Black House TF line

Aug 12th, 2015
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  1. %r%tLines of Beginning --> DrachenSteigen (Dragon's Birth)%r%tLines of Purpose --> DrachenGehen (Dragon's Walk)%r%tLines of Conflict --> DrachenMarsch (Dragon's March)%r%tA-rank --> Drachenkrieg (Dragon's War (Debating this one))%r%tS-rank --> Gotterdamerung (Twilight of the Gods)
  4. Lines of beginning --> DrachenSteigen (Dragon's Birth)
  7. Description: The DrachenSteigen, or 'Dragon's Birth', represents a Watanabe of the Fukurokuju branch's transformation from human to something more. Those who awaken this first step of their Kekkei Genkai are believed to have acheived the first step towards the 'enlightenment and ascension' to a unique plane of thought and emotional control.%r%rThe changes at this level are far more apparent within the Watanabe than outside, with the only outward change in appearance being the rapid growth of chakra-infused scales that begin to form in a pattern upon the face unique to the individual. This pattern of scales is unique in that when chakra is focused, the scales seem to change color in response to the type of chakra that is being focused at any one particular time. bright reds, greens, yellows, oranges, and blues correspond with fire, wind, lightning, earth, and water, providing no benefit other than making it easier to tell the affinities and jutsu the watanabe is capable of.%r%rThe internal changes are the most noticeable, which includes changes to the chakra network that allow a Watanabe to perform clan-specific ninjutsu that require greater control while also increasing the Watanabe's ability to perform ninjutsu overall. Such changes include the formation of new tenketsu in certain areas of the body such as most notably in the mouth, but also a fair increase within the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, and even a cluster of tenketsu that seem to focus specifically around the shoulder blade region in preparation for their eventual evolution.
  9. Stats: 1 Int, 1 Nin
  13. Lines of Purpose --> DrachenGehen (Dragon's Walk)
  15. Description: The DrachenGehen, or 'Dragon's Walk', represent a further growth of a Black House Watanabe. This step of the transformation represents a fair amount physical and mental changes that bring a Watanabe closer to becoming less humanoid, and closer to that of a reptile.%r%rThe physical changes of this transformation include several physiological changes, such as the creation of toughened scales that cover specific locations upon the Watanabe's body. Such places include the entirety of the legs, arms, shoulders, and upper back that fade as they reach his or her torso. Furthermore, various patterns of chakra-infused scales form in these areas that are specific to the watanabe, similar to the previous stage of transformation. These scales provide a certain level of toughness that increases the Watanabe's overall durability slightly.%r%rInward changes to the Watanabe's chakra network include the ability to dilate or contract the vessels making up the chakra pathway system, to allow a greater or lesser amount of chakra to pass through their system, further bolstering their ability to perform ninjutsu efficiently.
  17. Extra: Requires DrachenSteigen
  19. Stats: 2 Nin, 1 Int, 1 Sta,
  21. Lines of Conflict --> DrachenMarsch (Dragon's March)
  23. Description: The DrachenMarsch, or 'Dragon's March', represents a rather violent passage from humanity into something greater. Those who reach the Dragon's March must have experienced some event that has caused them great anger, which stirs the aggressive change into a far more lizard-like form.%r%rThe physical changes include scale coverage that envelopes the hands and feet of the Watanabe, as well as places covered in earlier steps of the transformation. The most notable changes, however, is the prominant appearance of a lizard-like tail. This tail changes the balance of the Watanabe, allowing the Watanabe to move more nimbly across the ground on scaled hands and feet. This transformation has reached a point in which the chakra network has almost entirely changed from that of a human's to that of an entirely different species. Chakra seems to work differently, and more importantly, more efficiently.
  25. Extra: Requires Chakra Shaping, and DrachenGehen
  27. Stats: 2 Nin, 1 Int, 1 Sta, 1 Spd
  29. A - Rank --> DrachenKrieg / DrachenGarde (Dragon's War/Dragon's Gaurd)
  31. Stats: 4 Nin, 3 Int, 1 Sta, 2 Spd
  33. <> Description: This transformation is seen as the beginning of a <>
  34. <> Watanabe's change from merely human to something more. The changes at <>
  35. <> this level are that the fingers grow sharp claws on the fingers, and <>
  36. <> the hand and arm muscles firm up and become stronger. The muscles in <>
  37. <> the shoulders and back strengthen as well, allowing for more force to <>
  38. <> be put into a swung hand. This force, combined with the sharpness of <>
  39. <> the claws, permits a Watanabe to shred flesh as easily as paper, or to <>
  40. <> climb sheer cliff faces and other vertical surfaces almost as easily as <>
  41. <> they would be horizontally.
  44. These Watanabe are those that were the first to break away from the unified
  45. clan during the unrest period in order to preserve the ideals of the
  46. unification. However, the efforts were futile, so they created a new system.e
  47. One of social harmony and moral perfection. Black is the color they felt
  48. represented this new ideal and it became an identifier of their branch.
  50. As a result of this new system, much of their time was dedicated to the
  51. persuit of knowledge. Vast amounts of writings, artifacts and manuscripts
  52. were collected over the course of time and a library built to house them.
  53. This has given the branch an air of superiority to the others feeling the
  54. other two houses inferior and barbaric, especially the Hachiman branch. While
  55. some are mild mannered, the majority do have some popmpous tendencies, even
  56. if they may be toned down to a degree. This branch tends to produce scholars,
  57. but this isn't the limit of what comes from this group. The Hetman of this
  58. branch has reached moral perfection and maintained social harmony, thus being
  59. leader of the society.
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