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  1. **Item #:** SCP-3026
  3. **Object Class:** Keter
  5. **Special Containment Procedures :** SCP-3026 In its entirety is uncontained however an isolated entity of SCP-3026 does exist and has been contained, called SCP-3026-1. This entity is to be held within a 10m x 10m x 10m meter reinforced steel holding cell with 4 armed guards present at all times, guards are to be equipped with a P90 PDW with hollow point rounds. In addition to this there shall be a two (2) door hallway before entrace into the containment zone and the holding cell in which SCP-3026 entities are stored. Entrance to the holding cells are reserved for D-Class personnel only and all who attempt to access this cell are to be terminated without question.
  7. **Description:** SCP-3026 is a Military Unit for the ████████████████████████ as a Special Operations Squadron designed for the purpose of ███████████████████. SCP-3026-1 is a white caucasian male claimed to be enlisted during the ████████████████ this is unconfirmable due to lack of records.
  9. The anamalous properties of SCP-3026 are its uncanny skills to terminate all in its way even when outnumbered and outgunned. There are █ other SCP-3026 entities alive with the inept ability to kill. SCP-3026-1 has an IQ of 193 and despite being a normal human can lift 545 pounds and sprint for 138 minutes. SCP-3026-1 has expressed complete desire of freedom and the termination of the foundation
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