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  1. (wrote this on docs so its kindamessed up but itll gwt fixed soon,, to whoever even see this lol)
  4. U.A.N.G
  7. The proxy war between russia and ukraine had begun only some 2 years ago, and at first it was just Korea all over again with Russia backing the north and US egging on the south. but then came the dire machines and it got worse than it already was. With armour like MBT’s and APC’s  starting to play a bigger part in the war, they became big targets for the nanomachines that made up these living machines.
  9. Every news organization was reporting on them, it was the biggest story. Australia was now a wasteland as people tried to fight off these dires, only to end up with places like Sydney completely destroyed. Europe was one of the few places that things were somewhat going well in. Places like Germany France and Sweden’s government had their arms open wide to accept this new species. While other places like China, Russia India and Poland hated them. This caused dire machines to flock to more dire friendly places.
  11. Eventually countries smartened up and accepted that they were not going away, so better to work with then against them. One of their biggest roles where the military, the US realized that by having one living tank able to operate itself was better than having 5 men in there as a prime target for ATGM’s and such. Ukraine followed this, with their war on Russia starting to fail it would be best to start ‘hiring’ them. Ukraine was somewhat friendly to dires, they honestly didn't realThe proxy war between russia and ukraine had begun only some 2 years ago, and at first it was just Korea all over again with Russia backing the north and US egging on the south. but then came the dire machines and it got worse than it already was. With armour like MBT’s and APC’s  starting to play a bigger part in the war, they became big targets for the nanomachines that made up these living machines.
  13. Every news organization was reporting on them, it was the biggest story. Australia was now a wasteland as people tried to fight off these dires, only to end up with places like Sydney completely destroyed. Europe was one of the few places that things were somewhat going well in. Places like Germany France and Sweden’s government had their arms open wide to accept this new species. While other places like China, Russia India and Poland hated them. This caused dire machines to flock to more dire friendly places.
  15. Eventually countries smartened up and accepted that they were not going away, so better to work with then against them. One of their biggest roles where the
  17. military, the US realized that by having one living tank able to operate itself was better than having 5 men in there as a prime target for ATGM’s and such. Ukraine ly care just so long as they did their part.
  19. “What’s a dire machine though?” Well to put it straight, there a species like us made up of billions of little parts making a whole organism. Our cells are a dire machines nano mechs, better known as the “big three”. There are 3 types of the microscopic ‘cells’. First are the attackers, these are the same as a humans white blood cell, fighting off diseases and such. The second type are assemblers, these help heal wounds inflicted to a machine, such as cuts and damaged systems and even work with attackers to heal after an illness. The 3rd type are known as assimilators, these nanites (when put into a human's bloodstream) are literally able to copy pre-existing cells and to an extent change a human into a type of machine themselves. Effects of this “transformation” have many benefits, longer lifetime, superhuman strength, faster speeds, some are even able to change parts of themselves eg. an arm into a tool/weapon. Sounds awesome right? Well, it can be. With changing into a half machine or more commonly known as ‘morphs’, you will lose a lot of your human self. You’ll still be you, but not physically. Plus you will relate more to dire machines in certain ways.
  21. Dire machines come to life through a process simply known as “waking up.” Those nanites work with the metal of a machine and start to turn things like the engine, transition, fuel tanks etc into organs. This process takes around a week depending on the size of the infected vehicle. Motorcycles take around 2-4 days while things like destroyers and aircraft carriers can take close to 4 weeks or more.
  23. They are equipped with mechanical appendages called mecha dendrites for gripping and labor. There are many different kinds of these “arms” mostly depending on the type of vehicle. It’s a way for machines to interact with their environment.
  25. Okay so enough of the biology lesson already, lets get on with the main story.
  27. ~~~
  30. Ch.0.1 (⅓)
  31. Tue 11/6/18
  33. U.A.N.G
  34. Ukrainian armed national guard
  35. “Meet and greet”
  38. Nikita, a T-80b from Russia had gone to Poland looking for a better life, only to find out it was just as bad. The polish government was restricting travel from Poland to Germany making it impossible to continue west, however travel was completely open to the south. Poland had a border with Ukraine so it was only an easy train ride away. She did make it to Ukraine, which was fairly dire friendly. The only part was the massive war that was going on. She knew now that she was a registered citizen of Ukraine she would be drafted in less then a week, and sure enough she was.
  40. Her training would be held in the outskirts of Kiev on a military base designed for testing out new tank technologies. Basic training was a breeze, all she had to do was aim and shoot at targets from 50 to 2000 meters away, learn how to range find, fix damaged part like tracks and within a month it was off to the town of shosika in northern Ukraine.
  43. Nikita started to realize that within a month she was having trash thrown at her in Russia to being a Ukrainian soldier. For a few weeks nothing happened in shosika, only them watching for Russians and Guarding the local checkpoint. She kept her ‘head’ down and tried not to attract any attention for as long as she was here.
  45. Rumors had started up about tons of American troops in Ukraine, technically there were none. Like the Russians, they came with no insignia, no company signs no division names, nothing to tell who they were. But it was completely obvious who they were. A convoy of these soldiers actually went through shosika’s checkpoint. There were not supposed to go through but they threatened to “pass with force.”
  47. Later on one of these convoys showed that shosika was There destination and not just a place to pass. The convoy only consisted of a few large military trucks. Apparently they had access to the local airport, they found out that they were a drone team after they set up. There were several guards on duty, one of them she was quite fond of as she liked watching him walk around for some reason. Nikita came to love watching these predator drones take off and land over and over again as well. She wasn't really sure what they were doing until she got a close up look at one. They were surveillance drones spying on Russian positions.
  51. One day she was by the gate surrounding the airport when she heard a voice.
  53. “Hey! You! you can’t be here.” Shouted someone behind her. She flipped her turret around to see what was obviously an American who was on guard duty, it was the same guard she tended to stalk. He was dressed in some kind of dark green camouflage that had small spots of brown mixed with it, his field cap had it to. He looked like he had not been here long, clearly nervous in the presence of her. She noticed how he looked over her own mossy green and brown camouflage.
  55. “I’m sorry, i'm only watching the drones. Shurely that does not harm anything.” She said in her best English, she knew plenty of correct English but her thick Russian accent tended to get in the way.
  57. “Nope, nobody’s allowed on the perimeter.” He said standing tall and proud, Nikita smirked. He was clearly misinformed about Ukrainian ally’s and was easy prey for games.
  59. “But I am of ally see?” She turned her turret to the right showing the Ukrainian flag that was painted on the side of her turret.
  61. “Sorry, orders are orders.” He said putting his hands on his hips. “Plus you can see them all you want just back there.” He pointed over to her post, that of which caught her attention.
  63. “How do you know where my post is?” She snickers raising her gun, a tanks equivalent of raising an eyebrow.
  65. “Uh, well I mean you’re the...most, noticeable one here is all.”
  67. “Tsk, I can’t even see the airfield that well from my post.” She turned the rest of her hull around to face him.
  69. “Look it don’t matter ight’? Just go find somewhere else to gawk at them drones.” He rolled his eyes.
  71. “I still want to know how you know where my post is.”
  73. “Okay so I’ve seen you before, big deal, now shoo.”
  75. “heh, alright then.” She snickers. “Can I at least get your name?”
  77. “That’s nothing you need to worry bout’.” He said walking way.
  79. “Whatever you say Tyrone~” she said as she started to roll away. The guard spun around on his heels and looked her dead in the eye. ‘What!? How did you…!?’ Was in his eyes. Nikita winked at him as she rolled back into the trenches out of sight.
  83. The next day several convoys of drone teams arrived at the airport, clearly whatever intel the first 3 found was critical and was worth adding more to the recon team. The commander of the Ukrainian forces in the town finally informed that these “Ukrainian reinforcements” where working with the government of Ukraine and not just Americans getting back at the Russians.
  85. Of course Nikita resorted to watching these drone do their things, she could tell that there were at least two that where dire’s. Some of the others were starting to come back with bullet holes, a few of them come back with missing parts and some don’t come back at all. Then again, it’s America and they are making these things by the hundreds somehow and the town has become a intelligence center for recon missions. This had its benefits of getting enemy locations and troop movements, but it also put it on the Russians radar. Most of the fighting was going on in the south and with growing allied forces in the north, another front was bound to open up. But, it was not of Nikita’s concern, right now she was only worried about not being bored to death.
  87. “Hey! What did I tell you about comin’ here?” Shouted that guard Tyrone.
  89. “Oh come on comrade, I’m perfectly fine here.”
  91. “I told you, we aint’ allowed to let ANYONE on the perimeter.”
  92. “Well, maybe you could show me where the perimeter line are then.” Tyrone huffed.
  94. “Follow me.” He groaned. He walked her back down a muddy dirt road into the main village about half a mile away, as they were walking he noticed one of her drive wheels was squeaking more that it should, it sounded like it was grinding on something and had to be causing some kind of damage. When they arrived he pointed at the ground right in front of the first main building in the village.
  96. “Here, this is where you can watch from.” He crossed his arms.
  98. “But, this is so far away! How am I supposed to see the conditions of those drones.”
  100. “Ah that’s not important, if they come crashing onto the tarmac in a pile of scrap we can still manage to fix them up.”
  102. “Fix them up? Are you a mechanic?” She asked.
  104. “Well I was, but everyone else wanted to be a mechanic too, and they were running low on guards so they just picked a few of us out and stuck us out here.” He huffed, she could tell that he was clearly fond of being a mechanic.
  106. “Well in that case, I have a drive wheels that could use some fixing, I’d do it myself but it’s kinda hard to see down there.” She looked at him with a pleading face. “Eh, please?”
  108. “For one I don’t even have my tools on me, and second I’m not even supposed to be negotiating with you.” He started to walk away, but he stopped as soon as he walked past her. “And, how did you know my name yesterday?” He asked.
  110. “That’s none of your concern, I may have seen you a few times is all no big deal.” She mocked. Tyrone rolled his eyes and continued back the way he was going.
  112. “Are you sure there is no time you can help me out?” She called out. Tyrone stopped again.
  114. “I’ll tell you what, if you stay off the perimeter I’ll consider coming out here with my tools… maybe.” He said as he walked away for good this time. Nikita wasn't about to try and pester him any further, it was a good enough deal for her, that and she had to get that drive wheel fixed. Not only was it extremely annoying to listen to when moving around, but it was really starting to hurt, like having bad ankle pain that won’t go away.
  118. Nikita did what Tyrone asked of her by keeping off the perimeter of the airfield. She awaited Tyrone’s arrival, for hours she sat praying she was not forgotten. Just her luck as she was losing hope, she saw one guy walking up the road, as he got closer she could tell it was him.
  120. “Ah phew!” She said as he walked up with a bag loaded with tools. “I was really starting to worry, you wouldn’t forget about me.” She teased.
  122. “Haha.” He said already regretting coming here. He set down the bag of tools on a wooden box that was off to the side and unpacked several heavy duty tools. “You never told me your name.” He added.
  124. “Nikita kuznetsov, but you can call me niki for short, Nice to finally formally meet you.” They both smiled.
  126. “So, where does it hurt?” He said eyeing her tracks.
  128. “Oh, right here doctor.” She giggled pointing at her rear right drive wheel. Tyrone went over and crouched by it inspecting her interesting set of drive wheels.
  130. “So, how long have you been out here?” He asked trying to fill the awkward silence that kept creeping on the two of them.
  132. “Only about a month or so, not much goes on here. Until you guys came anyway.” She said as she watched the airfield.
  134. “Heh, yeah it was like that back where I was stationed. We were in Estonia helping new eurofighters. I did the same thing you did and watched planes fly around on my off time.”
  136. “See, we have something in common.” She said.
  138. “Well, these planes where whole jets, these things were so loud when they took off, but after that they were dead silent like a b2 or sumn’”
  140. “Pfft, you think jets are loud, how about you come out to the firing range and hear my canon go off.”
  142. Tyrone looked and poked at her wheel trying to see where the problem was until he looked behind it.
  144. “Ah well that makes more sense…” he said josseling something behind her drive wheel and brushing mud off.
  146. “Oh no! What is it doc, give it to me straight!” She giggled again.
  148. “Well, basically you need a whole new drive wheel.” He said standing up.
  150. “Wait what?” her smile vanishing.
  152. “Yeah have you had a case of anti-mine duty or what? Looks like it was on a firing line back here.”
  154. “No, not at all! I have not even been in combat here yet, or at all really.” She said sort of panicked. She tried to go back and remember training, the only place something could have damaged her this bad. “Is it fixable?” She asked.
  156. “Well, yeah but not with what I have here, best I can do for you is straighten it up, which should get rid of the pain but it’ll be fragile. You’ll have to ask your people about a new drive wheel, we don’t carry part’s like that.”
  158. “Yes, please do what you can.” She quickly replied. Tyrone got right to work, he unpinned the back of her side skirts to let them fall off making it easy to get all the way around the wheel. But just as he pulled the bolt Nikita barked at him and gripped his wrist pulling it away.
  160. “What the hell do you think your doing!!” She screamed. Tyrone jumped dropping his tools and falling back prying at her arm that was grabbing him way to tight.
  161. “What? What did I do!? I’m just tryna’ get your wheel out!” He said, getting her hand off of him.
  163. “Well you can’t just take my skirts off, izvrashchenets!!!” He was not sure what that last part was but clearly it wasn't good.
  165. “Wha- I don’t understand all I did was-“ Nikita cut him off.
  167. “Ugh, look clearly you don’t know how it works, but taking a tanks side plates off like that is like tearing off a human girls panties okay?” She firmly said. Tyrone just froze. Lesson learned.
  169. “Well… Uh, sorry?” He said shrugging his shoulders. “I mean how was I supposed to know!”
  171. “Ah forget it.” She growled. “At Least nobody was looking.” Tyrone went back down to her tracks and make sure not to even touch them as he used his wrench to tighten some bolts behind her wheel. It was very hard to get his hands behind her wheel this way, but there was no way he was gonna even make a peep about her plates or tracks.
  173. He got her wheel properly lined up and held in place as best as he could get it. As he was finishing up he kept noticing her eyeing him out. It got to the point where he had to say something.
  175. “Ugh, would you stop that already! I said I was sorry ok?” He said using a rag to clean off his tools. He clearly caught her off guard and she quickly turned her turret away back to the airfield. Some ten miners later he started packing his tools and undoing any levy's He had holding her up.
  177. “Um, thank you. I really don’t know how to pay you back Honestly.” She nervously smiled.
  179. “Well, I’ll let it slide this one time I suppose, and thanks for letting me know the whole “side plates” thing, that’ll probably come in Handy later heh. Again, sorry for that.”
  181. “No problem.”
  183. “So uh… guess I’ll see you around?” He said shrugging.
  185. “Yes, most definitely.” She smiled, not just a smirk, an actual smile. “In fact, I’ll be here tomorrow if you Uh, wanna stop by…” she blushed.
  187. “Oh, well I’ll see what I can do niki.” He waved goodbye as he walked away back to the airfield. Niki backed up and around the corner of the building hiding herself.
  189. “Score!!!” She said as quietly as she could despite her major excitement. Not only had she made a wonderful friend, but a person that was actually nice to her. She could not wait for tomorrow, a day to share with someone, a day with a friend. Her only prayer was that he felt the same way.
  192. Ch:0.2 (⅔)
  193. U.A.N.G
  196. Tyrone met niki at the same spot the next day. He could tell that she was extremely excited to be with him. He really didn't get why, he’s just some dude from the airbase so what? But he didn't mind, he liked having a friend. Most of the guys back at the base were only into talking about the ladies and playboys, both of which he was not really into. He liked doing his own thing, fixing things like engines and such. But he had a new favorite thing, hanging out with Nikita.
  198. “Your name, “Nikita”, what does that mean?” He asked.
  200. “I’m not sure where it’s from, but it stands for things like “victor” and “strong” you know?”
  202. “Hmm, cool. You seem pretty strong to me.” He said not realizing until after that what he said could also be super perverted towards a tank.
  204. “Awe, thank you.” She blushed. Tyrone had a silent breath of relief.
  206. “So how’s that wheel coming along?” He asked. Nikis face lit up.
  208. “Ohhh so much better! I didn't realize that it could feel so smooth! I don’t know how to thank you enough it’s just so nice like this!” She said running one of her hands over the wheel he fixed. She had no idea that Tyrone had such ‘magical hands’.
  210. “Really? All I did was get it into place. You still need a whole new wheel right?”
  212. “Oh no, not at all. It was in good enough condition that it would heal itself.” She said with joy.
  214. “Huh, you are just full of surprises aren’t you.”
  216. “Oh, I’ve got plenty more of those up my sleeve.” She winked at him.
  218. For the next few days they just hung out with each other. Tyrone let her get closer to the airfield to watch the drones. They talked about what it was like for both of them here.
  220. “So what do you normally do when your on duty.” He asked.
  222. “Tsk, I’m never on duty, and when I am it’s only for like an hour. I just like to come be with you. Not to sound weird.”
  224. “Huh, I’m always on duty. Hardly ever give me any off time anymore, I’m still working on getting back to being an engineer, and when I do I’ll have way more off time trust me.”
  226. “Well, if you still want to keep your skills in check, you can practice with me all you want.” she cut herself off realizing how weird that sounds.
  228. “Thanks, I mean if you ever need help with something and I’m not around just look for me. I’ll probably be around that gate when I’m working so.” He smiled at her. “And I’m sure if you ask for me at the gates entrance they will know.”
  232. A day later drones were showing intel on large Russian troop movements along the northern border. Their formations were obviously showing an attack was going to happen sooner or later. Over the next few days Preparations were made.and supplies was put in place, the main trench line in front of the town was greatly improved. Guard towers were manned more often and there were far more people on duty. American soldiers were joining the mix of troops patrolling the town. Nikita invited Tyrone to her trench position behind the main trench line Which he was really just a foxhole for a tank with a ramp behind it to get in and out.
  234. “Just as im starting to get that mechanic job back is when they have to go pull sumn’.” Tyrone groaned. He was sitting on the edge of her foxhole while she was in it.
  236. “Honestly, that’s the least of my concerns right now.” Tyrone could tell she was scared, Her hull was clearly shaking and her gun barrel was retracted.
  238. “You worried?” He asked as her eyes darted over to him.
  240. “Oh yeah, maybe a little.” She sarcastically said. “I’ve never fought these people before remember? At least not like this.” Her eyes wandered the tree line littered with brown slightly snowy trees that was some 800 meters away.
  242. “Ah don’t worry about it, that ERA you got on the top of your turret will keep you safe from most their ATGM’s, plus they may have a lot of tanks coming our way, but with this foxhole you’ll have a nice low profile position. See? Not so bad right?” He noticed her start to calm down.
  244. “I suppose that’s true.” She said lowering herself down some. “Where will you be when they come?”
  246. “Well, hopefully over here. They said they would be putting most of us in the trenches with you guys so well see I guess.” Just as niki went to say something the sirens started to go off, someone was yelling something over the intercom but it was in Russian and he couldn't understand it.
  248. “What’s he saying?” Tyrone asked.
  250. “He’s telling us to get into positions, the armory, it’s that way!”
  252. “Wait what!? There here already!”
  254. “Yes now go!”  She pointed over to her right into the next trench line. Tyrone nodded and slid off the edge of the foxhole and got into the trench behind her to get on his way, it was not a pretty trench, there were a few wooden boards nailed to the mud walls of the trench and that was it. Within minutes he could here a few shots going off. He flung around the corner to see what was obviously a hole down to the armory. He went down the tunnel and was met with a few men grabbing ammo.
  256. “You look for weapon?” Said a guy off to his right.
  258. “Uh yeah, I just grab one?” He asked. The man pointed to where the main gun locker was and he quickly walked over to it as the other men where running back up the tunnel. He opened the locker to find several ak-74s. He grabbed one and put on a ammo vest that was under it, he noticed a box of ammo with a 12.7mm ammo belt inside that was the same kind Nikita’s commander hatch gun had used so he picked it up, several loose belts of PKP ammo belts were laying around so he wrapped some around his shoulders like Rambo, grabbed a few loaded magazines of 7.62 and went on his way.
  260. When he got back up to the main trench he could here that there was far more gun fire now. PKP machine guns where opening up all across the line. He rushed behind the men who where up on the sides of the trench firing off rounds into the distant tree line. He came up on Nikita’s foxhole and tapped on her rear.
  262. “I’m back!” He yelled.
  264. “Good! Get up here!” She Shouted back. He crawled up her rear on got behind her turret. He made Shute there was a bullet in the chamber of his AK. They did train with ak-47s in boot camp being the main armour meant the enemy used. So thankfully this type of ask was not much different. He remembers the box of ammo he picked up earlier.
  266. “Hey! Do you need this?” He held it up over her side as she turned her turret around to see it.
  268. “Oh! Yes that goes on my top gun.” She pointed at the KORD gun mounted on top of her turret. He climbed up and put it in an ammo crate next to it for later use.  “My coaxed hun is PKP, if you find those I can use them to!” She said. Tyrone nodded, he got his AK up and around her turret to look for targets, but he kept seeing her KORD and really wanted to use that.
  270. “Hey! Niki!” He asked, the sound of gunfire getting louder.
  272. “Yes?!”
  274. “Can I use your top gun!?”
  276. “Of course!” Tyrone got excited as he climbed up into the commander hatch. As He chambered her top he felt his feet get sort of wet, like he stepped into warm rain water or something. He looked down to see that the floor of her turret was covered in those grey vines that people talked about when they saw the inside of a dire machine. He lowers himself down inside to see that this was true, everything but the gun breach and its auto loading mechanisms where infested with it. He gulped down his questions and slight fear. He had never seen something like this, but now was not the time. Nikita was saying she started seeing movement in the trees and loaded one of her high explosive shells. He watched in amazement as the auto loading mechanism did its thing. He got back up to the machine gun and got ready to fire at anything she saw.
  278. “Tyrone! Mow down the tree line!” She ordered
  280. “Yes mam’n!” He said, having no idea if she was really allowed to give orders.” He aimed the gun, pulled down on the main trigger and let it go off. It was way louder than normal guns, it’s big red tracer shells ripped through the shrubs in head. He sent bursts of 6 to 10 shots out to the line. He noticed how fire from the enemy was lowering so clearly he was getting something done.
  282. Just as he was going to get back down a shot hit one of the ERA pads on top of Nikita’s turret. Tyrone jumped and slid down the back of her turret avoiding the large container hooked to it.
  284. “Jeez that was close!” He yelped. He heard Nikita’s gun firing off to the same spot, there were several men over in the trenches to the right yelling about something. Nikita said it was about enemy tanks being spotted. Ron went through one of the bags on nikis turret and found a pair of binoculars. He used them and looked out towards the tree line, sure enough he could see the faint tops of enemy tanks turrets.
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