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  1. [QUOTE="G-Luke, post: 8134122, member: 264912"]
  3. Spiky Shield is an interesting addition, chipping users of contact moves, such as Tornadus-T's Knock Off, and placing the even further down DD KO range. Gets the seal of approval from me.
  5. [/QUOTE]
  9. Echoing what Dogfish has said. I'm pretty certain that Protect is sufficient for what CAP26 needs to do - delaying out those Doom Desire turns. I'm not convinced that CAP26 really needs the extra anti-offense tool. Doom Desire already makes running hyper offense a headache, it already blocks Volt Switch by virtue of typing, and it's not exactly easy to chip down either. Do we really need Spiky Shield's chip damage? It might not look like it makes that much of a difference, but when Doom Desire stalling + Toxic stalling + Leftovers recovery is augmented by having it on your moveset, that chip damage will add up quickly, especially since CAP26 will be immune to Earthquake, an extremely common non-contact move. Do we really need to chip down Tornadus-T that's trying to U-turn or Knock Off when it's already pressured by Doom Desire? Do we really need to punish Brick Break / Fire Fang Mega Mawile, Fire Fang Garchomp, and Fire Punch Tyranitar even more? I think Protect is sufficient in what CAP26 wants to accomplish - the chip damage is unnecessary.
  13. In any case, I definitely think that Spiky Shield hasn't gotten the discussion it deserves, so it should be a pending move for now.
  17. [QUOTE="G-Luke, post: 8134122, member: 264912"]
  19. In addition to this, I have decided to ultimately go with Rapid Spin over Defog,
  21. With strong points such as enabling AV sets to still provide utility, taking advantage of the very empty niche of a good rapid spinner instead of competing with other defoggers and it having better counter measures. So all sets with Defog should make the switch over to Rapid Spin in edits. The sets that I have put on hold specifically for this will be approved as well.
  23. [/QUOTE]
  27. One thing I did remember tonight is that Rapid Spin removes Leech Seed, which is one of the 3 ways that CAP26 can be chipped down. I'm not sure if I really like that just by principle - Ferrothorn and Celesteela have a good matchup against CAP26, but that forces them to stay in on CAP26, rather than double out into a teammate and take advantage of the Leech Seed recovery. It's something that should be in the discussion at least before we settle on Rapid Spin I think.
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