Pone-ocalypse, Chapter One [Abandoned][Rewrite Pending]

Feb 22nd, 2015
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  1. Aside from the unnerving feeling that I was being watched all day, it was an average boring day. It most felt as though eyes were upon me when I was outside. I turned my eyes to the sky, using a hand to block the bright sun. Still sitting high in the sky was the moon, it was hard to tell with the light, but it looked strange. Different. Now that I had a moment to think about it, I hadn't even taken in the fact that the moon was a lot closer to the suns position in the sky than it probably should be. I was sure that if there was going to be an eclipse today, I would have heard about it by now. I started my short journey home, noticing other people looking to the sky.
  3. The impending eclipse wasn't a big deal to me; I couldn't look at it without going blind anyways. I might see something about it in the news later, so I won’t be missing much. I arrived home and flopped onto my couch, dozing off within minutes. I spent most of the day helping a friend and his girlfriend move into their new house a couple streets over and by the time we finished, I was exhausted. I woke up feeling rested, with the remnants of a strange dream in my head. Within minutes I couldn't recall much about it besides the fact that it felt like something was reaching out for me, but I awoke before it got me. I pulled my phone from my pocket and checking the time; it was about quarter after midnight. I only intended for a short nap, but lost the rest of my afternoon, maybe the move took more out of me than I thought.
  5. With my stomach rumbling, I decided to get up for a bite to eat. I peered into the fridge and freezer; laziness won and I grabbed one of those disgusting microwave dinners. I sat down at my computer with the sad excuse for a meal and slowly picked at it while I wasted time playing games. By the time I felt ready to go back to sleep, it was nearly half past six. I quickly fell asleep once I got into bed; I woke up about three hours later to my phone ringing. The moment I answered the call, I heard yelling and screaming. It was the friend I helped move yesterday, Josh. He was yelling for me to open the door, saying his life was in danger. I sprung out of bed and ran to the front door of my house.
  7. I pulled it open to a sight that dumbfounded me; small colourful horses were running through the streets. Most of them were chasing people, while others seemed to be going door to door looking for other people. A few short seconds later I saw Josh running down the sidewalk with one of the horses chasing him. He dropped his phone as he ran across the lawn and nearly knocked me over as he almost tackled the door to get in. The horse stopped just outside the door, seemingly surprised by my presence.
  8. Looking at Josh, she said in a sing-song tone “I told you I’d catch up to you!” She then turned her attention to me “Hello! Have you accepted Princess Celestia as your lord and savior?”
  10. I slammed the door in her face and locked it. “What the FUCK was that?!” Josh was trying to catch his breath. I heard some yelling from the other side of the door; I got the feeling she wasn't going to just give up.
  11. Having caught his breath, Josh grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the door. “You can’t let them get you. I-if they touch you, you become one of them!” Normally I’d say he was talking nonsense, but I could hear the fear in his voice. “T-they got her, they got R-Rachel. I saw it happen in front of me.”
  13. Whatever was happening was a lot worse than I thought; this was unimaginable insanity. Almost on cue, the pony outside started banging on the front door. She had composed herself enough to stop angrily yelling, but now she was sternly talking through the door with a hint of annoyance in her voice “Your girlfriend is looking for you, Josh! You don’t want to make her sad, do you? You know she feels like you don’t want her anymore, you wouldn't hurt her like that, would you?” That cunt was trying to emotionally blackmail him into drinking their weird fucking horse Kool-Aid.
  15. “Alright,” I said trying to stay calm, “we gotta get out of here now. We’ll make more detailed plans late, when we’re relatively safe, for now we get out of town.” He nodded; I had enough time to change out of the clothes I fell asleep in and grab an old Baseball bat out of the closet in my room. I would have preferred a gun, but it was better than nothing. I heard glass shattering from the back of the house as a brick flew through the sliding glass door and crash against my TV. “You’re gonna fucking pay for that, you bitch!” I yelled, furious. I was about to go out to confront her and introduce her face to my lord and savior, the bat, but Josh grabbed my arm and pulled me back.
  17. “It’s not worth the risk, dude! Let’s go!” He was right. It was time to go. I saw the horse walking through the living room towards us. She had a sly smile on her face, thinking she had finally cornered us.
  18. “You two are really a pain in the butt,” She seemed to be focusing her attention on me, as we backed towards the garage door, “First you somehow fail the initial conversion, then Josh escapes, then you have the nerve to lock me out and call me names.” Josh was at the door he turned the handle and the door clicked open, she realized what we were doing and screamed “NO! NOT AGAIN!” and lunged at me.
  20. I jumped backwards into Josh and we both tumbled into the garage and landed on our asses as the pony crashed face first into the wall beside where I was standing. I scrambled to my feet and slammed the door shut. Before I knew it, Josh was on his feet and at an old, large wooden cabinet that was beside the door. He was trying to push it in front of the door, but it was a heavy old thing. I went over and tried helping him, but we had trouble moving it, only making a few inches. The door handle started glowing and started to turn, apparently these things have telekinesis. That would explain how she through the brick through the window.
  22. New plan, I started pushing higher up, to drop it on its side. Josh saw what I was doing and did the same. Just as the door started to open, the ancient cabinet fell, sheering off the door handle and blocking the door. We heard yet another cry of frustration from the pony that had been harassing us. I grabbed the bat I had dropped when we fell into the garage and hopped in the car and started it as Josh opened the garage door and ran back to the car. Tires squealed as we shot out of the garage, across the front lawn of my neighbor and flew down the street.
  24. All around, I saw ponies running about, chasing people. Unfortunately there seemed to be a lot more than I thought; whatever this thing was, it was spreading fast. Some poor bastards had to jump out of our way, back into the ponies that were chasing them. Looking in the rear-view, I could see the ponies dog-piling them and the writhing forms of the people turning into ponies themselves.
  26. Despite the speed I was driving, I managed to get out of town without crashing and without hitting anyone. It wasn't much of a drive to get to the old country roads, anyways; I lived fairly close to the edge of town. I flicked on the radio to see what they had to say, I held out hope that this epidemic was only contained to our little town. “—cade your houses, people! Lock all the doors, block all the windows or they will get you! T-they got everyone else here at the station.” There was a dull, but thick sounding thump in the background. “C-c-can you hear that? They’re trying to get in! L-listen, folks…” We heard some shuffling as he moved the mic closer to the door and the thumping became more audible. Muffled voices could be heard, but it was impossible to make out what they were saying. “T-they’re all over the city. I see them running through the streets. O-o-oh! T-there’s a call! H-hello?”
  28. The caller’s voice came through the radio, “We’re trapped in the CN Tower! They burst into the lobby just as we got onto the elevator! They’re going to be here any second! WHAT DO WE DO?!” A slightly audible ding could be heard over the phone, “No! NO! T-THEY’RE HERE!” The radio host could only stutter as the screams came over the phone and he was completely silenced when the screams turned into groans, then into happy giggling. “Never mind that! We’re all good here! I highly recommend everyone go outside and hug a pony. It’s the best thing that could happen to you! I've never been happ—“ Apparently the host had hung up the call.
  30. “I-i-i-ignore what he said, people! Stay inside! S-s-stay safe!” A loud crash could be heard in the background. “O-oh no. No, no, no, no, no!” Some bumping could be heard, I assume he had been tackled by one of the ponies as a similar groaning could be heard to the person who was on the phone. Shortly after a new, feminine voice could be heard over the radio “I’m baaack! Never mind all that stuff I said about “barricading” yourselves inside your homes, folks. It turns out I was wrong, there’s nothing to fear, in fact—“ I shut off the radio. Silence was much more preferable to the fact that a city like Toronto fell. That meant this was bigger than we thought and it might be something that couldn't be stopped.
  32. We drove in silence for almost an hour. “South.” I said, dryly. “We go south. If this thing is restricted to Canada, we’ll be safe there. If it spreads, there will be holdouts, fortified places with other survivors.” Josh silently nodded. Initially I wanted to avoid the Highways because they could be blocked with abandoned cars, but I realized any road could be and I was already slowed down by having to weave in and out of the lanes to avoid cars. Many of them had shredded scraps of clothes near them. We had driven all day; it was starting to get dark and I had gone the whole day without eating. I pulled off the highway and drove up some side road until I found an old house. It seems like one that had been lived in, but none of the lights were on. I pulled into the drive way, examining the area for more of those damned horses.
  34. I couldn't imagine they would leave a trap in a remote place like this. “Josh, there’s some flashlights in the glove box, grab a couple.” I grabbed the bat as he got the lights and passed me one; we both got out.
  36. “I don’t like this,” he said worriedly, “it’s too risky.”
  37. “You know what’s more risky? Dealing with me when I haven’t eaten.” I snapped. I walked up the front steps onto the porch. The door was slightly ajar, I pushed it the rest of the way open with my bat and shone my flashlight in; there were the tattered remains of clothes on the floor near the front door and more near the back door which was standing wide open. “Hello, anyone home?” I called out. I received no reply. I realized that may not have been the best idea. “I guess there are no survivors here, let’s go onto the next house!” I probably tried too hard to sound convincing. We did a sweep of the house and luckily it was empty. With the house secure, I pulled the car into the garage as Josh got something cooked up for us to eat. Conveniently enough, it had an automatic door, which would make for an easy escape in case any pony stumbled upon us. I tossed the remote switch into the car. After we ate, we went back to the car; I put an old, dusty tarp over it.
  39. “What are you doing?” Josh questioned.
  41. “I’m sleeping in the car, in case they find us in the night. To dissuade them from checking the car, I’m making it look like it hasn't been moved in a while.” I replied, setting a tool box on the roof. I grabbed a couple tools at random and set some on the roof and on the hood of the car. Josh gave me a skeptical look. “Just don’t make a sound if you hear anything in the night.” I lifted the tarp and got in the car, setting my seat back so I could sleep. Josh got in a few minutes later and did the same. I heard the unanimous click of the doors locking.
  43. I eventually dozed off. I dreamed again, but this time the figure wasn't chasing me, it was standing before me. I still couldn't make out what it was supposed to be or what it was saying. After a while, it took a step towards me; I took three steps back. It seemed to sigh. The rest of the dream was lost as I awoke to Josh’s hand covering my mouth and voices outside.
  45. “Shh! I thought I heard something in here!” A voice hissed from outside.
  47. “Fiiiine. But another group already got this house, there’s no humans here.” Another replied.
  49. There was some shuffling about outside “What about this car?” The first voice declared. “There could be someone hiding in there.”
  50. “That thing probably hasn't moved in twenty years.” The other grumbled.
  52. “Well I’m checking it anyw—GAH!” There was a crashing sound as the other pony bust out laughing.
  54. “It was just a raccoon, ya fool!” she giggled. “C’mon. There’s nothing here.”
  56. “Fine.” The first grunted. “I don’t feel like searching anymore tonight, anyways. Let’s stay at this house tonight, there’s plenty of beds upstairs.” She decided.
  58. “I can dig that,” The second declared. There was the sound of hooves on the cement as the two ponies walked off and the slam of the door behind them.
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