Grey Horse - High Class

Jun 22nd, 2015
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  1. >Only three more hours until you go to your scheduled classes.
  2. >All you have to do is eat your cereal, shower, get dressed and head on out the door. There’s more than enough time, so maybe you’ll end up showering for around 45 minutes again. You just hope this won’t disrupt Octavia, one of your two peers that live in the same residence as you.
  3. >The guests currently renting the house are Normal Norman, Octavia Melody and you, Indigo. The three of you have decided to spend the summer living in the same house as you take a couple of college level courses during the summer.
  4. >Since you’re all old enough to do this, your parent’s have allowed for this to happen. You’re all scheduled to go back to Canterlot high in a couple of weeks.
  5. >Norman, the other housemate, is already out taking morning classes to bring his grades back up before the summer semester ends. He leaves in such a rush every morning and he never bothers to lock his door.
  6. >Every day, the sound of elegant cello sounds would sound from the second floor of the house. It was really pleasant to Octavia practicing, to say the least. Personally, you loved it.
  7. >Today, however, there was silence.
  8. >You don’t think much of it at first, but it still seems a bit unusual for the house to be quiet around this time of day. She usually practices at this time every single day; this has always been the case.
  9. >After finishing your cereal, you head upstairs to your own room to get ready to shower. You gather your towel and a new set of clothes when you notice something a little bit strange occurring.
  10. >All around the second floor of the rental house, there is this subtle lingering smell. As though someone had lit scented candles of some sort. The smell does seem familiar to you, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.
  11. >Upon temporarily wanting to know about the source of this smell, you call out to Octavia and ask her if she’s cooking something in her microwave.
  13. “Octavia? Are you cooking those noodle things again?”
  14. >There’s no answer, but you’re a little too tired and occupied right now to care anyway.
  15. >You decide to ignore the mystery smell and head into the bathroom. It will just have to wait, since there are more important things to worry about right now.
  16. >Over the span of about 30 minutes, you get naked, enter the shower, lather up, rinse and fap once. The rest of the showers that you take normally include you standing under the warm water until there’s none left. You hate yourself for being that guy who always uses up all the hot water just because he’s too afraid to go back out into the cold world. But still, you always end up taking a long time anyway.
  17. >As you get ready to fap one last time, you hear something along with the running water. Some kind of voice. You turn the water off and listen closely.
  18. >It must have been nothing.
  19. >The water comes back on and you grab onto yourself, thinking of your favorite things. A boner forms not too long after this. But right as you start your business, you hear the sound again. It’s a little bit louder this time.
  20. >Is that laughter?
  21. >Annoyed, you turn the water off again and listen. Once again, the only thing you gather from your investigation is silence. This is beginning to become a nuisance.
  22. >Letting out a sigh, you turn the water back on and continue tending to your personal needs. You need to hurry up and finish so other people can use the shower, hopefully oblivious to what you’re doing in here.
  23. >There it is again.
  24. >Now too irritated focus, you turn the water back off, open the curtain and step out. It blows to leave yourself hanging at full mast, but this noise is too much of a distraction somehow. You really wish you weren’t so picky about this.
  25. >But this time, the noise doesn’t stop after the water turns off. After a few seconds, you hear it again without being shrouded in the roar of the running shower water.
  27. >It actually is laughter. Soft giggling to be exact, and it sounds like it’s coming from Norman’s room.
  28. >Knowing that Norman is already gone for the day, and apparently Octavia too since you don’t hear her practicing on her cello, you immediately assume that something is wrong. Did someone break in? Is Octavia actually here, but she’s been knocked unconscious by whoever broke in? That would explain why she isn’t practicing when she usually does.
  29. >Wanting to avoid a fight with a burglar while naked, you quickly dry yourself and slip into your jeans without your boxers. It’s hard to tuck your still erect dick in, but you’re too alerted to care. You leave the bathroom and rush over to Norman’s room after grabbing a baseball bat from your own room. Without even hesitating, you swing the door open to be met by a thick cloud of some sort of smoke.
  30. >You peer through the smoke to find somebody sitting on Norman’s bed with his bong in their lap. It’s a bit hard to make out through the current murkiness of the room’s air, but you can barely tell that the one sitting on the bed is Octavia.
  31. >It’s obvious what she’s been doing in here.
  32. >She slowly looks up at you, hardly even startled by your sudden appearance. Her reddened eyes try to widen in delayed surprise, keeping the eyelids halfway covering the pupils.
  33. >”Ohh… oh crap…” Octavia hesitantly gasps. “I… um…”
  34. “Octavia?” You address her. “What the hell is this?”
  35. >She stares right into your eyes, as though she’s watching fireworks go off. This lasts for a solid five seconds before Octavia contorts her face and bursts out laughing. Keeping the bong upright somehow, she weakly falls back onto the bed.
  36. >You cannot remember the last time you have been this surprised. Catching Octavia neglecting her cello practice is one thing, but catching her smoking weed is entirely on another level. This is nothing like her.
  38. >She’s literally sitting around in someone else’s room in nothing but a tight T-shirt and panties smoking somebody else’s weed without their permission. You would have never expected this from an 18-year-old high school student who had advanced so far that she enrolled in college classes for the summer. What business does she have doing this?
  39. “Are you seriously smoking his weed? I mean… really?” You say in disbelief as you drop the bat and put your hands on your head. “How long has this been going on?”
  40. >”Indigo, I…” She stutters.
  41. >Octavia slowly sits back up, staring at you the whole time. She can’t even widen her eyes all the way as she looks down at the bong, and then back up to you.
  42. “Octavia.”
  43. >She grabs the bong and slowly places it behind one of the pillows at the head of the bed, hiding it from view. She whispers to it as she does this.
  44. >”Shhh… maybe he didn’t notice.” Octavia mutters to the glass bong in an airy tone.
  45. “Octavia!” You repeat. “It’s too late. I saw everything.”
  46. >She perks up and glances back over to you. Now with a more worried look in her eyes, she begins to breathe in a panicked manner before speaking again.
  47. >”You… you did?” She asks.
  48. “Yes. I saw all of it, Octavia.”
  49. >”No… no please no…” She dreads. “This can’t be happening!”
  50. “Octavia, just calm down.” You urge her.
  51. >”No! My whole life is over! It’s all over!”
  52. “What? No it’s-”
  53. >”Yes it is! Everyone’s going to know now!”
  54. “What are you talking about?”
  55. >”You weren’t supposed to find out about this, Indigo! Now you’re going to tell everyone and everyone’s going to know!” Octavia tells you while almost on the verge of tears. “Then the school is going to find out and they’re going to kick me out and my perfect record is going to be ruined!”
  56. “Oct-”
  57. >”No! Don’t look at me!” She interrupts you. “My whole life is ruined! It’s all over, now!”
  58. “You’re jumping to conclusions, Octavia! You’re not thinking straight.”
  59. >”Oh really? How could that possibly be true?!”
  61. “You’re high as a kite! Just try to calm down, okay?” You try to tell her without shouting.
  62. >Octavia starts to breathe heavily and frantically look around the room. She momentarily stands up before losing her balance and stumbling to the floor. She stands up a second time and tries to evacuate the room by leaving through he doorway you’re standing in.
  63. >She weakly tries to push you out of the way, but you grab her wrists and hold her upright before she falls again. This girl is so high she can barely stand.
  64. >”Let me go!” She orders you. “My reputation is already doomed to no end! Please don’t make this any worse for me!”
  65. “Octavia.” You assure her once again. “It’s not the end of the world, not even close. Your life is going to be fine.”
  66. >Octavia’s upper lip begins to quiver. You stand your ground in the doorway as she tries to push past you once more before giving up again. She then starts to break down in tears in the face of her imagined fate. You put your arms around her as she leans onto you, losing her balance again.
  67. >”My whole life is over!” She softly wails again as tears accumulate in her reddened eyes.
  68. “No, it’s not.” You tell her once more.
  69. >”Yes it is! Because now you’re going to tell everyone!”
  70. “I’m not going to tell anyone, Octavia. I promise.”
  71. >”Oh, please! Anyone can say that they promise not to tell about something. And then about a week later word just magically spreads for no reason, doesn’t it?”
  72. “I’m not lying, Octavia.” You tell her.
  73. >”No. There’s no way you’re not going to tell anyone, Indigo. Why wouldn’t you tell your friends all the details after seeing somebody like me doing something like this?”
  74. “I swear I won’t tell anyone. And besides, I don’t even really have that many friends to tell if I wanted to do that anyway.”
  75. >”That doesn’t matter! Because they’ll tell all of their friends and their friends will tell even more people! It’s hopeless.” Octavia irrationally concludes.
  77. “But I’m not even going to tell anyone at all in the first place.”
  78. >”Yes you are. You’re just saying that. And once you get the chance, you’re going to start telling people. I know it!”
  79. “I’m not going to do that, Octavia. Your secret is safe with me.”
  80. >Octavia shakes her head, making her nose brush back and forth along your shoulder. Admittedly, you know that this isn’t really something you can keep to yourself forever. You’re not that much of a secret keeper, and Octavia is well aware of this.
  81. >You might not even be able to focus during class in about 2 hours, now that this is going to be haunting the back of your mind. If anything, you could use some weed yourself right now so you won’t be so on edge later on.
  82. >It is a fact that you have smoked in the past, but that was years ago. You feel like you simply became too occupied with other things ever since, so it would feel nice to let loose again.
  83. >Maybe you can just get her to let you join. It will convince her that you’re on her side about all this, it will help you relax later on today and will ultimately give the both of you closure before this is over. It’s really your only option at this point.
  84. “Fine. Tell you what.” You suggest. “I won’t tell anyone about this if you let me join you and have some myself. That way, if anyone finds out and you get caught, I’ll get caught too.”
  85. >Octavia ceases her weeping and looks up at you. She sniffs a few times before finding the courage to speak again.
  86. >”Really?” She asks you. “You swear?”
  87. “I solemnly swear.” You confirm. “Com on, Octavia. Why would I want to just ruin your reputation like that? Just let me in on this a little and we’ll sweep this under the carpet. Deal?”
  88. >She hesitates for about ten seconds. You stand there with her still in your arms, awaiting the answer.
  89. >”O-okay.” Octavia finally says. “So… I guess… do you want to come in?”
  90. “Yes. Let’s go ahead and sit down, shall we?”
  91. >”Of course.”
  93. >You both let go of eachother and walk over to Norman’s bed. The door is closed behind you, entrapping the remaining smoke filled air in the room with you.
  94. >Octavia retrieves the bong from behind the pillow and hands it to you.
  95. >”There’s still a lot left.” She says as you take it out of her hand.
  96. >It’s not like you never knew about Norman’s weed stash; he has told you about it in the past. It simply came up in conversation. It’s just strange that you are suddenly finding yourself with your hands on part of that said weed stash.
  97. >Octavia hands you a lighter next, which you light and hold up to the corresponding part of the glass instrument in your hands. Lean your head down and suck in some of the smoke that is just coming up from the bottom.
  98. >You inhale the smoke and let it fill your lungs. It makes you cough a little bit at first, as it has been a while since the last time you gave weed a try. Can’t really say the same for Norman, since it can be inferred that he’s probably a regular stoner by just looking at him. He even dresses like a stoner, in your opinion.
  99. >Nothing much can really be felt at first as you hand the bong back over to Octavia. She takes another long inhale as you lightly kick your feet off the side of the bed.
  100. “So… this is nice, huh?” You say to her after she finishes with her hit.
  101. >”Um… yes. Indeed.” Octavia answers before handing the bong back over to you.
  102. >You take another hit, this time making sure to breathe everything in more smoothly. A tingly feeling starts to assert itself in your brain, along with a sensation of light-headedness. But it’s not that strong of a sensation.
  103. >The two of you take turns with the bong. It is handed back and forth as the weed inside of it is slowly depleted to the point where there is about half of it left. Smoke fills the room once again, making the air thick and hard to see through.
  104. >It’s hard to tell if the weed’s kicking in; you’re not sure if you feel anything.
  106. “So… anything you want to talk about?” You ask after taking another hit.
  107. >Octavia stays silent for another few seconds before taking the bong again. She breathes some more in first before answering.
  108. >”I… I suppose. Do you mean like, tell a story?”
  109. “Sure. Though, I can’t really think of anything. Do you want to start off? Ladies first, am I right?”
  110. >”Okay.”
  111. >You gesture for her to begin.
  112. >”Well, last Christmas…” Octavia starts off.
  113. “You gave someone your heart?” You jokingly say to her.
  114. >There is a long awkward pause after what you just said. Both of you stare eachother in the eyes for what feels like hours. Octavia looks absolutely amazed at what you just said, like it was the funniest thing she has ever heard in her entire life.
  115. >All of a sudden, you two start cracking up. And hard. Octavia falls onto her back wile keeping the bong upright again as you collapse to the floor. You fall to your side, weak as can be. Your sides have not taken a beating like this in so long, and you’re so happy about this.
  116. >Both of you continue laughing for another five minutes before you manage to find the strength to pull yourself back up onto the bed. Thank goodness the bong didn’t spill.
  117. >And that one moment right there is all it takes. Octavia eventually catches her breath and proceeds to enthusiastically tell her story to you. You actively listen right from the beginning, intrigued by what she’s telling you.
  118. >Octavia goes on about this Christmas party that she threw at her house one time last year. She describes how silly people acted when they were dancing and fooling around. To your surprise, the whole story is blowing you away, and it keeps getting more and more interesting with each hit you take from the bong.
  120. >You remember hearing about this relatively recently, and you remember hearing about Flash getting arrested for some reason. There was definitely something that happened back then, but you don’t remember it being this… eventful. Maybe Octavia can enlighten you on some things since she was actually there; you would love to hear more about a party that you didn’t have a chance to go to.
  121. >This story eventually turns into an epic adventure for you after a few more minutes. You feel like you’re on a wild ride of a rollercoaster listening to what this girl is saying. It’s absolutely amazing; it has fun, dancing, drugs, music, sex and pretty much everything else all wrapped up into one jaw-dropping tale.
  122. >It all runs together eventually and you can’t focus much on the details, but you’re still entertained nonetheless.
  123. >But for some reason, you don’t even feel high at all. You’re not sure if it’s because you just don’t realize it, or maybe the good half of the weed has already been used up. What kind of weed even has a good half anyway? Maybe your expectations got too high instead.
  124. >Maybe you’re high, maybe you’re not.
  125. >Octavia goes on with her story, telling about how she and two other girls had sex with one guy in her bedroom. She even goes into grand detail, describing bondage and dick teasing. And this guy they had sex with was apparently on drugs. This isn’t even close to something she would talk about in real life.
  126. >You had no idea that this proper girl has done so many kinky things. Though, you might have been able to guess it.
  127. >Seriously, this whole story is some kind of adventure. And you literally cannot enjoy it enough as more and more time goes on and more of the story is told.
  128. >”And the best part is… so many girls at Canterlot High got pregnant, but I didn’t!” Octavia exclaims. “And he came a lot too, I felt it. I’ve never felt so lucky.”
  130. >You stand up and start clapping as she takes another hit. The room is getting so foggy with weed smoke, it seems somewhat spooky now.
  131. “What a story, Tavi!” You compliment her. “So anyway, since we’re on the topic, how’s your sex life?”
  132. >”It’s been sooooo amazing!” Octavia tells you. “I love having sex so much, like you don’t even know. I don’t understand why girls always have to hide their love for sex so much! Like, really. If just feels so good and I want to encourage them all to embrace that!”
  133. >Your jaw drops.
  134. “Oh… my… god! I feel the same way!” You reveal to her.
  135. >”Really?”
  136. “Totally! I really think you should be able to have more freedom with your actions.”
  137. >”Well that makes two of us, doesn’t it?!”
  138. “And you know what else?”
  139. >”What?”
  140. “You like weed, Octavia! You totally like weed!”
  141. >”Ah! How did you find out?”
  142. “I caught you smoking that one time and told you that I wouldn’t tell anyone if you let me join!”
  143. >”I remember that!” Octavia recalls. “It feels like it was just yesterday.”
  144. >You then realize something.
  145. “Wait… it wasn’t even yesterday. It’s still today!” You point out after taking another hit from the bong.
  146. >”Well of course it’s today! You can literally say ‘it’s today’ any day and you would be correct. It’s not tomorrow or yesterday… it’s today!”
  147. >To the both of you, all of this makes perfect sense.
  148. “You’re totally right, Tavi. How did I not realize that?”
  149. >The two of you continue your hilarious intoxicated back and forth for what now feels like days. No matter what you say to Octavia, she seems to always have the perfect answer right off the bat. And vice versa.
  150. >You still can’t tell if the weed’s actually kicking in or not, you personally don’t even feel high at all. If only there was a way you could be able to tell if you’re really high or not. Like, some sort of vision or apparition of some sort. You want to really see things.
  152. “Gee, Octavia. I sure could use a way to be able to tell if this weed’s working. All we’ve done is talk and stuff, but I’m not really seeing any hallucinations or anything.”
  153. >”I can’t help but agree. I wish there was something to spice up the environment.”
  154. >Just then, you can hear the faint sound of a horn honking in the near distance. It sounds like one of those ship horns that are smooth sounding and last for several seconds. But you ignore it.
  155. >“Perhaps we’re not doing it right.” Octavia hypothesizes. “Maybe we’re holding this thing upside down.”
  156. >The distant ship horn sounds a little bit louder. Closer.
  157. “Don’t turn it over, you’ll make everything spill out!” You warn her, recalling all of your knowledge of bongs and the art of weed smoking.
  158. >”It’s quite alright. I would never do such a thing. But still, nothing really seems to be happening right now. This seems kind of boring.”
  159. “That’s not entirely true.” You convey. “That story you told deserves like, a trillion stars or something. That was the coolest thing anyone’s ever told me.”
  160. >”Oh, thank you! I’m glad you liked it. I just wish something else cool will happen today.”
  161. >The ship horn sounds from right behind the two of you. It startles both of you this time.
  162. >You and Octavia turn around to see a giant ship looming over the two of you. Through the thick mist, you see the outline of a small person in a captain’s hat appear on the bow.
  163. >”Did somebody say breakfast?” An all too familiar voice heartedly chimes.
  164. “C… could it be?” You murmur.
  165. >”IT’S CRUNCH TIME!!!” Captain Crunch announces as he lowers himself down from his massive ship on a rope.
  166. >Nobody ever expects Captain Crunch.
  167. >Thousands of pieces of Crunch Berries start scattering in all directions through the surrounding mist. The ship parks itself onto the foot of the bed, crushing it into the floorboards. The deafening roar of the ships propellers drowns out all sounds as the smoke is spread around from the displacement caused by the ship.
  169. >Captain Crunch hands both you and Octavia bowls of cereal as a token of honor.
  170. >”Every day is Crunch Day!”
  171. >As you finish your bowl of cereal, you look at Captain Crunch through the fog. He emerges towards you and Octavia through the spooky clumps of weed mist. His skin melts away, slowly turning him into a skeleton.
  172. >”Every day is Crunch Day!”
  173. >You shriek in terror and jump up from the bed. Octavia becomes frightened as well and does the same. You both take the bong and flee the room with the undead skeleton of Captain Crunch closely pursuing close behind you.
  174. >You and Octavia enter the hallway and slam the door behind you. There is no doubt in your mind that you’re definitely high now.
  175. >”Well that was fast!” Octavia exclaims. “I swear I had no idea it would kick in that suddenly!”
  176. “Holy shit, that really was fast!” You reply to her, looking down at the bong. “This is some good weed. I actually kinda envy Norman now.”
  177. >”I’m so glad I did this with you, Indigo! I’ve never seen this side of you.”
  178. “I can honestly say that I haven’t either, and that I can say the same about you too. Who knew you and I could have so much fun together?”
  179. >Just at this instant, Octavia bursts out laughing again. You stare at her and squint your reddening eyes as she falls back onto one of the walls in her side splitting fit.
  180. “What’s so funny now?” You ask her, feeling heavily inclined to laugh as well.
  181. >Octavia takes a minute or two to catch her breath again.
  182. >”It’s… it’s just that…” She stammers between bursts of chuckles.
  183. “Yes?”
  184. >”I just got that thing you meant earlier when you said ‘ladies first!’” Octavia tells you. “It’s because… I AM a lady!”
  185. >She is then attacked by yet another barrage of laughing gas. If you two weren’t high right now, that probably wouldn’t have held any comical significance at all whatsoever. But weed has a knack for changing those kinds of things.
  187. >You join her in the laughter, sharing her inebriated bliss. Falling to the floor, you feel the powerful smile creep onto your face as you realize how hilarious everything is getting. You have never felt this good in a long time.
  188. >And that undead skeleton of Captain Crunch chasing you was the icing on the cake. This is nothing but good times with newly discovered good friends.
  189. “This couldn’t be more true. You’re the most ladylike lady I’ve ever met, Octavia.” You compliment. “You’re the most polite, charming and elegant lady I’ve ever been around.”
  190. >”You really think so, Indigo?”
  191. “Totally. I don’t even care that you smoke weed! You’re the most ladylike person I’ve ever known. You even look the most ladylike!”
  192. >Octavia begins to laugh again, sliding down the wall she’s leaning on until she is sitting on the floor. You sit down next to her and scoot up right next to her.
  193. >”You can’t possibly mean that, Indigo!” Octavia tells you. “There’s like tons of girls with hotter bodies than mine! I’ve seen them at the Christmas party.”
  194. “I don’t care. You look the most like a lady to me.” You assure her as you put your arm around her and pull her closer.
  195. >Both of you are getting really close now. You’re putting your arms around eachother, excitedly giggling as the weed overwhelms your thoughts. Octavia holds you closer, keeping the bong upright in her hand.
  196. >”Tell me more, Indigo. What are all the things that you like about me?” Octavia asks you.
  197. “Tell you? I want to show you!” You say.
  198. >Without thinking at all, you cup your hand over Octavia’s left breast and squeeze it through her shirt. She flinches immediately and bursts out laughing once again as she feels your hand grab her soft chest.
  199. >”Indigo! That tickles!” She squeaks between giggles. “You wouldn’t like it if I did that to you!”
  201. >You and Octavia fall to the side and land on the floor. She doesn’t stop laughing as you keep groping her, not even trying to push you away. You feel her right up against you as she lies under you on the floor.
  202. “What do you mean there’s girls hotter than you? You’ve got like a perfect body right here.” You tell her as your hands keep blindly touching her.
  203. >Both of you sit up and face eachother. She now sits about a foot in front of you, just out of reach.
  204. >”So… what? That’s it? You’re not going to touch me any more than that? I thought you liked my ladylike figure!” Octavia challenges you before falling forward and crawling towards you. “I never told you to stop.”
  205. >You clumsily fall back to the floor as Octavia positions herself right up against you. Neither of you can think straight, given that you don’t have the full ability to even stand up.
  206. >”Go on… continue…” Octavia urges you.
  207. >Doing exactly as she tells you, you place your hands on the sides of her body and slide them up and down. Octavia holds in her laughter as she feels them tickle her even more. You sit yourself up a little bit, grabbing Octavia’s tits again and kneading them with your fingers. She laughs hard in response to this, just as ecstatically intoxicated as you are.
  208. >”Ah! That tickles so much, Indigo!” Octavia tells you.
  209. “Oh yeah? Well how about this?” You respond as you slip your hands under her shirt and slide them up her back. “Shit’s getting real, now!”
  210. >Octavia loudly giggles and squirms against you as your hands directly tickle the sides of her body. You both fall over together multiple times and keep getting back up.
  211. >”Indigo! Indigo!” Octavia repeatedly calls out your name. “Your hands are like magic.”
  212. >The weed induced tickle fight continues for many more minutes. You keep feeling around Octavia’s bare body under her shirt, sliding your hands along her sleek skin. Move your hands down to her hips and then around to her ass.
  214. >Grope the cheeks tenderly, causing Octavia to respond with a yelp in a really high pitched voice. She then starts laughing even harder than you are as you both fall back over to the floor again.
  215. >Neither of you can stand up; it’s just too hard to do that right now.
  216. >Octavia reaches down to your pants and undoes your fly. Already being kind of loose beforehand, your pants easily slip down your slender waist, quickly allowing your rock hard member to pop out from the rim momentarily. You had no idea you had an erection until now.
  217. >You continue to feel around underneath Octavia’s shirt and touch everything your hands move across. You run your hands up her hourglass shaped body and then move to her back in search for her bra. But all you feel is her smooth skin.
  218. “Octavia? Where the heck is your bra?” You ask.
  219. >”I’m not wearing one!” Octavia reveals to you.
  220. “Oh! Really?!” You say. “That’s fucking hot!”
  221. >Octavia rolls her tongue as you move your hands back to the front of her body and start squeezing her breasts. They’re so soft under the pressure of your fingers.
  222. >”Wait, Indigo! I just got an idea!” Octavia brings up.
  223. “Oh my gosh, what? What is it?”
  224. >”Let’s have sex! Like… both of us! Both of us have sex… with like… eachother! On the bed!”
  225. >Your reddened eyes widen as much as they are currently able to, which is still slightly squinted since you’re high as a kite.
  226. “That… is… genius! Let’s go back to the bed!”
  227. >After numerous more failed attempts to rise to your feet, you and Octavia manage to eventually stand up together and limp to the closed door.
  228. “Wait! We can’t go back in there!” You warn. “Captain Crunch is still in there!”
  229. >Octavia loudly gasps.
  230. >”Really?! That’s horrible! We need to find somewhere else to have sex!” She proclaims. “Where were you before you came into Norman’s room?”
  231. “I was showering. And I was trying to jack of too, but your giggling distracted me! That’s what brought me over to you.”
  233. >”Oh my goodness. I’m terribly sorry about that, sweetheart. How about I make it up to you by jacking you off… with my vagina?!”
  234. >All of this is making perfect sense to both of you at the moment. Weed sure has its wonders.
  235. “Yes! Definitely! Let’s take a bath together!”
  236. >”Oh my goodness, I would absolutely love that, dear!” Octavia agrees. “I remember there’s that bubble bath solvent under the sink! Let’s take a bubble bath together!”
  237. >Both of you fall silent in the wake of that epic suggestion. In seconds, you two instantly spring up to your feet and race over to the upstairs bathroom. You have no trouble standing up now, even though your pants are around your ankles at this point.
  238. >Enter the bathroom, shut the door and turn on the water. Octavia rummages under the sink for a second or two and retrieves the bubble bath powder solution. It’s that flavored edible one that’s supposed to be for kids.
  239. >Without any kind of hesitation, you strip eachother down, fill the bathtub with only like an inch and a half of water and pour the entire box of the solution in. Swish the water around frantically to mix the powder in and get in almost at the same time. You let Octavia get in first.
  240. >There is more solvent in the tub than there is water.
  241. >The mountains of bubbles rise above the rim of the tub as you and Octavia gleefully wrap your arms around eachother and lock lips. Start kissing aggressively and fondling eachother with the slippery and mostly powdery solution getting all over you. It’s cherry flavored.
  242. >”Indigo!” Octavia sighs. “Be kinkier!”
  243. >Obeying her, you reach your hand between her legs and thrust your fingers into her pussy. You push the surfaces in there around, causing Octavia to moan softly. The moans are mixed in with her delirious laughter.
  245. >The tap is turned on once again and warm water flows out of the faucet and into the tub. Octavia puts her head under the water, letting her hair get soaked. She even drinks a little bit of the water that flows out.
  246. >The added water to the tub adds more mountains of bubbles to the scene, causing large quantities to spill over the edge and onto the bathroom floor. The entire tub is now filled and overflowing with cherry flavored bubbles.
  247. >Loving the taste of the solution, you and Octavia passionately kiss eachother with the bubbles between your faces, letting a lot of it get into your interlocking mouths. Naturally, you both start licking wildly.
  248. >You both are also made very slippery from the ever increasing amount of bubbles in the bath. The water itself is turning a deep red, almost like a blood filled tub in a horror movie. It doesn’t take long for you to start occasionally sipping the water. It’s starting to go down the drain, but the bubbles remain.
  249. >”You’re not being kinky enough, Indigo!” Complains Octavia with a mouthful of cherry bubbles. “I Want you to do something beyond any girl’s imagination! I want you to blow my mind!”
  250. “I’ll show you the most extreme of things! This bathtub is our empire!” You insist.
  251. >Lather a handful of the bubbles onto Octavia’s neck and begin licking. She starts giggling spastically again as your tongue slides everywhere on her skin. It drips down to her chest, so that’s where you move your mouth next.
  252. >You close your lips on her nipple and begin lustfully sucking on it, tasting everything you can with your tongue. Octavia responds to this with a bunch of soft moans, not knowing hoe exactly to react since she’s still high.
  253. >”That… feels so good, Indigo!” Octavia encourages you as you move over to her other nipple. “But I… want more! I want you to do something way more kinkier than that with your mouth. I dare you!”
  255. >Everything goes silent. You lift your head up, letting her nipple escape the suction of your lips with a slight popping noise.
  256. “You… what?”
  257. >”You heard me, mister! I… DARE… you! And you have to do it before you stick your dick inside of me!”
  258. >At this very moment, you suddenly feel like your whole life’s purpose was meant for this exact experience. She’s challenging you, Indigo. Are you just going to take that? She’s calling you out!
  259. “Challenge accepted!” You determinedly declare.
  260. >Take your hands and place each of them on the side of Octavia’s head. Your fried and spinning mind knows exactly what you’re going to do to Octavia next. And she’s going to love it.
  261. >This is going to blow her away beyond her imagination.
  262. >You lean in and plant a kiss onto her lips. It’s a simple kiss at first. Octavia responds by kissing you back, waiting for you to deliver an epic twist that only your high standards can accept. She sticks her tongue back into your mouth and meets your tongue. They dance around and rub against eachother.
  263. >They practically hug, being like two lovers themselves. But your own tongue must go on a little journey.
  264. >Moving your face up from Octavia’s, you drag your tongue out of Octavia’s mouth and run it up the ridge of her nose, keeping contact with the surface of her skin the entire time. You lick up her forehead and continue to her cherry bubble soaked hair. It tastes so freaking good.
  265. >Octavia leans forward as you run your hungry tongue down the back of her head and to the back of her neck. The slipperiness of the solution is what keeps you able to glide your tongue with ease.
  266. >Your tongue slides down the silky ridge of Octavia’s spine. Octavia moves to a position on her hands and kneed and tilts forward even more while you grab her waist and gently raise it into the air. Your tongue reaches her tail bone and continues on its path, for the deed is barely halfway done.
  268. >Her glistening ass slides along your face as you keep your tongue on the surface of her skin. It has taken a lot of the bubbles with it, bulldozing the flavored material all the way around Octavia’s underside and eventually onto her vagina in the same lick that you started with. Octavia has pretty much tumbled forward, now lying on her back with your head between her legs and face pressing into her crotch. This is where you temporarily pause.
  269. >Jut your tongue into her slit and begin to frantically eat her out. The cherry flavor only further interests you as you lick and kiss away at Octavia’s supple nether region. Meanwhile, Octavia is dead silent.
  270. >After caressing her delicate area with your mouth for about 30 seconds, you start to drag your tongue up the remainder of her slit and eventually up to her abdomen. It runs over her bellybutton, and then up to her sternum. You move side to side, keeping complete contact between your tongue and her wet body, sucking on her nipples again.
  271. >You eventually finish this and conclude the monster lick with a smooth gliding across her collarbone and up her chin. Eventually reaching her mouth once more.
  272. >The two tongues are finally reunited, free to embrace eachother once more. After another two minutes or so of nothing but silently making out, you finally release her mouth from yours. The two of you lovingly stare at eachother with your reddening eyes, stoned as you’ve ever been.
  273. >Neither of you have ever felt anything like that before. Nothing else comes even remotely close.
  274. “So… how was that?” You seductively ask her. “May I enter you now?”
  275. >Octavia doesn’t speak a single word, perhaps unable to in the wake of what just happened. Even though she’s high at the moment, she seems to be in a state of shock. Visibly shaken up by what you just did to her.
  276. >She stares into your eyes with an explosive glare.
  277. “Octavia?” You ask her.
  279. >Without a single word, Octavia leans back and spreads her legs as wide as she can for you, presenting her tender womanhood to you. And you accept, hoisting your waist between her upper thighs and gently thrusting forward.
  280. >Your dick finally enters her, sliding in with almost no friction due to the suds covering every inch of both of your bodies. Octavia remains silent and amazed, and you join her in that said silence.
  281. >At this point, words are no longer necessary.
  282. >Without any further thrusting at first, you both stare at eachother. You’re kneeling there with her thighs on either side of your waist. Your fully erect cock sits inside of her soft pussy, motionless. Neither of you speak or move.
  283. >You just stare at eachother for over a minute, admiring the glows that appear to radiate off of eachother’s shiny bodies. Mesmerized by it.
  284. >Then, you accidentally move your hips a little bit. The feeling of her dragging along your shaft even a tiny bit feels too good, so you semi-deliberately do it again. The urge begins to overtake you as you become thirsty for more and more movement inside of her.
  285. >The next thing you know, you’re thrusting your hips forward and back as rapidly as you can. The stimulation inside of Octavia is pushed to it’s full potential.
  286. >Both of you breathe heavily as you keep the friction between your skin and her skin strong. You don’t want the rubbing to stop until you feel yourself cum with the force of a thousand freight trains.
  287. >You keep going in and out, causing the remaining water in the tub to swish back and forth. Mini tidal waves are soon formed from the repeated movement, and they grow stronger and splash higher with each cycle.
  288. >Octavia’s eyes fully widen, staring right at you as you draw yourself closer. You’re not even going to waste your time seeing how long you can last, you just want to cum now. Everything else has already set you off enough to the point where you’re too aroused to care.
  290. >Push yourself over the edge and feel the orgasm take you. It shoots out; you can feel it. You can only imagine it charging straight into Octavia and rushing deep inside of her, to hopefully never be heard from again.
  291. >Both of you freeze in the position. There is no movement whatsoever. Octavia gazes into your eyes with that dreamy smile on her face, as you do the same back. She knows, and you know, that you did it right.
  292. >After another minute, you lower yourself so you gently land on top of her. Wrap your arms around eachother and kiss once more. Her lips are so sweet, you can’t stand it. And as you kiss them, she finally says something.
  293. >”Indigo…” She starts off, but then leans her head back and takes calm, deep breaths.
  294. >You do the same, not even caring what she was about to say. A little bit more kissing occurs afterward, only to be followed with both of you drifting off to sleep.
  295. ~
  296. >…
  297. >Many, many hours later.
  298. >You just know that it must be dark outside by now. After sleeping that well, it just has to be. The only thing that woke you up was a voice.
  299. >And it’s Normal Norman’s voice.
  300. >”Dude, Indigo? You in there, man?” He says.
  301. >You feel Octavia hold onto you a little bit tighter, to show that she’s still alive.
  302. >”Indigo? It’s Norman.”
  303. “Norman’s not here.” You jokingly respond.
  304. >After a short pause, you hear light snickering in response to the reference you just made.
  305. >”Alright, so you are in there. And you kinda caught me off guard with that one. But seriously though.”
  306. “Yeah. I’m here. It’s me.”
  307. >”Hey, um… what’s my bong doing in the middle of the hallway? Were you using it?”
  308. “Oh… um… actually yeah I was. Eh, I’m sorry about that, man.” You reply to him, knowing there’s no way around this.
  309. >Norman sighs from behind the locked door.
  310. >”Indigo. Bro. If you wanted to use my bong and stuff, all you had to do was ask.”
  311. “I’m sorry, man. You just weren’t here and… well…”
  313. >”Eh, whatever, dude. I mean, you didn’t break it or anything. You even left over some for me, I kinda need it tonight. Been a rough day.”
  314. “Wait, so you’re not mad?”
  315. >A few seconds of silence.
  316. >”Ah, it’s all cool, man. No one got hurt, right?”
  317. “Nah, it’s all good. I’m cool.”
  318. >”Alright, then. Hey, listen. You gonna be here all night? I’m going to a party in a half an hour, and it doesn’t look like Octavia’s here, so…”
  319. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll just be… chilling here until everything wears off. Then I’ll just go to bed later.”
  320. >”Sweet, bro.” Norman concludes. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Remember, ask next time, okay?”
  321. “I will, man.”
  322. >And with that, Norman leaves. He doesn’t even really seem to care that you used his bong. All he did was ask you to make sure you have his permission next time. That was nowhere near as bad as you had imagined it.
  323. >…
  324. >After Norman leaves, Octavia eventually comes to her senses as well. You hold her in the bathtub for a little while before eventually standing up with her. You both leave the tub and turn around to assess its condition.
  325. >It has a bunch of dried up red dye on it, but nothing you can’t handle with some water, soap and paper towels.
  326. >Staying naked, the two of you spend the next 45 minutes or so cleaning up the tub. Then you get into the shower so you can clean yourselves off. You just go in together to save time and water.
  327. >A 10 minute make-out session ensues as you both clean eachother off, barely remembering the things that you did together before you passed out. Octavia even stands in front of you and lets you fap to her naked body one time to make up for the fact that you missed your chance to shower-fap before.
  328. >Everything is eventually removed and you two turn off the water and get out of the shower. Sure looks like you missed your classes today. It’s okay, your grades can take it.
  330. >Making sure that Norman has already left for his party, you and Octavia leave the bathroom, sharing a towel. You both walk over to her room before you let her take the towel into her room for a minute to dry off while you wait naked in the hallway. She then tosses the towel over to you and closes her door.
  331. >You go to your room and dry yourself off, then put on the outfit that you were going to wear to class today.
  332. >But you didn’t wear it to class today. You didn’t even go to class. All of these things that occurred today instead were all because of one thing that started it all.
  333. >Octavia got high.
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