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Things I'm Price Checking in Mabinogi (IGN: Shizuren)

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  1. New Semester School Shoes
  2. Selina School Uniform
  3. Encore Astin Dashing Suit
  4. Selina School Uniform
  5. Premium Winter Newbie Wear (M)
  6. Jiang Shi Robe
  7. Casual Elementary School Uniform (M)
  8. Shylock's Costume (G15)
  9. Maike's Outfit
  10. Paris's Costume
  11. Bandit Clothes
  12. Bassanio's Costume
  13. Antonio's Costume (G15)
  14. Summer School Uniform (M)
  15. Shamala Outfit (M)
  16. Kaito Shirt
  17. Snowboard Outfit (M)
  18. Lunar Dragon Outfit (M)
  19. Skating Outfit (M)
  20. Pumpkinface Outfit (M)
  21. Night Mage Robe
  22. Joyful Snowflake Coat (M)
  23. I <3 Altam/Talvish Tee
  24. Vintage Goggle Cap
  25. Floral Fairy Earrings (M)
  26. Funky Doctor Glasses
  27. Girl's Wig
  28. Snowboard Beanie
  29. Night Mage Hat
  30. Tarlach Wig
  31. Festive Hat
  32. Royal Academy Hat
  33. Bat Boots
  34. Teeny Nao
  35. Kirito SAO Shoes
  36. Girl's Shoes
  37. Shamala Shoes
  38. Shylock's Shoes
  39. Ice Skates (M)
  40. Casual Elementary School Uniform Shoes (F)
  41. Formal Eluned Alchemist Shoes (M)
  42. Royal Academy Boat Shoes/Loafers (M)
  43. Floral Fairy Sandals (M)
  44. Lovely Snowflake Boots (M)
  45. Vintage Terks' Open Finger Gloves
  46. After School Bracelet
  47. China 7th Anniversary Ring
  48. Kirito SAO Gloves
  49. Royal Rose Gloves
  50. Lance Feather Gloves (Male)
  51. Lovely Snowflake Gloves (M)
  52. Mushroom Robe
  53. Owl Robe
  54. Dairy Cow Costume
  55. Royal Diamond Leather Gauntlets and Boots
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