Sonic '06 Blog Post Translation

Dec 29th, 2014
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  1. Thank You For Supporting Me
  4. Finally the Last Post
  6. Hello everyone! It's been 11 months since the start of Soleanna News, yet this is the last post. Thank you for following us for such a long time.
  8. -----
  10. Thinking Back
  12. Thinking back, it was in the Autumn of 2004. The idea for a new Sonic game was proposed then. That world-famous hedgehog whose games had sold 40 million copies. At the time, the next-generation consoles hadn't seen a new games from him at all yet. And he was going to celebrate his 15th birthday!
  14. Are we able to celebrate the birthday of this hedgehog?
  16. 'Famous-hedgehog-meets-girl', that's the story we're challenged with telling. Set in a realistic world with a realistic Eggman. It would feature futuristic technology. The song of Dreams Come True would be sung in celebration of Sonic's birthday.
  18. It would be many things to celebrate the birthday of this hedgehog.
  20. -----
  22. An Email
  24. And in 2006, near the end of March, I received an email. What it said was entirely unexpected.
  26. It was about Sonic now that Naka-san had left Sega.
  28. Will Sonic be OK? What will happen to the games now?
  30. At the time, I was extremely anxious.
  32. I was carrying this anxiety when we first showed off Sonic the Hedgehog at E3. And a lot of people were enjoying
  33. the Sonic game we'd made.
  35. When I'd seen them enjoying it, after all that anxiety, I actually felt a spring in my step.
  37. -----
  39. Next-Generation Development
  41. Development on a next-generation machine was very difficult, with us with a lot of difficult aspects of things we didn't understand. Understanding the variety of new technology, understanding the new hardware, handling the enormous amount of information and handling the new technology, these were all aspects that far surpassed both my expectations and experience.
  43. A lot of the development staff were able to help me. It's because they were here that we were able to finish the game. I'm really grateful to them.
  45. And so, in November of 2006, starting with the United States, Sonic the Hedgehog will be released worldwide. The whole world has been running around, celebrating the 15th anniversary of that hedgehog.
  47. Will he be satisfied with his birthday? Everyone worldwide, will you enjoy his birthday too?
  49. -----
  51. To a New Stage
  53. If feels too soon to say this about Sonic, but he's heading to a new stage. In March, the Wii version will be released, called Sonic and the Secret Rings. It utilises the features of the Wii controller in a way that is a bit different to how they usually are, and I feel it makes for a great Sonic game. Please look out for him on there as well.
  55. Everyone, this was probably a difficult post to read, but thank you so much for all the support over such a long time. Please keep supporting Sonic, going forward to the 20th anniversary, the 30th anniversary and beyond.
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