Oct 17th, 2014
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  1. ----===== Mahou Shonen Quest =====-----
  3. Makoto Kiryoka
  4. + Lucky: Gives better odds for any action.
  5. + Beautiful: You are the picture of feminine beauty.
  6. + Honourable: You often act on the path of Justice.
  7. = Feminine: You feel comfortable in female clothes/form.
  8. = Androgynous, Male Leaning: You considers yourself somewhat masculine.
  9. = Female Attraction: You feel attracted to the feminine.
  10. - Weak: You exhaust quickly, physically weak.
  11. - Sensitive: Your skin is very sensitive.
  12. Foci:
  13. White Maiden (Makoto): Purity. White and Pink dress.
  14. Fetter: Coin Necklace
  15. + Purification: Allows you to obliterate darkness and break down complex objects.
  16. + Healing: Allows you to slowly recover injuries on yourself and others.
  17. + Purge: Allows you to clean Foci of corruption.
  18. - Sensitive: You are highly susceptible to damage and emotional overdrive.
  20. Strict Ebony (Yui): Constriction. Leather bodice, boots and stockings.
  21. Fetter: Leather Corset.
  22. + Vinyl Vines: Can manipulate leather and plastics into long, whip-like strands.
  23. + Bindings: Can place tight binds on the target, obstructing their movement.
  24. + Leather Coffin: Can cover herself in flexible materials to act as armour.
  25. - Obstruction: Personal agility is lacklustre.
  27. Mecha Musume (Shun) NOT A FOCI
  28. + Enhanced Strength
  29. + Enhanced Speed
  30. + Limited Flight
  32. ---== Relationships ==---
  33. Their disposition (Emotion/Loyalty/Lust), advice, and current thoughts.
  35. Robosan
  36. "You're a stalwart soldier, Kiryoka. We may not agree, but I trust you. You're... cute by earth-standard. *Ahem*"
  37. "Locate and neutralise this Mahou Shoju, at any cost."
  38. "Stone golems? How interesting..."
  40. Hana Kiryoka (Mother)
  41. "My darling child, Makoto. I trust you completely."
  42. "You should learn about a girl's body."
  43. "Go have fun!"
  45. Shun Tanakawa (Baseball Girl)
  46. "You're great, Makoto. I trust your judgement. Man, you can be so cute sometimes, makes me wanna... Uh..."
  47. "Let's help this girl!"
  48. "We'll definitely help them, even if they don't want it!"
  50. Yui Oomura (Council Prez)
  51. "You're quite the catch, Kiryoka. I have faith in you. I just can't help myself when I see you~!"
  52. "We should capture this Mahou."
  53. "We should have persisted. Skulking doesn't feel right..."
  55. ??? (Bin Girl)
  56. ???
  58. Umeki Yasuka
  59. "You were a big help, I appreciate it. I trust you, I really do, but..."
  60. "Nothing to add."
  61. "What should I do..."
  63. Momoko Yasuka
  64. "You're pretty as a priestess. You're smart."
  65. "Come back and play with me."
  66. "Was that really a dream?"
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