like Burst Man could use it
  819. [23:18] <@AdrianMarceau> Flash Man is one I've barely thought about this far (which is weird because visually I like him a lot)
  820. [23:18] <@ActingModReisrat> And if it were _____ Buster, it would seem like it would be anothe Charge Shot
  821. [23:18] <@ActingModReisrat> Flash Spray is right out
  822. [23:18] <@AdrianMarceau> @MBM I'll consider the chat section, might be a good idea
  823. [23:18] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Flash Barrage?
  824. [23:19] <@ActingModReisrat> And why wouldn't Time Stopper be him shooting them with the Buster anyways?
  825. [23:19] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Flash Man, you have nothing for us.
  826. [23:20] <Shadownnico> Flash Barrage, Flash Spray, Flash Buster, Flash Shot, Flash Cannon
  827. [23:20] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Perhaps Flash Teleportation?
  828. [23:20] <@AdrianMarceau> Btw, sorry for the name-switching for Flash Man's ability
  829. [23:20] <@AdrianMarceau> Time Stopper / Flash Stopper and the whole Time Man / Flash Man / Bright Man thing.
  830. [23:20] <@ActingModReisrat> Flash Stopper makes more sense to me
  831. [23:21] <@ActingModReisrat> Although, Centaur Flash
  832. [23:21] <@AdrianMarceau> Me too, it's just not canon
  833. [23:21] <Shadownnico> Also, Reisrat, I think it is because of Time Man's Time Stopper here looks like he messes with a quick Stop/Continue, trowing off most robots and damaging them with time energy or something.
  834. [23:21] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea but then why would it be less effective on groups?
  835. [23:21] <@ActingModReisrat> Maybe Flash Haste?
  836. [23:22] <@ActingModReisrat> Increase stats be some amount?
  837. [23:22] <Shadownnico> Because it's easier to concentrate the time disruption in only one small enemy rather than a big group? idunno
  838. [23:22] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Btw, Flash Teleportation is reference to his seeming to teleport, although really it's just him stopping time and moving.
  839. [23:23] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Perhaps Teleportation allows him to decrease opponent accuracy?
  840. [23:23] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Although, that might not be an actual stat in-game.
  841. [23:23] <@ActingModReisrat> Flash Intercept? An undodgable, decently powerful attack?
  842. [23:24] <@AdrianMarceau> Flash Cannon?
  843. [23:24] <@AdrianMarceau> Sorry for Pokémon names
  844. [23:24] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Nah, that sounds like it's powerful, which isn't Flash Man's style.
  845. [23:25] <@AdrianMarceau> Okay
  846. [23:25] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Dat sounds stupid, I know.
  847. [23:25] <MegaBoss4thofMan> What I said, not your idea.
  848. [23:25] <@AdrianMarceau> I do like the teleport idea though
  849. [23:26] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Well, I got five minutes left, so send me the rest later. Just like, copy and paste the parts I'm not here for and send it to me, Adrian please?
  850. [23:27] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Or anybody, to be honest.
  851. [23:27] <@AdrianMarceau> I wonder if that would be a useful mechanic, actually.  Maybe like a Volt Switch type ability or something?  Instead of simply switching like normal switching, you actually switch POSITIONS with someone on your team.  And because damage is based on position, rotating might be useful?
  852. [23:27] <MegaBoss4thofMan> That sounds great!
  853. [23:27] <@ActingModReisrat> Sounds good
  854. [23:27] <Shadownnico> I like it
  855. [23:28] <@AdrianMarceau> Oh good, thought that might be complicated to explain
  856. [23:29] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Nah, Volt Switch is overpowered, so often user over here!
  857. [23:30] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Well, goodbye, I'm tired. Send me the rest of this conversation when done.
  858. [23:30] <@AdrianMarceau> So, let's say you have Flash Man in the active position and you use Flash Swapper with 8th position Roll, Flash Man will take Roll's place in the 8th position on the bench and Roll will come out.  Whatever position Flash originally had will be where Roll retreats when she's done.
  859. [23:30] <@AdrianMarceau> Okay, night for real MBM!
  860. [23:30] <Shadownnico> I will, MBM, goodnight
  861. [23:30] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Thanks. Personal Message or Gmail me, either way.
  862. [23:30] <Shadownnico> By the way, can I call you MBM?
  863. [23:31] <@ActingModReisrat> Night
  864. [23:31] <MegaBoss4thofMan> No, you may call me master.
  865. [23:31] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Anyway, personal me someone when this is done.
  866. [23:31] <@AdrianMarceau> @reisrat - can I get your email?  I wanna formally send you a link to the sheet we're working on.
  867. [23:32] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Nah, call me MBM. (Imma leave soon, don't worry)
  868. [23:32] <@ActingModReisrat> Main e-mail or G-Mail email?
  869. [23:32] <@AdrianMarceau> gmail
  870. [23:32] <@AdrianMarceau> not sure if it'll work otherwise
  871. [23:32] <@ActingModReisrat>
  872. [23:32] <@AdrianMarceau> (sorry is it rude to ask that?)
  873. [23:32] <@ActingModReisrat> Forget reason for it
  874. [23:32] <@ActingModReisrat> Eh, I'm fine with it
  875. [23:33] <@AdrianMarceau> There, I'm removing the public editing permissions now
  876. [23:33] <@ActingModReisrat> Man those sync up perfect
  877. [23:33] <MegaBoss4thofMan> Ciao for real.
  878. [23:33] == MegaBoss4thofMan [4cbcfca4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  879. [23:34] <@ActingModReisrat> Should get to sleep too
  880. [23:34] <@ActingModReisrat> And feeling smartish for once
  881. [23:34] <@ActingModReisrat> It's a miracle
  882. [23:35] <@AdrianMarceau> Yeah, same here
  883. [23:35] <@AdrianMarceau> I'll see if I can save a copy of the chat for MBM
  884. [23:35] <@ActingModReisrat> Night then
  885. [23:35] <@ActingModReisrat> I'll Pastebin it to him
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