Garrett Allen (The Flash boizzzz)

Jul 17th, 2019
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  1. `NAME:` Garrett Allen
  2. `AGE:` 25
  3. `GENDER:` Male
  4. `SEXUALITY:` Bisexual
  5. `AFFILIATION (HERO/VILLAIN/NEUTRAL):` Hero for the most part
  6. `CANON PARENT:` The Flash
  7. `BIRTH PLACE:` Star City
  8. `ETHNICITY:` American
  9. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. `POWERS:`
  11. | 4 Main Powers |
  12. | Speed Force Conduct |- (Garrett is the only one known to be apart of the Speed Force or has actually been inside of it besides his father. THIS DOESNT MEAN THAT HES THE ONLY SPEEDSTER IT SIMPLY MEANS HES THE ONLY ONE CONNECTED TO THIS FORCE.)
  13. Garrett’s father had the Dark Matter Lightning past into himself. It altered his physiology and gave himself access to he said speed force and he had found out much much more about his father and what the Speed Force actually does. Being connected to the said Speed Force it gives him these abilities.
  14. •••Super Speed•••- Garrett has been tested that after fully embracing the speed force and conjoining with it. He can run at the speed of Mach 1300 (roughly 997,449 mph) and that is his maximum limit at the current moment. He has had the equipment at Star Labs to actually boost himself or find out his main limits. Since he can run that past there are obviously downfalls to the speed. He's so fast in fact time seems to slow down around him, making him appear to be invisible to others within their relative time frame.
  15. ¿Limitations- (If he is to run that full speed in a circular motion for over 2 hours his body will literally start to burn out causing him to disintegrate. He needs food due to the high metabolism and his cells constantly moving at speeds further than the normal human being. He can be vulnerable against telekinesis attacks. As well as other speedsters that are faster than himself. If he is wounded simply then these maximums will lower extremely. He is open more so to mental attacks when doing this. He can’t really stop time or anything and move stuff just rather as he uses his speed. The Speedboat force can easily take away his powers. He can’t leave earths atmosphere or he’ll die.)
  16. •••Speed Force Aura•••- Garrett’s body is surrounded by a "friction cushion", a field of kinetic absorbent energy that protects him and anyone who is running with or carried by him from the rigorous effects of using his speed. Including friction, airborne particulate matter, heavy impacts, G-Force and the like. It is almost like a force field when he is running due to the amount of his full extents. It is almost tied with his electricity and the molecules.
  17. ¿Limitations- (He doesn’t have control over this as t naturally happens when running. If he is hit with ice wind or water it could cause the force to go down. When he is low on food or energy this could go down. Mental attacks can go straight through this force field. If he doesn’t eat then this can go down as well as his aura.)
  18. •••Speed Force Absorption/Negation•••- HE CANT DO THIS WITH OTHER FORCES ONLY THE SPEED FORCE. Garret can do this by interlocking energy currents, He can drain away the Speed Force or Negative Speed Force, from speedsters who's DNA has not completely bonded to the Speed Force let alone at all due to how he is the only one with a full connection with it, or other energy sources, such as a Speed Force storm. Though if the one the Speed Force is being stolen from resists, they may be killed, unless the energy is distributed among multiple people. Garrett can cause sudden negation by interlocking his Speed Force energy currents with another speedster, Garrett is able to temporarily short circuit the other speedsters power.
  19. ¿Limitations- (He can only do this with speedsters. He can’t do this with other properties. He must talk or go inside the speed force beforehand. He must have physical touch with the person to do this. It can easily kill himself in the process of doing so. He has no control over this power currently or it’s like the electricity just he doesn’t know how to control it yet. He can end up killing both sides or the speed force under its own Will can take all of his powers away temporarily.)
  21. | Electrokinesis |- Garrett is able to generate and manipulate the electrical energy he draws from the Speed Force. The Speed Force lightning's properties and effects are very similar to that of common electricity.
  22. By focusing the lightning in his hands, Garrett is able to enhance his strikes, generate lightning to provide people with warmth, as well as electrocute people on contact. When generated at high volumes, Garrett's Speed Force energy is powerful enough to disrupt stuff like Green Lanterns Constructs with contact. He can cause a power outage if attaching his electricity to the city’s mainframe or nearby technology. As he can also generate forms of light due to the lightning.
  23. ¿Limitations- (He can’t turn this off. He can only choose to use it for attacks or not as other than that when he runs it shows a yellow streak. As ice or water stacks can stop this completely and cause him to stop running. Using the attacks can cause himself to have his body energy drained. He needs to eat for this one as well. If hit by mental attacks it can cause this to malfunction.)
  24. •••Electro-Blast•••- Garrett can use this by focusing his frequency, Garrett can turn his body into a lightning rod, in order to build up a Speed Force charge and redirect it. As by doing this, he can project bolts of lightning from his hands. As depending on the blast it can cause a person to get multiple burns or possibly knock them out completely. He can only make small Constructs out of this in a form of a blast that can dim out easily. If fully charging himself then he can cause an unbelievable blast that can do a shit ton of damage past third degree burns.
  25. ¿Limitations- (Again he can't turn off and on the electricity it’s how he uses it. As ice or water attacks can stop this completely and cause him to stop running. Using the attacks or blasts can cause himself to have his body energy drained. He needs to eat for this as well or he won’t be fully charged. Mental attacks may stop this ability just he can still run maybe.)
  27. | Molecular Acceleration |- Garrett can vibrate his own molecular structure at varying degrees for a number of purposes, by adjusting to different frequencies. As he does that to a high enough degree he causes things to explode. Garrett is able to turn the tables by adjusting his frequency in order to contain his essence instead. Garrett can vibrate so fast as he vibrated 15,000 vibrations per second to be his maximum within a fight or to see what he could truly do.
  28. ¿Limitations- (He has some control over this as it may contain an on and off switch with the abilities below. He can’t stop himself from having his cells naturally move faster than the human being. He can’t use this when extremely weakened. He can’t use this if ice has touched his body or there is something within a wound of his. If he doesn’t eat then this will progressively go down to where I may not be useable.)
  29. •••Intangibility•••- Garrett can by accelerating his molecular frequency to a high enough degree, He can make his body intangible and allow projectiles to pass through him. Garrett can use this ability to bypass dangers, such as explosions. It is considered the ability to become untouchable for a small amount of time. It differs from phasing by it's fundamental process; Garrett cannot be touched physically. He can do this by speeding up his molecules and doing so ends up with him becoming Intangible for a moment of seconds.
  30. ¿Limitations- (He can’t do this to things like mental attacks. Ice and water can stop him. He must see it coming to build enough time to become intangible. He can be still touched by speedsters that are faster than himself. He can’t do this when weaken or with wounds or they will gradually open up more instead of heal. He can’t phase and go intangible at the same time.)
  31. •••Phasing•••- Garrett can phase his body along the force of the air. As his Molecules move along the air at the speeds he can nearly run then this causes him to be able to go through any solid object. He can also phase out gas, toxins, or anything else out of his body by moving his body at extreme speeds. He is also able to phase his body or any part through a human without damaging any part of the humans body. He has been know do this without himself knowing at time at low amounts.
  32. ¿Limitations- (He cant phase through ice. He can’t phase through items like vibranium or known strong metals to be indestructible. He can’t phase as fast through high dosages of drugs. He can’t phase constantly as he will need to eat or his energy will go low. He can’t phase through items when he is weakened as it takes concentration. He can’t phase unknown chemicals out of his body but at the same time he can it just takes longer.)
  33. •••Speed Mirages•••- Garrett can generate illusions of himself to make it appear as if he in many places at once, when in reality he is simply bouncing back and forth too fast for the human mind to perceive the difference. He can create dozens of after-images, allowing him to disorientate his enemies and then catch them off guard.
  34. ¿Limitations- (He can only do around 10 speed mirages. People with mental attacks can see through this. Ice attacks and stuff can throw him off completely. If he hasn’t eaten anything then he can only do around 2 mirages let alone one. If he is weakened he can’t do it without opening up his wound and causing himself to be exposed. Other speedsters can possibly see this but only if they move faster than himself.)
  36. | Aerokinesis |- Garrett can use this ability by rotating his arms at super speed or running in a circular motion, Garrett can create strong vortexes of wind. He has also used the slipstream of airflow created by his speed to draft millions of gallons of water behind him to keep a small village from flooding, and pull two 50-ton barges behind him. Also by using the correct speed amount he has been said to be able to undo a strong tornado with his speed by reversing the spinning direction and using his speed to create wind going in the opposite direction.
  37. ¿Limitations- (He can’t control air like air manipulation. He simply uses his speed to generate air and control it. He can’t do this when weakened. He can’t do drastic amounts like being able to create a sudden tornado. He can generate winds over 1,000mph but if he is to go above 2,000mph then the wind could lose complete control. He must eat to gain energy. He can’t use this 24/7. Ice attacks and wind attacks can be able to stop him fully as well as mental attacks.)
  39. [3 Sub-Powers]
  40. [Enhanced Superhuman Conditioning]- This conditioning involves Strength, Speed, Speed Vision, Retrocognition, Speed Mind, Mental Process, Perception, Equilibrium, Durability, Stamina, Senses, Dense Tissue, Longevity, Agility, and any others that are involved with the conditioning. The strength being a maximum of 100tons as the speed is Mach 1300 and the Durability is 80tons.
  41. ¿Limitations- (These are his maximums they low if he is weakened and such. If he is to extend these maximums past his limit he will start to get dizzy and will eventually pass out. His weaknesses will weaken him and slow these down a bit. If hit with ice this could cause extreme damage. If hit with mental attacks these could lower or stop him completely.)
  43. [Regenerative Healing Factor]- Garrett possesses superhuman healing factor that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Garrett is able to heal from injuries such as slashes, puncture wounds, bullet wounds, and severe burns within moments or seconds. Small wounds heal almost instantly or within minutes. Medium wounds heal within minutes or rather 15 minutes. Large wounds take 30 minutes to an hour to heal. Near death wounds can take hours to heal. This all depends on the wound itself as these are just estimated times.
  44. ¿Limitations- (He can’t have anything within the wound or he won’t heal at all. He is extremely vulnerable to his weaknesses. He must kept the wounds clean to the best of his ability or the wounds will heal slowly. Damage to the brain can also cause him to pass out and will be fine after an hour or two. If hit with ice then this is easily going to take longer than the times set.)
  46. [Speed Force Sight]- The Speed Force will sometimes give Garrett visions of the future as well as tidbits of information in regards to what's coming next. The visions are fast but largely incoherent, piecing together bits and pieces of random upcoming events that have yet to happen while also depicting instants mirroring what led up to various continuity reboots. One of the dangers of this power however, causes acute mental destabilization with each burst of insight; after having a second blast of possible future outcomes making him psychologically unstable.
  47. ¿Limitations- (He can’t choose what he sees only the Speed Force. He could pass out for a day or two because of the visions. If he is extremely weak and they show he could possibly die. If he is to have a mental attack while this is happening it could cause him to die. He can only see flashes which could give him a seizure.)
  49. `SKILLS:`
  50. Master at Acrobatics/Parkour
  51. Master at Marksman/Swordsman (Extremely Deadly)
  52. Master at Manipulation or Intimidation
  53. Master in Escaping/Loopholes
  54. Master in Weaponry (Deadly in a lot)
  55. Master Martial Artist (Deadly in some)
  56. Master Assassin/Hitman
  57. Master at Technology
  58. Master in Torture/Killing
  60. `ASSETS:`
  61. Electricity
  62. His speed
  63. Knives
  64. Daggers
  65. Throwing Knives
  66. Anything he can get his hands on
  67. Anything he can make at the time
  69. `STRENGTHS:`
  70. Indomitable Will
  71. Strong Mind or speed mind
  72. His speed
  73. The Speed Force
  74. Electricity
  75. Technology
  76. Anything he can get his hands on
  77. Anything he can make of at the time
  80. Light and Dark Magic
  81. Mental Attacks
  82. Ice or water attacks
  83. Extremely wind attack
  84. Ancient Weapons
  85. Lack of friction
  86. Lack of Gravity
  87. Mind Control or High pitched noises
  88. Extremely Strong amounts of telekinesis
  89. Kinetic Energy Absorption
  90. Energy Depletion
  91. Not Eating
  92. Physical Trauma
  93. He can be killed
  95. `EXTRAS:`
  96. Known for the particle accelerator
  97. Known for being the streak
  98. Known for being the flash
  99. Knowing his yellow streak he leaves behind himself
  100. Known for jumping time
  101. Known for being a detective or past one
  102. Known for his mind with technology
  103. He has blue hair
  104. He has a crown tattoo on his wrist
  105. He has an X on his back
  106. He has a bird on his hand
  107. He has a tree in his arm
  108. He has a wolf and moon on the back of his arms
  109. He has scars all over his body that are unknown and probably the most at torture anyone has ever seen
  110. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  111. `BACKSTORY:`
  112. Garrett lived a good life until his father died. He then found out about his speedster powers and that’s when the speed force came to him. They made him the number one speedster of the speed force. They also trained him to be on his path. The only thing is afterwards he would’ve used his speed to attempt to jump a timeline and when he did so he went to a Nazi land. Which then he was tortured and forced to torture people as well as kill them. When he made his escape he used the last of his energy to time jump back to his original time. He never used his powers to that full extent again. He rather stayed at Stab Labs and continued his research with other fellow colleagues.
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