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  1. տտտտտտտտտ
  2. Alright, nigga. Time to go.
  3. Watch out for those sausages.
  4. Don't get raped by those sausages.
  5. Pepper spray those sausages, you fucking nigger!
  6. Hurry up and pepper spray those sausages, you fag.
  7. Don't get raped by those fried eggs.
  8. I love me some fried eggs... And I love me some Pamela Anderson. Crap. Forget I said that.
  9. Don't get gang raped by the breakfast club.
  10. You got raped by the sausages. You failed me.
  11. You got raped by the fried egg. But hey, it's better than having waffles for breakfast.
  12. Little smoked niggers and fried fags. Part of a nutritious breakfast.
  13. Get that ice cream cone.
  14. Hurry up and get that ice cream cone so you can pepper spray them.
  15. Get the ice cream!
  16. Pepper spray them.
  17. Crush those little fuckers with some patties. And I don't mean the Irish kind.
  18. Crush them with some buns.
  19. Fudge packers.
  20. Nigger.
  21. Shit. I hope you don't get gang raped.
  22. Climb those damn ladders.
  23. Hurry up and make that fat fuck climb those damn ladders.
  24. Move that fat little Guido with a chef's hat around walk on those damn burger patties!
  25. Hurry up and move that fat bastard around and pepper spray those sausages.
  26. Quit moving so fucking slow... Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot you smoked pot.
  27. Walk on those patties.
  28. Walk on that lettuce.
  29. Walk on those buns.
  30. If I wasn't so hungry now, I would punch you.
  31. Punch those sausages.
  32. Punch those fried eggs so they make a chink noise. Like this. Chink. Chink. Chink.
  33. You goddamn nigger, I swear to god. If you let them kill you one more time, I'm going to run you over with my car. And It's a front wheel drive sedan. That means the wheels are gonna be grinding on your face when I run you over... Do you want that? Do you want that, bitch?
  34. I'm surprised you didn't get aids.
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