DBGS: Rapier, early Miracles, PG

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  1. Bandit, Healing Wares
  2. (Pick up Binos) get Estus Flask, light Bonfire, kill Maughlin, go to Heide's Tower
  3. Dragonrider
  4. Buy Chime, Force, Homeward, Caressing Prayer from Licia
  5. Light Tower of Flame Bonfire, warp to Majula
  6. Forest of Fallen Giants, pop Dragonrider Soul
  7. Buy Lenigrast's Key, 2 Brightbugs, 1-4 Throwing Knives, rest Firebombs,
  8. Get Silver Serpent Ring, send her to Majula, light Cardinal Tower Bonfire
  9. Last Giant (Hand Axe, 1 TK, 1 FB) Dark Sign
  10. Pursuer Glitch, warp to Majula
  11. Pop Last Giant Soul, buy Rapier, 6 Titanite Shards, upgrade Rapier to +3
  12. Pop Pursuer Soul, buy Cat Ring, 10 Alluring Skulls
  13. Light Grave of Saints Bonfire, continue dropping down
  14. Pick up Branch, light second Black Gulch Bonfire
  15. Rotten (Rapier)
  16. Light Primal Bonfire, DLC1 Runthrough
  17. Light Tower of Prayer Bonfire
  18. Pick up 20k Soul+3 Dragoncharm and 3 Dragonbones(+5 Twinkling) on the right
  19. Flynns Ring, Repair Powder Dragon Stone, Eternal Sanctum Key
  20. 3 Dragonbones in Lair of the Imperfect (forward, right Item)
  21. Place Dragonstone, trigger Elevator, pick up Drakeblood Greatsword, go up Elevator and pop Rotten Soul (dont die)
  22. Warp to Majula at Sanctum Interior Bonfire
  23. Level 15 Vgr, 17 End, 10 Atn, 10 Str, 18 Dex, 5 Adp, 18 Fth, Upgrade DBGS to +3
  24. Attune and Attune Glitch Homeward, Warp to Tower of Prayer
  25. Pick up Lightning Clutch Ring, light Priestess' Chamber Bonfire, use Homeward, Warp to Heide's Tower
  26. Old Dragonslayer(Homeward)
  27. Pop Old Dragonslayer Soul at Elevator
  28. Flexile Sentry(Homeward)
  29. Warp to Majula, buy 3 Brightbugs, 11 Lifegems
  30. Shaded Woods
  31. Light Ruined Fork Road Bonfire, pick up RTSR, Homeward back
  32. Buy 33+ Resins from Vengarl
  33. Chloranthy Ring, Shaded Ruins Bonfire
  34. Najka (Rapier, GPR)
  35. Royal Rat Authority (GPR)
  36. Congregation
  37. Freja(BB, GPR)
  38. Kill Duke, pick up Branch, light Primal Bonfire, kill Vengarl(with Tseldora set), pick up his Armor, use Primal Bonfire
  39. Buy 3  Brightbugs, 11 Lifegems
  40. Huntsman's Copse
  41. Light the Bridge Approach Bonfire
  42. Skeleton Lords
  43. Pick up Torch
  44. Covetous Demon
  45. Mytha (Rapier, BB, GPR)
  46. Smelter Demon (BB, GPR)
  47. Old Iron King (GPR)
  48. Light Primal Bonfire, DLC2 Runthrough
  49. Light Foyer Bonfire
  50. 8 Dragonbones in Corridor, behind breakable wall (with 2nd Cask Runner)
  51. 2 Dragonbones in Scorcher Tower
  52. Get Scorched Iron Scepter, Homeward out, place it, Warp to Majula
  53. Level 26 End, 13 Atn, 40 Dex, 3 Int, 19 Faith
  54. Upgrade DBGS to +5, Buy 3 Brightbugs, Pharros Lockstone, rest Lifegems
  55. Attune Force, warp to Huntsman's Copse
  56. Chariot (GPR) Homeward
  57. Elana (BB, GPR, RTSR)
  58. Pop 2 Souls
  59. Sinh (GPR, same BB) Homeward
  60. Warp to Ruined Fork Road, pop Sinh Soul
  61. Shrine of Winter, light first DLC3 Bonfire (Outter Wall)
  62. Drangleic Castle, light King's Gate Bonfire
  63. Talk to Grandahl, Homeward out
  64. Pick up Old Radiant Lifegems
  65. Dragonriders (GPR)
  66. Trigger Elevator, pick up Flame Butterflies+Repair Powders
  67. Get Key to the King's Passage, Homeward out
  68. (Pick up 3 Alluring Skulls)
  69. Mirror Knight (GPR)
  70. Demon of Song (GPR)
  71. Light Undead Crypt Entrance Bonfire
  72. Buy Soul Appease, 13 Mushrooms from Agdayne
  73. Light Undead Ditch Bonfire, Force to get through second stones faster, shortcut for Vendrick later
  74. Velstadt (GPR)
  75. Pick up King's Ring, Homeward out
  76. Attune Soul Appease over Force, warp to Grave of Saints
  77. Royal Rat Vanguard (Small Rats with Soul Appease, DBGS for Boss Rat) Homeward
  78. Guardian Dragon(GPR, RTSR)
  79. Pop Souls on Elevator, light Shrine Entrance Bonfire
  80. Ancient Dragon (BB, GPR, RTSR setup with catalyst/fist blocked dust hit) Homeward
  81. Warp to Forest of Fallen Giants
  82. Giant Lord (GPR) pick up Giant Soul, Homeward
  83. Move to Pursuer Arena, go into Memory of Orro behind it, pick up Giant Soul, click Giant again to get out
  84. Move to Lost Bastille
  85. Ruin Sentinels
  86. Gargoyles (GPR) Homeward
  87. Clear Undead Citizens at Gate and in Straid's Room with Soul Appease
  88. Unpetrify Straid, buy Sacred Oath
  89. Pop Giant Lord Soul on the elevator
  90. Lost Sinner (GPR)
  91. Light Primal, pop Sinner Soul, talk to Aldia, homeward out
  92. Warp to first Undead Crypt Bonfire, to talk to Aldia, then to Dragon Shrine
  93. Warp to Majula
  94. Buy Effigies, (Lifegems), Radiant Lifegems, 3 Brightbugs
  95. Level 39/40 Vgr, 20 Atn, 19 Adp, 25 Fth
  96. Attune Sacred Oath, Attune Glitch with Caressing Prayer, Warp to Frozen Eleum Loyce
  97. Aava (GPR, SO, BB)
  98. Ivory King Peasents(GPR, SO)
  99. Ivory King (Repair Powder(2), GPR, SO, BB)
  100. Get Garrison Ward Key, 5 Radiant Lifegems at the Gate
  101. Lud and Zallen(GPR, SO, BB)
  102. Attune Homeward, Force, Attune Glitch Homeward with Soul Appease, warp to Priestess' Chamber Bonfire
  103. Pick up 2 Brightbugs
  104. Gank Squad(GPR, SO, BB) Dark Sign
  105. Warp to Brume Tower (Foyer)
  106. Pick up Tower Key
  107. Fume Knight(GPR, SO, BB) Dark Sign
  108. Blue Smelter(GPR, SO, BB) Dark Sign
  109. Warp to first Bonfire (Upper Floor)
  110. Sir Alonne(GPR, SO, BB) Dark Sign
  111. Warp To Black Gulch
  112. Kill Giants, Homeward, talk to Grandahl, Homeward
  113. Warp to Shaded Ruins
  114. Talk to Grandahl, enter Dungeon
  115. Dungeon 2 (Vengarl Pants+Chest, DBGS for Ghost, Force for other two, SO+GPR on elevator for last guy) Homeward
  116. Warp to Black Gulch
  117. Dungeon 1 (GPR, SO, BB) Homeward
  118. Warp to Undead Ditch Bonfire
  119. Vendrick (GPR, SO, BB) Dark Sign
  120. Warp to King's Gate
  121. Dungeon 3 (DBGS/Force to make people fall)
  122. Darklurker (GPR, SO, BB if you get laser opening) Dark Sign
  123. Throne Watcher&Defender (GPR, SO, BB if you didn't BB Darklurker)
  124. Nashandra (GPR)/(GPR, SO, BB)
  125. Aldia (GPR, SO, BB)/(GPR)
  126. Congratz on fast.
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