Petscop 14 transcription

Jul 18th, 2018
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  1. DEMO
  4. This windmill vanished off the
  5. face of the earth.
  7. Here's a similar puzzle. For you,
  8. Marvin:
  10. There are two pictures of a
  11. door.
  13. In the first picture, the door is
  14. closed.
  16. In the second picture, taken
  17. later, the door is open.
  19. Nobody opened the door.
  21. The door did not open itself.
  23. The door, in fact, did not open at
  24. all.
  26. What happened?
  29. I can't just wait. Uhm.. Thankfully I have been, Uh.. Suddenly inspired by an idea, that is in a way, similar to the idea that brought me to this house. Uhm.. Because, that idea involved pretending. Pretending something was there, that wasn't there. In this idea involves pretending that this door, right here, this one, is open, rather than closed. You can see that it's closed, uhm.. But, what I'm going to do, and, what I invite you to do, as well, is picture, I'm going to picture in my head, that this door is actually open right now, uhm.. And if I were to pass through this doorway, uhm.. What would happen, I would... Would I bump into a door? No. Because, the door is open, right? I would just keep going, into the room that's there. And I happen to know I'm gonna walk into the room right now. Uh, tuh tuh tuh. I'm in the room. I happen to know what this room looks like, because I saw in a demo recording just today. Uhm.. And you can see it too, I assume it'll be up on the family youtube, along with this video that I'm recording, right now. Uhm.. We can see what the room looks like, on that recording, uhm.. On the, uh.. Re-, right? Left? Left? Right? Side. There's a windmill. Now, I don't have it in front of me right now. I should. Uhm.. On the right side, there's a windmill, on the left side there's something that, uhm.. Marvin does not bother to look at, but we will be looking at, uhm.. So, uh.. The question is, what do I do next, if I were in this room right now would I, uhm.. I wanna go to the thing that Marvin didn't look at. So, I'm gonna go to the right, uhm.. And I think... So, if I go to the right... Ugh, god, I think I went a little too far, actually. Uh, tah, no. Well, I think actually, what happen--s here... The problem is that it's a, kind of a branching point, I could stop, I could be blocked by the beds, or I could keep going, past the beds, to the other side of the room, so I could actually be on either side of the room, right now. Uhm.. But either way, I guess it doesn't matter, but I'm going to assume, uhm.. I'm on the thing, that I got blocked by the beds, and I, if I go up, up up up up, uh.. Just keep going up, uhm.. There will be a question mark, that appears, that will let me go and do something. Uh.. If I press X something will happen. Uhm.. And, what will happen, uh.. I think possibly a text box will open, cause that's what happens with the windmill, right? Uh.. I'm gonna press, I pressed X, and a text box appeared, with text in it, that is probably cryptic, and we don't really care too much about, so we're gonna press X a bunch of times, uhm.. To get through all the text, uhm.. But we can look at it later. Uhm.. And there could be a lot of it, so, it could be, like a book, in there, a lot of stuff I don't care about. A lot of it. Or, or it's not a text box, and it could be literally anything else in the world, uhm.. That happens when you press X. Uh.. So, the next thing I can think to do, is just press buttons, randomly, uhm.. And chaotically. And hopefully we'll, you know, see some results. So I'm... I'm doing that right now, I dunno if you can hear that, uh.. Well. I'm being real, uh.. Chaotic, right now, with the controller. And I'm thinking, you know. I'm thinking I'm being really productive right now. I think I'm definitely being really productive. Uhm.. It's just that we can't really see it. Hey cat, what are you doing? Stupid. (???) Yeah. Do do, do-do-do, do-do-do do do, do do do do do do-do-do-do. I'm playing this game too fucking much. OK--
  30. And so, the... The windmill isn't there. I think I can... So, I-- I get blocked by the... I do get blocked by the beds. Uhm.. And then go up, uh.. I think. Oh god, I could be doing this... I shouldn't be doing this while I'm talking, so, anyway, where was I. So, I've seen, I've actually seen recordings that it made of me, from a year ago. Uhm.. And I had not seen that, you know, recording in the time between, so it was holding onto this thing, and it only decided a year later to play back. Uhm.. There are also, uhm.. Recordings that I assume are stored on the CD, or might even be scripted. But, uhm.. In one of the recent videos, this is-- this is one that went on the public youtube, uhm.. I'd lost the video. I lost it, uhm.. I had the audio. Uhm.. The game had the recording. Even... There were two parts to this, this session, uh.. It had both of them. It played them back, two different occasions, as demo recordings. I got them, but... OK, so here's the thing. Those, uhm.. Those demo recordings can be different, right? They can be different from when I was playing. The one... So, when I caught all those pets and it showed the text, uhm.. That was different from what it showed when I was playing. It showed something-- It happened to line up, right perfectly, uh.. Same number of text boxes, and so forth. Uhm.. And also the music wasn't there in the demo, uhm.. There can be differences, and, this, was part of what made... It seemed reasonable that the door could be opened. Uh.. I'm not saying it wasn't still nuts. So, actually, I'm gonna do this now. So, uh.. Right, so I'm-- I'm assuming that triangle is back, but, it could square, circle, I'm gonna just do all of them. Uhm.. OK. I can actually... I can actually, I think I can rotate, these. Uhm.. K. Uhm.. So, I mean, I could have gone just totally off the rails, by this point, I could be anywhere.
  31. So, attempt five was this room, over here. Uhm.. And now attempt six we're going to try to push the bucket into the other room, going back to this room, now. Uh. Again, gonna make sure this is aligned exactly right. Ahh. Hm. This. K. So, this way. And, uhm.. I'm just going to leave it there, and see what happens.
  32. Trying again. This is attempt twenty-two. And, tch tch tch tch. I think that's right. Right, now we don't have to worry about that. One, two, three, four, five, six. OK. Now. OK, hopefully we got it. OK, now we're in the scary part. One, two. Now, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
  33. Here I am. It, uhhhhh. It deleted my files. I hope it didn't. Uhhh. OK, what's this.
  36. ["You made it. Happy birthday!"](Blue)
  38. ["Why are you covering your
  39. face?"](Blue)
  41. ["... Oh."](Blue)
  44. What's that supposed to mean?
  47. ["Of course I recognize you."](Blue)
  49. ["Those eyes. That nose. That's
  50. still you."](Blue)
  53. ["Go ahead and have a slice!"](Blue)
  55. ["Oh, don't worry about those."](Blue)
  58. [I sure hope you've realized by
  59. now."](Blue)
  61. ["It doesn't matter how long
  62. you've been gone. It doesn't
  63. matter how much you've
  64. changed."](Blue)
  66. ["You aren't lost. Stop wandering
  67. and come home."](Blue)
  70. Let me check something.
  71. So, what I'm thinking, is that this is either 1995, or... Or it's 2017. Getting that bad feeling again. Hmm.
  74. ["Care! Are you okay?"](Blue)
  76. ["You ran straight into the door!
  77. Did you think it was open? ... Aw,
  78. poor baby."](Blue)
  81. ["Where is the disk? Where are
  82. the discovery pages?"](Yellow)
  85. Uhh. Wait a second.
  88. ["What are you talking about?
  89. What disk? Discovery pages?"](Blue)
  91. ["... Jill, stop fucking ignoring me.
  92. Get in here and show me where
  93. that disk is."](Yellow)
  96. Uhmmmmmmmmmm.
  99. ["Jill."](Yellow)
  101. ["No, Care, this is Mommy. This is
  102. your mommy. Sweetie, I'm right
  103. here in front of you. There's no
  104. one else here."](Blue)
  106. ["What are you looking at?
  107. What's over there?"](Blue)
  109. ["... Care, can't you hear me?
  110. Can't you see me waving? Snap
  111. out of it. Care! Where are you
  112. going?"](Blue)
  115. I think... I think... I think... That was based... Off of a conversation... That I had last year, on my birthday. If it wasn't just a coincidence, then that means I'm, uhm.. Getting pranked. But I don't know how that magic trick works, exactly. Game froze. I have to call Jill. Right now.
  116. Trapped. I'm feeling very weird. So, through google, I asked the internet, how might one re-write to a CD-R. And the internet's response to that question was: "You idiot. You fucking idiot. What are you doing?"
  119. ["You made it. Happy birthday!"](Blue)
  121. ["Why are you covering your
  122. face?"](Blue)
  124. ["... Oh."](Blue)
  127. Some things you can't re-write.
  128. So, I'm in the garage now. Oh. Speaking of this. This is the website. For some reason it's in the game, on a computer screen. But yeah, this is it. And this is the... This is the "your child" page, judging by all the text. Wish I could read it. Uh. Jesus. Hhmm. This is a different page. I have no idea what's going on anymore. What even is this. Not sure what I'm doing now. This again. Fuck.
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