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  1. An A-Z Index of the Apple macOS command line (OS X)
  2. afconvert Audio File Convert
  3. afinfo Audio File Info
  4. afplay Audio File Play
  5. airport Manage Apple AirPort
  6. alias Create an alias •
  7. alloc List used and free memory
  8. apropos Search the whatis database for strings
  9. asr Apple Software Restore
  10. atsutil Font registration system utility
  11. awk Find and Replace text within file(s)
  12. b
  13. basename Convert a full pathname to just a filename
  14. bash Bourne-Again SHell
  15. bg Send to background •
  16. bind Set or display readline key and function bindings •
  17. bless Set volume bootability and startup disk options
  18. break Exit from a For, While, Until or Select loop •
  19. builtin Execute a shell builtin •
  20. bzip2 Compress or decompress files
  21. c
  22. caffeinate Prevent the system from sleeping
  23. cal Display a calendar
  24. calendar Reminder Service
  25. caller Return the context of a subroutine call •
  26. cancel Cancel print jobs
  27. case Conditionally perform a command •
  28. cat Concatenate and print (display) the content of files
  29. cd Change Directory •
  30. chflags Change a file or folder's flags
  31. chgrp Change group ownership
  32. chmod Change access permissions
  33. chown Change file owner and group
  34. chroot Run a command with a different root directory
  35. cksum Print CRC checksum and byte counts
  36. clear Clear terminal screen
  37. cmp Compare two files
  38. comm Compare two sorted files line by line
  39. command Run a command (not a function) •
  40. complete Edit a command completion [word/pattern/list] •
  41. continue Resume the next iteration of a loop •
  42. cp Copy one or more files to another location
  43. cron Daemon to execute scheduled commands
  44. crontab Schedule a command to run at a later date/time
  45. csplit Split a file into context-determined pieces
  46. csrutil Configure System Integrity Protection (SIP)
  47. cupsfilter Convert a file to another format using cups filters
  48. curl Transfer data from or to a server
  49. cut Divide a file into several parts
  50. d
  51. date Display or change the date & time
  52. dc Desk Calculator
  53. dd Convert and copy a file, clone disks
  54. declare Declare variable & set attributes •
  55. defaults Set preferences, show hidden files
  56. df Display free disk space
  57. diff Display the differences between two files
  58. diff3 Show differences among three files
  59. dig DNS lookup
  60. dirname Convert a full pathname to just a path
  61. dirs Display list of remembered directories •
  62. diskutil Disk utilities - Format, Verify, Repair
  63. disown Unbind a job from the current login session •
  64. ditto Copy files and folders
  65. dot_clean Remove dot-underscore files
  66. drutil Interact with CD/DVD burners
  67. dscacheutil Query or flush the Directory Service/DNS cache
  68. dseditgroup Edit, create, manipulate, or delete groups
  69. dsenableroot Enable root access
  70. dsmemberutil View user and groups rights
  71. dscl Directory Service command line utility
  72. du Estimate file space usage
  73. e
  74. echo Display text on screen •
  75. ed A line-oriented text editor (edlin)
  76. enable Enable and disable builtin shell commands •
  77. env List or Set environment variables
  78. eval Evaluate several commands/arguments •
  79. exec Execute a command •
  80. exit Exit the shell •
  81. execsnoop Snoop new process execution
  82. expand Convert tabs to spaces
  83. expect Programmed dialogue with interactive programs
  84. Also see AppleScript
  85. export Set an environment variable •
  86. expr Evaluate expressions
  87. f
  88. false Do nothing, unsuccessfully
  89. fc Fix command (history)
  90. fdisk Partition table manipulator for Darwin UFS/HFS/DOS
  91. fdesetup FileVault configuration, list FileVault users
  92. fg Send job to foreground •
  93. file Determine file type
  94. find Search for files that meet a desired criteria
  95. fmt Reformat paragraph text
  96. fold Wrap text to fit a specified width
  97. for Loop command •
  98. fsck Filesystem consistency check and repair
  99. fs_usage Filesystem usage (process/pathname)
  100. ftp Internet file transfer program
  101. function Define Function Macros
  102. fuser List processes that have one or more files open
  103. g
  104. GetFileInfo Get attributes of HFS+ files
  105. getopt Parse positional parameters
  106. getopts Parse positional parameters •
  107. goto Jump to label and continue execution
  108. grep Search file(s) for lines that match a given pattern
  109. groups Print group names a user is in
  110. gzip Compress or decompress files
  111. h
  112. halt Stop and restart the operating system
  113. hash Refresh the cached/remembered location of commands •
  114. head Display the first lines of a file
  115. hdiutil Manipulate iso disk images
  116. history Command History •
  117. hostname Print or set system name
  118. i
  119. iconv Convert the character set of a file
  120. id Print user and group names/id's
  121. if Conditionally perform a command •
  122. ifconfig Configure network interface parameters
  123. iostat Report CPU and i/o statistics
  124. ipconfig View and control IP configuration state
  125. info Help info
  126. install Copy files and set attributes
  127. iosnoop Snoop I/O events as they occur
  128. j
  129. jobs List active jobs •
  130. join Join lines on a common field
  131. k
  132. kextfind List kernel extensions
  133. kextstat Display status of loaded kernel extensions (kexts)
  134. kextunload Terminate driver instances and unload kernel extensions.
  135. kickstart Configure Apple Remote Desktop
  136. kill Kill a process by specifying its PID
  137. killall Kill processes by name
  138. l
  139. l List files in long format (ls -l)
  140. last Indicate last logins of users and ttys
  141. launchctl Load or unload daemons/agents
  142. ll List files in long format, showing invisible files (ls -la)
  143. less Display output one screen at a time
  144. let Evaluate expression •
  145. lipo Convert a universal binary
  146. ln Make links between files (hard links, symbolic links)
  147. local Set a local (function) variable •
  148. locate Find files
  149. logname Print current login name
  150. login log into the computer
  151. logout Exit a login shell (bye) •
  152. look Display lines beginning with a given string
  153. lp Print files
  154. lpr Print files
  155. lprm Remove jobs from the print queue
  156. lpstat Printer status information
  157. ls List information about file(s)
  158. lsregister Reset the Launch Services database
  159. lsbom List a bill of materials file
  160. lsof List open files
  161. m
  162. man Help manual
  163. mdfind Spotlight search
  164. mdutil Manage Spotlight metadata store
  165. mkdir Create new folder(s)
  166. mkfifo Make FIFOs (named pipes)
  167. mkfile Make a file
  168. mktemp Make a temporary file
  169. more Display output one screen at a time
  170. mount Mount a file system
  171. mv Move or rename files or directories
  172. n
  173. nano Simple text editor
  174. nc/netcat Read and write data across networks
  175. net Manage network resources
  176. netstat Show network status
  177. networksetup Network and System Preferences
  178. nice Set the priority of a command
  179. nohup Run a command immune to hangups
  180. ntfs.util NTFS file system utility
  181. nvram Manipulate firmware variables
  182. o
  183. onintr Control the action of a shell interrupt
  184. open Open a file/folder/URL/Application
  185. opensnoop Snoop file opens as they occur
  186. openssl OpenSSL command line
  187. osacompile Compile Applescript
  188. osascript Execute AppleScript
  189. p
  190. passwd Modify a user password
  191. paste Merge lines of files
  192. pbcopy Copy data to the clipboard
  193. pbpaste Paste data from the Clipboard
  194. pgrep List processes by a full or partial name
  195. ping Test a network connection
  196. pkill Kill processes by a full or partial name
  197. pkgbuild Build a macOS Installer component package
  198. pkgutil Query and manipulate installed packages
  199. plutil Property list utility
  200. pmset Power Management settings
  201. popd Restore the previous value of the current directory •
  202. pr Convert text files for printing
  203. printenv List environment variables
  204. printf Format and print data •
  205. ps Process status
  206. pushd Save and then change the current directory
  207. pwd Print Working Directory •
  208. q
  209. quota Display disk usage and limits
  210. r
  211. rcp Copy files between machines
  212. read Read one line from standard input •
  213. readonly Mark a variable or function as read-only •
  214. reboot Stop and restart the system
  215. ReportCrash Enable/Disable crash reporting
  216. return Exit a function •
  217. rev Reverse lines of a file
  218. rm Remove files
  219. rmdir Remove folder(s)
  220. rpm Remote Package Manager
  221. rsync Remote file copy - Sync file tree
  222. s
  223. say Convert text to audible speech
  224. screen Multiplex terminal, run remote shells via ssh
  225. screencapture Capture screen image to file or disk
  226. scselect Switch between network locations
  227. scutil Manage system configuration parameters
  228. sdiff Merge two files interactively
  229. security Administer Keychains, keys, certificates and the Security framework
  230. sed Stream Editor
  231. select Generate a list of items •
  232. serverinfo Server information
  233. set Set a shell variable = value •
  234. setfile Set attributes of HFS+ files
  235. sharing Create share points for afp, ftp and smb services
  236. shasum Print or Check SHA Checksums
  237. shift Shift positional parameters •
  238. shopt Set shell options •
  239. shutdown Shutdown or restart macOS
  240. sips Scriptable image processing system
  241. sleep Delay for a specified time
  242. softwareupdate System software update tool
  243. sort Sort text files
  244. source Execute commands from a file •
  245. spctl Security assessment policy/Gatekeeper
  246. split Split a file into fixed-size pieces
  247. sqlite3 SQL database (download history)
  248. srm Securely remove files or directories
  249. stat Display the status of a file
  250. stop Stop a job or process
  251. su Substitute user identity
  252. sudo Execute a command as another user
  253. sum Print a checksum for a file
  254. suspend Suspend execution of this shell •
  255. sw_vers Print macOS operating system version
  256. sysctl Get or set kernel state
  257. system_profiler Report system configuration
  258. systemsetup Computer and display system settings
  259. t
  260. tail Output the last part of files
  261. tar Tape ARchiver
  262. tccutil Manage the privacy database
  263. tcpdump Dump traffic on a network
  264. tee Redirect output to multiple files
  265. test Condition evaluation •
  266. textutil Manipulate text files in various formats (Doc,html,rtf)
  267. time Measure Program Resource Use
  268. times Print shell & shell process times •
  269. tmutil Time Machine utility
  270. top Display process information
  271. touch Change file timestamps
  272. tput Set terminal-dependent capabilities, color, position
  273. tr Translate, squeeze, and/or delete characters
  274. trap Execute a command when the shell receives a signal •
  275. traceroute Trace Route to Host
  276. trimforce Enable TRIM commands on third-party drives
  277. true Do nothing, successfully
  278. tty Print filename of terminal on stdin
  279. type Describe a command •
  280. u
  281. ufs.util Mount/unmount UFS file system
  282. ulimit limit the use of system-wide resources •
  283. umask Users file creation mask
  284. umount Unmount a device
  285. unalias Remove an alias •
  286. uname Print system information
  287. unexpand Convert spaces to tabs
  288. uniq Uniquify files
  289. units Convert units from one scale to another
  290. unset Remove variable or function names •
  291. until Loop command •
  292. uptime Show how long system has been running
  293. users Print login names of users currently logged in
  294. until Execute commands (until error)
  295. uuencode Encode a binary file
  296. uudecode Decode a file created by uuencode
  297. uuidgen Generate a Unique ID (UUID/GUID)
  298. uucp Unix to Unix copy
  299. v
  300. vi Text Editor
  301. w
  302. w Show who is logged on and what they are doing
  303. wait Wait for a process to complete •
  304. wall Write a message to users
  305. wc Print byte, word, and line counts
  306. whatis Search the whatis database for complete words
  307. whereis Locate a program
  308. which Locate a program file in the user's path
  309. while Loop command •
  310. who Print all usernames currently logged on
  311. whoami Print the current user id and name (`id -un')
  312. write Send a message to another user
  313. x
  314. xargs Execute utility - passing arguments
  315. xattr Display and manipulate extended attributes
  316. xcode-select --install Install the command line developer tools
  317. youtube-dl Download video
  318. yes Print a string until interrupted
  319. zip Package and compress (archive) files.
  320. !! Run the last command again
  321. Commands marked • are bash built-in commands. bash is the default shell, it runs under Darwin the open source core of macOS.
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