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  1. 1. Boosters
  3. AC heat is caused by boost heat + generator calorific value. Multiply them by 2 each to get total heat.
  5. So if your boosters are 4000 heat, and your generator is 3000 calorific value, that means you have (4000+3000)*2 = 14000 total heat. So you need 14000 cooling or higher to boost without causing heat.
  7. Because of this, you sort of need to stick with Vulture2 or Birdie2 unless you put in a good generator or radiator, then you can go with TP or Gull.
  9. 2. FCS
  11. The Max/avg capture stats are your lockbox size. If your weapon type (STD, WS, ND) matches the FCS, you get the Max size. If it doesn't match, you get the Average capture. So if you're using a rifle (std lock) on volute 2, you get 17/17. If you use the same gun on cowry, you get 16/16, which is smaller even though cowry is a 'wider' FCS.
  13. Additionally, all WS weapons will increase lock size and reduce lock range, regardless of what you use them on. All ND weapons will reduce lock size and increase range, and all SPC weapons will reduce BOTH lock size and range.
  15. Using dual weapons averages the two lockboxes you would get frm using them individually, and then reduces them based on parallel processing.
  17. So for dual weapons = use at least 1 WS, or match both to the FCS, use high parallel processing.
  19. Single weapons = either double-up on your weapon (WS on WS FCS) for narrow range, or go with opposites to get more balanced range (ND on WS).
  21. Missile lock speed is important too.
  23. The horizontal locks always use the average capture no matter what, since there are no horizontal weapons, so there are less of a penalty for going with SPC weapons there.
  25. 3. Cores
  27. Basically, cores have a number of fuctions, and the more they have, the worse their other stats will be.
  29. Types of functions
  30. EO/OB: EO for DPS, OB for long range fighting
  31. VS Missile: Saves you from needing decoys or counter missile extensions
  32. Hangers:
  34. Cores that have the best stats have the fewest functions (Hanger only)
  36. Core with the worst stats have the best functions (Hanger + Anti Missile + OB, or EO + Anti missile)
  38. So depending on which core you pick really determines what else you have to equip. No anti missile means you have to use decoys or missile extensions. No hanger means you need more firepower to avoid running out of ammo. No EO means focusing less on DPS and more on evasion.
  40. 4. Legs
  42. When picking legs, focus on stationary drain. This is your energy drain when boosting. Low stationary drain means that your gen recov is going to be faster.
  44. Boost speed is a mix of the leg's weight and the amount underneath the max weight cap. So if your weight cap is high but you're only using a little weight, you get speed bonuses without having to use a lighter leg. This is called "Underweighting"
  46. Turning speed is determined by the leg's turning ability and being underneath the max weight cap.
  48. So tuning legs or weight only will make you fast, but not affect turning. Tuning for max weight cap will make you faster, but not as much as weight, but improve turning slightly too.
  50. 5. Arms
  52. Aim adjust time is your maneuverability stat, it affects how fast the arms change direction to hit the enemy.
  54. Aim accuracy affects shot spread, and makes a BIG difference on machine guns or shotguns, but not so much anywhere else.
  56. 6. Head
  58. Heads are were you can really bump your defenses up without sacrificing weight, but also play a big role in VS ECM and Radar. Basically, like cores, you can either go for high stats, or go for good functions like high radar/VS ECM.
  60. That's about all of the basics I can think of, the rest doesn't matter quite as much as those, which are all the biggest things you should focus on when building. - Irregular
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