Things For Salt Boi

Jun 23rd, 2019
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  1. Brand New Server
  3. -Looking for staff to moderate
  4. -Discord at <link="Discord"></link>(clickable)
  5. -Discord invite ID code is: VyBVRYK
  7. Rules
  8. -Do not mic spam(music over the intercom will be permitted, but not as a player or spectator)(Ear rape is mic spam)
  9. -Due to Serpents Hand, Chaos is to not team with the SCPs
  10. -Do not purposely kill yourself to avoid a role, it ruins the fun for everyone
  11. -Don't be toxic(Staff have final decision on such matters)
  12. -Don't abuse glitches to teamkill
  14. Plugin List
  15. -Serpent's Hand
  16. -Custom 914 recipes (Willing to accept suggestions for additions)
  17. -Late Join (60 second default)
  18. -914 Upgrade In Hand
  19. -SCP008 (Zombie infection)
  20. -SCP035
  21. -CI spy
  22. -votekick
  23. -Escape with items
  24. -pro079(Makes the computer have more stuff)
  25. -SCP Swap
  26. -Stalky106
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