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Aug 8th, 2012
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  1. > in plain sight rather
  2. < i know, i mean they play normally in worlds but you know how the internet is filled with pedos
  3. < and at one point if you stick by them long enough
  4. < they will ask you to meet them irl
  5. > I'm 16! :c
  6. < be careful then
  7. < they like to manipulate young people
  8. < there's a worlds website where dates and times of meeting ar ementioned
  9. < so if someone in worlds asks about your age, where you live etc
  10. < don;t say a word
  11. < or lie
  12. > thanks dsparil i appreciate the insight a lot
  13. < it's my pleasure i'm actually here to warn people
  14. < that's my 'speacialty' so to speak
  15. > satanism and the occult were an interest but now that it's right in my face it's kind of scary.
  16. < i like those too!
  17. < i like to research them but i never thought i'd fall right in the middle of it
  18. < and it seems so innocent too at first glance
  19. > then that would explain why worlds has been up so long?
  20. > as a meeting place for the occult who are overseas or something
  21. < exactly
  22. < it's a pretty obscure place so people come and go
  23. > but why do they make it so obvious that there's a cult?
  24. < because they discovered that people are interested in the occult and stuff and so they said heh let's drag them in here
  25. < that's why the threads are on /x/
  26. < it actually became really easy for them to find people
  27. < now that it's a little more public
  28. > holy shit fucking illuminati masterminds lol
  29. < i don;t think they are illuminati but they certainly are fucked up
  30. > exposing you to satanic stuff in the game
  31. > slowly and subtly hinting at occult stuff
  32. < so yeah one of the initiations is to eat a baby on cam, either record yourself and post a video somewhere or live on livestream
  33. < at first i thought they were bullshitting
  34. < but i legit saw someone eat some flesh
  35. < i didn;t see it form the beginning
  36. < but as far as i caught up it was a user named snowmeat
  37. < and it was a girl
  38. > the first time i saw nex say something it was, 'i miss snow.'
  39. > i think something happened to her
  40. > then what is the male initiation ritual?
  41. < guldui said something like 'her purpose is greater outside of worlds'
  42. < or something like that
  43. < i don't know what it means
  44. > most likely that she's doing work in real life
  45. > by work i mean converting people
  46. < that's very possible
  47. < there's also this:
  48. <
  49. > i don't even know what to think or say anymore
  50. > i know that i have a few videos to watch now.
  51. < you can still explore worlds out of curiosity sinc eit's a really well made chat but be careful who you talk to
  52. > is it true that they can read our whispers and are most likely reading this?
  53. < sometimes they do but not all the time
  54. < i really hope no one is awake right now to do that
  55. < sometimes they hide in the walls and listen to the convos in a room
  56. < sirg was once stalking me and my friend
  57. > there is stolz and shhhhh
  58. < we discovered he was hiding in the ceiling
  59. > guldui is really weird but i want to GET what he's saying
  60. < sometimes i just don't get it myself
  61. < i've been here sinc elast summer
  62. < he was gone for a long while
  63. < and when he came back he talked the same
  64. > and monument just seems like a nice person so does stolz
  65. > showed me some places nothing weird at all
  66. < they want you to think that
  67. < they gain people;s trust like that
  68. < by showing them around
  69. < guiding them
  70. > were you guided too?
  71. < yes of course
  72. > but once you declined
  73. > like how did the whole asking thing go
  74. < well first they asked me where i am from and what age i am
  75. < but in a casual convo
  76. < then they talked about the cult in ground zero one night
  77. < and were laughing at all the young people that poppsed up because of /x/
  78. < and i jokingly said
  79. < heh can i join your cult
  80. < and they got interested in my curiosity so they told me to talk to sirg in private
  81. >
  82. > our poor friend znutty.
  83. < i think tyler was one of them
  84. < but he got found out in real life for being in this cult
  85. < and was murdered
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