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Dec 27th, 2019
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  3. 1. Added placement for ground movement stat:
  4. Ground Movement -> 0.5 / 1.2 units (78th, between Incineroar and Robin)
  6. 2. Clarified combo-ability of weak D-Throw variant:
  7. Meanwhile, the weakest option of pounding the ground has value in the form of being a combo starter, at least to the extent Kingpin has those, with potential follow-ups ranging from a shorthopped aerial or projectiles like his cane beam or gunfire.
  9. 3. Added physical hitbox to U-Smash:
  10. Kingpin faces the screen and hunches over slightly, growing red in the face before flinging his arms to either side in an arc, tilting back his head letting out a bellowing yell to the skies. He has lag comparable to Ridley’s F-Smash, with his arms inflicting 12-21% and knockback KOing from 135-105% at a rather close range. Perhaps even more useful in some circumstances, Kingpin’s moment of rage also produces a strong wind hitbox in an arc around him. The arc surrounds Kingpin in a U shape, with default thickness varying from Luigi’s width at his sides to DK’s height above his head (measurements that grow respectively to Wario’s width and 1.5 Ganondorf heights). Foes who make contact with the wind take 2-2.8% and are pushed in the opposite direction with moderate to powerful force, capable of interrupting all but the strongest stall-then-fall attacks and boosting foes into air at full charge.
  12. Kingpin’s yell also can spread out any clouds of money he’s released from a fortified safe, from two training stage squares to three or four, depending on charge time (though the money deals 1% less per second per additional square, on account of being dispersed). Timed and positioned right, Kingpin can essentially use the wind to counter aerial attackers and send them soaring into a hazard, including up underneath a safe that’s about to drop or have the stage rise up underneath it. He also can toss off grounded attackers in a pinch, though many can simply run back and punish his end lag. And, though his initial arm swinging ranks as the weakest physical blow among Kingpin's smashes, his limbs still reach through low platforms right as the move begins, capable of catching careless foes above him off guard.
  14. 4. Clarified combo-ability of tapped U-Air, relegated wind hitbox to smashed input:
  15. Kingpin sweeps an arm above his head in an arc, in a manner comparable to a slightly lower Peach U-Air but with decent range more comparable to DK's old U-Air from the original Smash. His hand does 13-14% and vertical knockback KOing around 125%, with an extra slight wind hitbox extending a Kirby above his physical hitbox if the input is smashed rather than tapped. As with B-Air, the wind can push money clouds one training stage square, still remaining compact albeit this time vertically rather than horizontally. An otherwise straightforward move, the tapped U-Air variant can be a reliable juggling or vertical poking tool for Kingpin when his opponent's damage is in the low- to mid-percentage range, and is able to launch opponents up through safes if he times a shorthop correctly.
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