Half-Moon in Equestria

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  1. You are Anonymous.
  2. You are a newly appointed state alchemist.
  3. You are attempting a transmutation that could change the way people live forever.
  5. Looking down at the ground in your workshop, you compare the two half-circle transmutation circles there. looking back to your notebook you make sure your sketch of the circle is proper. Giving a sigh, you put away your notebook in one of the many pockets in your robe, dangling loosely around your shoulders, and grab the silver watch that marks you as a certified state alchemist.
  7. As long as you could remember you had always had a thing for halfs. you remember some of your earliest attempts with split transmutation circles. a simple toy, a train to be exact that was bisected  perfectly down the middle. spinning the wheels on one side spun the wheels on the other side that were attached by the axles.
  8. This had got you thinking, why not try other things? a pot that, even though it was split in two parts held water, a simple gearbox that has many parts cross the split line.
  9. Of course your greatest work to date had to be the golem you made for the state alchemist exams. It was a work of art, 8 feet tall, when it moved both halfs moved in synchronisity, even though they were 4 feet apart and at different angles.
  10. After some testing the judges determined that it actually was one entity, and not two seperate ones made to move in synchronicity. That was how you got your official state alchemist name, The Half-Moon Alchemist.
  12. Returning from your trip down memory lane, you put your watch back and step towards your current masterwork piece. To put it simply, you were making a doorway. A doorway that ignores the materials between the two halfs. If this works you could make many other modes of long distance transportation obsolete.
  13. (for those who dont understand, imagine a door that is attached to another door, so that when you go through one, you come out the other)
  14. Taking a deep breath you reach down and put a hand on each half of the circle. focusing your energys the half circles glow, and half a doorway springs up in each half. stepping back you look through one doorway, and see the desk and wall behind it. pulling out your notepad you jot down a quick note.
  15. *Test 1: The doorway, if it is attached to the other does not appear to transfer line of sight.*
  16. Reaching into one of the many pockets in your robe you pull out a stone, about 2 inches in diameter and perfectly round. "Time for the first trial run" you say out loud, to no one in particular. tossing the stone through the doorway, you are exstatic to see it come out the other half, which is facing in the same direction as the first, albeit a short distance away. Excitedly you jot down *Trial one was a huge sucess, time to move on to the next set of trials*.
  17. Gingerly reaching your had through one doorway you see it come out the other. Retracting your hand, you adjust yourself so that you can touch the hand that goes through. Reaching out again your left hand goes in the leftmost doorway, and comes out the right, where you grab it with your right. you can feel your palms sweaty against eachother, the nervous and excited twitching of your fingers. You hold on a moment more before retracting your hand and stepping away.
  18. *Trial 2, also a huge sucess is leading me to believe that this may actually work. One more trial, to make sure*
  19. putting your notebook away in one of your many pockets, you take a deep breath stepping towards the doorway you fail to notice a small crack form on the opposite doorway, as you step into the doorway.
  20. Coming out the other side your immediately realise something is horribly wrong. Glancing around you see yourself in a large chamber, made of marble. Quickly pulling out your notebook you sit down and begin writing.
  21. *Trial 3 appears to be a failure and yet a success at the same time. the doorway did not connect me to the propper doorway, though it seems to have connected me to another one. I must check for possible discrepancies once I get back to my workshop. Its possible I may have accidentally marked one of the doorways changing one of the glyphs just enough to not match the other. At least I seem to have come out somewhere civilised, and not somewhere like the middle of a desert, out of a train car. Step one, determine my inventory*
  22. Holding your notebook in one hand, your other goes into pockets, pulling out things you carry. first and foremmost was your State Alchemist watch.
  23. Next you pull out a small case of chalk, a few ink refills for your pen, and a small pen, designed for writing in blood when ink isnt available.
  24. Putting these things away your hand dives into the next pocket finding your small 4mm handgun, you carry around for emergencys as well as a pair of extra mags each containing 6 rounds.
  25. The next pocket contains a few snacks you had for later mainly a chocolate bar and a few cherry flavoured candys, sour liquid filled of course, your absolute favourite.
  26. The rest of your pockets, you quickly discover, contain assorted notes and scraps of paper, most holding little value.
  27. Sighing you stand up and take a good look at your surroundings.
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