Clever girls (Glim+TrixxAnon, lewd, GFD) to do

Jul 19th, 2017
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  1. "C-can't we talk about this...?"
  2. >Your eyes nervously flicker left and right, throwing quick glances behind your back to make sure the way is clear, as you retreat step by step away from the menace.
  3. >"We'll have the time to talk later~,"
  4. >"Or maybe we won't, Trixie has big plans for her assistant's mouth, hah!"
  5. "Girls, you need to snap out of it, you-you're not thinking straight!"
  6. >"Oh, but the great and powerful Trixie believes she's thinking straight, she's in fact thinking very, very straight right about now~,"
  7. >The pink one rolls her eyes at the blue one's corny line, but her hungry grin widens ever so slightly.
  8. >"Come on Anon, it'll be fun, you'll see,"
  9. "W-well, I'm sure it will, but I'm more concerned about what you girls will do to me after the spell wears off,"
  10. >"Ugh, you're hanging out with Twilight waaay too much, you're even 'thinking' now,"
  11. >Your heartbeat accelerates when you see the wall getting closer and closer to your back.
  12. "That's not really reassuring..."
  13. >You mumble that, head quickly turning left and right, throwing glances around the room, trying to find a way out of here but they're blocking the only exit.
  14. >And they could use their magic and stop you anyway, only option to get out of here in one piece is using your good old tongue.
  15. >M-maybe not the way Trixie wants you to use it, tho.
  16. >"Don't play hard to get with us, Anonymous, we know how you keep trying to steal glances at our rears whenever you think we won't notice,"
  17. >You usually find easy quips to kick the smugness off of Trixie's face, but you don't find any right now, your mind instead being way too busy trying to slow the adrenaline flowing through your body.
  18. >You simply gulp instead.
  19. >And then you gasp, when you feel the cold crystal wall against your back.
  20. >Shit...
  22. "M-maybe we could, huh, play something? Like, uhm..."
  23. >You try to find something to talk about while you crawl your way out, back against the wall and using your hands to find your way around it.
  24. "K-kites! You like kites right? Maybe we could go out and play with kites!"
  25. >Starlight's giggles sends a shiver down your back.
  26. >But she doesn't even bother responding, so you switch target.
  27. "What about a magic show? Huh? T-that'd be fun, right?"
  28. >"Trixie has one hay of a show in mind, there'll be some disappearing acts and a lot of fireworks~,"
  29. >You feel your boxers happily twitching at her innuendos.
  30. >Fucking traitor.
  31. >Their faces turns to each other, their mischievous grins unmoving before they nod knowingly.
  32. >And their eyes are on you once more.
  33. >This can't be good, you really need to get out of here, right no--
  34. >A blink of an eye, and a pink flash later, Glimmy disappears from your sight.
  35. >And the telltale sound of mana fizzling and matter reappearing catches your attention to your right, the pink mare appearing right next to you.
  36. >You would've fell down from the shock if not for the fact that you were still leaning against the wall.
  37. >And before you can finish processing it, you feel the hooves of the showmare pin you against the cold surface.
  38. >Their smirk makes your heart skip a beat.
  39. >They won.
  40. >And they know they won.
  41. >Clever girls...
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