Commorragh Jumpchain V0.8

Jan 7th, 2015
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  1. Commorragh Jumpchain v0.8 By Wukong
  4. //Changelog
  5. //Added descriptions to items and rejigged a few things here and there. No major changes
  6. //Added drugs into the items as well as perks. Its Commorragh enough is never enough
  8. Would recommend not using supernatural powers here. Doing so and being seen can result in the Psyker or Ire of Vect drawback effects without points. Keeping it under wraps may be a good idea.
  10. Location
  12. Roll 1d8
  13. 1- Low Commorragh (Slums)
  14. 2- Old City (Factories)
  15. 3- Port Carmine (Starport)
  16. 4- High Commorragh (Upper class, Nice place)
  17. 5- Corespur (Ruins of the old noble houses)
  18. 6- Shaa-Dom (A satilite slowing going to Chaos.)
  19. 7- Outside Khaine's Gate (Gate to hell. Not a very nice place)
  20. 8-Free Pick
  22. Backgrounds
  24. Drop-In: Free
  26. Trueborn: -100CP
  28. Warrior: -100CP
  30. Wrack: -100CP
  32. Perks
  34. Free
  35. Dark Eldar Physiology
  36. Gain a regular Eldar body with some interesting quirks. Psychic abilities have atrophied over millennia but comes with night vision and a disposition towards evil. During the jump any sense of morality and goodness is dampened (but not gone). After the jump is up this becomes an inbuilt dimmer switch of evil. Will range from Saturday morning cartoon villain to Satan himself with everything in between.
  38. Power from pain
  39. Gain regeneration or a temporary power boost after being exposed to pain. It doesn't matter the source(not you) but different sources and methods work better. Death is still death as per jumpchain but can bring you back from the brink. Power ups work by making you harder, better, faster, stronger but will only affect biological responses(No superpower buffs). Will gradually take more pain exposure to maintain at the level until it starts dropping (think a bathtub with a widening plug and the water is pain) However the catch is that if you ever run out your soul goes straight to Slaanesh, or in otherwords you lose the chain. Once this jump ends this disadvantage is removed.
  41. 100 CP
  43. Resistance (Free Drop-In)
  44. You are immune to most commonly used toxins some quite obscure ones as well. Also provides a resistance to the side effects of most hard drugs in this jump and the next.
  46. Highborn Privilege (Free Trueborn)
  47. Your a (somewhat) noble now, so act like it. You get the equipment,skills and status of one of your rank. For future jumps you can now convince commoners that you are of noble decent and they will act accordingly.
  49. Warrior Instincts (Free Warrior)
  50. You get the skills and speed of a natural-born warrior. Improves speed, strength, stamina and reaction times.
  52. Doc Sawbones (Free Wrack)
  53. You get all the basic skills of surgery and a basic grasp of the medical sciences. You still have a lot to learn though.
  56. Just Another Day in the Life
  57. You get a boost to willpower and strength of mind. Also has the effect of getting rid of squeamishness.
  59. 200
  61. Companion Import
  62. Gets a free background, all free perks and 400CP. Costs 100CP for each additional import
  64. Incubi Companion
  65. Gain a really loyal and incorruptible bodyguard to accompany your journey into the Dark City. Isn't too talkative. Can import a companion for the role
  67. 300
  69. The Thug Life (Drop-In Discount)
  70. You can chill with the gangs and the lowlife no problem. You can gain their respect damn quickly and gives ideas how to navigate the gang wars and politics.
  72. Paranoia (Discount Trueborn)
  73. Don't worry this is the good kind. You get a spidey sense for paranoia. You wont know exactly whats up but you know SOMETHING is up. Will give you some false positives but well worth the payoff.
  75. Wych (Discount Warrior) (Incompatible with Incubus)
  76. Ok you want speed, here have it. This path gives some damn good skills befitting a gladiator in the arenas of Commorragh as well as looking damn fine. You get some crazy levels of speed and reflexes as a result. Also gives great contortion skills. Men are VERY rare but not unheard of. Expect it to be more difficult to advance in "office politics" in that case
  78. Incubus (Discount Warrior) (Incompatible with Wytch)
  79. Fuck speed, you want skill. Well here is your choice. Become one of the Incubi, the elite bodyguard faction of the Dark City. The training is tough but bloody hell are you good with a weapon now. Superior training and equipment to most of the other occupants of the city means you can hold your own against most other opponents. If word ever gets around that your weak, expect some newbies to come and challenge you for the title; remember now, its dead mans boots.
  81. Scalpel Surgeon (Discount Wrack)
  82. Its time for body modification everybody! You get the ability to graft, cut and stitch living thing onto other things. Bird eyes, done. Scorpion stinger, done. Your creating Frankenstein's monster here dude. Also comes with some ideas about how to make new parts fully compatible. Pain is your glue here though and it holds your operation together. Post jump you need to find a good alternative. Don't try it on yourself though. Its pretty hard.
  84. The Duke's Stash
  85. Gain some connections in the city and specialist knowledge in the manufacture, distribution and sale of most well known drugs. You also gain ideas as to how to make new drugs with new effects as well as curing addiction(although why would you want to). Post jump allows for intuitive knowledge of where to find the dealers and how to handle them.
  87. 600
  89. Mark of the Shadows (Drop-In Discount)
  90. You have become one of the Mandrakes. Kinda. You gain glowing green tattoos across your body and the ability to throw fire that can burn a guy's soul up. You also get access to the Mandrakes shadow mode at will, turning into and controlling the shadows themselves. Can pop up from a guy's shadow for sneak attacks if you got a sense of humor.
  92. Archon (Discount Trueborn)
  93. Whoo boyo. Your one of the big boys now. You are an Archon now, running a Kabal of completely untrustworthy villan's looking to backstab you. navigate the assassination attempts and they will be loyal, at least on the surface. This option also comes with some SERIOUS political skills, labyrinthine cunning and Xanatos gambits are your forte now. Enjoy and good luck. Gets Discount on all items marked as "Kabal"
  95. Succubus (Discount Warrior) (Female only)
  96. You are now a succubus (not the fun kind). This means you get yourself to run an entire Wych Arena and you have the skills to represent. Considering you have to avoid assassination by your subordinates and look good at the same time this translates to some insane battlefield skills. Speed and agility, you wrote the book here. You also can get yourself a lot of political clout by palling up to the Archons if you so wish. Gets discount on all items marked "Wych"
  99. _ (Discount Warrior)
  100. Needs Content
  103. Haemonculi (Discount Wrack)
  104. I hope you enjoy being a sadistic mad doctor. You have got some crazy medical skills yo. If its still breathing, and sometimes if it isn't, then you can patch it up. Also remember those body mod skills, yeah you got that but better. You can even do it on yourself like no problem, don't even worry about it. You can create things like pain engines and grotesques if you put your mind to it, the only limit is your imagination at this point. Also enjoy being rich as fuck dude. Must take The Thirst drawback without gaining CP. Gets Discount on all items marked "Haemonculi"
  106. Pre-Fall Science
  107. You gain an understanding into the theory and practical applications of some of Commorragh's shiniest bits. Dark matter, anti-grav, cloning, the works man. If it needs psychic then you wont find it here dude. Also this shit is really complex, like seriously bro, even for you its tough.
  110. Items
  112. Drugs 50CP Each
  113. The main reason why you came here clearly. While "normal" drugs are easy to get there are certain drugs that are more, difficult to acquire. Get 'em while their hot. Special types consist of
  114. Adrenalight(Bath Salts)
  115. Grave Lotus(PCP)
  116. Hypex(Speed)
  117. Painbringer(Meth)
  118. Serpentin(Cocaine)
  119. Splintermind(Heroin)
  120. Can be sold for a pretty penny but lets be honest, why would you?
  123. Kabalite Armour (Free)
  124. Lightweight, segmented armour covered in spikes and shit. Gives decent protection I guess.
  126. Blaster/Blast Pistol 200CP
  127. A gun that shoots streams of darklight (Derived from anti-matter) that will royally fuck up a target. Comes in Pistol and handheld forms.
  129. Splinter Rifle (Free)
  130. Gun that shoots poison crystals. Is actually a pretty good gun though. Got spikes on it though because reasons.
  132. Haywire Blaster 100CP
  133. Gun that shoots electro-magnetic energy. Enjoy fucking up anything running on electricity.
  135. Shredder 100CP
  136. A gun that shoots monomolecular webs. Just as nasty as you think really.
  138. Hoverboard 150CP
  139. A hoverboard either won or "aquired" from some of the lowlife. Sports impressive speeds and you can do some wicked stuff if your fast, which you should really be.
  141. Reaver Jetbike 250CP
  142. Like a hoverboard but for space bikers instead. Enjoy your deathraces and stabbing people with underslung jetbike spikes
  144. Klaive 150CP (Free Incubi)
  145. A big fuck off sword. Cuts through most armour like a knife through butter
  147. Demiklaive 200CP (Discount Incubi)
  148. Like a regular Klaive but splits in two. You know, because reasons.
  150. Incubi Armour 200CP (Free Incubi)
  151. Now we are talking. This shit is good stuff man. Tough as power armour, form fitting for movement and looks rad as hell. Go on enjoy it.
  153. Tormenter Helm 200CP (Free Incubi)
  154. Okay, you got an regular Eldar spirit stone and fucked it up. Now you can scream at people and their heads pop from the psychic feedback. Or boil their blood. You know, painful shit.
  156. Razorwing Jetfighter 600CP
  157. Ok wow dude. Go big or go home. You got the one man fighter jet. This one is better for air to ground engagements and boy does it not disappoint. Its fast as hell, packs missiles and is defiantly gonna leave a mark. Don't crash it.
  159. Voidraven Bomber 600CP
  160. See the razorwing, but this bad boy is its older cousin. Needs two people to man it because only two can contain this much awesome. Has TWO darklight cannons on this bitch, packs missiles as well, and best of all has a mine that will cause an antimatter annihilation in an area. Put this on your Christmas list. Is also fucking fantastic at killing flying things.
  163. Kabal:
  165. Agonizer 200CP
  166. A whip that causes pain. But, science pain so its better. Also cuts through armour so you know you want it.
  168. Soul Trap 300CP
  169. What do you do when you finally slaughter your enemies. Of course, trap them in this bad boy and slowly drink their soul while you laugh and do coke the whole time. This functions as a pain battery by storing souls of people that die near you.
  171. Shadow Field 500CP
  172. Surround yourself in a darkness shield. Laugh as no motherfucker can touch you. Unfortunately has a chance to short out after a good hit and no amount of technical know how is gonna fix that. Will still make you one son of a bitch to hit.
  174. Husk Blade 400CP
  175. At this point I have accepted that this is the kind of shit this city comes up with. Make a sword that cuts through any armour and drains all the moisture out of anything organic it hits. So kids remember the moral of the story, PCP is a hell of a drug.
  178. Haemonculi:
  180. Hexrifle 300CP
  181. Looks like a normal long-rifle. But wait there's more. Anybody hit will be infected with the glass plague, turning them into a giant glass statue. Great fun at parties.
  183. Animus Viate 200CP
  184. Another Commorragh classic. Throw the ball, ball explodes into a shit tonne of barbed wire, watch as the victims get caught up in the coils and ripped to shreds, laugh and enjoy the meal. Recharges after an hour.
  186. Shattershard 300CP
  187. Oh now this one is a doozy. Break it while somebody is in its reflection and they literally shatter into pieces. Comes in a box of 20 but there ain't anymore
  189. Crucible of Malediction 300CP
  190. What's in the box? Its the tortured souls of captured Eldar farseers of course. Open this fucker up and spirits will scream out of here in a 50 meter radius, giving normal people a headache and psychic people a mental suckerpunch. This one is gonna be painful. Resets in 24 hours.
  193. Wych:
  194. Hydra Gauntlets 100CP
  195. This one is a pair of gauntlets that sprout quick growing crystals to be used to cut people up real good. When I say quick growing I mean almost instant popping up to cut people in different crystal growth patterns
  197. Razorflail 100CP
  198. Its a sword, but press a button and the blade turns into a whip. Comes in a pair of two
  200. Shardnet and Impaler 100CP
  201. Its a spear and net. Nothing major. But the net is electric and has spikes on it. You know, like everything else in this city.
  203. Archite Glaive 200CP
  204. Big fuck off spear. But this can cut through most things and is weighted to use both one and two handed. I expect to see skilled jumpers fighting by pole dancing on this thing. If not then you came to the wrong jump clearly.
  211. Drawbacks (Max 600CP Gain)
  213. The Thirst (+100)
  214. The feeling of pain just doesn't get you anymore. Your so jaded that it takes a truly immense amount of suffering and pain to bring you to normal, let alone any buffs. You always look old no matter what you do and you always feel hungry.
  216. Paranoid (+100)
  217. Your really jumpy. Every shadow contains a threat, every subordinate has immediate plans to overthrow you and you really cant sleep easy at night. While your paranoia may keep you safe while your here, expect it to be completely unreliable and impossible to decide when or not something IS really afoot. If taken with paranoia perk the perk will be useless until you leave the jump, the good warnings get drowned out by all the crap.
  219. Powerfull (+100)
  220. Everyone thinks your really powerful. While this is almost absolutley an understatement to say the least it means you are oh so desirable to betray, backstab and try to overthrow. Even the guys on top will take notice and probably not be happy with a new rising power.
  222. Marked (+200)
  223. The Mandrakes are out for blood. Somebody took out a contract on you and they are coming to get you. Any shadow could contain a mandrake and your never safe. These guys dont rest, although eventually they might get the message.
  225. Big Game Hunter (+200)
  226. You killed a scourge. You know, those guys that deliver all of the messages. Now they wont deliver your mail. This is much bigger than it seems since almost any other message system will be intercepted. Good luck communicating securely now.
  228. Ignorant (+200)
  229. In a culture this deep and diverse you have no idea of the unwritten laws and the social niceties. In a society this complex I am sure it wont take long AT ALL to pick up on it all. Until that day you will piss just about everyone off by your ineptitude.
  231. Pissed off (+200)
  232. You have successfully angered the leader of a large Haemonculii Coven, Kabal or Wych Cult. Enjoy your new rivals in the Dark City. Oh and don't worry, I am sure that their allies will hate you too, but at least they can be reasoned with. The faction you choose will do anything it takes to get rid of you.
  234. Psyker (+300)
  235. For some reason everybody thinks your a Psyker. Albeit they have no proof but expect for nobody to deal with you once word gets round and for some of Vect's crazy resources to be put towards finding you.
  237. The Ire of Vect (+600)
  238. You have angered Vect.Like seriously. Well fucking done. He is now actively hunting you with all his resources as the biggest leader of the kabals and he is more than prepared to deal with any threat to his power. Your not gonna go anywhere without somebody finding you dude. Enjoy the ride.
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