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  1. # Download Links
  2. - Source code:!pFcDCI4S!3V6X6lIpZ-s_jEpqMrRixq0BMOCSCabfZvCP5nForZY
  3. - Windows installer:!MB8GUBja!oJgeF_Jr9Gjhld5igzjnsgCJf2VE7rZCVr5mz8AwAYI
  4. - Windows x64 portable:!pY901bLB!vS32Rb5PfrbQ5129neEP91uSCbAoyhpUm3NmSRFrWO0
  5. - Windows x86 portable:!ZA1wRDbK!_-kHWiweRrkGxR4r5ZVb_vxNOogCingxC-rdAtFj2OE
  6. - Linux x64:!Vd93XBRD!ySrAinQtlkD3qpSCtwOzSsxWVgfoMMhlNgaAijkUrVU
  7. - Linux x86:!RQ8k0CoJ!JGOsiFN8mMZloNL8DnKppSMF6BQMj7fwdGETlMMbWHo
  8. - Mac x64:!QMM1HQRD!3kA7w2SR48DzQQgNu305owBpeOJKzHLRntIAA71XsW0
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