Starlight Fuk (Casual Sex)

Jun 1st, 2017
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  1. >"Now remember, if the two of you need ANYTHING, don't hesitate to send me a letter."
  2. "We won't."
  3. >”We’ll make sure to get into contact with you if we need to, Twi.”
  4. >"And Anon? Make sure to clean the tops of the shelves in the library please. I'd also really appreciate it if you cleaned up the kitchen, Starlight."
  5. “Yep.”
  6. >"You got it, Twi."
  7. >"Hey, Anon? Could you go down to the comic store tomorrow and get me that new issue of Power Ponies?"
  8. "I'd be happy to, little guy."
  9. >Be Anon, local green man extraordinaire
  10. >It was a special day in horseland
  11. >Your friend/mentor/landlady Twilight and her assistant Spike were leaving town
  12. >It was only for a few days, but the little purple dork was treating it like a major military operation
  13. >She had been "prepping" you and Starlight for days, telling you which ponies to go to if anything happened, leaving you scroll after scroll of instructions
  14. >You were pretty sure you even saw her baby proofing one of the bathrooms last night
  15. >While it was... sweet that the little dork was so worried about you and the ex-villain, this was a bit much
  16. >They were only gonna be gone for three days
  17. >You were going to partake in your favorite pastime--i.e. laying around-- and you were sure Glimmy was going to do the same
  18. >It was no big deal
  19. >...
  20. >Probably...
  21. "You two have a good trip," you said, lifting Twilight's bags into the chariot waiting outside for the alicorn and the dragon.
  22. >Twilight chewed on her lip, looking between you and Starlight
  23. >"We'll try to," she said, before motioning you to kneel down
  24. >You did as she asked, spreading your arms out wide as she trotted forward and wrapped her hooves around your neck
  25. >"Try to be good please," she whispered, nuzzling your cheek
  26. "I'll be saint-like," you promised, giving her back a pat
  29. >"And please make sure to spend some time with Starlight. You know how she gets when she's alone."
  30. "I will."
  31. >"And remember, I'm just a letter away if you need something."
  32. "You've told us that about a hundred times by now."
  33. >"A-And I'll make sure to check in on the two of you later today to see how you're doing."
  34. >You chuckled
  35. "Alright, mom," you said, reaching up to give her head a pat before breaking your hug and standing up
  36. >Twilight looked up at you, still chewing on her lip
  37. >Aw...
  38. >What a cute little nerd...
  39. "It'll be fine. You got nothing to worry about," you said booping her on the nose
  40. >Twilight let out an explosive sigh
  41. >"I... I know," she said with a nod. "I'm just... worried."
  42. "Don't be. Now why don't you go say goodbye to Starlight? I'll get these bags squared away."
  43. >Giving your leg a nuzzle, Twilight trotted over to her student
  44. >As she did that, Spike jumped into the chariot and climbed up into a seat
  45. >"Remember to get that issue, Anon. Number four-hundred-and-fifteen," he said
  46. "Don't worry, little man. I'll go bright and early tomorrow and get it."
  47. >Spike sighed, closing his eyes and leaning back against his seat
  48. >"Thanks."
  49. >You looked over your shoulder
  50. >Twilight was hugging Starlight, whispering something in her ear
  51. >Starlight had a small smile on her face even as she rolled her eyes, patting the mare on the back
  52. >Keeping your eyes on the two, you reached onto your pocket and pulled out a small vial
  53. "Here, I managed to get this from Zecora the other day," you said, offering it to the drake. "Wacky Vine extract. Just put two drops in Twi's drink and she'll calm right down. Five drops should have her sleeping like a baby tonight."
  54. >Without opening his eyes, Spike took the vial
  57. >"You're the best, Anon”
  58. >You gave the little dragon a pat on the head
  59. "Have fun on your trip little guy, and make sure that Twilight has a bit of fun herself."
  60. >A few more goodbyes, a round of hugs, and a half dozen assurances that you'd make sure to send her a letter if ANYTHING happened, you finally managed to get Twilight into the chariot
  61. >You stood next to Starlight as the thing took off down the road
  62. >The two drivers spread their wings, and with a few flaps the chariot was in the air
  63. >Both you and Starlight waved as Twilight and Spike grew smaller and smaller in the distance
  64. >Starlight sighed, a small frown coming to her face
  65. >"I really hope that Twilight doesn't hound us all weekend. I don't want to come out of the shower and see her looking at me through the mirror..."
  66. "Don't worry about it," you whispered back. "I just gave Spike some Wacky Vine. It'll keep Twilight calm until she gets home."
  67. >Starlight frowned
  68. >"You're making Spike drug Twilight to leave us alone?"
  69. "Yep."
  70. >The unicorn's frown transformed into a smile
  71. >"I love you so much right now."
  74. @-@-@-@-@-@-@
  77. >Unsurprisingly, there was a list of things that you needed to clean while the dynamic duo were away
  78. >It wasn't a very big list; just clean the library, a few bathrooms, and a hallway or two, stuff like that
  79. >Spike made sure to run a pretty tight ship in this castle, so you knew that everything was pretty much cleaned anyway
  80. >And with your ability to reach high places and Starlight's magic you'd get it all done in an hour
  81. >Then you'd have nothing to do but lay around and eat all of the chocolate chip cookies that Twi thought she hid in the kitchen
  82. >Since the library was gonna take the longest, both you and Starlight had decided to get that out of the way first
  83. >So, grabbing feather dusters and some rags, you got two work
  86. >"You missed a spot up there."
  87. "I'm getting it."
  88. >"Not there. To your left."
  89. >"I know, I'm getting this part right now."
  90. >"A littttttle to the right now."
  91. "...Just keep cleaning those tables, you little turd."
  92. >Starlight giggled
  93. >All around the room, you could see all manner of cleaning utensils floating around via magic
  94. >The floor was being cleaned, bookshelves were being wiped, and carpets were being swept, all at the same time
  95. >Fucking magic...
  96. >Starlight herself, for some reason, was standing next to you, cleaning the bottom of the bookcase while you cleaned everything she couldn't reach
  97. >You didn’t know why…
  98. >If you were her, you’d be taking a snooze while her magic did the work...
  99. "So did Trixie send you anything today?" you asked. "She was gonna send you a letter or something right?"
  100. >"She did. I got my package this morning," the unicorn replied with a smile, blowing a bit of dust off the top of an old tome. "Trixie's in Hollow Shades right now, and she wanted me to try something they're famous for making."
  101. "Oh? That's nice of her."
  102. >Starlight's smile grew just a hair
  103. >"Yeah, she's a pretty great friend."
  104. >She looked up at you, then at the row of books you were wiping down
  105. >"A little above that."
  106. >Your nose scrunched up
  107. "Oh, fuck you," you said, reaching down to muss up the unicorn's mane
  108. >Starlight let out another giggle, playfully slapping your hand away
  109. >"Stoooooop!"
  110. “I can’t. You missed a spot with there…”
  111. >There was a big of playful roughhousing, pokes and tickling, but you were no match for the super unicorn, being the worst off after your little "fight"
  112. "Since you got dust vision YOU do the rest of this then," you said, your nose scrunching hard and your hair a mess
  115. >"I will," Starlight said, closing her eyes and smiling smugly. "Go sit down and let me show you how to REALLY clean a library."
  116. Tapping her horn with your feather duster--which got you a pinch on the ass-- you made your way over to a row of tables that Twilight had gotten for the public
  117. >Sitting down, you kicked up your feet
  118. >"Not on the table," Starlight said without looking over shoulder. "I just cleaned those."
  119. >Your feet were lifted into the air
  120. >A chair was pulled out, and your feet were placed on them
  121. "You're as bad as Twilight."
  122. >"I have to be, because if she sees your dirty shoe prints all over the table she's gonna give us guff over it."
  123. >...
  124. >She's not wrong...
  125. >Sighing, you leaned back in your chair a bit more, closing your eyes
  126. "So, did you eat whatever Trixie sent you?"
  127. >"No. It's not something that you can eat… Well, I guess you can if you wanted to, but I doubt it’s that good."
  128. "Did you use it then?"
  129. >Starlight ceased her dusting for a moment, her ears perking up
  130. >"Yes," she said after a pause. "I tried it out before we said goodbye to Twi."
  131. >You scratched your chin, leaning back just a hair more
  132. "It work good then?"
  133. >"Yep. It's some of the best that I've ever used."
  134. >Usually, you would have stopped playing the pronoun game and just asked her what the fuck the blue showmare had sent her
  135. >But you weren't nebby
  136. >It was none of your business, and if she had no desire to tell you than--
  137. >"Batponies really do make the best lube in Equestria."
  138. >--or she could just go out and say it...
  139. >Your eyes snapped open
  140. "Lube?" you asked
  141. >Starlight nodded
  144. >"Aha. I guess batponies have a special plant that they grind up. If you add just the right amount of water it makes one of the best sexual lubricants you can buy."
  145. "...Huh."
  146. >Starlight, humming to herself, bent over to clean one of the lower shelves on the book case
  147. >Your eyes instantly wandered to her swaying backside
  148. >Ex-villain or not, the unicorn had an ass on her
  149. >The thing was bigger than most earth pony rumps, perfectly round with just that right amount of jiggle
  150. >Unf...
  151. >You bit your lip, leaning forward to get a better look at the thing
  152. >Just as you did that, Starlight's tail flicked out of the way, giving you a quick glimpse of a soft, tight little cunt and a wonderful little ponut
  153. >Your cock twitched in your pants as you let out a whistle
  154. >And why hadn’t you noticed THAT before...?
  155. >The unicorn twitched at the noise, picking her head up and looking over her shoulder
  156. >"What?" she asked. “What’s wrong?”
  157. >Your eyes snapped from her ass to her face
  158. "Hmm? Oh, nothing. I was just enjoying the view."
  159. >"The view?" Starlight said, her brow furrowing. "What are you--"
  160. >Her eyes snapped to her backside before looking at you
  161. >You grinned, nodding
  162. >"Oohhhhh," she said, her confusion turning to realization
  163. >She gave her flank a little wiggle, causing her cheeks to jiggle
  164. >If you listened very carefully, you swore you could even hear them clap
  165. >W-Wew...
  166. >Your cock twitched again, slowly hardening
  167. >"You know, someponies say that my butt's too big," Starlight said, giving one of her cheeks a poke
  168. "It's certainly big for a unicorn," you replied, spreading your legs a bit so that your little guy wasn't getting smooshed
  169. >Glimmy’s gaze flicked to your groin
  170. >"You do like big flanks huh?” she asked. “Earth ponies especially."
  171. "I like all asses, Glimmy. I just happen to like the big ones the most."
  174. >The unicorn turned around
  175. >Placing her feather duster on one of the higher shelves on the bookcase, she trotted over to you
  176. >"You know, I saw you rutting Roseluck the other day," she said, eyeing your curiously. "She was a real screamer."
  177. "She was," you said, smiling at the memory
  178. >That mare was a screamer, a sucker, and someone that really like biting
  179. >She could also jerk a guy off like a champion...
  180. >Starlight stopped half a foot away from you
  181. >Bending down, she gave your groin a sniff
  182. >Her eyes widened, and a shiver ran up the length of her spine
  183. >Your cock twitched again, straining against your jeans
  184. >"Sweet sun and moon is that strong," she murmured, giving her head a little shake. "Twilight wasn't wrong when she said you pumped out pheromones like it was going out of style..."
  185. >The tip of her horn glowed a little brighter
  186. >With a series of pops, the rags and feather dusters floating around the room disappeared
  187. >The unicorn then cleared throat and gave you a smile
  188. >"You wouldn't happen to need any help with that, would you?" she asked
  189. >You raised an eyebrow
  190. >Starlight chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of her head
  191. >"I only ask because you look a little pent up, and seeing what you did with Rose the other day, and all of the stuff I know you do with Twilight..."
  192. >She looked down at your groin, then back up at you
  193. >"It makes a mare a bit curious, you know?"
  194. "What about cleaning all of this?" you asked
  195. >As much as you'd like to take this little communist to Pound Town USA, you did sort of want to get this all finished
  196. >"It's all pretty much done," Starlight said with a wave of the hoof. "When the two of us are finished I'll make sure to clean the rest of it."
  199. "And you're sure you want to do this?"
  200. >"If I didn't want to do it would I have asked?" the unicorn said, giving your leg a poke
  201. >Fair enough...
  202. >You quickly stood up, eager to begin
  203. "So, do you want to do this here or take it to the bedroom?"
  204. >"No, no. here will be fine," Starlight said with a shake of her head
  205. "Are you sure? It'll probably get messy."
  206. >"I have magic remember? One quick spell and any stain or smell will be gone."
  207. >Not one to argue with sound logic, you nodded, reaching down to unbutton your pants
  208. >"Oh no, let me," Starlight said, gently pushing away your hands with a spell. "It's the least I could do since you're humoring me like this."
  209. >You expected her to use a spell to unbutton or even teleport your pants away, but she did nothing of the sort
  210. >Instead, she took a half-step toward you, burying her muzzle in your crotch
  211. >You twitched in surprise as she deeply inhaled
  212. >"Hmm~"
  213. >Rubbing her muzzle against the outline of your cock, she grabbed the button of your jeans
  214. >It popped open with a tug, and with another tug your zipper was pulled down
  215. >"There we go," Starlight said. "Now I just need to get these off and..."
  216. >Using her teeth, she began pushing your pants down
  217. >You helped her as best as you could, wiggling back and forth and lifting your legs up so that she could take them off
  218. >She did so with a happy wiggle, neatly folding your jeans and placing them on the table
  219. >"Great! Now I just need to take off these other... smaller pants."
  220. "Underwear," you said. "They're called underwear."
  221. >"Underwear?" Starlight parroted, staring at your boxers. "I suppose I can see why they're called that. They're under your other pants and you're wearing them, so only makes sense that..."
  224. >As the unicorn babbled on, you reached around and gave her head a little push
  225. >Now, now, none of that…
  226. >You got enough babbling when you were fucking Twilight...
  227. >That seemed to get the message across, and she leaned forward yet again to undress you
  228. >Your member throbbed as she took in another deep breath, her tail swishing side-to-side
  229. >Starlight grabbed the waistband of your boxers and gave them a hard tug
  230. "Someone's eager huh?" you teased
  231. >"I just want to see what all of the fuss is about," the unicorn replied, giving your boxers another tug
  232. >The tug caused them to slip down past your hips
  233. >Your cock sprang free from its clothed prison, jumping up and slapping Glimmy right on the muzzle
  234. >She twitched, jumping back in surprise
  235. >"Watch where you're swinging that thing!" she barked
  236. "Hey, you were one that didn't want any help," you replied, shrugging
  237. >Sticking her tongue out at you, Starlight turned her attention to Anon Jr. in all of his glory
  238. >Her eyes widened in surprise
  239. >"Oh... look at that thing," she murmured, nostrils flaring
  240. >Your cock twitched at the sight, causing a bit of pre to leak out of your tip
  241. >Starlight watched as it slowly made its way down the length of your manhood, her mouth partially opened
  242. >As much as you would have LOVED to give her a mouthful, you figured you'd give her a little attention first
  243. "Alright, you've seen me. Now it's my turn," you said, sitting back down into the chair and kicking off your boxers. "Come on, spin arou--"
  244. >Before you could finish your sentence, Starlight had her backside presented to you
  245. >You chuckled
  246. >Just wanted to see what the fuss was about huh?
  247. >You Reach forward and grab her by the rump
  248. "You gotta move back a bit, silly," you told her, fingers sinking into that big, wonderful ass
  249. >The mare let out a gasp, and you very nearly groaned
  250. >It felt as perfect as it looked
  253. >Soft, plush, and with just enough muscle for it to keep it's shape
  254. >You traced her cutiemarks with your thumbs, watching as one of her back legs twitched
  255. "Don't you kick me," you warned
  256. >Starlight bit her lip, a blush working its way onto her face
  257. >"I-I won't. It's just your hands feel... nice."
  258. >Her tail flicked out of the way just in time for you two see her clit wink out of her folds
  259. >"R-Really nice..."
  260. >Letting out a low growl at the sight, you pulled the unicorn back toward you
  261. >You pressed your cheek against her rump, nuzzling it
  262. >You then kissed both of her cutiemarks before leaving a trail of kisses up toward her tail
  263. >Starlight let out a moan, squirming
  264. >"O-Oh... That's... T-That's something."
  265. >You had started nibbling the thin, sensitive skin on the dock of her tail when you saw something move out of the corner of your eye
  266. >...
  267. >What the hell?
  268. >Lifting your head up, you looked over to see a pegasus making her way toward you
  269. >She was on the weather team with Dash you think
  270. >Sunny Skies you think her name was...
  271. "Can I help you, ma'am?" you asked, spreading Glim's cheeks before slapping them together
  272. >The mare smiled looking over at you as Starlight's back legs spasmed
  273. >"Yeah, I was wondering if I could check out a book," she asked
  274. >A book?
  275. >Huh...
  276. >Usually ponies don't come in here until later…
  277. >Was the library even opened now?
  278. >You honestly couldn’t remember...
  279. >Starlight tried to step away from you, but you quickly pulled her right back
  280. "Well, the little dragon that usually does all of the work with the library is out of town for the weekend, but I don't see why not."
  281. >Glim bucked her hips
  282. >Her clit winked, sending a spurt of marecum to the ground
  285. "Just go and pick out your book I guess. Do you have any idea where it is?”
  286. >”Yeah, I have an idea.”
  287. “Awesome. I'll sign it and you can go about about your merry way once you grab it."
  288. >"Thank you very much!" the mare chirped
  289. >She looked down at your throbbing member
  290. >That smile of hers turned a bit more heated as she looked at Starlight
  291. >"You're in for a fun ride, filly. I've hear good things about this one~"
  292. >Giggling, the mare shot you a wink before turning around and trotting over to one of the bookshelves
  293. >"I'll... I-I'll get something for you t-to write with," Starlight said
  294. >The tip of her horn glowed, and with a pop a pencil, a quill and a pot of ink, and even a black marker appeared on the table next to you
  295. "Thanks," you said, giving her ass a hard squeeze
  296. >Her backside tensed in your grip, and she pushed it back into your hands
  297. >"Don't--Oh~! D-Don't mention it."
  298. >Spreading her cheeks apart once more, you leaned forward, licking the arousal off of her thighs and rump
  299. >She tasted sweet...
  300. >Almost like blackberry mixed with something else...
  301. >You pulled back, licking your lips, before darting in tongue first
  302. >"O-Oh buck~!"
  303. >You did your best to clean the marecum from Starlight's folds
  304. >Whenever her cute little clit would pop out, you would lap at it with the tip of your tongue
  305. >And the whole time, you were playing with her ass
  306. >Squeezing it, pinching it, rubbing each cheek against your face, motorboating it
  307. >Your cock throbbed, sending a spurt of pre to the ground
  308. >Why hadn't you done this before?
  309. >For MONTHS you were living with this ass and you hadn't tried playing with it?
  310. >For fucking shame!
  311. >You were about to pop Glimmy's clit into your mouth, to really hear her scream, when someone cleared their throat
  314. >Lifting your cum-soaked face from between the valley of paradise, you saw the cute little pegasus staring at you in amusement, a book tucked under a wing
  315. >Licking the marecum from your face and swallowing what you had collected, you cleared your throat
  316. "You find everything you were looking for?"
  317. >"Yep! I got everything I needed," the mare said with a nod.
  318. "Alright then. Give me a second and I'll get it all signed for you."
  319. Starlight let out a moan of frustration, trying to push your face back between her cheeks
  320. >You grabbed her by the rump and pushed her back before standing up
  321. >She immediately let out another whimper, pressing herself back and grinding herself against your leg
  322. >Oh, this little horse is just asking for it...
  323. >She was asking for it super hard...
  324. >Grabbing the pencil and the mare’s book, you opened that sucker up
  325. "How’s two weeks sounds for how long you can keep this thing?”
  326. >Signing and marking the due date, you handed it back to the mare, who giggled
  327. >"Oh, I shouldn't need it that long. I just need it for a day or two to do some research I'm working on for the weather team."
  328. “Alright, I’m pretty sure there’s also a two bit penalty every day past those two weeks, but I guess you don’t need to know that.”
  329. > “No, but thank you for telling me anyway,” she chirped, leaning forward and giving your cockhead a little lick
  330. >Your cock throbbed, rewarding her with a spurt of pre
  331. "Hey, you keep that up you're gonna be here all day," you warned
  332. >The pegasus giggles
  333. >"Oh I don't doubt it. I've seen what you do to mares around town," she said with a sparkle in her eye. "But, as much as I'd love to stay for a little while, I really should be getting home. Thank you very much for your help."
  334. >Starlight let out a moan, holding herself against your leg as a rush of fluids shot out of her marehood
  335. >"O-OH~!"
  336. >You grabbed the unicorn by the tail as her body tensed, trying to keep herself from falling over as she rode out her first orgasm
  339. "Don't mention it. Have a good day!"
  340. >As the mare left, you looked down at Glimmy
  341. "You alright there? You're not gonna fall over?"
  342. >You eased up your grip on the unicorn's tail
  343. >Her back legs nearly buckled, but at the last second she caught herself
  344. >"I'm... I'm alright," she said, breathing hard. "Whoo... it’s been a... while since I've... cum like... that."
  345. "Glad to see you enjoying yourself," you said, giving her butt a pat. "Now do you want me to prop you up on the table or...?"
  346. >Giving her head a few shakes, Glimmy looked back at you
  347. >"Just... The floor's fine."
  348. "You sure?"
  349. >"Y-Yeah. I like... it better that... way."
  350. >Unf...
  351. >This pony was getting it HARD
  352. "Alright. Let's do this."
  353. >Grabbing her by her hips, you pulled her back toward you
  354. >Starlight let out a groan as you began rubbing your tip against her slit
  355. >Normally, you'd work up the little horse with some more foreplay, but she seemed worked up enough now
  356. >So, now it was time to see how many orgasms it would take to leave this horse a babbling mess
  357. >Just a little pressure and...
  358. >"W-Wait! Not t-there!"
  359. >You froze mid-thrust
  360. "...Excuse me?"
  361. >Starlight looked back at you, then at Anon jr., biting her lip
  362. >"Could you... put it in the other hole please?"
  363. >...
  364. >You looked down at Starlight's rump, you spread her cheeks apart to look at the plump little ponut sitting right above her winking pussy
  367. >You frowned gently, looking up at her before tracing a thumb around her anus's fleshy ring
  368. >Her rump rippled as she tense
  369. >"Y-Yeah, there."
  370. "There?"
  371. >"If you don't mind."
  372. >The tip of the mare's horn glowed
  373. >With a pop, a small, clear bottle appeared on the table
  374. >Looking over at it, you reached over and picked it up
  375. "Ms. Gleaming Tooth's sexual lubricant."
  376. >It took a second, but it hit you
  377. "Oh.... so you were using the lube for buttstuff then?" you asked
  378. >Starlight's nose scrunched up
  379. >"What else would I use it--o-oh~!"
  380. >Glimmy twitched as you gave her ponut another tease
  381. "I think that's the first time any pony's asked me to stick it there," you mused
  382. >You propped her entrance with your thumb
  383. >Her butthole clenched
  384. >You grinned
  385. "So ol' Glim Glam is a buttslut huh? I should have known."
  386. >"I'm n-not a buttslut! I just l-like to explore my h-horizons every o-once in awhile..."
  387. "Pft. Yeah right. You're a total buttslut."
  388. >You popped open the bottle of lube and poured it on the top of Starlight's ass crack
  389. >The mare twitched at the sensation, wiggling in place
  390. >"D-Don't use too much of that! Just a little will go a long way!"
  393. >When you had applied a healthy amount of lube, you quickly put the bottle down and grabbed her ass with both hands
  394. >As the lube slowly made its way down her crack, leaving a shiny, wet trail in its wake, you placed your cock between her cheeks and pushed them together
  395. >...And immediately let out a moan as you were surrounded by warmth and softness
  396. >Your balls clenched, and to your surprise you almost found yourself popping like an overeager teenager
  397. >Jesus Christ...
  398. >The two of you were gonna have a busy few days together...
  399. >Taking a few deep breaths, you slowly pushed your hips forward
  400. >Your cock slid between her cheeks slowly, guided along by sweat and marecum, when you finally hit the lube
  401. >The stuff was oddly cold, and the second that it came into contact with your shaft it began to tingle
  402. >But as the lube slowly coated your member and you did a few experimental thrusts, you realize that Glimmy had been right
  403. >This lube was fucking amazing
  404. >There was no friction as you fucked the unicorn's fat cheeks
  405. >Only pleasure, and warmth, and weight
  406. >You let out a grunt, thrust your hips forward hard enough that her flank jiggled as you connected with it
  407. >Whoo...
  408. >You were gonna have to thank little magician horse when she came back into town...
  409. >Starlight, feeling you grinding against her ponut, let out a pitiful whimper
  410. >"C-Come on! You're all lubed up! S-Stick it in me!"
  411. "Are you sure you want it--"
  412. >"Put it in my b-butt before I turn you into a f-frog, Anon!"
  413. >Yes ma'am...
  414. >Letting go of her cheeks--with only some regret-- you grabbed her by the hips, pressing your tip against the ponut
  415. "Alright, I'll take it slow. If anything hurts or you're uncomfortable just tell me to stop, alright?"
  418. >Starlight nodded eagerly, pushing her backside against you without saying a word
  419. >You applied pressure against her hole
  420. >You expected her to tense, to resist you, but to your surprise she was completely relaxed
  421. >That, along with the lube, meant that you had almost sunk halfway into the mare before you could stop yourself
  422. "F-Fuck..."
  423. >You waited for Starlight to start screaming at you, or voicing any pain, but she was completely silent
  424. >The muscles in her ass clenched around your length
  425. >You hissed, throbbing inside of her
  426. >While the muscles weren't as controlled, her backdoor was shockingly warm
  427. >And the tightness...
  428. >Oh lord the tightness...
  429. >That lube was some REALLY good shit...
  430. >The muscles in your legs tensed, ready to push more of your maleness inside of this cute little horse, but you managed to control yourself
  431. >If only barely
  432. "Hey... You alright... there?"
  433. >Glim, ramrod stiff, said nothing
  434. >You gave her back a pat, but you were given no reaction
  435. >The unicorn may as well have been made of stone
  436. >...
  437. >Okay...
  438. >Taking her silence as permission to continue, you dug your fingers into her hips and continued to push into her
  439. >Inch after inch disappeared into the mare, who didn't make one sound even when your hips pressed up against her rump
  440. >Her ass continued to try its hardest to milk you however, so when you fully hilted you just stayed there a moment, enjoying the feeling and collecting yourself
  441. "Man... you got a great ass, Glimmy."
  444. >You began pulling back
  445. >Before you could move half an inch, Starlight's ass clamped down on your cock
  446. >HARD
  447. >Your eyes crossed as the unicorn let out a whimper
  448. >Though you couldn't see it, you could feel a splash of fluids coating your legs
  449. >Heh...
  450. >She IS a little buttslut, isn't she?
  451. >Grunting, you grabbed her by the hip, and PULLED
  452. >Though her ponut did all that it could to keep you in, you managed, with the help of that amazing ass lube, to leave the unicorn's rectum little by little
  453. >"O-Oh!" Starlight moaned, her back arching. "Oh b-buck!~"
  454. >When you were halfway out of her, you began the monumental task of thrusting back in
  455. "There w-we go... there's a good l-little buttslut," you growled
  456. >Glimmy's ass spasmed
  457. >"I'm n-not--O-OH~!"
  458. >It took a minute or two of fighting tooth and nail, but you slowly began moving faster and faster
  459. >One of your hands left the unicorn's hips and grabbed her tail
  460. >Using that as leverage, you sunk yourself balls deep into her
  461. >Another rush of fluids hit your legs and the floor
  462. >"Y-YES! JUST LIKE... THAT!" Starlight yelled. "P-PULL MY T-TAIL JUST... JUST LIKE ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!"
  463. >You quickened your pace, pulling out until just the tip was inside of her and slamming to the hilt
  464. >Her ass continued to squeeze and tense around you harder than any marehood you had ever experienced
  465. >You groaned and tensed along with Starlight, pounding harder and harder
  466. >Your cock began to throb with more and more frequency, coating the mare's insides with pre
  467. >During her tenth or eleventh orgasm, Starlight's front legs gave out
  468. >She let out a noise that was a mixture between a yelp and a moan, somehow managing to keep herself from slamming face first into the crystal floor
  471. >You held onto her nice and tight, using the added leverage to really slam into her, your hips bouncing against her fat, bubbly ass
  472. >"O-OH BUCK! OH BUCK! Y-YOU'RE SO... MUCH BETTER THAN... M-MY TOYS!" she screamed, pawing at the floor
  473. >You gave Glim's tail another hard yank
  474. >You could feel that familiar ticklish sensation building up
  475. >A grunt escaped you as a particularly hard squeeze around your member nearly took your breath away
  476. "Starlight... I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum soon."
  477. "YES~!" the mare moaned, coating your legs with fresh marecum
  478. >You closed your eyes, trying your hardest to last just that little bit longer
  479. >But it was no use
  480. >The power of Glim Glam's ass was too great
  481. "Where... W-Where do you wan--"
  483. >Good enough for you
  484. >With one final groan, you hilted inside of the mare one last time
  485. >Your balls clenched harder than they had ever clenched before, and you found yourself cumming
  486. "Fuck--!"
  487. >Starlight squeaked as you fired your first load inside of her
  488. >That squeak turned into a moan by the second, and by the third the dirty unicorn was cumming again
  489. >You didn't know how long you stood there cumming inside of the mare, but when you came to you were panting hard, covered in sweat, and your cum was dripping around your cock and onto the floor
  490. >Starlight, breathing even harder than you, had lost all tension in her body
  491. >If it weren't for the fact you were holding her up, she would have no doubt just fallen to the floor
  492. >Wew...
  493. >That was...
  496. >That was...
  497. >...
  498. >You were gonna have to do that again...
  499. >Soon...
  500. "Wew... that was fucking great!"
  501. >Bending down, you carefully picked Starlight up, pulling your slowly wilting shaft out of her
  502. >She let out a groan, wiggling in your arms and closing her eyes
  503. >Even as exhausted as she was, her ass still tried to clamp down on you, trying to keep you inside of her
  504. >You let out a breathless chuckle, VERY carefully spinning her around and pulling her onto the table
  505. >There we go...
  506. >Letting out a sigh, you buried your face into the mare's chest
  507. >You felt her front legs quickly wrapping around you, holding you tightly
  508. >"That was... I can see why Twilight doesn't... leave you alone at... night," Starlight said, her eyes still closed
  509. >Chuckling again, you picked your head up and looked at the mare
  510. >Leaning forward, you gave her a peck on the lips
  511. >Her eyes shot open, and she stared at you in shock, a blush working its way onto her face
  512. >"H-Hey! Warn me before you start k-kissing," she hissed
  513. "It's not my fault... Glimmy," you said, kissing her again and again. "When a mare has an ass that… amazing I gotta give her a couple of kisses..."
  514. >Starlight reddened
  515. >She picked her head up, looking around the library
  516. >When she didn't see anyone, she returned your kisses with a kiss of her own
  517. >It was a quick one, a peck more than anything, but you could feel the affection behind it
  518. >"O-Okay. Just don't do t-that in public. I don’t w-want ponies getting the w-wrong idea and think w-we’re together..."
  519. >You smiled, resting your cheek against her chest once more
  520. >You were about to close your eyes and drift off, when something caught your eye
  523. >It was that black marker that Starlight had popped into existence
  524. >Reaching over, you uncapped the thing
  525. "Hey, you never know," you said, writing the words "BUTT SLUT" right under her cutiemark.
  526. >You made a tallymark
  527. >The first of many
  528. "Three days is longer than you think.."
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