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HTS Unofficial FAQ

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  3. This is a FAQ about HTS (Hackthissite) which will detail many of the questions that most n00bs and the electronically illiterate tend to ask. (It will also feel like I'm waving a giant middle finger in front of you)
  5. 1. What do I need to do to learn to hack?
  6.         Google. That is all.
  7. Actually, no. Not just Google, but the famous search engine will be a very good friend on your quest to becoming a so-called ub3r 1337 h4x0rz. You will need multiple things to learn how to hack: A drive to learn and succeed, willingness to actually GOOGLE IT, being able to dig for information before asking HTS forums for the info (you can post info you find though), and being able to ask SPECIFIC questions.
  9. 2. What is the next step?
  10.         Start learning. After you've been told to go GOOGLE IT for the quadrillionth time, a revelation will hit your thick skull.
  11. "I SHOULD GOOGLE IT!!!!!!111!!!!11!!!1!!!"
  12. Congratulations, you've reached the next step.
  14. 3. Can I hack F4c3b00k/hotmail/msn/yahoo/etc.? OR Can you guys tell me how?
  15.         No.
  16. Disclaimer :
  17.     HackThisSite does not support illegal activities.
  19. 4. Can't you guys help me? Pleeeeeeeaaassssssse?
  20.         No. Quit asking.
  22. 5. Why? Whatcha gonna do about it?
  23.         B&! And you get flamed too.
  25. 6. I lost the password to my account on [insert whatever here]; can you guys help me hack in and get it back?
  26.         No. Just go through the password recovery. Chances are that the new password you pick out might be the old one if it's one you use alot.
  28. 7. im such a n00b whre shuld i begin?
  29.         By fixing your damn spelling and grammar ID10T. Once you do that, feel free to ask yourself the same question next time. Oh, and go do some of the basic missions too.
  31. 8. What's the solution to [insert mission]?!?!? I haven't the slightest idea!
  32.         We're not going to spoon-feed you right here on the forums. Just look through the appropriate mission thread and hopefully the answer clicks into place. If not, PM someone for additional hints. No one is going to give you the solution.
  34. 9. I need an experienced, young hacker to help me with something. Can any of you help?
  35.         Wait... Young hacker? What's wrong with the older hackers? Anyways, it largely depends on what you're planning to do and if anyone is even interested in helping you (probability <1%).
  36. Either try to learn the skills yourself, or move on.
  38. 10. I need to hack into [insert thingy here]. Can any of you tell me how?
  39.         No. Because it's most likely (probability >98%) illegal. So learn to do it yourself. But if you're only looking to hack into a specific thing and then stopping there, learning to hack isn't worth your time. Just give up on it.
  41. 11. So I came from HackForums...
  42.         If your question isn't serious/worth anyone's time to look at, STFU. GTFO.
  44. 12. Do you guys do any of those things you see in the movies? BTW I'm 12.
  45.         No. Hollywood likes to screw up a lot of the facts. There are very few movies in existence that aren't documentaries and are accurate at the same time.
  46. Seriously? 12? You should have never admitted to being 12.
  48. 13. Can I ask for a RAT on HTS?
  49.         Sure! We'll just install it into your computer for free!
  50. Acutally NO.
  52. Help add to the FAQ and perfecting it by giving it some new questions!
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