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  1. Halldórr was orphaned as a child and wandered the frozen wasteland of the north. Until he was stumbled upon by a dwarven refugee party. A dwarven mother who had recently lost her son in an attack on the fortress they left vouched for him and took him into the clan until a suitable course of action could be found. Upon reaching the main dwarven settlement. No suitable action could be found so although brashly the woman accepted him as her new son. Teaching him the ways of the blacksmith he learned his craft quickly. The first time he completed a project himself it was a suit of full plate worthy of legend, Thus he was given his surname Hammerhand for the way that the strength in his arm and the hammer melded together that it seemed as one. With his work as a smith in great knowledge he set out to try his hand at other skills. He became a miner and pathfinder exploring new cave routes and discovering new veins of ore to mine. His time spent here found another calling. He showed skill in being an engineer, Knowing just where to set supports and where to dig to keep everything running. Throughout his teens he crawled many a cave with a company of dwarven prospectors at his back, ready to dig and strike it rich with his fierce reputation. But all good things must come to an end. eventually the tools seemed too small and the caves seemed to get smaller and smaller. and so it was with a heavy heart that his mother spoke unto him and told him that he must depart his home. That these caves will soon grow too large for him and he must leave now else be trapped, and with heavy heart and full pack he gathered his equipment and struck out for new lands. He returns every so often to share a tale a pint and speak with the dwarven woman he calls mother.
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