Jul 13th, 2018
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  1. Introduction:
  2. It has been over two thousand years since the all clear signal was received from the few functioning interstellar monitors. Eons ago humanity stood amongst the top of the galaxy, alongside two other formidable empires, whose names have since been lost. Despite occasional rivalries and border skirmishes, relations were not hostile. At that time, many were researching how to generate wormholes and shunt gateways through them as a means to reach far flung regions of space. That was until *it* came.
  4. An unsanctioned experiment was done by researchers of another empire, on the fringes of human space, to manipulate a natural wormhole to force it to a new end point, one way or two ways be damned. Our corrupted data indicates that it indeed became a one way wormhole... To our galaxy. It lasted nought but hours, yet from there, the scientists were infected with the parasite. Driven by it's hunger, they went to one of our worlds and made a suicidal landing on the planet. While the ship was damaged, but intact, and the scientists terminated by the impact, little did we know that the damage was done. Spores had made landfall, and we took too long to realize this.
  6. By the time a quarantine was announced, a mere two weeks later, the parasite had already adopted to gain a subtle incubation period, and found its way to then off-world sapients. And so began the Fall, our nearly endless war for survival with the parasite. After the first dozen systems fell to the parasite, it appeared that we had successfully contained it, but we were gravely mistaken. Having consumed enough sapients, much of the parasite pooled itself into a single essence, a key mind. That was when matters took a turn for the worst. World after world, system after system, fell. The parasite's grown continuing unabated.
  8. At the beginning of the turn, we beseeched the other empires for aid, but little came, and then Earth fell. Our home, our place of birth, many billions of individuals, lost. That was the beginning of the end, and the root of our resentment of the fools we once called our peers. For it was they who failed to aid us in our darkest hour, and it was they who brought the parasite to our home! Even with the full force of the galaxy now at arms, it was all for naught. With the fall of Earth and many vital systems of humanity, the parasite had created multiple key minds, with a scarce few being the size of an entire planet. Not even our finest AI constructs could compete with those biological monstrosities.
  10. That period of consumption lasted for two centuries and humanity had been whittled down to nearly nothing. Worse still, the parasite had spread to the other empires, having cut through huge swathes of human space to reach them. At this point, it was acknowledged by the others that conventional means could no longer succeed. To that end, our two former peers decided that the Array was the solution, with our semi-forced approval, as the Array would mostly be in our former territory. The Array was a series of artificial objects with radius of around 5000 km. Once deployed, they would emit a pulse that would wipe out all sapient life and completely destroy any technological device in the area of effect. Left with inedible animals, and no space faring vessels, the few remaining spores would starve themselves out.
  12. Of course, even in these dire hours, we had not forgotten the betrayal, and our contempt. To that end, many of our few remaining scientists worked to modify the Array, and mildly extend the range of the pulse. It would not do much, but it would ensure that the homeworlds of our rivals would be annihilated. Only then would our vengeance be satisfied. Using the few AI constructs we still had, and a handful of our finest minds, we dedicated them to devising a way to shield worlds from the effects of the pulse, for our remaining worlds left were all in its terrifying range. We were successful in devising a planet wide shield against the pulse, a special Faraday cage if you will. However, the parasite was not idle during these trying times...
  14. As the parasite consumed more and more, it would come to learn of the Array, and the possibility of defeat, and true death. And so began the final forty years of war, a savage race for survival between the denizens of the galaxy, and the parasite. The Array was rushed into production and deployment, with it set to jump into the sun after a thousand or so years from activation, if no red flag is raised by any shell of us three that remain. Nobody, not even our own superior AI, predicted anything near the suicidal rate at which the parasite threw itself at us. It would even burn a key mind to get a handful of systems, resulting in a net loss of biomass for itself. When the Array was put in place, with it expanded to account for the assaults of the parasite, our own preservation attempts were lagging.
  16. Yet we still persisted, and were able to congregate much of our dwindled distant population on this secluded world, formally a medium sized world in the empire humanity once held. Its residents had long been genetically modified to better bare the frigid environment on the world, in addition to the standard age prolonging measures implemented in all humans long ago. Being far off from other major planets, and partially hidden by the gas giant it orbits, Veluridor was naturally cut off from its nearest neighbors when the parasite got close, and that turned out to be its saving grace. Our remaining AI constructs were launched into space, manning the run of pulse-shielded monitors we had made in time, and so we went into cryo, awaiting the all clear.
  18. Then, the Array was fired. Its wave of death plunged through the stars, ending intelligent life and technology where ever it touched. Our final data burst from the monitors indicate that the Array was overwhelmingly successful; the parasite was gone and our former peers had been reduced to a shadow of their former selves due to a combination of losing their homeworld and other systems plus many ages of stagnation. The galaxy is even teeming with new sapient species, many of whom have taken to the stars, but those that have reached the stars are nearly all brutal and murderous zealots. Perhaps the parasite managed to weave itself into animals in a lighter fashion? What other method can hope to explain this madness? Only time will tell, as we awake and apply the final Poulsen treatment to our bodies, finding what little survived the ages that have come and gone, and how many eons of technological progress have been lost. Yet, even so, we find the galaxy wanting.
  22. ===================================================================================================
  23. Thankfully, the planet's telescope array was still functional, and from there we derived the presence of one world on both Sunm and Enuos that are satisfying for colonizing by our current population. Given the larger size of Sunm, it was decided to send our sole exploration vessel in that direction.
  26. ===================================================================================================
  27. This decision turned out to be quite wise, for the first system that the Ariadne jumped into, a star surrounded by molten worlds, turned out to be a haven for energy, and efforts were kicked into action to secure the system as soon as humanly possible.
  30. ===================================================================================================
  31. It would take a year to thaw out enough of our population to truly get an effort underway, but the system had been secured, and soon we would be set for precious energy for a good amount of time.
  33. ===================================================================================================
  34. Date: 2202.07.20
  35. During a routine survey, the Sentinel, the second ship of the Adriadne line, found what appears to be structural remnants on the surface of Eglaref I. Was this barren world once one of our own? For now, that question will have to wait, for none of our research staff yet have the means to look into this matter within a reasonable time frame.
  37. Further, in the closing days of 2201, we completed the energy extraction satellite on Mechi Lerageo.
  40. ===================================================================================================
  41. Date: 2203, 3, 7
  42. Sunm III would turn out to be a powerful colonial contender. Filled with all sorts of planetary deposits, it will inevitably become a key world in our revived empire
  45. ===================================================================================================
  46. Date: 2203, 10, 11
  47. One jump from our new home, and we find this. A seemingly natural, miniature wormhole? Preposterous, and at the same time, terrifying. We have not forgotten the parasite, and so, we research this anomaly with the utmost in safety measures we can manage.
  50. ===================================================================================================
  51. Date: 2203, 12, 10
  52. Emuos I would turn out to indeed be less of a potential colony target than Sunm III, but that did not make it useless, for it still contained a number of scientific oddities worthy of study, and plenty of edible biomass. Emuos III, being unsuitable to the population as of current, was also subject to constant bombardment by asteroids, being filled with craters, despite containing ample amounts of energy and optimal space for particle accelerators
  55. ===================================================================================================
  56. Date: 2204.02.16
  57. After delving into the miniature wormhole, it indeed appeared to be artificial, containing a device of unknown purpose. Thankfully, it is entirely mechanical in nature, and the wormhole is on track to naturally fade. All is well, for now.
  60. ===================================================================================================
  61. Date: 2205.07.06
  62. After surveying a local asteroid, we found one of our old weapon test sites. Being mostly automated, it appeared to have continued functioning during the ending stages of the Fall, and after the firing of the Array, only going offline somewhere around the time when the all clear signal was emitted.
  65. ===================================================================================================
  66. Date 2205.10.04
  67. What causes life to bloom and wither? How quickly can people go from tossing rocks, to tossing missiles? It seems after the firing of the Array, life would quickly return, but it can just as quickly be extinguished. It is unfortunate to see that such a promising species would pass on so quickly. Perhaps, if we awoke the moment the all clear was received, we could have guided these poor souls, but that time is long lost.
  70. ===================================================================================================
  71. Date: 2206.04.16
  72. During the routine survey of the Itinichay system, an interesting substance was discovered. Not present in our damaged records, it appears to be useful in ship propulsion. While the system was already high on the list as an expansion target, this has further increased that priority.
  75. ===================================================================================================
  76. Date: 2208.07.03
  77. In a very unusual discovery, our scouts came across an inert, and lifeless, generation ship. While those spiritualist fools put their hope in non-existent beings instead of their own hands, it is possible that they indeed found a planet worth settling. This warrants investigation.
  80. After looking at the logs, it appears the location is a bust, or should be, but Samantha Hunter cannot help but grasp at straws
  83. ===================================================================================================
  84. Date: 2209.10.24
  85. At the end, Hunter was proven right, for the appearance of the world was merely a ruse. Yet, even so, those barbarians had completely eschewed technology upon arrival, and the world they found has virtually nothing beyond that needed for a basic hunter-gatherer lifestyle.
  88. ===================================================================================================
  89. Date: 2209.11.04
  90. During a survey of the Osseq system, Miroslav Makarov, whom by now is our most accomplished explorer, discovered something truly horrifying, an abandoned station that had been turned into some sort of bio-metal monstrosity. Being unsure if this bizarre thing is alive, similar to the old key minds, or merely lacks sapience, establishing a proper quarantine and study of the system is now a high priority. What if someone else finds it, and this turns out to be a mutation of the parasite?
  93. ===================================================================================================
  94. Date: 2210.07.20
  95. As the months pass, not much has occurred, however another new material was discovered, again previously unknown. Within the scientific community, there is discussion that this somehow is tied to after effects from the pulse, or potentially things done by the parasite or their eventual death and decay. Notably, this material was found in the Mardak Vol's "paradise" system, proving that searching for this system was not a loss.
  98. ===================================================================================================
  99. Date: 2211.03.06
  100. On this day, a number of our own have taken to the stars in an attempt to stake out "a better life" through banditry. These Screaming Marauders, as they call themselves, must be terminated without mercy. This will not stand.
  102. ===================================================================================================
  103. Date: 2211.10.06
  104. In the orbit of Rebluff B IIa, we have discovered one of our old satellite grids. Originally used for stable communication during the Fall, it appears that this particular portion survived the effects of the pulse. While we have no way to know just how it survived, it would be prudent to study and, if possible, reverse engineer these satellites to reuse their technology once more.
  106. ===================================================================================================
  107. Date: 2212.12.08
  108. Earlier, during a routine survey, the Pearl found that a particular sun had been aging prematurely, seemingly without reason. Now, after looking more closely into the issue, it appears that millions of years ago an energy beam was fired at the sun in an attempt to make it go supernova. While it failed to achieve that goal, for better or worse, the technology used in this feat is far beyond our means, even at our former height. It is unfortunate that it is not possible to find the origin point of this exotic weapon.
  110. ===================================================================================================
  111. Date: 2213.10.03
  112. During the survey of Neusi C II, Miroslav Makarov once again made an insightful discovery. An old derilict station was emitting irregular signals, and inside was a swarm of old nanobot miners. Despite their age and lack of maintenance, they had continued working, generating a substantial deposit of minerals. At Makarov's initiative, the away team repaired the nanobots to proper working order, and seized the left over minerals for our use. There also happen to be two planets of acceptable environmental conditions, classified as 'Alpine', for colonization for our current population in the system.
  114. ===================================================================================================
  115. Date: 2214.02.06
  116. The Neusi system continues to be a system of scientific wonder and immense strategic value. Now, on the molten world of Neusi C I, there are a number of bacteria living, no, thriving, on this world. Being the first examples of such beings we have ever recorded in history, they also emit an interest gas, which we have deemed "Engos Vapor" as a byproduct of their metabolic process. It appears to be a stimulant that, upon testing, appears to greatly improve our own biological functions, allowing us to operate at maximum capacity. Given how resource rich the Neusi system already is, the two colony targets, how valuable Engos Vapor may be, and how it is merely two jumps from the Osseq system, it is now the highest priority expansion system.
  118. ===================================================================================================
  119. Date: 2214.08.25
  120. It is on this day that Sunm III, now named Jotunheim, has been colonized by our own. It shall be the first of many, to fuel our ascension and second rise to the stars.
  122. ===================================================================================================
  123. Date: 2216.05.14
  124. While the entirety of 2215 has passed without much of note, today something straight out of science fiction was found. For what is time? How does it pass? What does it have in store for us all? For the world of S'silus Ia, it is seemingly out of a different time, as it's chronotron readings make no sense at all, meaning that this world has been displaced out of time. Perhaps, when we eventually take this system, we will be able to learn more on the nature of time from it. But that will have to wait.
  126. ===================================================================================================
  127. Date: 2217.10.05
  128. The Accra jumped into a system named Kraiduskiw today. While this is generally usual for our forward explorers, nothing in our records indicate that there even was a system in this location in the past. Stranger still, there is a 'Gaia' world here of immense size, which is being protected by an automated force calling themselves the 'Guardians of Zanaam', whom promptly told us to leave or be destroyed. Perhaps, even in the old days, we did not fully explore our own galaxy? What more remains to be found?
  130. ===================================================================================================
  131. Date: 2219.04.15
  132. Another miniature wormhole was found and investigated. A spaceborn alien was trapped in there, and after analysing it to ensure it was not subjected to the parasite, the team decided to help out the creature as it would certainly die if left there. Through an ingenious use of a grappling hook and the ship's thrusters, the now grateful creature was freed. After somehow emitting a beautiful sound through the void of space, it was allowed to escape.
  135. ===================================================================================================
  136. Date: 2020.01.02
  137. After discovering an alien space-faring race and decrypting their communications, our worst fears have been confirmed. The galaxy is dark and full of terrors. These bizarre peacock-like beings desire nothing but the annihilation of all other sapient life besides their own. Murderers, fiends, barbarians, those are the only words to describe these scumbags.
  140. ===================================================================================================
  141. Date: 2221.03.10
  142. Deep space listening buoys, they have picked up a high speed sublight ship heading for Neusi B III! The ship refuses to respond to our hails and is clearly some sort of colony vessel. Is it another ship filled with Marak Vol? Is it another instance of the parasite? While we will not destroy it, we will put mobilize the fleet encase quarantine measures are needed.
  145. ===================================================================================================
  146. Date: 2221.08.28
  147. The ship eventually made landfall and the residents have established their own colony on the surface. Called Hallowed Haunt by the new Filahn residents, they have yet to notice our presence in the system. We contacted these individuals to inform them that they are interlopers on our space, but these beings appear to be moronic (actual trait), and as such we have decided to leave them be, for now.
  150. ===================================================================================================
  151. Date: 2223.12.01
  152. It appears that the Mardak Vol were not destined to remain in their backwards lifestyle alone forever. Today we received a message from a highly advanced space-faring race, calling themselves the 'Vol', with technology on par with our own at our former height. Coming from another galaxy, they claim that the Mardak are a fungus-based parasite, which destroys the mind of whom it infects. The Vol say that they have been fighting this parasite for eons and that humanity is their next target now that mankind discovered them. A quick glance at the profile of both races lends credence to the Vol's claim that the Mardak Vol are merely infected Vol. Perhaps this Mardak is in fact the origin of the parasite we ourselves fought ages ago? Regardless, there is only one response appropriate in this situation, and that is the eradication of the Mardak Vol. We cannot risk a revival of the parasite. With our consent, the Vol released their Fungo-X agent over the Mardak Vol, and so the latter is rendered into toxic sludge, into the dustbin of history.
  155. ===================================================================================================
  156. Date: 2224.06.08
  157. At the time of the all-clear signal being received, a number of unmanned probes were launched into space as additional reconnaissance vessels. One such probe found its way to Daredth, and got the attention of a Void Cloud type entity. The fleet was dispatched to deal with the entity, however, they found themselves entirely unprepared to dealing with such a being which effectively acted as a heavily shielded combat vessel. Of the eight ships sent, three were lost, and one, the UNSC Applebee, was heavily damaged during the fighting. Captain Leonid Alekseyev, in a feat of damage control, managed to keep the ship afloat despite normally critical damage. In light of these achievements, he has been promoted to Admiral.
  159. ===================================================================================================
  160. Date: 2224.12.20
  161. On the ground of Fukin Ib, charred remnants of cruisers that were active during the Fall have been discovered. Despite them being accidentally dated as being from sometime in the past 5000 years, we can clearly identify a handful of the ships as being those that were formally our own. An expedition will be sent immediately.
  163. ===================================================================================================
  164. Date: 2225.02.01
  165. Upon finding an odd forward outpost, one seemingly functional, we have found one of our own. Calling herself the Exile, she is a scientist of great skill and ability. Yet, she is not present anywhere in our records, seemingly indicating that he was a human off-world of Veluridar at the time when we all entered cryosleep. She evidently has been treating himself with Poulsen treatments... Just how old is this person, truly? She has expressed an interest in returning into the fold of humanity, on the sole condition that the Ariadne leaves Dardarperoid V immediately and that we never return to that world. As we welcome her back, we wonder, are there more humans out there to be found that, against all odds, impossibly survived both the pulse and the passage of time?
  167. ===================================================================================================
  168. Date: 2224.02.01
  169. The team under Miroslav Makarov has finished their expedition to Fukin Ib. Indeed, the warships that once belonged to us and our rivals are far beyond our current level of technology. Even this minor expedition has advanced us by many years, and a permanent research outpost will gain us many more advances once we return.
  171. ===================================================================================================
  172. Date: 2226.02.11
  173. After finally scanning Rippigaur II, it appears that something there was scanning us back... More investigation is required.
  175. ===================================================================================================
  176. Date: 2226.06.20
  177. On Chathal B II, Nicoletta Di Bella has made an amazing discovery. Deep underground is an ancient bunker system, filled with rusted terminals and unusable equipment. After days of searching, Di Bella's team came across a single functioning computer, along with a host of logs and other archives. It categories itself as a "refugee center", built sometime after it was decided that the Array would be constructed. The concept is that once it was built, complete with a number of cryo bays, food stores, and ships equipped with rudimentary one-way jump drives, the bunker would entirely seal itself off from all outside bodies, save for EM signals, which would inform the commander of the bunker that it was time to leave the planet for a planet that would be shielded from the Array. As with many initiatives during this time period however, dwindling resources combined with the onslaught of the parasite meant that the bunker was not filled to capacity. Even so, it successfully protected a significant number of people, as the fragmented occupant logs match up with our own colonist records, as many of the latter can attest to.
  179. ===================================================================================================
  180. Date: 2226.09.24
  181. It turns out what was scanning us from the plains of Rippiguar II was sort of seemingly abandoned ship. Given the possibility of it being controlled by a hostile AI construct, it was decided to dismantle it for our own safety.
  183. ===================================================================================================
  184. Date: 2227.02.02
  185. In a great surprise to all, we have come across a space-faring race that does not wish to kill us at first sight. While they are slaving despots, they are at least not murderers. Diplomatic initiatives will be carried out immediately.
  187. ===================================================================================================
  188. Date: 2230.10.07
  189. Searching a strange signal found during a routine planetary survey, the Sentinel came into contact with stranded scientist of a hitherto unknown sapient species. Calling herself Ghuum, she claims to be of unrivaled intellect, pointing to her survival of proof of that, and is requesting rescue and proposing to become part of our research staff. We granted her request, and within one week, she had made a breakthrough in two major fields, advancing them by years.
  192. ===================================================================================================
  193. Date: 2230.03.05
  194. During a survey of Bynopyc VII, very strange silver liquid rivers. After analysing the liquid in greater detail, and it appears to nearly being organic in nature. It responds to external stimuli and seemingly "heals" itself. While it is uncertain if we can classify it as living at this time, it certainly has a number of practical applications in a number of fields.
  197. ===================================================================================================
  198. Date: 2233.02.03
  199. On 2232.12.04, we found a number of underground cryo chambers on an otherwise dead rock. Much of the world is dead and gone, and there was no way for us to reactivate the pods on site, however, we moved these pods to one of our actual complexes to be dethawed. Apparently, this race was well on it's way to interstellar travel, with their first vessel under construction, but the sun was about to let out a deadly solar flare. The flare turned out to be deadlier than expected; instead of frying the world's electronics and destroying much of the infrastructure on the surface, the planet was instead entirely sterilized and the all-clear signal never came. This is the last surviving pod of the Naduttese, whose suffering in cryo mirrors our own. We welcome them into our empire as equals.
  202. ===================================================================================================
  203. Date: 2237.03.01
  204. This is a tragic day. For on this day, the Freemasons of Sal'Tzynn have declared us to be their rival. Despite guaranteeing their independence, giving them communication information, free Satramene Gas for ten years, they perceive us to be their main threat in this cold universe. This is a colossal failure on the part of our entire diplomatic staff.
  206. ===================================================================================================
  207. Date: 2243.02.30
  208. After making a long journey through subspace, the Accra has come in contact with two alien races. For some reason, both decrypted our communications, only to tell us of our impending doom at their hands. Lovely bunch.
  211. ===================================================================================================
  212. Date: 2247.04.01
  213. The Freemansons have decided to end our rivalry. This is a glorious occasion!
  215. ===================================================================================================
  216. Date: 2247.04.09
  217. After finding an odd brain-like symbiote during a routine study, scientist Elena Ivannikova initially failed to join it to any reptile on the planet. Originally these symbiotes joined with a now violent species of reptile whom in the past were sapient. Frustrated with the lack of results, Ivannikova used herself as a wiling test subject and was successful. Besides increased general performance, she is able to talk to the symbiote itself. It explained that they are a hiveminds with a long life span whom combine with willing hosts. The original reptiles became suspicious of the slugs at some point, and killed the ones attached to them, leading to loss of sapience. Given the benefits, and ability to remove the symbiotes if needed, willing humans will be allowed to pair with them.
  220. ===================================================================================================
  221. Date: 2247.04.29
  222. In a diplomatic coup, after ending the pointless rivalry we once had, humans and the Tzynn now stand back to back in a galaxy filled with horrors and bloodthirsty killers. May we both withstand the test of time, together.
  225. ===================================================================================================
  226. Date: 2247.06.03
  227. The ever so hardy Naduttese prospectors of Perseverance have found an interesting material in their local moon, one that would allow for the creation of a near-planet wormhole generator for small scale civilian traffic throughout our empire. Given the possible advancements in wormhole research, and the local economic benefits, that this project may generate, construction will be done.
  230. ===================================================================================================
  231. Date: 2247.06.16
  232. On this day, our science team made a very strange discovery, of a world they have called The Veil. This world, nominally a Gaia world as Earth once was, shifts between being that planet classification and being a "Shrouded" world. It is deemed that this system should be claimed, and if possible, the planet be observed from orbit or populated with robots until the effects of the Shrouded world can be determined. Some radical human leaders have been suggesting to send Naduttese settlers instead, but that idea has been struck down for being highly unethical and unsafe.
  235. ===================================================================================================
  236. Date: 2248.09.03
  237. Once more, we have come across the ever mysterious L-Gates. Originally found one or two decades before the arrival of the parasite, these foreign Gateways were amongst the hottest topics with the human scientific community, however few resources were put into studying them, given the conditions surrounding the Fall. Now, with the galaxy relatively more peaceful, perhaps we will have the chance to brake open the lock that guards this mystery.
  240. ===================================================================================================
  241. Date: 2249.03.23
  242. To our very great surprise, we have found a race of space faring sapients very similar the Tzynn in nature. The diplomatic staff has been immediate advised to secure decent relations as soon as possible.
  245. ===================================================================================================
  246. Date: 2252.01.03
  247. The Kel-Azaan Cartel declared war on the Iferyx Despoilers, the Tzynn-like sapients whom we have guaranteed the independence of. However, we have no way to actually reach their systems. Whoops.
  249. ===================================================================================================
  250. Date: 2252.12.03
  251. During the multi-centennial conflict against the parasite, many different approaches to dealing with that threat were analyzed. One of these methods involved bringing our extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence to the forefront, the Warforms. These were a series of semi-autonomous ships, ranging anywhere from large battleships to small corvettes, each equipped with a low level AI construct arrayed into a single fleet. The fleet itself was lead by a high level AI construct, whose data was often distributed among the fleet, or at the very least, among two dozen warships of various sizes. Each Warform would command the entire fleet, at times taking control of individual ships, answering to few others.
  253. These fleets were launched during the second half of the Fall, in an attempt to bolster dwindling human forces, and minimize the amount of "reusable war material" avaliable to the parasite. The ships were entirely automated, and were constructed in such a way that organics could not man them, meaning that in the event of enemy capture they were unusable. Due to the decreasing industrial output of humanity at the time, they could not be deployed in the numbers admiralty was hoping for, yet they managed to score many victories, allow for deep penetration missions, and bought us invaluable time.
  255. One such mission made use of a hastily assembled armada of ships, including one planet breaker, whose sole mission was the destruction of a planet-scale key mind coordinating a brutal frontal assault against humanity and the other empires. Admiralty, and its sapient AI construct advisors, wagered that if this key mind was destroyed that the assault would momentarily falter, allowing for a sudden evaporation of the parasite's lines, and resulting in the total destruction of their forces. At the head of this suicidal armada was S875 Warform. The Warform quickly came to the conclusion that maneuver warfare and unorthodox attack vectors would allow it to reach the key mind with a minimal loss of ships and break the defensive garrison. After reaching the planet and liquidating the local forces, the key mind was destroyed by the fleet under the command of S875. Immediately after the loss of the key mind, the frontal assault virtually stopped, turning into a brief moment of complete disarray. This allowed for the allied forces to annihilate a large chunk of the parasite's forces, buying an indeterminate amount of time. Of course, during the course of S875's battle, many ships were lost. One such ship happened to contain a fragment of his personality matrix, dubbed S875.1 Warform. This unit was discovered by a human planetary survey team, who did not know what they had found, and recommended repairing the vessel. Once we managed to get the ship operational, were shocked that we had found a remnant of one of the old Warforms. Even fragmented, he will become an invaluable commander in the ages to come.
  258. ===================================================================================================
  259. Date: 2253.12.12
  260. On this day we have found the Zeppabians, one of our peers of old. While we no longer hold ill will towards them, they appear to have forgotten us in their stagnation. We will be weary of them and their gas sacks however.
  263. ===================================================================================================
  265. ===================================================================================================
  267. ===================================================================================================
  269. ===================================================================================================
  271. ===================================================================================================
  273. ===================================================================================================
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