Chrysalis Domination

Apr 8th, 2014
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  1. >your name is Anonymous
  2. >not that anyone seems to call you that anymore
  3. >the yellow pegasus on your chest, as well as the white unicorn you're using as a pillow, refer to you as "Master"
  4. >you stroke Fluttershy's pink mane idly, her warm hug and the rise and fall of Rarity's breathing setting you at ease
  5. >your ruler, Nightmare Moon, seems to delight in picking the most insulting pet name she can find for you
  6. >you find that a little sweet, in its own twisted way
  7. >she calls you "ogre" the way you might've called your Labrador "doofus" before you got pulled to Equestria
  8. >you accrued another name from the creature down in the dungeon earlier today
  9. >for some reason "prey" didn't resonate with you as much
  10. >maybe it was the way that the insectoid alicorn had hissed it
  11. >maybe it was the predatory gleam in her green eyes, or the way her tongue had run over her fangs afterwards
  12. >all you know is, you weren't a fan
  13. >the day hadn't gone how you were expecting it to, at all
  14. >which was a shame, it had started off so well...
  16. >you'd woken up to Rainbow Dash's stray feathers tickling your nose
  17. >her wings were splayed out across the bed, as was her habit while she was asleep
  18. >she hadn't moved from your embrace though, she was still wrapped in your arms, snug against your body
  19. >clearing your throat gently, she lifted her head up, wings folding back to her side on instinct as she rapidly blinked the sleep away
  20. >you released her from your hug and she hopped off the bed
  21. >reluctantly, but she knew the rules by now
  22. >you gave her a passive wave and she trotted silently back to her room, peeking in to see if Octavia was up yet
  23. >a quick freshening up later, and you stood in front of the full-length mirror, dressed in your work armor
  24. >stepping out into the castle proper, you made for the main entrance, eager to get morning rounds over with
  25. >instead, a guard stood at curt attention outside your door
  26. >he saluted and passed you a scroll marked with a crescent moon insignia
  27. >orders from the top
  28. >"Report immediately to the Southern Dungeon. Ascertain the threat and possible benefits of the prisoner to the Crown. Exercise caution in speaking to them. Do not fail me. ~NMM"
  29. >you weren't sure why she always ended her written orders to you like that
  30. >maybe it was just how she was familiar with you, like "Sleep well, I'll probably kill you in the morning"
  31. >so down to the dungeons you went
  32. >there were just a pair of guards waiting for you at the door
  33. "Just the two of you? There are supposed to be minimum two guards for each prisoner,"
  34. >you start to brush past them
  35. >"Sir, yes sir. We were stationed here to guard the prisoner."
  36. >Huh... just the one? Surely there was space for one more in the main dungeon, odd that they had this one secluded
  37. >Anyway, you pushed open the door, the guards following close behind as you made your way down the corridor
  38. >a passive glance or two at the cells told you this part of the castle hadn't been used in months
  39. >Through the next door, though, was quite a different sight
  40. >hanging by her forehooves, a spanner bar holding her hind legs apart
  41. >ring around her neck
  42. >you'd never seen a pony quite like this before
  43. >you marched up to her, though your guards hung back by the entrance
  44. >you brought one hand up to her body, running it over the black armor-like skin on her flank and feeling her softer middle... thorax, you supposed?
  45. >you quickly withdrew it as her head snapped up, reaching for your dagger as the changeling queen hissed
  46. >her eyes met yours and you felt the familiar tingle of magic slipping over you instead of into you
  47. >the two of you stared for a few seconds as she recast the spell with the same effect
  48. >holy shit she was really going to go for a third try
  49. >the effort actually made you laugh, reaching forward and slapping her before she could muster up another bolt of magic
  50. "Whatever that was, quit it."
  51. >there's no malice in the words, you just honestly hated wasting time which is what all magic was to you
  52. "Now. You ever been captured before? Got a rough idea of how this goes?"
  53. >she glowers at you but stays silent
  54. >you count off on your fingers
  55. "Name, species, position, do you know why you're here, what makes you think you're a match for the Lunar Empire, etc. etc.?"
  56. >the black bug-queen just glares at you
  57. >you smile back smugly
  58. >this goes on for a bit, until it's obvious she's not going to say anything
  59. "...O... kay then. Guards, how long has she been here?"
  60. >"Ah... five day, sire."
  61. >you glance back at the prisoner as you make for the door
  62. "Alright, well, I'm sure you'll be hungry enough to talk in another five. See you then!"
  63. >you actually have the door open and one foot out of it before you hear her mutter
  64. >"Chrysalis. My name is Queen Chrysalis of the Verdant Hive."
  65. >well, you smile
  66. >that's better
  67. >you stay where you are, not bothering to turn around as you talk to her
  68. "Aaand?"
  69. >she pauses for another second
  70. >"I am the Changeling Queen, ruler of my brood of drones."
  71. >you spin on your heel, striding back to her with the same casual demeanor
  72. >dangling the reward of food over prisoners' heads was never your favorite method of coercion, but it was damned effective
  73. "Well, Chrysalis, it is just a delight to meet you."
  74. >you'd need a mop if there was any more sarcasm dripping off the word "delight"
  75. "My name's Anonymous, and I'll be your interrogator for today. So, what brings you to the scenic Canterlot Dungeons?"
  76. >Chrysalis rattles one of her chains experimentally, but it's still holding fast
  77. >you grab an emptied rations barrel and pull it over so you can sit on it
  78. >"I came to this land seeking to end what you now threaten me with: starvation."
  79. >well
  80. >no wonder your starvation bluff worked so well
  81. >normally pones at least put on a show of strength for a day or two before they started begging for you to come back
  82. "And you thought you'd come to Canterlot for that? Not that you wouldn't have been caught eventually, but why not go to Ponyville or Appeloosa, someplace with, I don't know,"
  83. >you pretend to cast out for the word
  84. "a, farm?"
  85. >to your surprise, this time she's the one that laughs
  86. >"You think I didn't try? The width and breadth of the land is covered with despair; the only place with even a morsel of love to sate my hunger was here."
  87. >what?
  88. >you decide to try and interpret that statement while she's answering more questions
  89. "Whatever. So where's the rest of the hive? No soldiers dumb enough to follow you in here?"
  90. >she looks a bit shaken at that
  91. >but she regains her composure quickly
  92. >"What few drones were not wiped out by the famine were too weak to disguise for long. I may have failed to fetch them food, but I will not let them be harmed due to my mistake. They are hidden; you will not find them."
  93. >you'd almost forgotten what a ruler who takes responsibility for their mistakes sounds like
  94. "I think you're confusing me with some other interrogator."
  95. >you hop off the barrel and pace back and forth in front of her
  96. >it made you feel like a supervillain when you got to do this, but you have too much fun with it to care
  97. "See, I'm not here to bludgeon you half to death and maybe pick up some answers along the way."
  98. >she watches your walk with a dubious glare
  99. >she's probably used to being on the other side of this
  100. "I'm just here to collect some information, make a few notes, and report back to the Boss Mare."
  101. >you jab a thumb at the ceiling
  102. "You work with me, prove to me that you're worth keeping around, I'll figure out a use for you and we'll come to an agreement. Or..."
  103. >you draw the thumb across your neck, then point it at the guards on the other side of the door
  104. "You fight me, and the only use I'll find for you is target practice for the guards after pulling your wings off."
  105. >another noncommittal shrug before reclaiming your seat on the barrel
  106. >her face has lost a little bit of its color
  107. >which is impressive given that it's pitch black
  108. "So. First deal. Tell me where your drones are, and the orders will be to capture instead of kill-on-sight."
  109. >she bites her tongue, mulling over her options
  110. >"You will honor your word?"
  111. >if this were another common pony she wouldn't have the luxury of your patience
  112. >but you can accept a little hesitation for her to decide the fate of her people
  113. "A man is nothing without his word. Don't lie to me, and I won't be made a liar."
  114. >she sighs, obviously not persuaded by that alone
  115. >then again, what choice does she have?
  116. >"...the caves near Trotston, about three miles south. Tell them their queen's black chitin has been broken, they should come quietly."
  117. >you nod, keeping your face neutral
  118. >the guards probably wouldn't have thought to check there for another month
  119. >thank the Moon for cooperative prisoners
  120. "Good choice. I'll send the guards out to fetch them in a moment."
  121. >you kick at the food barrel you're sitting on a couple times
  122. >it lets out a hollow thump
  123. "First, though, let's talk about getting you some food."
  124. >you lean forward expectantly, hands on your knees
  125. >this was what you actually enjoyed about dealing with prisoners: getting to know their ins and outs, what they liked and what they did
  126. "Tell me, Chrysalis... what would you say your special talent is?"
  127. >she gives you a blank stare before her lips curl into a devilish smile
  128. >if she wasn't restrained five ways from Sunday, it might've concerned you
  129. >"Why Anonymous, don't you know? I am a changeling. We all share a common talent."
  130. >there's a flash of green as fire licks up her body, engulfing her
  131. >you never really considered spontaneous combustion to be a "talent"
  132. >when the flames subside, however, you're looking at a near-perfect copy of Nightmare Moon, hanging where the changeling was chained
  133. >you very nearly started looking for the keys when your boss's voice bellowed to be released at once
  134. >the only thing that stops you is the eyes
  135. >you normally feel your chest tighten when you meet Nightmare Moon's gaze
  136. >but the pone chained up in front of you has those same green eyes as before
  137. >you pause, then put the key back in its place and give her a slow clap
  138. "Bra-fucking-vo! Guess I should've known from a name like 'changeling', but still, well done. I think that's worth a meal."
  139. >she lets out a little huff, obviously disappointed that you saw through her
  140. >still, the promise of food does seem to placate her a bit
  141. >you stride over to the door, leaning out of it to talk to the guard
  142. "You. Send a platoon to the Shimmering Caves outside Trotston, tell them to bring harnesses. Capture ONLY. If I hear someone 'accidentally' offs a prisoner, I'll see to it they 'slip' into a knife wound or two. Oh, and bring our guest some..."
  143. >you look over your shoulder, curious
  144. "Carrots? Apples?"
  145. >for a starving pone who's being offered food, Chrysalis sure has a weird way of showing appreciation
  146. >she's glowering at you, like you just made a joke at her expense
  147. "Uh... meat?"
  148. >she scowls harder
  149. >you turn back to the guard
  150. "Eh... have Octavia bring me a dignitary's sample and send that platoon out."
  151. >the door closes with a click and you turn around, confused
  152. "...What? That was the deal, talent show for some food. In case you forgot,"
  153. you reach up and rattle a chain for emphasis
  154. "you're a PRISONER."
  155. >whatever rapport you'd built up had apparently just gone out the window
  156. >she lets out an almost-feral hiss of rage
  157. >"Betrayer! Liar! You promise me food and offer me dirt and flesh! What of your word?!"
  158. >you frown
  159. >reaching up and over, you give an overhead chain a tug
  160. >the ring around her neck tightens as you hold it for a few seconds, her hooves thrashing in their bonds
  161. >when the anger in her eyes gives way to panic, you let go
  162. >and then give it one more tug, as she's breathing in, just for a second
  163. "First, another reminder: you're the prisoner. That crown counts for fuck-all down here. Show respect."
  164. >she only coughs in response, still staring daggers at you
  165. "Second: If you don't like the food I offer, you can go right back to fucking starving."
  166. >you wag a finger at her like you would a dog who crapped on the carpet
  167. "Third: you ever accuse me of breaking my word when I haven't again, I'll have you playing Cassandra in the middle of Canterlot Square, telling ponies all the tales they won't believe about how cruel I am to you."
  168. >you don't particularly care that she has no clue what you're talking about
  169. >she engages you in another staring contest
  170. >makes it almost a minute this time
  171. >"...I cannot sustain myself on crops or grains, meat or water. I devour love. All else to me is as ash and seawater is to you."
  172. >Octavia pushes the door open as she finishes speaking, bearing a tray of meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, and breads
  173. "Well then, I hope you enjoy the finest ash and clearest seawater Canterlot Castle has to offer,"
  174. >you sneer
  175. >Octavia just stares at you, stoic as ever
  176. >your shoulders slump as you turn to her, happy to see your favorite maid
  177. >"I brought the food you requested, Master. I took the liberty of preparing an array of drinks, as well. Will this be sufficient, or do you require more?"
  178. >you give her a smile, though it feels like it takes a lot more effort than usual
  179. "No, as usual you've been a great help. I think this is all I need at the moment, go practice that Adagio for tonight."
  180. >Octavia's reserved, grateful smile drops so fast you have to pause and wonder if there was some way your order could be construed as an insult
  181. >you turn around just in time to see a sickly green light arcing off of Chrysalis' horn
  182. >she licks her lips as it fades away, the moment cut short
  183. >"Mmm. Now that was a nice snack,"
  184. >she smiles to herself, oblivious to everything else
  185. >you're actually stunned for a moment
  186. >you grab an apple from the tray and cross the room in four steps
  187. >pinching her cheeks, you open her jaw by force and stuff as much of the apple in as she can fit into her mouth
  188. >actually a bit more than she can fit, really
  189. "Chew it."
  190. >your voice is like ice
  191. >she doesn't even hesitate, choking as she tries to bite off a chunk
  192. >you push more in as soon as she has the first bite off
  193. >and more
  194. >and more
  195. >you make her chew the whole thing, core, stem and all
  196. "Swallow it."
  197. >her eyes are beginning to water now
  198. >you just hold your fingers over her nose and push her mouth closed with both hands, staring in her eyes the whole time
  199. >she gulps, the apple forming a visible lump as it travels down her throat
  200. >you reach behind you for the next piece of food
  201. >a tomato
  202. >down the hatch
  203. >after the fourth piece of food, you turn back to Octavia, who is back to her stoic stare
  204. "Did I not say to practice that Adagio?"
  205. >she nods once and takes off, moving at a quicker gait than usual
  206. >you reach over and grab one more piece of food
  207. >a raw filet of fish
  208. >you roll it up and push it unceremoniously down the changeling's throat, not even letting her chew it
  209. >she gags a few times on the meat as she gulps it down, but manages to finally get it past her esophagus
  210. >you step back, still fuming, and survey her
  211. >tears are running down her cheeks, but she's quiet other than the occasional cough
  212. "...If you're as starved as you say you are, I suppose I can see why you would think that was a good idea."
  213. >she opens her mouth to speak, whimpering
  214. >"Please, I needed-- it was so delectable... Without love I'll shrivel up and blow away! I'll make it up--"
  215. >your hand lands on half of a cantaloupe
  216. >her mouth closes so fast her teeth clack
  217. "Let me reassure you, it was not."
  218. >you shout for the guards, and they come running
  219. >you gesture to the plate full of food, including a raw steak, a decadent treacle, a pineapple, and some plums, among others
  220. "I will be back after my rounds. She can eat it in any order she wants."
  221. >you stare into her eyes, so there is no mistake
  222. "If I find one rind, one pit, one crumb uneaten, I'll pull her wings off myself."
  223. >you turn to the door and storm out, slamming the door open
  224. >just before you close it again, you clear your face, look back, and with the most saccharine-sweet smile you can manage, give her a thumbs up
  225. "Enjoy your lunch!"
  227. >evening
  228. >or as close to evening as it gets in Nightmare Moon's kingdom, anyway
  229. >you've finally finished rounds in the neighboring villages
  230. >you had to put down a minor skirmish in San Palomino, that took some time
  231. >the green mare leading the opposition showed some promise though
  232. >maybe she'd try to lead a siege on the castle; you loved it when new "heroes" came to break themselves against you
  233. >you leave that little hope in the back of your mind as you make your way down to Chrysalis' dungeon
  234. >as you pass the empty cells, you hope stuffing her like you did wasn't lethal
  235. >it would be a shame to have her die before you discovered what all she could do
  236. >then again, a creature that can't follow your orders or survive its punishment isn't worth keeping anyway
  237. >the two guards look shaken as you pass them, reaching for the door
  238. >one salutes and unlocks it, but neither look in if they can avoid it
  239. >a quick scan tells you why
  240. >the platter you'd left with her is barren
  241. >instead, her stomach bulges at the middle, pulling her whole body forward to strain against the chains holding her forehooves up
  242. >that's not half as interesting as what lay on the ground before her
  243. >a pile of blue orbs, dripping in a thin green liquid, each egg a little bigger than your fist
  244. >she looks at you dazed and struggles to pull herself more upright, but with a groan she sags back to her slouch
  245. >"Urp... please.. no more... food... mercy..."
  246. >her face looks pale again
  247. "For a creature who can't feed on meat or fruit, you sure packed away that tray of stuff,"
  248. >you reply, approaching the pile in front of her
  249. "What's all this though? Trying to hatch a few helpers while I was out?"
  250. >she watches as you reach down and pick one of the pale blue things up, wiping the green sludge off of it
  251. >you look it over, turning it about and holding it up to the light
  252. >"I could not help it... you forced me..."
  253. >she whines, still looking a little ill
  254. >that sounds dangerously like an accusation to you
  255. >you toss the egg back and forth between your hands, now that you've gotten a feel for the weight
  256. "You must be mistaken. All I forced you to do was make the choice between a belly full of food"
  257. >you reach forward and pat her bulging gut for emphasis, rubbing it with one hand
  258. "and a belly full of lead. Never said anything about laying eggs."
  259. >she watches as you chuck the blue shell over your shoulder
  260. >it lands on the dungeon floor with something between a crunch and a splat
  261. >nothing in her face changes, so you reach down for another egg, crushing it under your fingers
  262. >for a Queen willing to risk her life but not her army's, she doesn't seem to care about your casual infanticide too much
  263. >then it hits you
  264. >these are probably barren, if she's been hanging here without interaction for almost a week
  265. >you restrain your facepalm and stand back up, looking into her eyes
  266. "Well, no matter. I'll have them sent down to the kitchen and you can have a nice omelet for breakfast tomorrow."
  267. >that earns you the look of revulsion you were hoping for
  268. >you summon a guard, and set him to the task of collecting the changeling's futile attempts at a brood
  269. >when he leaves for the kitchen, you order him to return with a barrel of apples and a prisoner
  270. >under your breath, you tell him to choose one marked for execution
  271. >that way, you reason to yourself, if things go south all you've done is saved the effort of tying another noose
  272. >when he's on his way, you turn back to the queen and approach once more
  273. >you can tell she's still itching to sink her teeth into you
  274. >but now it's at least tempered with a bit of caution
  275. >she doesn't need to say a word, you recognize progress when you see it
  276. "So... it's been a bit. Where were we?"
  277. >you tap your finger on your chin, trying to remember
  278. "Oh, right. You were giving me reasons not to turn you and your hive into a delicacy for the gryphon chancellor and his entourage who'll be visiting next week."
  279. >you hold your hand out, offering her the chance to speak.
  280. "Come up with anything?"
  281. >"I..."
  282. >she looks you over, but this time it's not like a wolf sizing up a deer
  283. >more like an artist taking in her subject
  284. >there's a flash of green flame, and suddenly you're looking into a mirror
  285. >well, a funhouse mirror
  286. >she's managed to miss some of the finer details on your armor
  287. >and you're sure you don't look THAT fat
  288. >well... you have been sharing more cupcakes with Pinkie lately...
  289. >but still, there are subtle differences that tip you off quickly
  290. >"I can be your double. Take on the tasks you are disinclined to tackle yourself."
  291. >you ponder that a moment
  292. >it would be nice to spend more time on your own tasks
  293. >patrols and enforcement take up a lot of your day
  294. >but you shake the thought from your head
  295. >the guard comes back with the food you requested, and you roll the barrel of apples up to where Chrysalis-as-you is hanging
  296. >you pop the top and grab a single fruit, taking a bite from it as you wave a hand across your throat
  297. >she reverts to her black, overstuffed form
  298. >you take a second bite before stuffing the rest in the changeling's mouth
  299. >she whines like a scolded dog as it touches her tongue
  300. "Nice thought, but my job's not bad enough that I'd delegate it to you or anyone else. Eat it and then try again."
  301. >she just lets out a hiccup as tears form at the corner of her mouth
  302. >you sigh, exasperated
  303. "What, again? Do it or I'll have the guards feed you the whole barrel."
  304. >she sniffles but bites down, chewing another chunk
  305. >you'd think she was trying to swallow sandpaper, the way she struggled with it
  306. >but after five agonizing minutes, she gets it all down
  307. >her gut gives an ominous rumble as she pants, struggling to come up with another use for herself
  308. >"I...I can..."
  309. >she bathes in green fire again
  310. >Celestia, or at least a chubbier approximation, is in chains before you
  311. >"...pleasure you..."
  312. >she practically whispers
  313. >hmm...
  314. >now that's a bit more like it
  315. >you pick up another apple, but step close enough to get a good look at the pudgy copycat
  316. >there were still some minor details off
  317. >your fingers brush her neck; no tight black collar around it
  318. >they pull through the waving corona of her mane; she's still wearing her crown
  319. >you circle behind her and trace your palms down her sides
  320. >not as thin as you know her to be
  321. >you squeeze her waist and she lets out another little "urp" of discomfort
  322. >but as your hands sink into her soft, pliant assflesh, it's indistinguishable from the broken mare upstairs
  323. >you spread it apart, admiring the... craftsmanship, we'll say, of that powdery white ponut
  324. >as you come back around to her front, she follows you with her eyes, now looking more earnest than afraid
  325. >pressing one hand on her inner thigh, you lean in close, inspecting her shimmering eyes, flush cheeks, flattened back ears, pouting lips...
  326. >she makes her move suddenly, lips mashed to yours
  327. >you feel her straining into the kiss like she'd been without affection for months
  328. >you don't break it immediately
  329. >it's definitely not how Celestia does it
  330. >far more tongue (it's reaching for your tonsils)
  331. >but it's certainly not unpleasant
  332. >it's only when you feel that familiar slipping sensation around your temples that you stop
  333. >you open your eyes and meet Chrysalis' green orbs with a look that completely encapsulates the actual words:
  334. >'...really? Again?'
  335. >backing off, you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand
  336. >"I... sorry? I didn't mean to--"
  337. >you backhand her in mid sentence
  338. >holy shit, was there something in her saliva?
  339. >the tips of your lips and top of your tongue feel cool, almost numb, like too much mint
  340. >under different circumstances, admittedly, you'd like that
  341. >not when she's trying to cast some sort of spell on you though
  342. "Okay, we're done here. Guards, fetch the whip. Obviously we--"
  343. >"No! No, please! I can do more, I just... I lost control for one second! I NEED some love, and you won't give me ANY!"
  344. "So the smartest course of action is to directly disobey me?! What the hell even is that spell?"
  345. >she's sobbing now, but you don't doubt she can cry on demand if the need suits her
  346. "Answer me you fucking roach!"
  347. >she hiccups, tears spilling onto the dungeon floor
  348. >the guard comes trotting up, a coiled whip in his mouth
  349. >you snatch it from him and begin to unwind it, circling to her back
  350. >"Please, I'm sorry! Really I am! I'll never try to touch your mind again!"
  351. >...
  352. >that stops you in your tracks
  353. "Touch my mind. You have a spell that lets you manipulate peoples' minds?"
  354. >"Yes! How do you think my people force others to give us their love?!"
  355. >you wind up and snap the whip, the blow landing across her shoulders
  356. >she lets out a hiss of pain, fresh tears rolling down her face
  357. "And you thought you could use it on me?!"
  358. >you snap it again, and a thin line of green runs down her back
  359. >again, and the line on her shoulders was an X
  360. >"T-tell me... you w-w-wouldn't... do the ssssame."
  361. >she doesn't bother trying to turn and look at you
  362. >you bring the stinging weapon down again, this one leaving a lash near her rump
  363. >you hate that she's not wrong
  364. >so you channel that hate into another swing
  365. >she howls this time, but apparently she's resigned to her fate
  366. "...Why didn't you lead with 'I can make people my puppets', if you're so fucking good at it?"
  367. >you puff a little; you really need to stick to that exercise regiment
  368. >a few good swings shouldn't take this much energy
  369. >"Because it w-worked... ssso well on y-you..."
  370. >you ought to give her another lash just for having the gall to be sarcastic
  371. >but the implications of having a puppet master in your employ are starting to catch up to you
  372. >you glare at the back of her head, then coil the whip up around your arm
  373. >making your way to the door, you beckon the prisoner in
  374. >the guards shove the terrified stallion through the door and slam it behind him
  375. >what a bunch of cowards
  376. >at the sight of the thing chained to the floor and ceiling, the stallion starts trying to back away
  377. >he doesn't know what she is, but he knows danger when he sees it
  378. >you drag him back to a place in front of the love-tick
  379. "This is your last chance."
  380. >both of your captives look terrified
  381. >you look over at the grey pone
  382. >he has a pickaxe cutie mark
  383. >but stranger things have happened, so you lean in and ask anyway
  384. "Do you know how to juggle?"
  385. >he shrinks back, looking terrified, before resigning himself to his punishment as he shakes his head
  386. "Good."
  387. >his eyes snap open in surprise as you turn away from him
  388. >you pull three apples out of the barrel and roll them over to him
  389. >he almost has his mouth around one before you speak
  390. "Touch those before you leave the room, and I'll make YOU eat the whole barrel."
  391. >that threat's been working really well today, you think
  392. >pointing at him with your thumb, you stare up at her
  393. "Show me a juggling act worthy of the Wrangling Brothers."
  394. >there is no sign of negotiation anywhere in your voice
  395. >there is no hint of doubt as to what the alternative is
  396. >she gulps and screws up her concentration, a wisp of green light flowing from her horn to his ears
  397. >sweat pours down her face as she forces him to his feet
  398. >you can see him struggling to move his hooves anywhere else
  399. >but slowly, mechanically, he gathers the red fruit up
  400. >he tosses one into the air, then another, catches the first
  401. >it's like watching a robot play catch with itself
  402. >the stallion almost manages to pull away at one point
  403. >but a flash of green and he's back to doing her will
  404. >you throw a fourth apple at him without warning and she incorporates it into his act
  405. >the same with a fifth
  406. >she even gets him to take a few bites as they arc through the air
  407. >eventually he's tossing nothing but cores, still in perfect rhythm
  408. >now that, you muse, is something worth reporting about
  409. >you clap slowly, looking over your shoulder at the straining queen
  410. "Enough."
  411. >the grey stallion drops to the floor in mid-toss like a lifeless marionette
  412. >the apple cores scatter every which way, one landing in his purple mane
  413. >Chrysalis looks to be on the verge of fainting
  414. >slapped around, stuffed full, whipped... she's had a rough few hours
  415. >you'd almost feel bad, if it wasn't entirely her fault those things had happened
  416. "How many can you control at the same time with this?"
  417. >"...I have not tried but three. Given time, I--"
  418. >you hold up a hand, and she goes silent
  419. >and here you thought she'd never learn
  420. "Can you hear what they hear? See what they see?"
  421. >"So long as I keep them near."
  422. >you nod, turning a few ideas over in your head
  423. >a spy that can manipulate other spies
  424. >you smile at the thought of goading a mare like Bonded Courage into trying to face you using her friends as puppets
  425. "...and your whelplings from the caves?"
  426. >she hesitates, knowing you won't like the answer
  427. >"They are loyal to me with their very lives, but they do not share my powers of control. Only illusion."
  428. >disappointing, but all information is good information
  429. >you sigh, and she stammers a bit
  430. >"B-but! They can be made to look like anypony! Surely you could find a use for them!"
  431. >even after today, she still gives a shit about her subjects?
  432. >you might have to bring Celestia down to meet this pone
  433. >show her how real rulers behave
  434. >you settle for a nonchalant shrug
  435. "We'll see. Oh, can you cast your spells while changed?"
  436. >she nods eagerly, transforming into a pink alicorn you don't recognize, her matted purple hair fluttering as the same ill-looking green magic she'd used before flowed from it
  437. >you smirk and she transforms back, not needing your order to do so
  438. >you pace a few more minutes, thinking about other uses for her
  439. >a groan from near the door stirs you from your pondering
  440. >the grey earth pone is awake again
  441. >you look over at Chrysalis
  442. >her mouth is actually watering as she watches him climb to his hooves
  443. "The fuck did you do?"
  444. >you look down at the dazed pone, who just shakes his head as you frown at him
  445. >he meets your gaze cautiously, then looks around, stammering as he realizes he's in trouble
  446. >"I... I don't... huh?"
  447. >you reach down and pick up the core in his mane by the stem, dangling it in front of him for him to see
  448. "Didn't I tell you not to touch these?"
  449. >he can't even seem to get sounds out anymore, just moving his mouth incoherently
  450. >you shake your head, acting disappointed that he can't follow such a simple instruction
  451. >maybe when you first arrived here, you'd have felt bad about this sort of deception
  452. >but seeing as how he was on the chopping block either way, you can't be bothered to show him too much sympathy
  453. >picking up the lead to his neck clasp, you pull him over to where Chrysalis stands, tying the leash to the spreader bar
  454. >to his credit, he at least waits until you're done tying to try pulling away
  455. >"Wait... please, I. I don't... I didn't want to..."
  456. >you roll your eyes and point at the changeling
  457. >she's almost too enraptured with him to notice you talking
  458. "Told you, that was your last chance. She listened, so maybe you should stay here and learn from her."
  459. >you look up at her
  460. >you still don't quite get how the whole "love eating" thing works
  461. >but judging from the look on her face, he'll do
  462. >you take the precaution of shortening the chains on his hooves
  463. >no sense letting her mind-control him into a position where he could let her out
  464. >you make your way towards the door, considering how best to word your memo to the Boss Mare
  465. >as you shut the door, you catch a bit of their conversation.
  466. >"Hello, little one. What is your name?"
  467. >Ah... uh... Diggin' Bones...?"
  468. >"A strong name for a handsome stallion... tell me, Diggin... who do you love?"
  469. >you shut the door behind you
  470. >yeah
  471. >you may send a guard in with a mop before you meet with her again tomorrow
  472. >one less noose to tie
  474. >"Your notes on the captive are enlightening. Forgo the morning patrol for this day. Explore the viability of a changeling army for use in the conquest of neighboring countries, or suppression of the endemic revolts. Do not fail me. ~NMM"
  475. >you read over the note again
  476. >you mouth the words "enlightening" and "forgo the morning patrol" silently
  477. >it's practically a glowing love letter from a pony like Her Highness; she didn't even write any death threats
  478. >you decide to skip the helmet this time, handing it to a passing guard with orders to have it delivered to your room
  479. >down the stairs, through the doors, past the guards
  480. >halting at the entrance, you look behind you at the empty cells
  481. "...I believe I told you to have that dissident caged here before I returned,"
  482. >you arched an eyebrow at the guard
  483. >he salutes smartly, but casts a glance to his side where his partner should be standing
  484. >"Sir, we have encountered a... difficulty, sir. Private Aegis should be back shortly with the tools, sir."
  485. >tools?
  486. >you shake your head and push past him
  487. >...well... that would explain it
  488. >the hapless earth pone you had left with the queen stares up at you
  489. >his expression is like you'd just beaten his wife to death with his parents' remains
  490. >horrified and heartbroken
  491. >he lets out a muffled moan and squirms against his bonds
  492. >but a thick, translucent green ichor holds him fast
  493. >his hooves are cemented in place under thick layers of the stuff, and his muzzle is stuck to the floor as well
  494. >a dab smeared across his back had managed to catch his tail
  495. >the poor bastard, to add insult to injury, is posed in what could only be described in "face-down, ass-up" position
  496. >you came down here expecting to find a shell-shocked pony
  497. >you wouldn't have been entirely surprised by chunks and pieces of a shell-shocked pony
  498. >but this
  499. >holy shit, whatever this is
  500. >Chrysalis is watching you with a smug smile on her face, her hair even more tousled than before
  501. >she hasn't moved from where you left her
  502. "So. I take it your meal was satisfactory?"
  503. >for the barest moment you see her start to answer honestly
  504. >she gives the poor pone before her a derisive look, even gets the first syllable out
  505. >"It..."
  506. >she flinches as she realizes the mistake she's about to make
  507. >and just like that her face is a mask of appreciation
  508. >"...was delectable. What love he harbored for his family and wife was tender and sweet. I would that he had more of it to give."
  509. >a diplomatic answer if you've ever heard one
  510. >which of course leads to the obvious question:
  511. "Liked it so much you decided to glue him to my floor, hm?"
  512. >she squirms for a second at your tone
  513. >mental acrobatics are always fun first thing in the morning
  514. >"Ah... how could I do such a thing? He... did it to himself! Another demonstration of my prowess."
  515. >well...
  516. >there certainly was no way she could have done this locked up as she was
  517. >so either she coerced him to cement himself here
  518. >or she forced him to
  519. >either way speaks volumes about the extent of her power over him
  520. >still, not the answer she knows you're looking for
  521. "You know what I mean. Why is there a pony stuck to my floor?"
  522. >you tug at an overhead chain, and the bond around her neck tightens
  523. >not enough to stop her breathing, but enough to make it difficult
  524. >"Because..."
  525. >she's scanning the room, everywhere but your eyes, hoping for an answer
  526. >"because..."
  527. >you tighten it a bit more, and she tries to move her hooves to her neck on instinct
  528. >the chains just rattle in response
  529. >"...I'm sorry..."
  530. >she chokes, trying not to use too much breath as she says it
  531. "For?"
  532. >her eyes start to water again
  533. >at least you can trust her tears more when they come from pain than regret
  534. >"...making a mess..."
  535. >you give her a second to go on
  536. >not picking up the hint, this one
  537. "And?"
  538. >"...and... forgetting my place?..."
  539. >ooh, good answer
  540. >not what you were going for, but good answer
  541. "Aaaaand?"
  542. >"and..."
  543. >her eyes widen as they flit around the room more rapidly
  544. >"and..."
  545. >a bit more pressure, and her throat's completely closed
  546. >she mouths words, but without breath she can't get them out
  547. >you let her struggle for a few seconds more
  548. "Sorry, was that last bit 'sorry for trying to worm my way out of a punishment for my own actions'?"
  549. >she nods desperately, finally meeting your gaze
  550. >you hold out a bit longer, tapping your finger to your chin in thought
  551. "Well! Good to know you're taking responsibility. That's all I needed to hear."
  552. >and you let the chain go
  553. >the black bug-like queen coughs and gags, sucking down stale dungeon air
  554. >the guards come in while she's still gasping, bearing chisels and hammers
  555. >wordlessly they set to work pulling the goo-covered stallion from his prison
  556. >you pay them no mind
  557. "So. Let's not beat around the bush, hm? You've proven to have some worth to the Empire; enough to keep you around, if circumstances are right."
  558. >she nods, obviously disgruntled at being thought of as a tool
  559. >at least she knows better than to voice that displeasure
  560. >the guards finally free the stallion's back legs and he flops to the ground with a muffled 'oomph'
  561. "Let's discuss some circumstances."
  562. >she still huffs a bit when she breathes, but she's in control of herself enough to nod cautiously
  563. "How do you bend your brood to your will?"
  564. >she looks at you nonplussed
  565. >you've gotten to know her hesitant look when she's forced to say something she finds unpleasant
  566. >this isn't that
  567. >nor is it confusion as to how to interpret your question
  568. >this is something new
  569. >"How... what? I don't. They just do as I tell them."
  570. >you give her the look that precedes a strangling session
  571. >all it earns you is another look of bewilderment
  572. "Bullshit. Everyone has a motivation. I refuse to believe your insects are 'loyal to you with their very lives' because they're bored."
  573. >it's like she's never even thought about this before
  574. >she shrugs, an impressive feat all on its own in her chains
  575. >you decide to try a different tack
  576. "You've never had a rebellion or an uprising? No changelings going rogue? Horseshit."
  577. >she just shakes her head, still trying to grasp the concept
  578. >you can't tell if she's just that protective of her hive, or whether she's genuinely confused
  579. >well, fear for her life seems to have worked pretty well so far...
  580. >you draw your dagger and cross the room
  581. >behind you you hear the changeling queen's previous meal break his front hooves free
  582. >but all of your attention is focused on applying just the right amount of pressure to the blade at Chrysalis' neck
  583. "So if I were to deem you worthless and end this discussion right now..."
  584. >the tone of your voice is actually more curious than threatening
  585. >she looks into your eyes, a hint of fear behind them but no more comprehension
  586. >"...The hive would die. I've probably no females left, so with no successor, the contract is null. They would just stop."
  587. >you furrow your brow in confusion
  588. >contract? Successor? "stop"?
  589. >you back the blade off from her neck
  590. >you're not certain about all of that, but from the sound of it, you can't just wrest control of them from her
  591. >any more than someone could wrest control of your little ponies upstairs from you
  592. >the only way they'd manage that is if they controlled you
  593. >so...
  594. >you sheath the dagger again and sigh
  595. "I suppose I can understand that. Their loyalties lie unwaveringly with you."
  596. >the guards finally have Diggin's mouth free
  597. >not that he says a word once he's up
  598. >he just waddles behind the guards out of the room
  599. "So then where do your loyalties lie?"
  600. >there is only one right answer to this question
  601. >but forcing her to mean it when she says it will be a trick
  602. >you send the guards out with instructions to fetch the apothecary
  603. >it would be nice to manage this without using her tinctures
  604. >but if you must, you'd rather have her on hand and prepared
  605. >"My loyalties lie..."
  606. >you hear the Royal Voice behind you
  607. >"...with whoever holds the key to my bonds."
  608. >even knowing it's coming, the sight of Nightmare Moon bound and chained gives you a second's pause
  609. >she bares her fangs in her usual sadistic grin
  610. >"How about you, my pet? Are we so dissimilar?"
  611. >her leathery wings flit and adjust themselves
  612. >"Do you not serve out of obligation? What loyalty do you really owe?"
  613. >you approach the Princess of the Night silently
  614. >her impression is really spot on this time
  615. >you stare down her lithe form, the midnight black of her coat, the gentle curve of her withers
  616. >it's really quite... accurate, you try to remind yourself
  617. >you'll play along for a bit
  618. "...I serve..."
  619. >you brush a hand to her face; she flinches slightly
  620. >the last few times she's felt your touch to her cheek, it hasn't been so pleasant
  621. >this time, though, you simply stroke her cheek and then reach upwards
  622. >you trace a finger along the sharp points of the crown
  623. "...the one who is best for Equestria."
  624. >the starry cloud of her tail wraps around your waist, pulling you closer
  625. >"How noble..."
  626. >she grins, as your hand moves to her chest
  627. >you can feel her breathing, shallow and fast
  628. >"And what is best for Equestria?"
  629. >both of your hands are on her thighs now
  630. >even if she wanted to, there's no way to deny you what you're planning to do
  631. >"Agony?"
  632. >she pulls you closer still, your eyes locked together
  633. >"Strife and struggle?"
  634. >your hand reaches between her legs, the tip of your fingers soft on her lips
  635. >"...Punishment?"
  636. >you brush her lips with your own and plunge your middle finger home
  637. >her gasp isn't due to shock this time
  638. >your finger is caught in a velvet vice, struggling to pull it in even as you withdraw it
  639. >you repeat the motion, pressing in further this time, the withdrawal slower than before
  640. >she huffs as you pump her with your fingers, palm massaging her clit
  641. >"Admit it. what's best for Equestria... it's you."
  642. >even beneath her dark coat you can see a blush forming
  643. >you never take your eyes from hers as you fingerblast your "Queen"
  644. >at the second finger she starts to squeak with each intrusion
  645. >her hips thrust toward your hand, and each time you pause she lets out a plaintive little whine
  646. >it's always cut short with another squeak as you start in again
  647. >at one point you pull completely out and her whole body strains forward, desperate to follow the source of its pleasure
  648. >you bring the sopping fingers to her mouth and she suckles at them greedily, tongue wrapping expertly around them
  649. >you return them to their rightful place, earning you a moan of pleasure
  650. >you can hear her breath hitching as the pace of her thrusts picks up
  651. >which is your cue to stop, pressing a finger against each lip to spread her as you pull away
  652. "Discipline."
  653. >her eyes roll back down, denied the crash she was expecting, confused by your voice in her ear
  654. "What's best for Equestria is discipline. Not just a punishment, but a lesson."
  655. >you press one finger just above her clit, barely touching it
  656. >no amount of bucking brings her any closer to release
  657. "You're trying to coax my love for her out of me."
  658. >her face, still flush with need, takes a darker look as you call her on her plan
  659. >and then her eyes roll back into her head as you grind you palm against her, a spurt of cum jetting onto your hand
  660. "This lesson is: if you want my love, like all the others, you will earn it. Show me that Chrysalis the Changeling Queen is loyal to me. Not Celestia. Not Nightmare. Not my pets. You."
  661. >you conjure up every bit of self-loathing you can and spit at her, before loosening your belt
  662. >she's caught somewhere between shock and confusion as you drop trou
  663. >you plan to make the word "hatefuck" an understatement
  664. >...just as soon as you deal with the potion maker who was just ushered in
  665. >well
  666. >this is a little unfortunate
  667. >haven't these guards ever heard of discretion?
  668. >"Greetings, lustful alien beast. I was told you had need of my expertise?"
  671. >the apothecary is a rather full-rumped zebra, short but squat
  672. >you look over your shoulder at her
  673. >you can see her mane, pointed straight up, behind a crudely painted wooden mask
  674. >she just stares expectantly, seemingly taking no notice of your bare ass or the fact that you're mid-rut with the ruler of the land suspended in chains
  675. >either she took lessons from Octavia in the ways of stoicism
  676. >or she's just this used to the madness that is Canterlot Castle
  677. >you turn around with a cough and beckon her over
  678. "Zecora. Thank you for coming, I have need of your knowledge. Do you have any potions that deal with matters of... love?"
  679. >she nods, seeming to understand
  680. >with a flourish she pulls out a huge array of bottles and tubes, bowls and plates from her saddle pack, laying them all at your feet
  681. >"This herb can be taken with your meal; it turns your stallionhood to steel. If instead duration you lack, on this hydra heart you snack."
  682. >this sounds like a sales pitch, and you wave your hands to try to stop her
  683. >you really did mean love, not sex aids
  684. >but apparently she's so practiced (or so enthralled with the subject) that she doesn't even notice
  685. >"this powder spurs a powerful need for mares to sup upon your seed. If teats of bounty you desire, use milkweed root and phoenix fire."
  686. >this seems like it's going to go on a bit
  687. >"To conjure rut is this salve's goal, works on stallion, mare or foal (but in four hours, if still you yearn, perhaps to me you should return)"
  688. >...
  689. >it's like a lewd Dr. Seuss
  690. >"sensitivity, texture, size; capacity or completion's prize. Filly-foolers, colt-on-colt, none can argue with results. Whether rider or the steed, I'm sure I can fulfill your need."
  691. >she stops and takes off her mask, scratching her chin with a hoof
  692. >"Or if instead you need a mate, I know of mares for a decent rate. Or stallions (I am judgement-free)! Er... why was it that you summoned me?"
  693. >she gives you an embarrassed grin
  694. >you shake your head, exasperated
  697. "That's... huh. While not what I asked, that is interesting."
  698. >you'll keep the one that induces lactation in mind for if Celestia starts feeling motherly again
  699. >but back to your original point
  700. "I asked if you had any potions that dealt with love. Not lust."
  701. >she stares for a moment at the ceiling, then opens up a small pocket on one side of her bags
  702. >she passes you three vials of liquid
  703. >two glass and shaped like a heart, one filled with red liquid, the other with gold
  704. >the last made of pewter and ringed at the neck with a black vine covered in thorns
  705. >she points to the first, the amber liquid
  706. >"The first is called Felicity. It makes you a lover of all you see. Even in this eternal night, with Felicity, your day is bright."
  707. >she nods at the next, the rose-colored glass
  708. >"Cadenza's Tincture is on the right. It fosters love upon first sight. Use utmost caution; few can bend, that potion's outcomes to their end."
  709. >she doesn't bother pointing to or even looking at the last of the three
  710. >the light airiness of her voice is replaced with gravitas
  711. >"Those two I charge for; this, I do not. I'd rather it should be forgot. Heartbreak and sadness in equal parts, it freezes passion, hardens hearts. Its cruel effects you cannot rewind. Beware the sorrow of Potion Nine."
  712. >you remark on how small they are
  713. >watered down, they may last you the week
  714. >you'll probably need to request more when she has the opportunity
  715. >she shakes her head, chuckling at you in her strange accent
  716. >"I see that you are quite astute. But all these potions you must dilute. In water they all work quite well, though alcohol can strengthen their spell."
  717. >she begins to pack up her collection of containers
  718. >you cough pointedly and reach down for the hydra's heart
  719. >she offers you a coy smile in return, but doesn't stop you
  720. "These will do nicely, Zecora. You have both the Empire's thanks and mine."
  721. >you sign a release for the funds and hand it to her before she turns for the door
  722. >"Though I find the process crude..."
  723. >she remarks just before she shuts the door on you
  724. >"Congratulations on that brood."
  725. >...well THAT was cryptic
  726. >no no, you'll stand for a bit of oddity, but anyone would notice that tone of voice
  727. >it's the 'I'm-telling-you-so-so-later-I-can-say-I-told-you-so' voice
  728. >you look over at Chrysalis Moon
  729. >she's glowering at the door the zebra just closed
  730. >that pretty much seals it
  731. "For the sake of your gag reflex, you'd best hope this isn't a problem you caused."
  732. >you jog to catch up with the mare
  733. >she's halfway down the cell block when you manage to stop her
  734. >turning around with the mask down again, she regards you passively
  735. >"That hydra's heart should last you days; if you used it all, I would be amazed."
  736. >ha-ha-fuckin'-ha
  737. "What did you mean about my brood? What brood?"
  738. >she turns her head so that the mask points from you to the only occupied cell
  739. >Diggin Bones is sitting there, looking like he'd welcome death as a change of pace
  740. >now that he's not doubled over, you can see that his stomach is bulging with lumps
  741. >unless he's taken to eating stones instead of prison rations, that wasn't his doing
  742. >he rubs both hooves at what gut he can reach and moans
  743. >the guards just roll their eyes and smack a weapon against the bars
  744. >"Quiet down, dissident."
  745. >Zecora lets out her odd melodious chuckle
  746. >"He must have enjoyed getting filled, if of course he had free will."
  747. >she looks back up at you
  748. >the mask rotates as she tilts her head
  749. >"Are you surprised to learn his plight? T'was you who gave it to him, right?"
  750. >you look back at him and he lets out a resigned sniffle
  751. "No. Well, I mean, yeah. But I thought she'd just... feed... not... huh."
  752. >you don't know how changelings breed
  753. >killing him might actually be a minor mercy at this point
  754. "Are they going to go all Alien on him?"
  755. >you realize that's a bit outside of her frame of reference
  756. >let's rephrase
  757. "Do they... eat him? And how did you know she was a changeling?"
  758. >"Changeling chitin is a must, for crafting my Illusion Dust."
  759. >she seems to be appraising Diggin's condition
  760. >"An uncomfortable birth is all that entails, so long as the clutch is only males,"
  761. >she explains
  762. >"but a future Queen must get her start, by feasting on another's heart."
  763. >future queen?
  764. >that sounds like leverage
  765. >so either you get a hostage and a condemned pone dies a painful death
  766. >or you get a litter of future soldiers and have to find him a spot in the guillotine line
  767. >...
  768. >you can't bring yourself to actively hope that a newborn child chews through a grown pony's chest
  769. >but you can totally reflect on how convenient it would be
  770. "Zecora, I'd like a few more moments of your time."
  771. >she whickers and shakes her head
  772. >"Alas, your Queen has called me too, demanding many a sundry brew. Would this evening be ideal, perhaps over a hearty meal?"
  773. >eh, you work fast, but you doubt you'll need to know every detail about these bug-ponies before sunset
  774. >you nod, scratching your head
  775. >"Very well, it is a date. Come at 7, do not be late."
  776. >she strides for the stairwell
  777. >no matter the circumstances, Boss Mare doesn't like tardiness
  778. >she has enough time to flick her tail up as she looks back at you though
  779. >wait
  780. >did you just get hit on?
  781. >fuck, today is weird
  782. >no, actually, it's probably just that particular zebra is weird
  783. >anyway, before that little interruption
  784. >you recall you were in the middle of administering some -iscipline
  785. >on your way back in, you point at the purple-maned pone struggling to massage his stuffed stomach
  786. "Fetch me if something crawls out of him chewing on his heart,"
  787. >the guard nods and stands at attention
  788. >you get most of the way through the door before leaning back out and looking at the other guard
  789. "Oh, and by the Moon and Stars, knock next time. Have some courtesy."
  790. >you slam the door behind you, giving the black mare in chains a beatific smile
  791. >she's shifted back, but her thighs are still slicked from your ministrations
  792. >that won't do
  793. "When did I tell you to change back? I don't remember that."
  794. >she gulps and wordlessly shifts back, your ruler physically imposing as ever even in those heavy chains
  795. >after a moment's hesitation, she tests the waters
  796. >"Did she... was it... what did she say?"
  797. >if Nightmare Moon ever sounded that meek, you'd kill her without hesitation
  798. >you're pretty sure she's incapable of that sort of softness and timidity
  799. "Don't worry about that. None of your concern."
  800. >you take the hydra's heart from the table, looking it over
  801. >it's dried and rubbery, and smells a bit like swamp
  802. >but if you can't trust a masked foreigner peddling drugs, who can you trust?
  803. >you rip a chunk of flesh off and pop it in your mouth
  804. >it's tough and surprisingly spicey, so you talk while you chew
  805. "Now. There are two ways out of this for you. Learn or fail."
  806. >you put the rest of the heart down and reach overhead, swinging the chains through hooks and holders
  807. "Failing is easy. Just say the word and I'll stop. Then I'll squish you under my boot like any other bug."
  808. >you manage to get two lengths wrapped around each other and you curse under your breath
  809. >the other dungeon is nicer, they have this whole setup on levers
  810. "I'd rather not do that. I still hold that you could be an asset. I'd much rather you learned."
  811. >you manage to get the ties untangled and set back to work letting slack into the lines
  812. "Do you remember what you're supposed to learn?"
  813. >she recites it, almost word for word
  814. >a little haltingly, but she manages
  815. >"If I want love, like all the others, I have to earn it. I have to be loyal to you. Not anyone else. Me."
  816. >you let the chains go, and the tension holding her neck and forehooves up disappears
  817. >she crashes to the ground, front legs weak from six days' worth of neglect
  818. >your belt buckle clinks to the ground in front of her
  819. >when she looks back up at you, she has to stare past your cock to meet your gaze
  820. "Good. Let's begin."
  821. >The Princess of the Night is licking your balls
  822. >sure, it's just a shallow copy of her
  823. >but as she kisses and huffs her warm breath on them, suckling on one, occasionally running her tongue along the underside of your shaft
  824. >you couldn't give a damn about whether it's the "real" Nightmare Moon or not
  825. >she kisses around the base, leaving a ring of wet marks as she slobbers on your knob
  826. >you run a hand through her murky hair and grab it tight
  827. >you give it a tug and guide her lips to the head
  828. >and as she starts to slurp on you
  829. >you focus all of your concentration on remembering everything she's responsible for
  830. >the personal slights, the degrading names, the menial tasks
  831. >you blame her for the crop crisis and the frequent uprisings
  832. >as her tongue swirls around your member, you rage at her disinterest in anything other than pain
  833. >while her lips are gliding over your shaft, you're fuming about the rampant corruption among the guards
  834. >Chrysalis-as-NMM gags a little, and you don't know whether it's because you're facefucking her or because your disgust is that bitter
  835. >you pull out of her mouth, a thin rope of saliva connecting the two of you
  836. >she looks up and you open-palm slap her
  837. >it's her fault you're like this
  838. >you were never like this before you came here
  839. >...were you?
  840. "Celestia."
  841. >you walk around behind her, giving her a sharp slap on the ass in passing
  842. "I said Celestia!"
  843. >there's a flash of green fire, and the black creature is replaced by her sister
  844. >not just the cooing white mare upstairs, either
  845. >this is Celestia when she was a Princess
  846. >you take your place behind her, yanking her tail up roughly
  847. >there is no warning, no need to go slow
  848. >you drive home in one thrust, eliciting a startled shriek from the solar ruler
  849. >as you withdraw, there's little resistance
  850. >the mare looks back to you, doe-eyed
  851. >fuck her
  852. >fuck her and her weakness, her carelessness, her complacency
  853. >you ram her again and she winces
  854. >over and over
  855. >every time she flinches, you think to yourself, "good"
  856. >every hiss of pain or squeak as you slap and grope her soft, plump behind is completely justified
  857. >despite herself, you can feel a wetness as you thrust, a familiar milking sensation
  858. >a yank on her tail earns you a harder squeeze
  859. >as does another slap on the other cheek
  860. >you dig your nails in as you think about how for a thousand years, she'd been idle, doting on her precious subjects until they became weak and helpless
  861. >a loud groan and a spray of mare-cum signals her crossing the line ahead of you, the needy pull of her pussy soon coaxing a generous helping of your seed into her
  862. >Chrysalis huffs, her borrowed white wings slowly folding back in from full spread
  863. >"M... may I--"
  864. "No."
  865. >you wander back around to the table, measuring out a few drops of the red potion which you dump into a liberal goblet of wine
  866. "Octavia."
  867. >you hold the pewter container up, wondering what it would do to the shackled pone
  868. >"Wh-who-"
  869. "The maid."
  870. >another flash of green light, and your faithful servant is chained up, a line of tears down each cheek to drop onto her uniform
  871. >ignoring the tears though, her stoic expression is spot on
  872. >damn but that hydra heart works fast
  873. >any other day and you'd need to pause and recover
  874. >you stomp back and shove her onto her ass
  875. >bending over her, you move yourself into position, then pin her hooves under your hands
  876. >you lean in, and...
  877. >and you...
  878. "Fuck...fuck you. Twilight."
  879. >the flames don't even tickle as a purple unicorn stares up at you, wide-eyed and terrified
  880. >you thrust into her, telling yourself that the real Twilight wouldn't have that pleasure undercutting her suffering
  881. >you focus on how pathetic she is
  882. >how for all her knowledge she couldn't find one of the million answers that would've stopped her own enslavement
  883. "Pinkie Pie!"
  884. >you don't even break pace anymore
  885. >sociopathic simpleton, too focused on frivolity to recognize the world falling apart around her
  886. "Applejack!"
  887. >stubborn, pig-headed, obstinate bitch
  888. >too self-absorbed to even learn to bow when it became obvious you were in charge
  889. >you feel her release against you, and you groan as you come dangerously close to peaking again
  890. >you lean back, releasing her front legs
  891. >and as soon as the bug pretending to be your slave rises to one elbow, you grab her and roll her over
  892. >you run your prick between those two plumped up cheeks, the mix of pre and her own juices coating her puckered ponut
  893. "Rarity."
  894. >the marshmallow pone lets out an un-ladylike whine as you stuff her backdoor
  895. >self-absorbed, egotistical, undeserving noveau riche
  896. >not even worthy to lick your boots
  897. "Fluttershy."
  898. >you grab a handful of the pink mane as soon as it materializes, tugging it viciously as you pound her ass
  899. >she squeaks with every thrust, though the barest of smiles on her face reminds you
  900. >reminds you that this is not your Fluttershy
  901. >but god do you hate the way she simpers, the way she appeases, the way she lets you dictate every facet of her life
  902. >you didn't even need to have her enslaved to do that, she's such a weak-willed coward
  903. >you feel her whole body shiver, that has to be at least orgasm number five
  904. "R-rainbow Dash!"
  905. >you pin the sky-blue pegasus' wings to the ground as you near the home stretch, and she lets out a squeal far more pain than pleasure
  906. >willfully ignorant, unmotivated, utterly self-important waste of feathers
  907. >what a top
  908. >fucking
  909. >cunt
  910. >you can't take it anymore
  911. >a second round of your jizz coats her insides as you let out a primal shout
  912. >the pounding in your ears seems to ebb and suddenly it's a lot easier to hear her pants, her coughs, her sniffles, her groans and moans
  913. >you blink a couple times
  914. >holy shit, that may have been a bit much
  915. >you put your hand beside "Rainbow Dash"'s hoof and push yourself up to your knees
  916. >time for the payoff
  917. >you stagger a little bit as you make your way to the table where you left the goblet
  918. "On your hooves."
  919. >you make your way over to the dripping multicolored mare, her legs still separated by the spanner bar
  920. >she crawls exhausted to all fours, exhausted and scared
  921. "Did you get so much as a whiff of love?"
  922. >you growl, staring down at the pegasus who refuses to meet your eyes
  923. >she just shakes her head
  924. "And now the all-im-fucking-portant question:"
  925. >you hold both hands out to her, offering her to answer at her leisure
  926. "Why?"
  927. >"Be...because I wasn't me."
  928. >you scoop the goblet up and carry it back to her, clapping your free hand against the back of the one carrying the wine
  929. "Excellent. So let's rectify that."
  930. >you bring her chin up to look at you
  931. >she's waiting on you to give her the go-ahead
  932. >that's what you like to refer to as "improvement".
  933. "Take your own form, Chrysalis."
  934. >her name has barely left your mouth and she's back to her true self
  935. >you bring the chalice to her lips and she gulps it down like it's the last water in the Saddle Arabian desert
  936. >when you tilt it up for her to get the dregs, she actually pushes her nose into it, lapping at every drop she can reach
  937. >when you're satisfied she's gotten what she can from it, you take it away
  938. >you can tell it's not sitting quite right with her
  939. >she wants more
  940. "Was that not enough?"
  941. >the right answer to your question is obvious
  942. >the correct one is irrelevant
  943. >"It was what you gave me. What more could I ask for?"
  944. >and that
  945. >deserves a reward
  946. >not much of one, don't want to spoil the deposed queen
  947. >but you brush her hair aside and give her an affectionate peck on the cheek
  948. "Good answer."
  949. >you've never seen pupils dilate like that
  950. >you don't know whether it's the drugs or the beginnings of Stockholm
  951. >but whatever the cause, it's good news to you
  952. >so why aren't you elated?
  953. >you walk down the cell block, past the egg-pregnant stallion, and climb the stairs with the distinct feeling you should be happier
  954. >oh well... time to see whose skulls need bashing
  956. >your name is Sprawling Odyssey
  957. >you are a bronze unicorn mare, being led in chains to what you assume is the execution chamber
  958. >the guards on either side of you stare straight ahead as they lead you down the stairs to the main cell block
  959. >you try to slow a bit as you round a corner and see a few familiar faces
  960. >Delirium, charged with seven counts of disturbing the peace, looks between the bars at you
  961. >she looks... bored?
  962. >Sparkle Shine looks like he's expecting a thrashing any second, eyes darting around his cage
  963. >the guards shove you to get moving again
  964. >Frostweaver turns his head to glare at you from the far corner of his cell
  965. >you jump when a blue pony lunges against the bars
  966. >she growls and barks like a hound as you pass
  967. >and then you're here
  968. >a wooden door is all that stands in the way of your doom
  969. >the guard knocks on it, and its swings open easily
  970. >you're shoved inside, tripping over the chains and landing face-first with a weak "oomph"
  971. >you look up and around just in time to hear the door slam behind you
  972. >a few things catch your eye
  973. >the pools of green liquid, some thin strands dripping from the ceiling
  974. >on the far table sit a collection of bottles, a few empty, along with a chalice and a bottle of wine
  975. >and of course you can't ignore the towering creature in black and purple
  976. >you can't make out his features, but from the way he stands, you'd have to guess he was smirking
  977. >none of that can compare with the thing in the center of the room though
  978. >chained by the neck, standing imperiously before you, is...
  979. >Princess Celestia?
  980. >her smile is warm and gentle, and for a moment it makes you forget all the atrocities of this forsaken place
  981. >you move to approach her, unsure how you'll fight the brute to get to her
  982. >but he doesn't move to stop you
  983. >he just watches as you trot to bow before Her Radiance
  984. >sweeping low, your horn almost touching the floor, you look up at her
  985. "Princess. I... I don't know why they have allowed me to bask in your warmth once more, but hail."
  986. >she beckons you closer and you obey without hesitation
  987. >up close her smile seems sadder, more resigned
  988. >"Sweet mare, now is no time to bow; I am Princess no more. I am here as a final comfort before you meet your fate. That is all."
  989. >the hopeful little smile you had vanishes
  990. >she's given up?
  991. "My... my liege?"
  992. >she lets out a resigned sigh and nods to the armored creature you passed
  993. >"The mercy he has shown me is to keep me here, alive, that I might soothe you on your way to your fate."
  994. >your shock is quickly giving way to anger now
  995. >how dare that... that THING keep the rightful ruler like this?!
  996. >your horn mirrors your anger, a glow starting at its tip
  997. "Well then, I'll show him mercy as well, and make this quick!"
  998. >"Wha- no!"
  999. >you turn and fire a bolt of concentrated hate at him
  1000. >it slams into his chest and
  1001. >does absolutely nothing
  1002. >his smirk turns into a frown as he starts to advance on you
  1003. >"Wait, please! Do not harm her, she does not know!"
  1004. >the abomination slows, still glaring at you
  1005. >he looks over to your leader and huffs
  1006. >"Fine. That was her one, though."
  1007. >you can't help but feel a swelling adoration for your ruler alongside the fear and hatred for her captor
  1008. >when you turn back, she's staring at you intently, like you'd just done something very interesting rather than very stupid
  1009. >"Little one, I'm sorry. But I am resigned to my use here. As should you be."
  1010. >you stare into her eyes, not wanting to believe she's defeated like this
  1011. >but before you saw her, you were resigned to your fate
  1012. >you're quickly growing that way again
  1013. >"Let me comfort you. Close your eyes, now, and think of they that you love most. Pick the one for whom your heart calls. I will let you see them and bid them farewell."
  1014. >you never knew she had such a power
  1015. >but you obey without question
  1016. >how could you deny a boon from your Princess?
  1019. >you are Anon, and you are doing your best to keep a straight face
  1020. >luckily you've had some practice with the last few pones you've had brought down
  1021. >the mind-control magic Chrysalis uses was annoying when she'd try it on you
  1022. >but you're definitely beginning to see the appeal
  1023. >to her credit, even without it she's a masterful actress
  1024. >as she puts her silver tongue to good use, you appraise the scrawny mare she's working her wiles on
  1025. >she's a tiny little thing, long legs and ears, thin little body
  1026. >you catch a flash of her purple eyes as she levels her horn at you
  1027. >this trick works better, you find, when you're here to draw their hate
  1028. >it disappears into nothingness against your chest
  1029. >and just like usual, "Celestia" begs your mercy
  1030. >you can see her licking her lips at the adoration rolling off of her victim
  1031. >but she holds back
  1032. >discipline
  1033. >the only love she's allowed to take is when she's in her true form
  1034. >the last little pone who had their love drained before she completed the... procedure... had gotten a drop of Potion Nine on the tongue and sent back to their cell
  1035. >it was an informative experiment
  1036. >the guards had needed ear plugs for the two days before she was executed, she wailed so loud
  1037. >next time, you told Chrysalis, you would give her a taste instead
  1038. >that was almost three weeks ago, and she's been a perfect little pet since
  1039. >the small-framed little unicorn closes her eyes and sits obediently, waiting for her Princess to ease her mind
  1040. >the captive alicorn princess doesn't hesitate to deliver
  1041. >instead of the gentle golden glow you know Celestia possesses, an ill-looking green forms around her horn
  1042. >it wafts into Odyssey's ears, and with a flash of green fire, a pearl-white stallion takes Celestia's place
  1043. >when she opens them, she can hardly contain her glee
  1044. >her eyes are tinted green, unable to see the little inconsistencies and errors in her disguise
  1045. >the longer it continues, the less she'll care about what "he" looks like
  1048. >you close your eyes, obediently, and picture your beloved Stoic Sewman, his marble coat, his strong hooves, his soft eyes
  1049. >Celestia's magic washes over you, a powerful force
  1050. >it feels... off, somehow, but as the spell takes hold you reassure yourself
  1051. >it's just the strain of her captivity, a voice reminds you
  1052. >"Darling?"
  1053. >your eyes snap open
  1054. >Celestia is truly a goddess, to be able to grant you this
  1055. >you don't know how
  1056. >you don't CARE how
  1057. >he's here
  1058. >you fairly bowl him over as you rush to him, throwing your hooves around him
  1059. >it's been so long; you had heard he was captured a week after you left to join the resistance
  1060. >but here he is
  1061. "Stoic... Oh Stoic, sweet Celestia thank you, I thought I'd never see you again!"
  1062. >"No distance could keep me from you, sweetness."
  1063. >his eyes are the greenest shade of blue you've ever seen them
  1064. >it must be the tears in your eyes that make them seem that way, yourself tells you
  1065. >he leans in and kisses you, forcefully
  1066. >moreso than you're used to
  1067. >the way you've always wanted him to, a voice says, and you can't help but agree
  1068. >it's the passion of a couple separated by years and miles
  1069. >somewhere in the back of your head, someone points out that this is a strange thing for your executioner to allow
  1070. >but it's buried under a layer of pleasure as his hooves slide lower, pulling you close, so very close
  1071. >you have to break the kiss for air, finally
  1072. >unbidden, a question leaps from your throat
  1073. "Where have you been, loveliness? I'm so glad to see you, but how...?"
  1074. >he looks taken aback
  1075. >you've never seen a more handsome blush, or heard a more endearing stammer
  1076. >"I, er... that is, I've been fighting the good fight, you see. Resisting, being covert..."
  1077. >you nod, not comprehending but willing to accept
  1078. >"But I simply had to see you again,"
  1079. >he leans in for another kiss and you happily oblige
  1080. >who could turn down a handsome buck like him?
  1083. >this part always weirds you out
  1084. >it's not that you don't appreciate the technique
  1085. >it's more that you can see why ponies fall for it, even without the hypnosis
  1086. >her change is so slow, so gradual, that they don't even notice
  1087. >or maybe they do notice, but they don't care
  1088. >they convince themselves that their special mares and stallions have always been so tall
  1089. >always had a horn, or wings
  1090. >they've always been this creature underneath the thin shell of their bodies
  1091. >sometimes they'll get a look on their face that you can take a bit of pleasure in
  1092. >a brief spark of confusion, of recognition
  1093. >"This isn't right," they'll say, or "Have you always...?"
  1094. >you watch as Boring or Emotionless or whatever grows taller, a gnarled horn sprouting from "his" head
  1095. >his legs grow pitted, deepening into holes that riddle his hooves
  1096. >a swollen piece of anatomy grows between her legs as the Verdant Hive's queen reclaims her true form
  1097. >and you smirk as Odyssey frowns up at the thing casting a shadow over her
  1098. >"Darling... when did you get... so tall?"
  1099. >her eyes shut, tightly, but another tendril of green wraps its way around her head from the creature's horn
  1100. >"Sssssh, now, love. I've changed a bit, but so have you,"
  1101. >the voice is always the last thing to go, but the stallion's voice slowly fades to leave only your pet's
  1102. >"You're so empty now, dear,"
  1103. >it causes a blush to rise over the slim unicorn's features when she whispers
  1104. >"what say we fix that?"
  1105. >you step forward, finally assured that nothing can pull your captor from her spell
  1106. >she blushes furiously, but nods, her eyes glued to the black segment of body jutting from underneath her beloved
  1109. >in the back of your head, a tiny voice is muttering that there's something wrong with this whole picture
  1110. >but you can ignore it
  1111. >you're just so elated to see your lover again
  1112. >you couldn't care that the years have made him taller
  1113. >you did love the gentle white of his coat, but this shiny black look is so fetching
  1114. >his wings, oh, you'll have to mend his suit
  1115. >but with his new horn, goodness, the magic you two could make together
  1116. >it seems a little magic-making is on his mind, too
  1117. >"You're so empty now, dear... what say we fix that?"
  1118. >you can scarcely do more than nod, and blush
  1119. >well
  1120. >maybe you can do a little more than that
  1121. >as he guides you under him, you feel like a young filly again, newly in love, exploring your bodies for the first time
  1122. >and he responds in kind; you can feel strong hands against your legs, squeezing, stroking, rubbing
  1123. >you feel a cooling sensation as his lips touch your flank
  1124. "Mmm~, darling, of all your changes, I think this is the one I love most,"
  1125. >you coo, lips brushing against the strange new organ
  1126. >it doesn't take much coaxing to bring the ovipositor to bear, a copious dribble of green pre leaking from it as your tongue rims its flared opening
  1127. >hehe, it's making your tongue kind of numb
  1128. >above you, your lover lets out a groan of approval; he must have been pretty pent up
  1129. >you look behind him and frown at the sight of your sweetness spreading your flank wide
  1130. >he's showing off your intimates to your captor?
  1131. >it niggles in the back of your head, but you trust him with your life
  1132. >shouldn't you also trust him with your body?
  1133. >you give another slurp and another giggle as you feel the insides of your cheeks growing numb too
  1134. >enough
  1135. >you've waited seven years, you'll have him now
  1136. >you open as wide as you can, your lips wrapping around the opening, and lean forward
  1137. >the monster behind you gives a chuckle as you coat your mate's egg-layer with your saliva
  1138. >you're rewarded with a gout of liquid, which you happily gulp down
  1139. >the cooling slime drips down your throat and you welcome it
  1140. >it's so... strange... but so good
  1141. >you feel a finger trace along your slit, and you hesitate a moment
  1142. >it really doesn't seem quite right, being shared like this
  1143. >but no, your voice insists to you, Stoic would never do anything to betray your trust
  1144. >you feel your tail lift as you spread your legs
  1145. >back to the task at hand
  1146. >he's really backed up, it feels like, so you try to back off a bit to talk
  1147. >there's a strange tickle in your throat
  1148. >you didn't even feel it slide down there
  1149. >at your voice's request, you reach up, hooves kneading and massaging his over-full egg sac
  1150. >slowly, almost painfully, you watch as a bulge begins to form near the start of his stallionhood
  1151. >it feels like the wrong word to describe it
  1152. >but you're too focused on the bulb making its way to your mouth for such thoughts
  1153. >it rests on your lips
  1154. "Mmmmaaaagh?"
  1155. >your mate bucks his hips and the object pops past, into your mouth
  1156. >you try desperately to swallow, tears starting to form as you let out little gagging sounds
  1157. >once, twice, and...
  1158. >it squeezes down your throat
  1159. >you can sense the bulge as it travels
  1160. >and then, you can almost hear it as well as you feel it
  1161. >plop
  1162. >it's in!
  1163. "Agghn~,"
  1164. >you coo, and your love leans down to meet your gaze
  1165. >he smirks and turns to your warden, saying something you can't quite catch
  1166. >ooh, here comes another one...!
  1169. >yes
  1170. >this is what you were born for
  1171. >this is what you've always been meant for
  1172. >your hive is growing with each little orb that stupid cunt between your legs swallows
  1173. "She will give you no trouble now,"
  1174. >you inform the human
  1175. >it takes you a moment to notice your transgression
  1176. >...ah, Master."
  1177. >you let out a carnal moan as you feel another future hatchling plop from your bulging sac into her gut
  1178. >these mayfly-minded mares make wonderful incubators, you muse
  1179. >and maybe, you hope, the extra feedings he's been allowing you
  1180. >er
  1181. >that you've been taking
  1182. >will pay off, and you'll hear this mare's death-screams giving way to a greater miracle
  1183. >as another stray thought makes itself known, you sooth it with a gentle touch of magic
  1184. >no no, he's always had fangs and worn a crown
  1185. >you look over to your... ugh... Master
  1186. >were it not for that divine drink he feeds you so often, his demands of your deference would drive you to kill him
  1187. >...
  1188. >even the thought of his reaction to you trying that gives you pause
  1189. >instead, you lean over the unicorn as she suckles on you
  1190. >that brute may lay claim to the most suited of her... areas...
  1191. >but that does not preclude a second spot of egg-laying
  1192. >you kiss on one of the mare's flanks, leaving little nibble-marks
  1193. >then the other
  1194. >your tongue traces out your next target carefully...
  1196. >you let out an unrestrained gurgle of pleasure as you feel the alien digits slide into you
  1197. >had Stoic really managed to control such a ferocious beast, that he could command it to pleasure you like this?
  1198. >you try to thank him by gulping down another of her brood
  1199. >but after nearly a half-dozen of the things, you're starting to feel a bit full
  1200. >you paw gently at your lover's still bulging piece, feeling a little sick as you watch egg number seven slide down into your mouth
  1201. >you give a weak groan of protest as it too pushes past your esophagus
  1202. >the stirring deep in your loins by that monstrous creature draws a stronger groan from you
  1203. >"Oh... are you feeling full, darling?"
  1204. >you turn as much as the tube down your throat allows, nodding to him as you wipe at the tears that each of her eggs forces out of you
  1205. >"Alright, my sweet, just one more then..."
  1206. >you try to shake your head, that'd really be just too much
  1207. >but it seems your body won't let you move that way
  1208. >curious
  1209. >well, whether you want to or not, you feel his last come pressing against your lips
  1210. >nothing for it now
  1211. >you open as wide as you can, and it doesn't seem to take as much effort this time
  1212. >straight into you... mostly
  1213. >it lands and you feel the whole pile of eggs shift in your belly
  1214. >oof
  1215. >but at least it's over now
  1216. >you feel the long nozzle slip past your lips as your mate stands tall over you
  1217. >you gasp for air; how did you manage all that without passing out
  1218. "Ohh~... sweetie, I... I feel so full... I'm glad I could..."
  1219. >you take a moment to gather your thoughts
  1220. >glad you could be such a good incubator for his darling spawn?
  1221. >your head-voice suggests innocently
  1222. >yes, that sounds about right
  1223. "...could be your egg-holder... but I don't think... I could swallow another one~!"
  1226. >you and your changeling breeding tool look at each other
  1227. >'she can't swallow another one', she says
  1228. >it's probably sets a bad precedent to share a laugh at somepony's expense with a creature you're using as a slave
  1229. >but you can't help but chuckle and neither can Chrysalis
  1230. "Well, 'Sewman', shouldn't you be a proper gentleman?"
  1231. >Chrysalis' grin is absolutely predatory
  1232. >she takes one more nibble on the not-so-thin mare's flank before raising the ovipositor and stepping carefully around
  1233. >"Don't worry, my little clutch-cunt, you just lay there and relax,"
  1234. >you help her guide her thorax into position
  1235. >staring at her stabbing clumsily around the mare's rump is definitely not conducive to you planting your own seed inside your shared victim
  1236. >"I'll do aaaall the work this time."
  1237. >Chrysalis whispers into the brainwashed pone's ear
  1238. >you've primed the little thing quite enough
  1239. >time for the main attraction
  1240. >the green goop slathering her target spills down onto your shaft
  1241. >ooh, tingly
  1242. >the mare's juices mixing with it keeps you from going completely numb, but it's definitely a lighter sensation than you're used to
  1243. >"Ready?"
  1244. >Chrysalis asks breathily
  1245. >neither you nor your pet waste time waiting to hear a response
  1246. >ovipositor and member both stuff into her at once, eliciting a shriek
  1247. >you spread the little pony's cheeks to allow more egg-shaft inside
  1248. >Chrysalis nibbles at her ear, her own thrusting falling out of sync with yours as her sac undulates
  1249. >you can see the outline of the first egg moving towards its target while you jackhammer the mare's muff
  1250. >damn, it skeeved you out the first few times you saw it
  1251. >but you have to admit, you think as it presses against Odyssey's balloon knot
  1252. >that's kinda hot
  1254. >oh god
  1255. >your brain is fucking melting
  1256. >you thought you were done when your lover pulled herself from your throat
  1257. >while he was repositioning, the thing she was sharing you with had withdrawn his hand, leaving you longing for release
  1258. >apparently that isn't going to be a problem
  1259. >Stoic was never one for dirty talk, so hearing him call you her "clutch-cunt" perked your ears up
  1260. >the moment you felt that pressure against your little cinnamon starfish, it had you on edge again
  1261. >a sensation like warm liquid being poured between your cheeks preceded the now-familiar numbness, your face burning red
  1262. >what has gotten into him now? Taking charge of you like this?
  1263. >"Ready?"
  1264. >your love's breath is hot against your ear
  1265. "YeeeaaAAAAAHN~!"
  1266. >you barely get the first syllable out before your face gets shoved into the dungeon floor
  1267. >you're so full
  1268. >SO full
  1269. >you don't need to look to see what the creature's changed his hand for
  1270. >you can feel it pumping away inside you, slamming into you with reckless abandon
  1271. >and just above it
  1272. >ooh
  1273. >a now-familiar pressure of something a bit bigger than your hoof pushing at your backdoor
  1274. >teeth on your ear
  1275. >breath on your neck
  1276. >hands holding your hips
  1277. >you close your eyes, just focusing on how much you can feel
  1278. >shouting encouragement and direction in between an incoherent babble of ecstasy
  1279. >every touch, every pinch, every caress
  1280. >as your beloved squeezes another bulb inside you, you wail like a harlot
  1281. >"Such a good hatchery..."
  1282. >you go half-blind with an explosion of colors as you go sailing over the edge
  1283. >the stiff rod in your snatch swells in response, and you can hear the thing's labored breathing as it paints your walls white
  1284. >another egg inside of you
  1285. >how
  1286. >you don't even
  1287. >fuck
  1288. >"Ooh, I think she liked it!"
  1289. >"I wonder if this one even needed my spells to be convinced to bear my young?"
  1290. >your mate and his beast chuckle to themselves as you lay there in a pool of muddled green and white
  1291. >"May I...?"
  1292. >"Eh... sure. You did well enough."
  1294. >for Sprawling Odyssey, the peak moment of this little triste is when that last egg slides into her and she moans her way to orgasm
  1295. >for Chrysalis, it's now, as you allow her a little snack as reward for her obedience
  1296. >but for you, it isn't the feeling of release as you cum inside the addled mare's sopping box
  1297. >not that you're one to turn that opportunity down
  1298. >but the part that does it, for you?
  1299. >it's right here
  1300. >you watch as the warm fuzzies the egg-stuffed mare is feeling get sucked out of the very air
  1301. >you can actually see her eyes lose their green tint
  1302. >her whole posture changes
  1303. >and when she looks up, free of the magical fog in her mind
  1304. >there's Chrysalis
  1305. >not her precious Princess Celestia
  1306. >not her adoring husband
  1307. >but a bug, towering over her, ovipositor still dripping with the green slime she's filled to the brim with
  1308. >that look of terror and despair?
  1309. >that's why you choose the worst offenders to be brought down here, offered up as sacrifice
  1310. >to see them build their hopes up so high, to convince themselves that even in their darkest hour, their loved ones are with them
  1311. >they'll believe any lie, accept any punishment no matter how severe
  1312. >they lie to themselves that they're doing the right thing, opposing you and Nightmare Moon
  1313. >they lie to themselves that they'll escape once they're caught
  1314. >they like to themselves that they're called to something greater, that in the end they'll win
  1315. >but they can't lie to themselves when they wake up with a belly full of eggs, while the creature who laid them sucks away every trace of happiness and love
  1316. >Odyssey begins to blubber as the sparkle in her eyes dims
  1317. >"S...Stoic?"
  1318. >oof
  1319. >deep in denial, this one
  1320. >Chrysalis finishes her meal, and you snap a lead to her collar
  1321. "Guards, take this one away. She's seen her use."
  1322. >you walk over to the table, squeezing a few drops each of Felicity and Cadenza's Aire into the chalice along with the usual red wine
  1323. >"Stoic? Darling?"
  1324. >she's actually straining at her leash
  1326. >holy shit, did Chrysalis leave her hypnotized too long?
  1327. >she can't seriously be this delusional
  1328. >you carry the wine to your pet, who gulps it down greedily, seeming to enjoy the diluted potion even more than pure love from its source
  1329. >the guards finally get the hysterical pone out the door
  1330. >she puts up a surprising struggle for someone who can barely move for how full she is
  1331. >the last thing you hear before the door slams is her crying her stallion's name
  1332. >"Stoic, please! Don't leave me yet! Don't le--"
  1333. >...
  1334. >you like it more when they're angry
  1335. >Chrysalis finishes the last of her drought and sits back, panting in relief as she feels the raw love-fascimile crashing through her veins
  1336. >the trembling in her legs lessens after a few seconds
  1337. >you'll have to order a few more bottles, and step up testing on the older drones
  1338. >her tolerance to the stuff is starting to get expensive
  1339. >"Ahh... I think she may be the one,"
  1340. >she mutters
  1341. >three batches have hatched so far
  1342. >all males
  1343. >maybe she'll be the one to bring a successor to term
  1344. >it's not an exact science, but ponies with a deeper love seem to be better incubators
  1345. >or maybe it was ponies with love for lots of others?
  1346. >shit, you need to stop smoking before your "chats" with Zecora
  1347. >anyway, Chrysalis seems to like that one's chances
  1348. >you'll make a note to retry Odyssey if she winds up hatching males
  1349. >either way, the army grows
  1350. "Chrysalis."
  1351. >her lax smile fades as you grab her attention
  1352. >"Yes, Master?"
  1353. "Question for you..."
  1356. >you march back towards the stairs to the castle proper
  1357. >a bronze hoof juts through the bars, reaching for your leg
  1358. >"Please! Please, where's my Stoic?! I just... let me back in! I'll take more eggs! I'll do anything, just let me see him again!"
  1359. >you look over at her
  1360. >lying to her would do no good
  1361. >so you lean down to look her in the eye
  1362. "You'll see your husband..."
  1363. >if you look out at the gallows by the western wall
  1364. "if you hatch a strong brood from those eggs."
  1365. >you lying sack of shit
  1367. >"Hyah!"
  1368. WHAM
  1369. >you are Anon
  1370. >and you are on your ass, uncharacteristic for someone in your position
  1371. >as loath as you are to admit it, things may have spiraled out of hand a touch
  1372. >when you brought a small cadre of your changeling troop to Bonded Courage's hideout and goaded her into attacking, you were confident you knew her style
  1373. >between your cheap scenery-chewing villain act and the changelings disguised as her first in command and her rival-turned-friend, it wasn't hard to encourage her to attack you
  1374. >you'd been expecting to get ambushed during patrol all week
  1375. >what you hadn't been expecting was so bold a strike right outside your quarters first thing in the morning
  1376. >still recovering from last night's session with Zecora, you were woefully unprepared for a full-body charge to the gut
  1377. >so here you sit, the leftover haze from the zebra's "herbal remedies" evaporating in the heat of your rage at being interrupted
  1378. >but the green-coated mare doesn't give you the opportunity to use her as an outlet
  1379. >she's already off towards the stairs, charging down into the depths of the castle
  1380. >as you heft yourself to your feet and take off after her, your anger is colored by a modicum of excitement
  1381. >it's so much more interesting when they give you a reason to punish them
  1382. >it makes their capture and captivity more... right, you feel
  1383. >plus, the defiant ones always come back for more
  1384. >oh yes
  1385. >she'll be back
  1386. >but first things first, you've got to catch the little hero
  1387. >as you chase her, she ducks through passages and weaves around corners with a purpose
  1388. "Where do you think you're going?"
  1389. >you shout after her, indulging in a mad cackle of excitement
  1390. >it only spurs her to pour on more speed
  1391. >you pick up your pace to match
  1392. >you may not have rippling abs or bulging biceps, but over months of daily patrols, you've built up a hell of an endurance
  1393. >you could do this for days
  1394. "You can run, but you can't hide, bitch!"
  1395. >she chances a look over her shoulder at you, meeting your gaze
  1396. >just for a second
  1397. >your face splits into a manic grin
  1398. >and her visage hardens
  1399. >in one swift movement, she jumps and plants her hind hooves on the wall at the end of the corridor
  1400. >turns as she pushes off
  1401. >and headbutts you right in the fucking chest
  1402. "Heh."
  1403. >not this time
  1404. >you grab her around her middle in midair to soften the blow, her momentum knocking you off balance nonetheless
  1405. >the bear hug you administer squeezes the breath out of the rough blond-maned pony
  1406. >she lets out a cough and wriggles desperately in your grasp, but to no avail
  1407. >you nearly have her unconscious when a lucky kick connects with your chin
  1408. >your grip loosens for barely a second, but it's enough, and she scampers out of your grip and down the next corridor
  1409. "Get back here you cunt!"
  1410. >you snarl after her
  1411. >more angry at yourself for losing your hold than at her for taking advantage
  1412. >she's heading further downstairs...
  1413. >what the hell is she planning?
  1414. >to make up for her aching chest, she kicks over tables and suits of armor as she passes
  1415. >you lose sight of her once or twice as you dodge the obstacles between you and your prey
  1416. >it takes until you see the unconscious guards and that rotting wooden door swinging open to realize what you should've known the moment she slammed into you this morning
  1417. >she's here to rescue the prisoners
  1418. "Of course..."
  1420. >as you step into the dungeon, your eyes sweep over the scene
  1421. >seven broken locks
  1422. >one prisoner halfway out of his cage
  1423. >two unconscious unicorns slumped on each other next to the door
  1424. >and a blond tail disappearing into the darkness
  1425. >truly, Bonded has no place to run
  1426. >what a shamefully brief little hunt
  1427. >maybe you'll give her some friendly advice between shifts as the guards' newest toy
  1428. >it's so much more fun when they pose a real challenge
  1429. >but there will be time for that later; right now, you need to set about getting this place back in order
  1430. >and that starts with...
  1431. >hmph
  1432. >all it takes is a stern look to get the prisoner-pony moving in the other direction
  1433. >what a refreshing change it is to have someone who knows their proper place
  1434. >it almost makes you regret that the best case scenario for him is something exploding from his ribcage
  1435. >then again, he did talk to someone who had planned at one point to resist the Crown
  1436. >oh well
  1437. "Pele? Skadi?"
  1438. >you approach the twin unicorn guardponies, checking their eyes and pulses
  1439. >the red-coated guard's pupils contract properly, and her sister in blue has steady breathing
  1440. >they seem to be fine, just unconscious
  1441. >(Bonded never kills her enemies if she can help it, you remind yourself)
  1442. >you'd have been miffed if she took two of the guard's best casters from you
  1443. >stepping over them, you brace yourself for whatever ambush the little mare has planned for you
  1445. >you'd never lit Chrysalis' lair very well to start with
  1446. >but now there's only the faint light of a single candle
  1447. >within the sphere of light it gives off, you can see a familiar green mare hacking away at the thick chains that hold your lovebug aloft
  1448. >with one last swing, she cleaves through the link, and you hear a sound like a sack of potatoes being dropped onto stone
  1449. >you hear an inaudible whisper from the heroine mare, words of encouragement no doubt for the captive she's trying to save
  1450. >and then
  1451. >the real show begins
  1452. >you see the dark, almost-feral eyes of the changeling queen snap open and focus on the disturbance
  1453. "I see you're trying to rescue one of my pets..."
  1454. >the chuckle in your voice comes as much from how ham-fisted you're playing this role as it does from anticipation
  1455. "...very poor choice."
  1456. >"?"
  1457. >Bonded lets out a grunt of confusion
  1458. >"...!"
  1459. >followed in short order by a gasp of surprise as green fire flashes to illuminate the room
  1460. >the frantic scrambling of her hooves knocks over the candle, plunging the scene into true and absolute darkness
  1461. >but you can hear the sound of two mares galloping, a rhythm broken by jumps and rolls as your elusive prey and your pet vie for dominance over each other
  1462. >occasionally the chime of steel on steel echoes alarmingly
  1463. >you hear a stirring behind you and look back just long enough to see Pele shaking her head
  1464. >perfect
  1465. "You! Light! Now!"
  1466. >the orders snap even the half-dazed pony to attention, a pearl of flame appearing out of nothingness to illuminate the battle
  1468. >one Bonded Courage leaps at the other, the twin mares not even taking notice of the change in lighting
  1469. >the stiff and stilted way one moves gives her away as your pet
  1470. >though the dark light of the room when she transformed gives her mane and coat a darker more sinister tone, so it's not a perfect imitation to start
  1471. >that and the way she looks to you compulsively, questioningly, her attention divided between yourself and the earth pony she's assaulting
  1472. >you smirk, nodding at her once
  1473. >'Go ahead, take her down'
  1474. >this is perfect
  1475. >after almost a week of neglect outside of her feedings, you can see how a changeling fighting for her life performs
  1476. >does she want this enough?
  1477. >they parry and step away, Chrysalis avoiding the next feint almost out of habit
  1478. >trying to misdirect a Changeling?
  1479. >you see her punish the idealistic little whelp with a forehoof to the side
  1480. >the singing blade that Bonded wields barely nicks the disguised mare's face
  1481. >she hisses in pain and rage, countering with a full-body slam that knocks the green-coated mare's sword from her mouth
  1482. >before she can even think to recover, a gout of green magic fires into her forehead, putting the mare forcefully to sleep as your pet smirks
  1483. >when the paper-thin disguise sloughs off of her to reveal her real form, you can see the toll your weeks of meddling have taken on her body
  1484. >her eyes have a crazed look to them, twitching spastically between you, Bonded, and the goblet that you pour her "medicine" into
  1485. >once her chitin was black and polished to a mirror shine; now she looks grey and worn
  1486. >her mane, never beautiful to begin with, now mats greasily to the side of her face
  1487. >even her midsection looks desiccated
  1488. >"Please..."
  1489. >she croaks, looking up at you despite having a good six inches on you at full height
  1490. >starving, sleep-deprived, unbound, exhausted, and still she looks to you for permission
  1491. >"May I... please... Master..."
  1492. >hearing her use that title still gives you shivers, it's so good
  1493. >the twin guards watch from either side of the doorway, curiosity superseding common sense as Pele's ice-inclined sister joins the waking world once more
  1494. "Hm. You know, I think this does call for a reward."
  1495. >you muse, walking over to the goblet and pouring the usual ration of wine into it
  1496. >you drip three whole drops of Cadenza's Tincture in
  1497. >a triple ration of what she's used to
  1498. >but this time, it's different
  1499. >in addition to the love potion and merlot, you pull your dagger and prick your thumb lightly
  1500. >the drop of blood causes the entire drink to shine with a pink light, heart-shaped bubbles rising from the top of it
  1501. >a love potion given a focus is more powerful
  1502. >but it's also harder to break the spell
  1503. "I think you've proven yourself ready for this."
  1504. >you turn around, placing the goblet on the ground beside the unconscious mare
  1505. >you forgo words
  1506. >what is there to say?
  1507. >you can practically see the gears churning away in her drug-addled head
  1508. >months of drilling into her that this was her fate, a tool for her Master to use
  1509. >she could retain her self-reliance, spend her life pretending to struggle against you, just like the pony she'd feed on
  1510. >or
  1511. >she could surrender the illusion of choice, and become out-and-out dependent on you, with but a sip of that drought
  1512. >why wear the mask?
  1513. >why keep pretending?
  1514. >it'll be so easy to just
  1515. >give
  1516. >in...
  1517. >her eyes close as the first drop of your concoction touches her lips
  1518. >she slurps it noisily down her throat, letting the love pour into her
  1519. >rivulets of it run down her chin in her haste to drink it all in
  1520. >her entire body shakes with the intensity of the artificially manufactured affection
  1521. >the cup clatters to the floor and her with it, convulsing as the unbelievable pleasure washes over her
  1522. >she chose... wisely
  1523. >you smirk and turn your focus to the fallen pone beside her
  1524. >leaning down, you pick up Bonded Courage by the scruff of her neck
  1525. >you'll have to find the perfect place for this one's punishment
  1526. >as you carry her under one arm from the dungeon, Skadi hazards a question
  1527. >"Ah, sir... what's to be done with, er..."
  1528. >she trails off, staring apprehensively at Chrysalis' trembing form
  1529. >you close and lock the door
  1530. >staring at it for a second, you compose your thoughts
  1531. >you turn towards the stairs that lead up and out of the bleak little dungeon
  1532. "Nothing. Get the smith and the carpenter to fix the mess this one made,"
  1533. >you shake the earth pony in your arm
  1534. "and fetch me if that one wakes up."
  1535. >walking away without a backward glance, you ponder on just what kind of discipline befits a traitor to the kingdom like Bonded Courage
  1536. >soon, you're sure, you'll have to have a plan in place for your newest willing slave
  1537. >but it will have to wait
  1538. >no rest for the wicked, after all
  1540. >it is night
  1541. >well, that's pointless to say, really
  1542. >when was the last time it wasn't night?
  1543. >but suffice to say, it is pitch dark, which means that when your eyes squint open, they meet nothing but blackness
  1544. >dimly, from the other side of your thick wooden door, you can hear voices calling
  1545. >they sound... frantic, you decide groggily, wondering vaguely why you woke up in the first place
  1546. >the answer slowly dawns on your as you feel a warm, wet sensation against your neck
  1547. >ah, Fluttershy
  1548. >a thin strip of light grows bright as a guard runs past your room with a torch, fading back into shadow as he gallops past
  1549. >"No si... ... where... rn Hall... ... ... ... ext?"
  1550. >you catch snippets of an increasingly alarming conversation
  1551. >surely the imbeciles didn't manage to let your catch from yesterday escape without you getting to administer punishment
  1552. >no pony could be that stupid...
  1553. >grumbling to yourself, you reach up and put a hand against your slave's cheek
  1554. >she plants one last tender kiss on you and obediently shifts away
  1555. >rolling from your bed, you channel your annoyance at the commotion the guards are making into motivation to act like the bloodthirsty monster they expect
  1556. >the door slams open
  1557. >and you're no longer Anon, but The Beast that haunts these halls
  1558. "What under the Starry Sky above is going on out here."
  1559. >you growl, stepping into the hall in front of a night watch pegasus
  1560. >he's flying so quickly he has to pull a tight loop to avoid crashing into you
  1561. >saluting nervously, he hems and haws for as long as you'll let him
  1562. >'as long as you'll let him' being the two seconds it takes for your face to drop any pretense of patience
  1563. >"Er, sorry to disturb you, uh, sir, there's been a slight mishap with, ah, the prisoner that--"
  1564. >you hold up one finger to stop his blathering, closing your eyes in frustration and lowering your hand
  1565. >time to steel yourself for the answer to a question you dread asking
  1566. "Are you telling me you lost her?"
  1567. >you tilt your head to one side and crack your neck ominously
  1568. >"Not me, sir! The guards on duty..."
  1569. >opening your eyes and staring him down is all it takes for the excuse to die on his lips
  1570. >you really have a rather imposing presence when you stand up at full height
  1571. >other than the gentle buffet of wind from the pegasus guard at your side, you could hear a pin drop
  1572. >good, you hate having to raise your voice
  1573. >especially so early after waking up
  1574. "Tomorrow, I'm going to administer some punishment to a few very disobedient little ponies."
  1575. >as you open your door, you look down one end of the hallway to the guards gathered there
  1576. "I intended it for her, but I'm not picky."
  1577. >you walk back into the darkness of your room
  1578. "If there's nopony in her cell when I go to get her, I'll start looking for suitable replacements."
  1579. >and with that, the heavy oak door slams shut again
  1580. >well shit
  1581. >this is going to be a clusterfuck of a day, you think morosely as you climb back into bed
  1582. >at least you have a pegasus sleep aid to make the rest of the night sting less
  1583. "Come here."
  1584. >you lift the covers and let your lewd alarm clock crawl underneath, feeling her shuffling about just long enough to find her designated spot between your thighs
  1585. >the gentle, steady suckling sensation soothes your troubled mind as you close your eyes once more, hands behind your head
  1586. >soon your eyelids start to feel heavy, even despite Fluttershy's more aggressive licking and kissing down below
  1587. >the cool feeling, like too much mint, as she silently worships her Master is heavenly
  1588. >such a good pet
  1589. >
  1590. >
  1591. >...
  1592. >your eyes snap open
  1593. >through some miracle you manage not to jolt away
  1594. >but you can feel your heart kick into overdrive as you stretch
  1595. >calmly, casually, gently
  1596. >you stretch your arm towards the bedside table
  1597. >a fragmented half-second of memory playing over and over on repeat in your head
  1598. >of you locking Fluttershy's door up tight
  1599. >hearing her whimper in her sleep on the other side
  1600. >the hilt of the dagger is almost in your hand
  1601. >"...mmm?"
  1602. >you hear from under the covers
  1603. >even in the dark of night you can see the faint glow of green eyes staring out from under your covers
  1604. >fuck
  1606. >a yellow pegasus, pink mane drooping gently over one eye, has your member wrapped in her unnaturally long tongue
  1607. >she looks up at you questioningly, a creature still wearing the face of the demure pegasus mare you subjugated and twisted for your own pleasures and purpose
  1608. >your fingers strain futilely to stretch the half-inch they need to wrap around the hilt of your dagger
  1609. >you refuse to die to the desperate ploy of a roach who would prefer death to slavery
  1610. >but the insectoid thing stares unwaveringly nto your eyes, betraying more confusion than malice behind them
  1611. >then, in sudden understanding, her visage softens even more as she closes her eyes, a spot just above the Faux-tershy's forehead focusing a pinprick of green light
  1612. >with an emerald flash, her disguise disintegrates, the magical backlash kicking the blanket off of both of you and to the floor
  1613. >then the the true face of your dick's captor is revealed
  1614. >her face, even more ashen now than when you left her, stares hopefully up at you
  1615. >as her lips draw a torturously slow path from the base of your cock to its head, you do your level best not to panic
  1616. >it's so faint it might very well be your imagination
  1617. >but you'd still swear you can feel the pinpricks of her razor-sharp teeth as she slurps her way up
  1618. >if she nicked you, there's no sign of it as she pulls her head away, lips making a faint 'pop' as they separate from you
  1619. >"Sorry Master,"
  1620. >she rasps, giving the tip an affectionate peck
  1621. >"a disguise was the only way I could reach you. I won't do it again."
  1622. >she rubs her muzzle against the inside of your thigh plaintively
  1623. >"..."
  1624. >she seems to be waiting for something
  1625. "...What are you doing here?"
  1626. >your voice is soft, almost uncharacteristically so
  1627. >but the combination of confusion, grogginess, and concern saps the gravel from your voice
  1628. >a pony as malnourished as she is should barely be able to move
  1629. >and yet she braved being caught by the patrols, or simply collapsing in the hallways from exhaustion
  1630. >for what?
  1631. >"I..."
  1632. >she whispers
  1633. >"I came to beg for what I have always needed, Master. Love. Your love."
  1634. >you snort derisively, almost out of instinct
  1635. >she winces from the sound, but keeps her head bowed
  1636. >after a few seconds of silence, she looks up again, eyes sparkling in the darkness of your room
  1637. >"Please."
  1638. >you lay a hand on her temple, thumb hooked around her horn
  1639. "You thought disobedience would inspire me to feed you? Disguising yourself? Leaving your cell to seek me out? I thought you had learned..."
  1640. >you pull her head back by pushing against her horn
  1641. >she follows the guidance of your hand willingly, never breaking eye contact
  1642. >nothing if not obedient
  1643. >finally, the dagger is in reach
  1644. >but a question surfaces in the back of your mind
  1645. >she doesn't even flinch as the blade presses against her neck
  1646. "Why?"
  1647. >she answers clearly and without hesitation
  1648. >"You are my Master. My heart, mind, and body are yours. If you deign to love me, I will accept your love."
  1649. >she closes her eyes again, a tear forming at the corner of each eye
  1650. >"If you send me to the dungeon below, I will wait there until you send for me."
  1651. >she leans into the knife, enough to draw a few droplets of green ichor from the wound
  1652. >"...And if I am to die at your hands, I pray only that you grant me the mercy of a swift end. But no other's love will sate me, Master. It cannot. I would not want it to. So I beg you."
  1653. >"Please."
  1654. >"Love me."
  1655. >you set the blade down, the green viscous fluid on the tip actually luminescing slightly
  1656. >with your freshly freed hand, you pinch the bridge of your nose and let out an aggravated sigh
  1657. "...You know better than this."
  1658. >firmly, you guide the deposed queen by her horn off of your bed
  1659. >you can see the telltale glint of a tear roll down her cheek, but she remains otherwise stoic
  1660. >her horn feels fragile to the touch
  1661. >unsurprising, given how malnourished she's been lately
  1662. >but that's no excuse
  1663. >you swing your legs over the side of the bed and put on just enough clothing to be decent
  1664. "I know for a fact you do, and going against my wishes to ask me to indulge you was stupid."
  1665. >you walk her to the door
  1666. >more than once she stumbles, though you're not sure whether the cause is emotional or physical
  1667. >all the while thinking about how disappointed and irritated you are about her behavior
  1668. >can't let her get a taste for whatever sympathy you feel for her
  1669. >as your hand touches the doorknob, you soften your grip on her horn
  1670. "I will give you the love you crave if and when you prove to me you deserve it. Now, go and wait for me in your rightful place."
  1671. >your hand shifts from her horn to her cheek
  1672. >her gaze is forcefully pulled to you
  1673. >"Mast--?"
  1674. >the kiss you give her is not rough and forceful, nor is it fierce and passionate
  1675. >but it has tenderness
  1676. >a rare commodity indeed
  1677. >it ends as suddenly as it begins
  1678. >"W...why...?"
  1679. >you narrow your eyes at her
  1680. >she's seriously beginning to strain your patience
  1681. >but, you remind yourself, she's still adjusting
  1682. "You said it yourself: you belong to me now. You are mine to do with as I please, and I don't need to explain how I treat you to anyone. Least of all you."
  1683. >you open the door a crack, just enough to let in the light necessary for the two of you to see each other fully
  1684. "Now. Go."
  1685. >she nods resolutely and steps out, not bothering this time to disguise herself
  1686. >you watch her walk dutifully down the hallway, turning back to look at you just before she descends the stairs
  1687. >some of the shakiness in her legs is gone, you note
  1688. >after she's trotted down the stairs, you close it and decide to have another go at getting to sleep
  1689. >it's much harder than last time
  1690. >your mind is preoccupied with how to deal with your pet, now
  1691. >on the one hand, you can', you won't
  1692. >allow a slave to dictate how you treat them
  1693. >but by the same token
  1694. >when affection is literally nourishment, you can ill-afford to punish her with neglect
  1695. >will the love potion still suffice for keeping her alive?
  1696. >how much of what she said about not feeding on another's love was true?
  1697. >...
  1698. >you resolve to talk with Zecora about your concerns tomorrow
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