Feb 13th, 2016
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  1. This one is called “Essence”
  3. Guise keep in mind this is not my main language but the lack of best horse was bugging me to no end, also I'm a drawfag so expect a couple of images too.
  6. >So, yeah…
  7. >You are Anon, master of meme science and winner of over 1000 internet debates. What an honor.
  8. >You are currently in a shitty job working for the minimum.
  9. >Your dad kick you out for being a horsefucker seeing you rushing to change your pc screen one time when he suddenly enter the room. Too bad that even if you were able to hide it, probably you would had trouble explaining why your pants was down.
  10. >Since the arrival of those ponies it was imposed a strong taboo towards the contact with them.
  11. >The government’s parties are still fighting in were or not the ponies can be pets or citizens
  12. >Fucking socialism, man.
  13. >Oh yes, you are currently in a shitty third world country.
  14. >Chile
  15. >Could be worse, trust me.
  16. >After failing at college and being kicked out of your house your first priority was establishing yourself near your work. And you did it.
  17. >A comfy 1-ambient department a couple of meters away from a train station next the center of the city
  18. >After a couple of mouths working you manage to get a nice pc to play vidya in your little free time
  19. >But even with what you though was the solution for the boredom you still fell like something still missing
  20. >You just arrived from work today
  21. >All those hours playing Divinity II got you exhausted for now
  22. >Fucking useless quest log
  23. >After picking some fruit juice you decide to visit /mlp/ again, one more time.
  24. >Being kicked out of home made you rethink about your life to the point of start avoiding those colorful little horses
  27. >They are actually very rare and expensive here. It’s illegal sold them but you still can own them and there is not even needed to register them as a pet if you don’t want to.
  28. >Anyways, you don’t need one.
  29. >After seeing how much of a faggot all those gringos are, you hit the bed.
  30. >Damn whitey
  31. >Next day you wake up just in time for work
  32. >Nice 8 hours straight cleaning and listing canned food in big ass boxes before shipping them to the north
  33. >You even dream with those boxes sometimes. Damn, canned food has been always one of you favorites.
  34. >The fact that you can conserve food in 3 to 4 years always amazed you, even if is the most simple thing.
  35. >That day at work you begin to think about owning a pony
  36. >You need company, brah
  37. >But that shit is going to make you hit bankrupt in days
  38. >Implying you aren’t broken now
  39. >>[Valparaíso Lote Nº35868A V08/19 CODE: 7802408000650]
  40. >What are you going to do with a pony?
  41. >Go full horsefucker
  42. >And what she is going to do while you are working?
  43. >Sleep?
  44. >And what is she going to do when you are sleeping?
  45. >…
  46. >See? If you buy one there is no turn back, you can’t even return it because buying one is illegal in the first place. And if those couple of normie friends you have notices you buy a pony, your little social life ends there. You are going to sentence her and yourself in something risky that no one is going to enjoy
  49. >Yes, but you already forget about all those days daydreaming about cuddling our waifu?
  50. >>[Talca Lote Nº35879A V08/19 CODE: 7802408000650]
  51. >Your point? That’s nothing compared with what I said
  52. >A pony can bring hope to our life. Remember the joy? That silly smile we make every time while seeing an episode or reading a good greentext? All those faggots are still there because of that, they still have hope and probably a couple of them already make that dream true.
  53. >Shut up, I get it. Jus-
  54. >We can give a purpose to come here to work. To come back to see her smil-
  56. >>[Santiago Lote Nº35874A V08/19 CODE: 7802408000650]
  57. >You look at the ground, smiling
  58. >You are going to fuck this up like everything you do, but you have to do your best, now more than ever.
  59. >How are you going to interact with her?
  60. >What happen if she hates you?
  61. >What happens if you hates her?
  62. >You came up with more questions like those ones to the end of your shift that day.
  65. >After a couple of days you got a direction of a clandestine pony action next Saturday.
  66. >A friend cover you the last 2 hours of your shift.
  67. >You get to the building 10 minutes before it was supposed to start, carrying all your savings of the last months and a little loan from your bank. Like 0.8 grands. They probably won’t accept credit card anyways. By the way, here NEETs doesn’t exist.
  68. >You already have some standards for choosing the pony.
  69. >Not a unicorn, too dangerous. You can get out of your head those news about a crazy princess pony that blow up the brain from inside of some faggot that stopped feeding the suppressors.
  70. >Wings are fine but you probably don’t want her to use them the first months.
  71. >She needs to look healthy
  72. >She must be a she
  73. >There’s a couple of people outside the building. Everyone seems nervous looking to various directions quickly.
  74. >You never like this part of the town
  75. >After a couple of minutes someone opens the door from inside, then look to us and step aside.
  76. >The people quickly draw out a couple of bills and went towards the door.
  77. “How much is it?”
  78. >You ask to someone next to you, not even knowing have to pay before enter
  79. >”30 bucks”
  80. >Fuck
  81. >After enter the room of the auction you sit patiently
  82. >The cashier start presenting the merchandise while some guy make the ponies walk to the center of the mini scenario.
  85. >All of them are tidily silenced with big gags and looks really scared shaking uncontrollably looking everywhere probably hoping that someone is going to save them.
  86. >You all are there just to do that, they just don’t know yet
  87. >Holy shit what you just thought
  88. >”Ladies and gentleme- wherever, what you see in front of you is what you get. If it has a horn you get 1 month of suppressors, if it has wing you also get the leather strap for them and is it has none you only get the suppressors.”
  89. >The suppressors work disabling the magic production itself in the ponies’ bodies so pegasis and earth ponies losses the capacity to fly and the absurdly strength respectively.
  90. >”Come closer and see, since you are just a couples it doesn’t matter anyways”
  91. >You observe how almost everyone in the room get up and come closer to the ponies who visible retreat a little bit, or at least how much the strap allow them to
  92. >You do it too as the cashier commence to relate about a pony who cashed the attention of some guy.
  93. >”Nice look eh? That one is one of the finniest examples we have. Now, now let’s start with the auction more formally, please”
  94. >You see a total of 7 ponies which 3 of them are unicorns so they are out. In the rest 1 is a stallion. One less hole is a lot of a difference to you.
  95. >One was a purple earth pony mare, with grapes and a strawberry as a cutie mark. For some reason her eyes were out of focus and she was breathing though the mouth, even with that gag. She was the only one without acting scared, but actually crazy. Her eyes were purple as well.
  96. >Next one was a white Pegasus with a blonde straight mane. Her eyes were a bright purple with locked really good. Her cutie mark was tree balloons.
  99. >The last one that definitely the most scared of them all. She was audibly crying through the gag, with her eyes roughly shouted. Her mane was a darkish red with a cute little pink stray, her coat a very pale yellow and her cutie mark a little rose. You wasn’t able to see the color of her eyes.
  100. >Those last two got your attention. So 2 out of 7 with… 8 more guys in the room
  101. >You chances are low at the start.
  102. >The cashier continues
  103. >”Ok, lest start”
  104. >He start with a unicorn; after like 5 bets she was sold for 700. Both walk out the room after a little talk you didn’t get.
  105. >Aside for the purple mare, now every pony was crying trying to comfort each other rubbing the flank of each other fighting endlessly the straps and chains.
  106. >The cashier start with another one, this time the stallion.
  107. >600 bucks
  108. >Then a unicorn mare
  109. >650
  110. >Now it’s time for that cute with Pegasus.
  111. >”Let start with 500 for this one! Any bet?”
  112. >One hand rises
  113. >Then another
  114. >Then yours
  115. >“650! Who gives more?
  116. >Some fucker rises his hand
  117. >”700! That’s it? To the guy with the hat. 700 In one T-“
  118. >You rise you hand again
  119. >You can’t think about something more painfully than raise your hand in this moment
  120. >”750 to the guy with the blue jack-“
  121. >That fucker rises his hand again
  122. >”800!”
  123. >And you are out in this one. Shit
  124. >The guy and the pony walk out after a little chat. The cute white pegasus just looked at the floor sobbing the entire time.
  125. >Tree more irrelevant ponies get sold
  126. >550,650 and 550
  127. >There is only 2 more guys, but one of them just get up and went out
  128. >The cashier continues
  129. >”Okey, for the last one and… not less important”
  130. >He just suspire after seeing the mess that was doing the little thing
  131. >Her eyes are now wide open shining for all the tears that runs freely thought her checks to the ground. Seems like she is actually having problems breathing, clearly hyperventilating
  132. >You really want this one?
  136. >Those big green eyes are fucking beautiful.
  137. >Without thinking you get up and extend an arm to her.
  138. >She abruptly recoils, probably hurting herself with the chains.
  139. >”Lest start low with this one, shall we? 300!”
  140. >The other guy approached next to you and rises his hand
  141. >”400? 400! Got more dude?”
  142. >No more doubts, not anymore.
  143. “800”
  144. >”Wa- I mean… 800! You still in, bro?”
  145. >He said that looking to the other guy
  146. >The guy just look at you and shakes his head with an expression of disappoint
  147. >You heart is beating fast and the smile in your face is pretty obvious. The cashier just show you the way to the payment and the other guy just leaves.
  148. >After a couple of minutes and a little chat with the cashier you come back to the scenario.
  149. >She is still sitting there crying silently with her head down.
  150. >You approaches her slowly and sit in front.
  151. >She just lowers her head even more and tries to hide it with her hooves failing miserably due to the chains impeding it.
  152. “Hey…”
  153. >you better talk low and slow
  154. “Hey, want me to take that thing of your mouth?”
  155. >There is no response but more shakes, sobs and erratic breathings.
  156. >The cashier gets closer
  157. >”Bro, I know this is important to you, but I need to close and get out as quickly as possible”
  158. >You nod
  159. >You look back at her.
  160. >You took her head and direct it to you.
  161. “Listen, we have to move now. Just calm down and let me get you out of those things”
  162. >Oh shit she is just looking at you with her gaze completely lost.
  163. >Her breath rate is completely a mess.
  164. >And... She passes out in the middle of a muffled scream.
  167. >Now you are in your shitty apartment
  168. >Not alone, for the first time in months
  169. >The poor thing is still sleeping and you are too scared to remove the gag
  170. >She will probably going to scream her lungs out and scare to hell your neighbour
  171. >You are actually worried thinking what you are going to do now
  172. >You quickly made a salad with potatoes, tomato, carrots and when you were about to throw some mayonnaise you stop in middle air.
  173. >This horses maybe can’t handle this one
  174. >So you just mix those tree this, not even with salt or some oil.
  175. >And wait sitting in front of her.
  176. >You can help yourself and start wondering how her fur feels.
  177. >Well, she needs a bath.
  178. >Very slowly you run your hand though her neck to her flank.
  179. >So soft, even softer than your pillows, in which you spend tons and tons of softener.
  180. >You need those pillows every night to sleep, in the same position every single time.
  181. >If there is something different it becomes really difficult falling sleep.
  182. >This little pony needs to know the definition of comfy. And a bow, you sure love bows
  183. >As soon as you finish fantasizing about how she would look with a pale red bow cuddling happily next to you a slight movement get your attention.
  184. >Shit, she is waking up.
  185. >You remove the thing in her mouth.
  186. >Ok, play it cool. You can’t let her have another hyperventilating episode. It’s risky.
  187. >Well, seems like only your presence is enough to trigger her suffering.
  188. >”Uh…?”
  189. >She squirm in her place slowly adjusting her eyes to the light.
  192. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  195. >This can’t be happening
  196. >This has to be a nightmare
  197. >Everything was fine a couple for days before
  198. >Why this is happening?
  199. >You never do something to hurt anypony
  200. >You only grow up doing gardening with the girls and the managing little stand in the market
  201. >Nothing more, just like everypony
  202. >Lily
  203. >Daisy
  204. >”Hey”
  205. >Why they are so rude?
  206. >Why we all can’t be friends?
  207. >Those creatures sold you… like a simple object.
  208. >They simply care about money.
  209. >And after the first meal there you started to feel so weak.
  210. >The ponies there told you if you eat that food there was no turn back.
  211. >But you were so hungry and scared.
  212. >Your magic.
  213. >”Hey, please. Wake up”
  214. >You magic is gone forever now?
  215. >That means…
  216. >Your flowers.
  217. >Your delicate flowers.
  218. >Oh sweet Celestia.
  219. >No, this is not happening.
  220. >Somepony is playing with you.
  221. >No, you are under a spell.
  222. >Yes, that’s it. Tirec probably return and is just a matter of time for those girls to make everything ok again.
  223. >Yes, you just need to wait.
  224. >”Please stop crying. You are safe now”
  225. >I’m safe now
  226. >Soon you will be with the girls
  227. >After a hard day of work in the garden, chatting about silly things. and smiling to each other for no reason.
  228. >Probably working in a big weeding floral arrangement.
  229. >They are so lovely.
  230. >You like doing those ones, even if they get most of you.
  231. >Seeing the smile of the couple in the weeding worth everything.
  232. >Well, the profit is good too.
  233. >For some reason Lily’s arrangements were better than Daisy’s and yours. Maybe because rose are generally darkish and doesn’t combine whit the classical white dress.
  234. >You always dream in how you are going to look in your dress.
  235. >It must be long and full of flowers from your friends.
  236. >Walking to the altar though hundreds of gazes and petals.
  237. >After the kiss… you will throw the bouquet made by yourself.
  238. >Hopefully one of the girl will catch it
  239. >But maybe they marry first than you.
  240. >That would be a shame
  241. >But you can’t wait for those weddings as well!
  242. >Ok, don’t get too exited
  243. >Still, you should ask Lily some advice next time
  245. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  247. ”Hey, look at me”.
  248. > Your patience is running low, so you raise your voice unconsciously.
  249. > She is just lying there in fetal position, crying.
  250. > After a bit, she simply goes limp with a smile in complete silence looking into nothingness.
  251. > Without knowing what to do, you grab her with both arms below her armpits and shake her.
  252. > Immediately, her eyes focuses on yours and you freeze in the act.
  253. > And again, her big pretty green eyes with red sclera in tears dilate.
  254. > A high piercing scream echo through your apartment.
  255. > Holy shit, that hurt.
  256. > How can a little creature like this one can scream so loud?
  257. > Following your shock, you do the only thing that could help.
  258. > You hug her.
  259. > She begin to shake in discomfort resisting your sudden approach, but her attempts are feeble, and she gives up resistance shortly after.
  260. > You can feel her erratic breath and sobs against your chest.
  261. “Shh… It’s ok now”
  262. > With your left hand, you slowly reach behind her back.
  263. > She winces at this but your grip is still strong and the little pony remains there.
  264. > Her struggling is even weaker now.
  265. > You start drawing circles and cross patterns in her fur.
  266. > Slow and softly.
  267. > Back and forth.
  268. > Up and down.
  269. > With your right hand, you hold her close across her midsection, placing your palm on top of her belly.
  270. “Shh… Relax”.
  271. > To your surprise, it seems for the first time actually made some progress with her.
  272. > Her squirming have left, and her sobs are reduced to a quiet sniffling.
  273. “It’s fine. I'm not going to hurt you”.
  274.  > Not now.
  275. > She rests her head on your chest.
  276. > You two stay in that position for almost a minute.
  277. > You can't help but notice how warm and soft her entire body feels. Better than your pillows.
  278. “I’m Anon. What’s your name, little one?”
  279. > Can she even talk?
  280. > ”Roseluck”, she said following a specially loud sniffle.
  281. > Huh, fitting.
  282. “Wanna eat something? I brought some salad in case.”
  283. > You point to the bowl next to you.
  284. > She doesn’t respond.
  285. > She doesn’t even rise her head to look.
  286. > You soften the grip and place her on the floor.
  287. > Lifting the bowl, you move it over and show it to her.
  288. > She looks at it with a indecipherable look on her face.
  289. > Now that you think about it, you forgot to add the suppressors to the salad. Perhaps its for the better.
  290. > Idea.
  291. > You pick up a salad leaf, and try it.
  292. > You guessed it, it’s horrible.
  293. > She is looking at you doing this.
  294. > It’s pretty obvious she is starving
  295. > She slowly skitters over, dragging the bowl over to her and begin eating using her mouth.
  296. > Cute.
  297. “I know this is scary you but we really should talk, like a little bit more, you know, to know each other and make thing easier”.“I know this is scary for you but we really should talk. Even for a little bit, you know, to get to know each other and make things easier”.
  298. > Silence.
  299. > ”Uh… Don’t-“
  300. > She hesitates mid-sentence.
  301. “Don’t what?”
  302. > You said, moving to her.
  303. > She steps back immediately, letting out a literal squeak.
  304. > ”Pleasedonthurtme!”
  305. > Defense position.
  306. > Shit, remember, calm movements in front of her.
  307. “No no, take it easy. I’m not going to hurt you. Just calm down, please”.
  310. > She lowers her front hoof, looking at the floor again.
  311. > The salad got thrown everywhere in the process, due to her sudden move.
  312. > ”I’m sorry. I didn’t want to-“
  313. “Don’t worry, its fine.”
  314. > Great, more awkwardness”
  315. > Quick, better handle the situation. Don’t show hesitation.
  316. > Also, don’t raise your voice.
  317. ”Okay, listen. I’m going to prepare some more salad.
  318. Just wait for me here."
  319. > Drawing in air, you continue.
  320. "Then I will show you the bath. You can spend as much time in there as you want. Take your time and relax.”
  321. > Nice one, she can’t deny it. A nice warm bath must sound good to her.
  322. > Well, your bathroom wasn't what you'd call “nice” but, you know, you still can clean yourself there.
  323. > She looks at you and, after a couple of seconds, nods.
  324. > Got ya, cheeky bugger.
  325. > You get up and head to the kitchen in five steps.
  326. > Small apartment is small.
  327. > Your cooking skills are pretty decent, so you have the salad ready in no time.
  328. >You prepare for boiling water for later, a simple soup would suffice.
  329. “Hey, Roseluck. Do you like the salad with a little bit of oil, salt or lemon?”
  330. > You catch her looking at your frontdoor.
  331. > Guess you can’t make her want to stay with you after only a couple of minutes.
  332. > Considering how you scared her to dead moments ago, it's going to take a while for that.
  333. > You really hate to restrain her freedom, but seems like you will have to. She must had enough of that from her time at the auction.
  334. > ”Uh... hum… Yes, please”.
  335. > She is not crying anymore but she is looking like she's about to.
  336. > You slowly move in her direction carrying the bowl and some water.
  337. > She watches you, as you sit in front of her.
  338. >She continues watching you, almost like she's waiting for something.
  339. > She's probably waiting for you to try the salad first like you did before.
  340. > Good thing that you didn’t add those suppressors into the salad again.
  341. > Those are for the soup… But what if she wants you to taste it first like with the salad?
  342. > Shit. Better check out on internet if those pills are safe for humans to eat.
  343. > Carefully, you pick some of the salad and chew on it. Taking a drink of water, you watch her.
  344. > Having seen you eat, she does the same, slightly less suspecious.
  345. “So, feel free to head to the bathroom, and as I said, take all the time you want.
  346. > Rising up from the floor, you begin heading towards the kitchen.
  347. "When you finish just shout or something and I will get you a warm towel”.
  348. > Roseluck looks at you, still munching, and nods.
  349. > Those eyes, brah.
  350. > You go back to make the soup, catching a glance at her from time to time.
  351. > She is still eating the salad looking around, sometimes at you other at the rest of the appartment.
  352. > You point her in the direction of the bathroom’s door.
  353. > She heads there while looking at you.
  354. > Roselucks face and mane is just a downright mess.
  355. > You can’t wait to brush her.
  356. > The door closes behind her and soon you hear the sound of running water.
  357. > Moving away from your culinary endeavours, you turn on your pc and start searching for information on those suppressors.
  358. > Turns out that human consumption will cause violent diarrhea and/or vomitting, even to the point of dehydration and loss of consciousness.
  359. > Mierda...
  360. > A strong dose can cause death
  361. > …
  362. > The recommended doses for a mare is one pill each forty-eight hours.
  365. > The dosage is going to make the mare weak and unable to use earth pony magic for up to five days. After that, a period of three additional days to completely regain her normal self.
  366. > Overdosing will cause extreme weakness and multiple organ failure.
  367. > You don’t care about the “Earth pony magic”, it sounds ridiculous, actually.
  368. > But Roseluck is a wildcard for now, and you can’t let her overpower you with her strength.
  369. > Deciding you have enough information for now, you shut down the pc again.
  370. > You go back to the now boiling water and you add the cheap instant soup mix. You decide to cut some vegetables and add them to the mix.
  371. > Just a couple of minutes.
  372. > You find the suppressants and look at them.
  373. > No other option.
  374. > You separate soup in two portions of equal size, and throw a pill in one plate.
  375. > Fourteen pill more to go, just enough for a month.
  378. > If she ask you to try the soup first, you decide to tell her the truth. No use in hiding it. You will come up with a reason, like for the safety of you both - mostly you.
  379. > You can still hear the water running in the bathroom.
  380. > You arrange the table with the two soup bowls.
  381. > You turn on a small heater and place a towel in front of it.
  382. > The heating in this shithole is quick and cheap at least.
  383. > Teen minutes passes.
  384. > ”Anon… Are you there?”
  385. >Grabbing the towel, you head to the bathroom.
  386. “Yes, Roseluck, here’s the towel”.
  387. > Before you open the door you hear sobbing from the other side.
  388. > Slowly opening the door, you simply present the towel to the other side for a bit.
  389. > After a couple of seconds, she grabs it from the other side and you close the door.
  390. > You wish you could see her all wet after a bath, brush her mane and fur and dry her with that warm towel to finally fix that wild mane with a big bow.
  391. > Not now trough, she probably had enough for one day. Next time is it, it's not like she'd be able to resist it later on.
  392. > Going back to the table, you sit down and wait patiently.
  393. > And wait some more.
  395. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  397. > You head to the bathroom, it’s door is open.
  398. > You don’t know what to do here.
  399. > It’s all so different.
  400. > W-what is that smell?
  401. > Oh Celestia, is his-
  402. > Ok… just breath thought you mouth.
  403. > No, scratch that. Hold your breath.
  404. > Yes.
  405. > Yes.
  406. > No, it's not working.
  407. > You quickly look around you for something that could help you.
  408. > Those bottles with something inside.
  409. > You grab a couple and try to open them with your hooves but fail miserably.
  410. > How that’s even possible?
  411. > You decide to grab a big one and rip the cap open with your teeth.
  412. > The smell is nice.
  413. > You smear some of its contents under your nose.
  414. > Now you can breathe normally.
  415. > Ever since you got to this world, bad odors had been assaulting you endlessly.
  416. > You look to the bathtub and slowly drop down in it.
  417. > Looks clean.
  418. > What you assume to be faucet is in front of you.
  419. > Definitely not made for hooves.
  420. > You carefully grab the pointy thing with your teeth and rotate it.
  421. > You jump backwards from the cold water falling on your back but the wall stops you.
  422. > You shiver in the stream of cool water.
  423. > He said it was going to be warm.
  424. > This… This is not for you.
  425. > You hate this place, it’s so disgusting and you can’t improve it with your flowers.
  426. > You lower you head in defeat.
  427. > It’s okay to cry now, he is not going to hear you with the water running.
  430. > That creature called Anon, he is so intimidating.
  431. > His voice sounds so aggressive, even when he speaks quietly.
  432. > You hate him?
  433. > Yes, he bought you. What kind of being buys another being?
  434. > In Equestria, you weren't allowed to buy or sell any creature.
  435. > You couldn’t even bring you to catch and sell the mean birds who ate your flowerseeds. What a monstrosity.
  436. > You kinda miss those times.
  437. > Your garden. What’s happening with your garden in this moment?
  438. > All those delicate flowers and other plants are probably crushed and lying around rotting right now.
  439. > You'll most likely never return to your town with your friends.
  440. > Why?
  441. > Because someone caught you and then sold you.
  442. > And he… he bought you.
  443. > But what if someone else’s had bought you instead.
  444. > In the auction cell you heard some really scary things about some ponies being raped.
  445. > Anon is going to rape you?
  446. > No.
  447. > No, he seems nice, he even brought you some food and a bath.
  448. > He also hugged-
  449. > Hey… The water is warming up?
  453. > Yes, it is. He wasn’t lying after all. But why'd it take so long?
  454. > You position yourself directly under the stream and let the nice warmth overtake you.
  455. > You use the bottle from before to clean your mane.
  456. > It almost ruined by now anyway.
  457. > Your tail looks better though.
  458. > Your coat is in good shape and cleaning you up actually made you forget about everything for some time.
  459. > Yes, it feels good finally.
  460. > After determining enough cleaning has been made, you try to block out your thoughts but its kind of difficult without anything to do.
  461. > After a couple of minutes you close your eyes to cry again. You keep thinking of all those things you will never have again.
  462. > The things that you never valued when you had them but now they are gone, probably forever.
  463. > And it hurts so much.
  464. > Daisy.
  465. > Lily.
  466. > Where are you, girls?
  467. > You didn’t even got to say goodbye.
  468. > They just took them away from each other.
  469. > Then you passed out and woke up in a cell, in another world.
  470. > One big nightmare.
  471. > You pull your face into the water stream and laugh at yourself.
  472. > This is not a nightmare.
  473. “Anon, are you there?”
  474. > You said it trying to hide your sobs.
  475. > What if your friends can overcome this and you can't ?
  476. > You exit the bathtub and stand there waiting for him.
  477. > So, he is not going to enter and do something bad to you, right?
  478. > No, he could have done that before.
  479. > Calm down.
  483. > He opens the door and a towel is presented which you take.
  484. > It’s warm.
  485. > You close the door and commence drying yourself.
  486. > You look at the mirror on the wall.
  487. > You look so lame having finished drying yourself.
  488. > You try to open the door but your hooves prove to be useless here.
  489. > Then you give an attempt using your mouth but the handle is too big and slippery to let you get a grip.
  490. > You rest your head on the door.
  491. > More tears fall to the floor.
  492. “A-anon, please open the door, I c-can’t do it”
  493. > You hear him coming.
  494. > He opens the door and you step back pre-defensively.
  495. > “Come on, let’s eat and talk some more.”
  496. > You limit yourself to a nod and follow him out to the table, sitting down in front of a bowl of soup. He starts eating immediately.
  497. > It looks nice, but you can sense the aroma of the pills that deny you your magic.
  498. > No.
  499. “Anon, I don’t w-want eat right now.”
  500. > He looks at you but you can’t read his expression. His eyes are too small like everything else in the human face.
  501. > He might be mad at you for not wanting to eat.
  502. > ”Why not?"
  503. “I'm not hungry, the sa-“.
  504. > “Roseluck, eat now”.
  508. > He is going to hurt you.
  509. > Please no.
  510. > Your body start shivering again.
  511. > You lower you head to the bowl and start eating through sobs and closed eyes.
  512. > “Look, I really don’t wanna give you those pills Roseluck, but I have to be sure that you are not going to hurt me or try to escape”.
  513. > But those pills are hurting you instead, how can he be so selfish.
  514. > Plus even if you wanted to, you probably couldn’t even open the frontdoor.
  515. > The windows are also out of the picture. Looking out reveals what looks like the third floor of a big building or something.
  516. > You can’t find the strength to reply to his explanation.
  517. > A couple of minutes of awkward silence passes while you struggle in that uncomfortable chair.
  518. > “Uhh… so what about your cutie mark?”
  519. ”I w-was a gardener back home”.
  520. > Stop sobbing please.
  521. “I attended the local flower stand with m-my two friends.”
  522. > You don’t want to look at him now but you can feel his scary gaze on you.
  523. > You try to remain calm slowing your breaths, but your heart beats cloud your hearing but you continue.
  524. “I also usually did light jobs i-improving gardens for everypony who requested it, big lovely flower arrangements for weddings and parties.”
  525. > You look at him. He seems interested and that somewhat calms you.
  526. “But the thing I really loved most was improving public areas for everypony to enjoy, in my free time, like parks and roads outside Ponyville."
  527. > He is… smiling?
  528. “Making everything colorful and sweet scented always felt wonderful”.
  529. > “Hey that sounds really cool. Do you think you can grow some flowers here?”
  533. > He doesn’t know about what those “suppressors” do to you?
  534. “But I-I can’t grow anything.”
  535. > You look to your right, out the window, it’s getting late.
  536. “Not anymore”.
  537. > “What do you mean by that? It's just seeds, some dirt with things and water. It not that more complicated, right?”
  538. “I don’t have any magic anymore so I just… can’t.”
  539. > You glare at him.
  540. “And it’s not that simple”.
  541. > You raise your voice but regret doing it immediately.
  542. > “I don’t really know how you worked back in Equestria, but it's probably more simple on Earth - and you don’t need magic to do it.”
  543. > He gets up.
  544. > “Tomorrow is Sunday, so I don’t have to go to work. I've been planning to go buy some stuff, and you're coming with me. Fresh air would probably do you some good."
  545. > That got your attention.
  546. > You've never seen much of the outsides in this world. Most things are still unknown to you.
  547. > However, everything you had seen here had been horrible, making you doubt you'd like the idea.
  548. > “We can also buy some seeds from the local market, you can choose which ones you'd like. And don’t worry, you will be fine”.
  549. > This is something good right?
  550. > You can look for somepony to help you and escape. You are pretty sure there are more ponies here.
  554. > Since you will be weak from the pills, you probably can’t go too far away from him without being caught again. And you will lose whatever trust he had already placed in you.
  555. > But you still have to try it.
  556. > Without noticing, you've stopped crying a while ago.
  557. > You can't help yourself but feel excitement for the opportunity to learn about new flowers. Maybe there are some really beautiful ones, considering this is another world after all.
  558. > “Ok then. Now, it’s getting late. Lets get some sleep.”
  559. > Now that he mentions it, where were you going to sleep?
  560. > There is not even a bed for him.
  561. > Maybe he sleeps on the old sofa.
  562. > But there is no way you can sleep in the floor.
  563. > You'd rather clean the table and sleep on it. Highly uncomfortable but you can manage with just a pillow. He has a couple of pillows in that corner so you should ask for one. That would be fine.
  564. > Wait.
  565. > There’s a mattress on that wall?
  566. > No. way.
  567. > You come close to him while he put that mattress on the floor and throw some bedclothes at it, then some pillows.
  568. > You look at him patiently, not knowing what to say.
  569. > He want you to sleep with him?
  570. > That’s so wrong… is he going to take advantage of you?
  571. > Seems like you're nothing but an object to him after all.
  572. > “Come here Roseluck."
  576. > Before you can react, he grabs you around your barrel, like when somepony grabs a cat.
  577. > But you are a pony, not a cat.
  578. > You start struggling, trying to escape his grip but your back hooves can’t reach anything.
  579. > You can’t do anything.
  580. > Again.
  581. > “Hey, easy. We are just going to sleep. Calm down.”
  582. > He lowers you onto the mattress and sit, facing your back without letting you go.
  583. > You start panicking.
  584. > What he is trying to do to you?
  585. > “Just lay here and get some sleep.”
  586. “Uhh n-no!”
  587. > He starts petting your head with those things, where a hoof is supposed to be. You have never been petted before, it feels so uncomfortable this situation. Those things really scare you.
  588. “Anon… please, let me go. I d-don’t want this!”
  589. > “No Roseluck, you are too cute and soft, better than my pillows.”
  590. > After he said that, he pressed his chest on your back.
  591. > Your heartbeats are so loud again.
  592. > Those things start scratching your belly.
  593. > You muffle a panicfilled scream, biting your lips.
  594. “A-anon stop please. You are scaring meee.”
  595. > He had finally begun using you like his object?
  596. > And you had actually begun to trust him.
  597. > “Hush now, Rosie”.
  598. > “Rosie”? What kind of nickname is that?
  599. > You don’t like it.
  600. > You probably wouldn’t like it even if you weren't in this situation.
  601. > He applies some force in your side and the both of you lay on the mattress.
  605. > The other paw(?) start scratching under your chin.
  606. > A shiver on you back paralyzes you completely and you remain there a couple of seconds trying to understand what’s happening.
  607. > You can’t close your mouth but no sound come out.
  608. > You hate this.
  609. > Please stop.
  610. > He still got his clothes on.
  611. > So, he is not trying to-
  612. > You don’t understand what’s happening.
  613. > He is treating you like a pet?
  614. > You are a grown mare.
  615. > This is so wrong and creepy.
  616. > “Stay still, Rosie.”
  617. > He didn't ask you if he could use that nickname for you, how disrespectful.
  618. > Anon picks up a pillow and puts it under your head.
  619. > It’s soft, at least.
  620. > It didn’t take for it to moisten with your tears.
  621. > You feel so powerless.
  622. > You try to curl yourself into a ball.
  623. > He moves slightly, and moves you even closer to him.
  624. > The entirety of your back is touching his body.
  625. > Even his thighs.
  626. > He puts his head on the back of your neck and breathes out a calm sigh.
  627. > You can’t handle it anymore, and let your own breath free to start crying audibly.
  631. > Yes, maybe your cries and whines will ease his advances.
  632. >Just cry, it doesn’t matter anymore.
  633. “P-please… Anon”.
  634. > Anon stops doing wherever he was doing on your chin and instead start petting your muzzle.
  635. “S-stop!”
  636. > You cry out, shaking your head to stop his advances.
  637. > Your tail is locked defensively between your thighs.
  638. > “Shh… it’s ok.”
  639. > He draws circular patterns on your side.
  640. > You grab another pillow and hug it, not sure if you can cry any more.
  641. > You are so tired.
  642. > Every minute that passes his movements become slower and slower.
  643. > He is still breathing on the back of your neck.
  644. > When is this going to end?
  645. > “Shh… See? Slow and calm just how you like it. Now get some sleep Rosie.”
  646. > You really should ask him to quit using that nick.
  647. > “Tomorrow we should wake up early in the morning to avoid wasting the day. We have a lot of things to do”.
  648. > And how he expect you to fall sleep with him in contact with your back?
  649. > He is digging his paws through your coat on your upper belly.
  650. > It’s painful… But its…
  651. > Something you don’t want to think about.
  652. > Oh Celestia, this is so wrong.
  653. > This is so-...
  654. > You stopped crying… Too exhausted.
  655. > Your eyes are sealed and you can't remember when that happened.
  656. > Long ago you also stopped struggling to get free.
  657. > He kiss the side of your forehead.
  658. > …
  660. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  662. > You wake up with a warm and soft pony in your arms.
  663. > Truly a dream come true.
  664. > She is hugging a pillow with all her hooves.
  665. > You try to get up without waking her up. You fail.
  666. > She slowly opens her eyes to adapt a little bit, but when her focus shifts to you, all her movement stop.
  667. “Shh… quiet.”
  668. > You put a finger on your lips.
  669. “I’m going to make breakfast, come with me.”
  670. > She looks like she's about to say something but hesitates in the last moment.
  671. > You made some eggs for you and lettuce with tomatoes and mayonnaise to her.
  672. > Both of you sit at the table
  673. > Her bedmane is a mess.
  674. > You rush your eggs and head to the bathroom to pick a brush.
  675. > You positions yourself behind her withe her still eating.
  676. “Hey, can I brush your mane?”
  677. > It doesn’t really matter what she says, anyway.
  678. > “I-I don’t think-“
  679. > You place your left palm in the side of her neck and place the brush on the top of her head.
  680. > She let out a squeak and go rigid.
  681. “You better tell me how I should do it right.”
  682. > You can feel her heartbeat going crazy beneath her skin.
  683. > She really is delicate, holy shit.
  684. > “L-long and slow strokes from the base to the mane tip.”
  685. > She gulps.
  686. > “Make sure you don’t mix my pink streak w-with the rest of my mane, please.”
  687. “Got it.”
  688. > Fuck, this hair is so silky and supple. The brush just needs two strokes and it already looks good.
  689. > You try to remember how she looked yesterday. It was a really casual style, so you think you go for that as well.
  690. > She isn’t eating anymore, probably waiting for you to finish. You don’t blame her.
  694. > Doing this feels amazing. You feel like you understand what it feels like playing with dolls.
  695. > She is definitely not enjoying this, but it doesn’t matter. Maybe with time she will get used to it.
  696. > You let go of her neck to gently grab her smooth pink streak to make it fall graciously to the side of her face.
  697. > Hey, it's not dyed.
  698. > You continue to the back of her head.
  699. > Fucking trichophilia is no joke.
  700. > Carefully, her dark red is rearranged with your long brushstrokes.
  701. > You need to buy her a bow. Obviously to prevent this beautiful mane getting damaged or something… not that you like them or anything.
  702. > She will probably hate it too.
  703. > But it’s for her own good, she'll understand eventually.
  704. > Laying down the brush, you can't help feeling very proud of your work.
  705. > You go back to sit in front of her at the other side of the table.
  706. > She looks really confused but resume her eating.
  707. “So we are going to the market today, we're leaving in a couple of minutes.”
  708. > You clear your throat.
  709. “But there is something really important you need to know. You see, ponies like you are really rare here so you are going to gather a lot of attention from people outside.”
  710. > You got all her attention now. She even stopped munching.
  711. “But no matter what happens, you can’t hurt no one. Even if they hurt or scare you to death first, you can’t do anything against them.”
  712. > You let out a sigh.
  713. “Listen, if you ever do something like that, they are going to hurt you back really bad, I mean, they could even kill you if they consider you a threat to them.”
  717. > She is clearly disturbed with this.
  718. “I know this sounds almost ridiculously unfair but people really take their own safety seriously, even over the wellbeing of everyone else. On top of that, ponies are still societally rejected here, you are still on the same level as a domestic pet.”
  719. > “I’m n-not going to do anything. I promise.”
  720. > You nod at her.
  721. “Good. And I’m trusting you enough to let you accompany me outside so early.”
  722. > You get up to grab a few things before you go.
  723. > She has stopped eating.
  724. > “Do you think there will be other ponies like me at the market?”
  725. “Yes, but only few. You can talk with them if you want.
  726. > Where is your wallet?
  727. “Though I'll most likely have to talk before with the owner to ask him if you are allowed to chat with his pony.”
  728. > You don’t really want to let her do that but if she doesn’t plan escaping or hurting you, you don’t see a downside.
  729. > You’ve heard about people abusing ponies in public before.
  730. > You've invested almost one grand on her, so you feel like you can validate your inversion, but not in that way.
  731. > It’s been a while since she began staring at the table without moving.
  732. “Hey, are you ok?”
  733. > A couple of seconds of silence passes.
  734. > “Why do you people do this of all of? It’s so mean, and degrading."
  735. > You can tell by her voice that she really is pissed.
  736. > You kinda like how that sounds.
  740. “Our worlds started a war months ago, and your world lost it. Most people hates your kind for that.”
  741. > “B-but you were the ones who started it!”
  742. > Okay, enough.
  743. > You move over and learn in front of her, she settles back in her seat.
  744. “As I said before, we are going to hate everything that can cause us some kind of harm, and even more if we don’t know or can’t understand it.”
  745. > You still speak low while she is trying to avoid you gaze.
  746. “You only need to be cute and obedient to me, then you can have all the freedom you want.”
  747. > You pat her head. You can't help yourself but to smile while doing so.
  748. > She stays still for the time.
  749. > You step back and continue.
  750. “Now now, finish up your meal and get ready. We are going outside to buy groceries for the week. We're also going to need those seeds for you and, actually, I want to buy you something”.
  751. > “Something?” she asks.
  752. “Well, yes… And it’s a surprise.”
  753. > She nods and begin eating again.
  754. > You wait for a couple of minutes, then the two of you head outside.
  755. > On the second floor you have to pick up Roseluck due to a fucking dog going nuts seeing her.
  756. > Then you deal with a shaking mess in your arms for next four minutes.
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