The Deathwatch Will Protect Your Worlds

Jul 29th, 2013
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  1. The Deathwatch Will Protect Your Worlds
  3. Characters
  4. Deathwatch characters should start with a chapter move, a specialty move, 2 or 3 marine moves, and maybe one mark of distinction that got them assigned to DW.
  6. Stats
  7. Faith
  8. Fury
  9. Steel
  10. Cog
  11. Warp
  13. Combat and damage
  14. Against a singular foe, fight them normally. Against a horde, roll damage and reduce the horde by that much. Players and enemies will both roll random damage like DW and maybe something like The Regiment for general battlefield dangers.
  16. Hordes
  17. Hordes have a numerical rating, which corresponds to one untrained human trying to kill people. They have a primary weapon, may have a secondary weapon, and possible an armor rating.
  19. Corruption
  20. Facing down the terrible foes that the Deathwatch was founded to confront has a cost to the soul. This is tracked in a Corruption clock, which will eventually send you back to your chapter for penitence and absolution, your duty fulfilled but your soul at stake.
  22. Percussive Prayers
  23. When you invoke a machine spirit to a special task, roll +cog. On a 10+ the machine spirit cooperates within tactical parameters. On a 7-9 the result is either late or imprecise, your choice within the GM's interpretation.
  25. Blessings of the Omnissiah.
  26. When you take the time to bless your team's equipment and placate the appropriate machine spirits, roll +cog. On a 10+ hold one to be used to give a teammate +1 forward when using gear you have blessed. On a 7-9 your mechanical charges do their duty. On a miss, the GM holds one to be used for machine spirit perversity and failures during the mission.
  28. Mission Structure
  29. The Deathwatch is generally deployed in missions with specific tactical objectives. Achieving these objectives is broken down into phases. Military jargon like phase lines and such is used. The GM presents an objective and tactical intelligence, then collaborates with the player, portraying archivists and other non-mission specialists as needed, to come up with a plan. Details not covered by the plan may be filledin retroactively as the result of various moves. The GM then runs the players through the mission. Tactical complications requiring new plans or changes to existing plans will happen from GM moves. Shortcuts may present themselves.
  31. Debilities, scars and augmetics.
  32. As damage accumulates it will leave scars. Some injuries will require augmetic replacements as limbs and organs are lost to enemy fire.
  34. Service Life
  35. The GM should strive to find non-combat missions for the team. I'm not saying that recreating scenes where Robocop interacts with school kids is the way to go, but that's a good source of inspiration. Any chance to bring the Imperium to life in mundane ways should be taken; find a way to subtly limn the mundane with the Emperor's light. This might be tough to do in a warp-wracked battlezone but the GM is advised to take it as a challenge.
  38. Moves
  40. Sons of the Primarchs
  41. When you are made a full battle brother, you have your chapter's full set of implants, organs, and doctrine internalized and may use them as necessary.
  43. Allies of the Inquisition
  44. When you apply the special resources of the Deathwatch roll
  45. +faith to access dangerous information.
  46. +cog to obtain specialized equipment.
  48. The Emperor Protects
  49. When you really need that one in a million chance to come through, call on the emperor and roll +faith. On a 12+ His grace is upon you, the GM will describe the miracle. On a 10+ you get His grace, if you will sacrifice yourself. On a 7-9 suffer and pay a price the GM will approve for a partial success. A miss on a faith roll costs the character 1 Corruption.
  52. For the Emperor
  53. When you call on Him on Terra and face down certain death in a noble cause, roll +faith.
  55. Will of steel
  56. When you stand up against a storm of enemy attacks, roll +steel. On a 10+ hold 3. On a 7-9 choose 2. On a 6- hold 1 and the GM makes a move. Spend hold to
  57. Outmaneuver the enemy, take +1 forward when implementing the maneuver.
  58. Soak damage. -1d to incoming damage.
  59. Smite the foe. +1d when attacking.
  60. Demoralize the enemy.
  62. No mercy, no forgiveness
  63. When you wade through enemies who can't really hurt you, roll +steel.
  66. Mark of the Aquila
  67. When involve the Imperial Creed to inspire others, roll +faith.
  69. Spare the ammo
  70. When you put up your bolters and slash your way through inferior opposition, roll +fury. On a 10+ chop your way through the opposition and choose 2. On a 7-9 choose 1 or get the job done in good time. On a miss, become bogged down in butchery.
  71. Everyone take +1 ammo.
  72. Deal +1d
  73. Soak +1d damage
  75. Chapter moves and gear. (One special equipment and one move at start, one relic and one squad move as advances)
  77. Specialty:
  78. Tactical
  79. Devastator
  80. Assault
  81. Techmarine
  82. Librarian
  83. Apothecary
  85. Advanced moves
  86. Duellist
  87. Sharpshooter
  89. Ultramarines
  92. Salamanders
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